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    Pretty pumped about all this myself tbh as the current trajectory of western animation is exactly what I used to dream about 10 years ago. (of course in said dreams my future self was part of said revolution rather than watching from the sidelines like i am a decade later but hey)
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    In a parallel universe, Sonic Adventure 2 opens with Eggman releasing a character who would become Sonic's rival and change the series forever: It's-a WAAAAANIC, the greediest 'hog around! He tells Eggman to "bring-a me more Chaos Emeralds, you worth-for-nothing human" but doesn't actually have a plan for world conquest; he just swipes the Emeralds and hocks 'em for cash. Then he spends the whole game running around stealing everything that isn't glued down, calling Sonic names every time they run into each other. He becomes a fan-favorite and gets his own spinoff where he fights the Hook Arms, a rowdy crew of space pirates led by the charismatic Captain Doom, in which he crashes their comet and takes all their treasure. But then he gets a bunch of minigame collections and never goes on adventures again.
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    https://store.steampowered.com/app/1237970/Titanfall_2/ If you haven't bought Titanfall 2, it's now on Steam. Please buy it. Please.
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    I'll just leave this here:

    I'll just leave this here:
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    The real issues in America apparently. God damn this is stupid and hilarious
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    It's really sad how bad the gamming community wants the TLOU2 to fail. It's one of the highest rated games on metacritic yet people have convinced themselves all these reviews are paid because obviously why would someone like a game they don't....despite them playing the game and they did not. I really don't understand the mental gymnastics people jump through to justify their own hatred of a game they didn't wanna like anyway
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    Man, fight scenes are hard to draw, but for someone who hasn't done one since... high school, I'm actually kind of liking how mine is coming out so far.
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    Fuck this is difficult.
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    Surprising absolutely nobody, Vegeta gets his ass kicked again. You think people would learn by now.
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    what the fuck

    what the fuck
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    I finished Resident Evil 7! It was the first RE title that I beat.
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    I can excuse The Last of Us on a lot of things but dissin' jak x ain't one of them
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    Me whenever there's some new drama in whatever fandom I'm in: The hennessy really numbs the pain you know.
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    It sucks being a Pokemon fan in a time currently the franchise is seen with such utter disdain by nearly everyone in said Fandom that you want to just have a normal discussion about SWSH but it's fucking impossible because you HAVE to get a rant about how shitty the game is like I get it, I understand, I understood months ago when you were saying the same things when the game came out, I just wanna talk about the actual game contents talk about the features of the new dlc etc but it's so hard because the pessimism is present everywhere online. People are more than entitled to their opinions but lord for a game about about connecting with others never did I want to just disconnect from thus Fandom entirely. It's all like this on Twitter, YouTube, Reddit. It's just mad tiring
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    Sonic Battle is honestly an unsung hero of getting Sonic's story tone pretty dang good. The plot overall is taken pretty seriously, but there's still a ton of comedic moments and snappy dialogue. It's neither hamfistedly dark nor does it make Sonic a parody of itself; It finds a nice happy-medium that I'd love to see in more games.
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