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    Forgot to show it earlier, but check out this snazzy Death Egg Disco Ball made by @Spin Attaxx for this year's Musical Spectacular badge.
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    I did a lil' fanart for the big day:

    I did a lil' fanart for the big day:
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    Chucked a MasterBall at a Shiny Dusk Form Lycanroc I found in a Raid Den. I was not letting that puppy get away.
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    crash 4 will be the good burger of video games
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    That Sonic cartoon pitch is actually pretty nice sounding, but I know a lot of purists who aren't about that life.
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    I hope everyone else is doing well during these very trying times.
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    Spin Attaxx

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    That was pretty much what I expected (if a bit short?), and I think it was.. fine for what it was. Interested in the Neo Geo ports (if M2's on them I could actually see them pulling some strings for Pocket Adventure...) and Bloodstained CotM 2 was a nice surprise.
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    A luxurious happy 23rd date of life commencement to the fear of drowning.
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    Reminder for fans watching the New Game + Expo showcase today hoping for possible Sonic news: Lower your expectations on anything Sonic related today. While Sonic news could possibly happen, there is a much more likely chance that we’ll get nothing. Especially since In more recent years, Sonic news has been announced in their own Sonic centric events separated from Sega’s and the fact that the stream is on the same day as Sonic’s birthday pretty much means nothing as Sega didn’t choose the date. As I stated, it is possible that we’ll get something and I don’t want to come off as a party pooper, but there is absolutely no guarantee that we’ll get any Sonic news and it’s more likely that we don’t and that Sega will be talking about their other IPs as well as Atlus’ Instead (especially given that Atlus is right besides Sega on the listing.)
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    happy birthday to the badniks that built scrap brain zone
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    Happy birthday, Dr. Eggman! Here's to 29 years of Emerald-swiping, world-conquering, and hedgehog-hating! (oh and you too sonic)
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SONIC! (I hope we some game news today)
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    Nina is apparently in the new Crash mobile game. I hope she appears in Crash 4 too!
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    You know, I'm very terrified I'm going to wake up tomorrow and forget is Sonic birthday. If anyone replies this I'll receive a notify and remember. But yeah... I'm kinda bad for fearing of forgetting such "important" date. Like, I'm not sure if the series is really uninteresting with no games on the horizon or simply I became a jerk to the past me and lost such interest in the franchise.
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    People around me make note of it, my sister likes making fun of it, but now that I look in the mirror... I have a full free-standing ahoge hair. What kind of miserable anime character am I...
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