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    The three forms of Arle.

    The three forms of Arle.
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    Out of nowhere. Rayman Redemption is a complete fanmade remake of the original Rayman with a plethora of new features. Among other things it includes the ability to increase max health after collecting certain amounts of Electoons and a casual mode in which you have infinite lives. There's also some new bonus levels to discover. Rayman 1 is the only main game in the series I'm not super familiar with; this looks like just the modernized update it needed for me to finally try it out. Grab it from Game Jolt before Ubi's lawyer hyenas take it down or something. https://gamejolt.com/games/raymanredemption/340532
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    Chamomile #166
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    Official Twitter acknowledged the leaks and confirmed a full reveal tomorrow.
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    Fuck Butch Hartman

    Fuck Butch Hartman
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    As already mentioned in the edit; I feel like the people expecting a Bowser Jr situation are just people who didn't play the actual game. I didn't get into ARMS much either, but just from the demos I've played I know there's more to each character than "they have big ol' ARMS". For example, Byte and Barq's duo style, and Min Min's integration of kicks and that dragon arm that's intended to be her speciality. It'd be like adding Akuma as a straight alternate costume for Ryu; they have the same kind of framework, but there's more to it that differentiates them beyond being interchangeable costume swaps. I'm still fully expecting Min Min; in addition to having kicks as part of her moveset and the dragon arm, she outright won the final popularity tournament in the game. I feel like she's a shoe-in. It's considered a 'dead game', sure, but ARMS sold pretty damn well for a fighter. Perhaps you could attribute it to being an early title, sure, but the only thing I'm surprised about with the ARMS rep is that it took until the second pack. I'd say it earned its spot in a predominantly Nintendo-themed fighter; I know we're used to crazy third party picks now, and I do love those, but if I was to pick another Nintendo rep for the second pass, ARMS was certainly up there.
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    Chili Dawg

    Sonic 30th predictions

    I for one, am feeling a bit frustrated at the fact that it seems every Sonic game from now till the end of the time is going to be a big anniversary blowout, every five years... Now if Sonic games are gonna take longer to make, that's fine, I'm not asking them to rush them out sooner than they should, that's the last thing I want. But if Sonic game releases are only ever going to fall on/around "important" milestone years... please stop caring about anniversaries. In the last decade we had, depending on how one categorizes Mania, 3 or 4 mainline Sonic games. One of those games is not based around revisiting old content from the franchise's storied past. I want the franchise to continue building a storied future, not celebrate Green Hill again and again every five years.
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    Sorry guys I can't get excited for the ARMS character. According to some youtubers that i watch it's not a good game and a waste of character slot. So there's really no point in getting hyped out especially since nobody cares about the characters
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    The more I look into new computers, the less sure I am of what I want from one. Super ultra gaming PC? Would be neat but I don’t know how much intensive gaming I’d actually do on it. Laptop? Can definitely see the appeal but I’d still prefer something I could upgrade down the line. I dunno.
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    Where’s my Skyrim next gen port Bethesda? God damn it Todd. I expect very little of you, but this, this is an outrage.
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    I’ll give Activision this, at least they aren’t pulling a Randy Pitchford at the leaks and resorting to outrage and whining about “shoddy journalism” because they weren’t able to reveal something in the planned way they were wanting. They’re just rolling with the punches and adapting
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    Hope i'm getting near the end of TLOU Part 2 Spoilers:
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    As expected, the devs have been putting in extra touches to the game that came long after the original release of the game in 2003. Including memes.
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    WB registered two domains that may be Arkham related - Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad
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    Happy Birthday Sonic! And Happy Father's Birthday! Almost got Cream and Blaze because of that, as well as progress towards Zazz. Also, sense when were Sonic and Amy baseball reps?
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    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8443751/amp/American-teens-sabotaged-Trumps-Tulsa-rally-reserving-tickets-hundreds.html?__twitter_impression=true pffft. Kpop stans and gen z can be fucking hilarious
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    The fact that Trump's first rally since the pandemic got bodied so hard by teens and K-pop fans is giving me the most elated feelings right now.
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    Just think about it..until Mario's reaction to having to pay the Zeekeeper all of his money. That was the last time he showed any emotion in the M&L games.
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    Arms is a Mega Man 1 sort of case. Sure, the first inning wasn't the best, but it certainly wasn't bad. It could easily stand for a second installment to properly ramp things up a notch.
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    *area i live is getting a massive surge of covid cases* *hates self even more for not yet having a work-from-home art-related job and having to leave my house to work retail everyday to pay the bills* once this whole thing is over i'm really gonna go all out to make getting out of retail a reality for myself someday. like i was already annoyed about not being in the industry but I was planning on coasting for a few more years gritting my teeth and working retail while doing art on the side but it hits different when its literally life or death working a job you're not even passionate about vs one that you would be passionate about AND get to live, lol
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    I just saw this video recently, and I think this gives us a good idea of how production on the sequel could go depending on the state Paramount is in and if they are as immersed in this tech as Disney and the like are. In the case of Sonic, this would be largely beneficial with the more isolated scenes of just one or two humans involved with the animal characters. For all intents and purposes, they could drive the film largely digitally to make up for the fact that they don't have access to all the resources of bonkers huge teams working side by side because of COVID fears. Perhaps this would be a chance for SEGA to be involved in this production as well, by offering inhouse backgrounds and providing extra resources to the crew, like how they had access to the Generations and Lost World geometry models for South Island in the first movie.
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    This game can't stop leaking lmao Trailer theme, by the way. Not the actual trailer.
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    Ah, this is the one being posted on Resetera lol What is the 4chan leak then? Also, screw you guys. I don't even like Crash, yet I'm kinda excited for this 😕 😆
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    Did I ever say the quality of the game itself was hampered by this? No. It’s a tacky business practice and it’s Activision thus I’m gonna be cynical. Especially given Activisions track record. God damn what is with Crash fans and getting offended and defensive when someone doesn’t drink Activision hype kool laid on every aspect of the games. It actually did, because the grinding was a intentional design as a byproduct of the “crummy CTR practices” you can’t just put those aside and act like they didn’t effect how many people enjoyed the game.
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    Yeah, not overly thrilled by the redesign to be honest. The HD overhaul with the N-sane trilogy and CTR was beautiful enough and pretty faithful to the originals. Mostly I just wish they kept Coco’s dorky/cute design the same rather than continue the weird developer trend of trying to make her appearance “grown up” or “cool”. That being said, it’s a good thing is that they are not simply expanding on the assets from the remakes (although I would have been totally fine with that) and are crafting an entirely new game with brand new aesthetics. So it will “fit” with their new world designs I suppose. Anyway, will be good to see this trailer in motion. Hopefully Crash 4 will feel like the sequel fans have wanted with enough advances but less of the “formula shake up” that plagued the other entries.
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    trailer screenshot leaks on spoiler
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    Penders better watch himself. A certain person compared Sonic to real life events recently and it didn't end well for him. Of course, both of these people are egotistical crazies who do anything for attention so pea's in a pod.
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    This has been mentioned to him before. In the end he's all too aware that the Sonic stuff is the only thing that makes him even remotely noteworthy or brought him any kind of fame. It's not about vision or wanting to continue the stories he started in Archie- it's about desperately trying to monetize whatever popularity he had in those days in whatever way he can. Personally I'm still giggling at him talking about producing and directing films as if any of his works have been released in any capacity. That's akin to talking as if having written a manuscript makes you a writer. You must have some VERY childish friends, Penders. Both for having asked something that asinine and for them believing that you are in any way capable of actually addressing something like that.
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    If Ken is still thinking of how to fit current world topics into this thing, he will never finish it.
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    There's plenty of good Sonic-focused content on YouTube. The aforementioned channels TheKazeblade and Em. Bani. both have great content, though uploads are not as frequent these days. Other good channels that aren't solely focused on Sonic, but have great Sonic content, include ShayMay's Sonic Spitball series, the Game Apologist and GameHut, which is run by someone who worked on older Sonic games like Sonic R and 3D Blast; and we all know and love SomeCallMeJohnny. Special shout out to our own @Badnik Mechanic's fantastic channel that covers more obscure corners of Sonic history! If you're into more casual things like streaming, memes or reaction vids, you have Sam Procrastinates (formerly Sam's Procrastination Station), Mr. Pasquale and Premydaremy. It's also worth mentioning that Tails Channel does a lot of news coverage like we do. Hope that helps to get you started!
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    Do you regularly express obvious sentiment as if is revelatory information? Oh, right, you do. The true banality is the person who only posts in threads to suck his own dick about how much better he is in every facet of his life compared to people who disagree with him about virtually everything. The person who doesn't actually care even remotely about the discussion he's posting in or whether he even knows anything about it, so long as he can say things he thinks should be obvious to anyone and how everyone who disagrees is just an entitled asshole who hates to have their beliefs challenged. It was nice of you to make it so obvious in this thread, wandering in and asking a rhetorical question to state how shitty everyone having an issue with the leaks shown in the game had to be; then ignoring the multiple people who pointed out that some of the criticisms they've seen seem valid from what they know of the leaks so you could reiterate it later for your own benefit. But hey, you got to pat yourself on the back when the extremely restricted reviews of the AAA game reviewed well like everyone knew it was going to (just like everyone knew SwSh was going to review well when it got shit for 6 months straight); and I'm positive when you see the game sells well you'll chalk that up as a personal win for you as well. That's the important part of being "progressive," right? However, this shitty attitude that you bring to practically every thread and status update you post in, where you treat anyone who disagrees with you and your amazing views on all things as if whatever they said was the equivalent to calling for people to be lynched, is done here. Climb your ivory tower on some other forum that's a bit more open to "This entity did something that falls in line with my political beliefs, so everything they ever do from that point forward is beyond reproach." I suggest ResetEra. And Michael Jackson worked on Sonic 3, a game that was in fact much more popular than Spinball.
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    Sonic 2 has a ton of beginner's traps and generally unfair level design, like bottomless pits, checkpoints that lead to no rings, or bosses that don't have any rings at all. Definitely the hardest classic Sonic in terms of just beating it at all. As for later games, they're all pretty easy. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 will waste your time, but nothing I'd consider difficult about them. Heroes can be tricky, and Shadow has some serious control problems and tedious, very long win conditions on some levels that it partially inherited from Heroes. Secret Rings and Black Knight have their difficult moments, and 06 and Unleashed can be unfair at times but overall pretty beatable, with 06 still quite a bit harder of the two. In general the portable games tend to be hard, especially finding and beating special stages. Suffers from a ton of unfair level design, especially the Advance games. In summary I'll go ahead and say that Sonic 2 is the hardest of any of the mainline, non portable Sonic games, followed by the more broken 06 and Shadow games in the modern era.
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    I agree. The end of Sonic 2 is probably the most difficulty I've had with a Sonic game. In general though, I find that Sonic games tend to not nearly be as difficult as many other platform games. Like, compare classic Sonic games with classic Mario games for instance.
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    For the sake of cohesion, I hope they don't add Knuckles and focus mainly on Sonic & Tails for the sequel; given that this will be the first time their dynamic can be explored in a different way. I want to see how this specific version of Sonic & Tails develop their iconic bond.
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    Don't see the point of the HE2 since out looks almost identical to HE1. If anything Unleashed and Generations look better imo.
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    RoL ended up the way it did entirely because of Sega of Japan, though. Sega struck a deal with Nintendo for Nintendo to publish its next few Sonic titles in exchange for exclusivity (because obviously they can't entice Nintendo into paying for something to appear on someone else's console). Sega wanted RoL to fall under this deal, so they at what amounted to the last minute (in development terms) told Big Red Button to shift development to the Wii U. It's worth noting that the rest of the games published by Nintendo under this deal would've been Nintendo-exclusive anyway; Sega was just trying to penny-pinch by packing one more game into the deal, without regard for how difficult this would be for the developers. Of course, that's not even getting into recent revelations about how Sega nixed a lot of the developers' ideas and ordered them to conform to the TV show canon and designs halfway through.
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    I've had more fun with Mania's 3D special stages than most anything "3D" that Sonic Team's put out, so there's that.
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    Sonic Team's overall staff is a fine group of competent programmers, each boost game has gotten steadily more polished so I don't have a problem with the team on a technical aspect. The problem lies in certain directors and level designers who can end up making a game that should be good bad because they lack the understanding of what the appeal of Sonic The Hedgehog actually is. I don't think I speak for myself when I say that I really don't want Kishimoto or any level designers who worked exclusively on Colors, Lost World and Forces to ever have major involvement in a Sonic game again. They just don't get the appeal of Sonic in general or the boost gameplay, turning 3D sections into small hallways with no interesting design to them and 2D sections that lack any sort of flow or sense of speed that you'd expect from an Unleashed style game.
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    Most of the grunts who make the games can stay. They're all more than competent developers. There does however, need to be a serious change in the creative department and game design department. Somebody with vision and ambition need to take the reigns here, and put all the undoubtedly talented developers to work and produce something great. You see the amount of love in Odyssey? I want that in a Sonic game. A game which takes simple mechanics (based on the classics) and produces levels that allow creative use of those mechanics to complete levels/objectives.
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    I personally think they need to go back to making other things for awhile. A new Nights, Samba De Amigo, ChuChu Rocket or Billy Hatcher will do them some good. Just let Taxman and co. handle Sonic for now while they evaluate their next move.
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      I kinda miss early One Piece
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      Following up on my previous status, was thinking about what levels I’d use for a Sonic game like that. To keep it reasonable, I think I’d go with a even 12 stages divided into 3 categories based on challenge level. I’d probably start off the game with a small original new Sonic stage to naturally, introduce sonic and the general mechanics, before we actually get into the actual Sega levels. From there, my picks would be:
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      Been playing DDS1 and I immensely appreciate compared to Persona that absolutely everybody shuts the fuck up during battles
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      well It's now settled, I've never wanted to go this route, but there's no other choice: being firmly Neutral about this sonic game is the best option I have in the current situation. I, again, don't want to silence people who don't trust Sega/Sonic Team by being too positive, that be an awful thing to do by all means and I'm completely against those who do that, but I don't wanna come off as a total A-hole who claims that there's no hope for them by being too Negative, not to mention my mild enjoyment with forces would make me the next Twip (shockingly, yes, Twip also actually liked forces before). I think going neutral is the ideal for me. call me naïve all you want (no one'll stop you anyways), but I do believe that (when he gets there) Aaron will listen to the fans outcry on not just what they WANT, but what his company NEEDS, and there's quite a lot that they need. but until that moment hits to its prime, I just feel that neither side is the best for me. I'll always have some big sparks of happiness and excitement here and there, like I always had, even before I registered here, but at the end of the day, going "lone wolf" suits me more.
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      my sense of humor has plummeted so low that removing the "t" in diet in garfield comics about dieting is the peak of comedy to me right now
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