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    Today will go down as the day that Nintendo finally remembered Baby Wario existed.
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    I just read issue 28 and while I did enjoy it quite a bit, the inescapable fear of the ending being rushed did indeed come to pass, though not anywhere near as badly as I feared so far. We'll see how that pans out in issue 29. However, as far as this issue goes, the choreography and what happens to resolve the fights aren't necessarily the problem, more so how quickly it got there. I don't agree that pushing one of the fights into the previous issue would have helped much as it would have very much risked taking away from what I felt were the two really well-done fights with Zomom and Zeena. The conceit of Amy and Tails using their brains to fend off Zomom's overwhelming force was, of course, the poetic way to go for them and the entire Zeena fight had an actual story to tell all its own that'll make it the most effective of these anime match-ups. I stated that I wished they'd at least have one more issue to stretch these fights out a bit more and that still holds true. That way, this issue could have done what the last issue did and just focused on Zazz and Zor while Master Zik and the lead up with Rouge to the Zavok transformation could have happened afterward. It's clear this is happening in part because it's time to wrap up according to the internet which I'm not in total agreement with. I for one still hold onto the opinion that everything before this was paced perfectly and to my absolute benefit and liking. I have zero complaints about the pacing of the arc up until this exact point because now's when things are speeding up. Speeding up isn't what I wanted to do. I'm definitely not the guy who thinks "things before were too slow and now it's too fast". I'm the guy going, "it was perfect before and now it's too fast". So that's a bummer. I do love Zor and how creepy he is. What happened to end him made sense, but as I say, I do wish it could have been drawn out a bit more. Same with Zazz and Espio. The Jojo-esque beating he gave Zazz was glorious but the highlight was obviously Espio saying that his other Chaotix family members were with him in spirit. Spirits unite. Then the Rogues stole the show with their epic beating of Master Zik. Despite really wishing that one had gone on longer, seeing Storm uppercut the entirety of Zik's body with his fist was still amazing. Zavok's transformation was a great sequence. I'm officially dubbing this form Lava Rock Zavok™ of my own free will. Issue 29 will be the final battle and Issue 30 will be the epilogue so I'm gearing up for that. Hopefully I'm ready to say goodbye to the threat of the Zombots. You'd think I would be after so long but I've got mixed feelings about moving on from them. We totally SHOULD, don't get me wrong. Honestly, like I said, I'd really only add ONE more issue. It's a big ol' grand way to finish off by having Zavok just scoop them up and toss them onto the island like that though. I hope he tries to grab the island out of the sky like the kaiju he is now. So that's my take. I greatly prefer the atmospheric, soak-it-all-in, watch the world gradually burn approach and here it did the speed-up thing that I tend to not like when it comes to Ian's finales. Still, I'd very much like to thank him for all he's done. Regardless of the fast pacing, I still saw myself wishing this were something I could experience in the games. It hit me so hard seeing Zavok do what he did at the end. Imagine him grabbing the island, tilting it, and having a sequence where you have to run up Angel Island at a tilted angle while Zavok's mouth is spitting lava blasts at you. I drew a little picture to celebrate the existence of Zombot Charmy. Thank you Ian for turning my favorite bee boy son into a scary zombie monster.
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    Goddamn, the Crash 4 trailer reached over 8 million views in just 3 days. Oh, if I could go back in time and rub this on the face of those jackasses from NeoGAF who said Crash was never good and would never sell nowadays.
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    Indigo Rush

    Sonic and Tails R

    That was pretty good. Hearing Drummond voice Sonic again is ... weird. I guess I'm used to RCS's Sonic at this point, but Drummond is no slouch after all these years. I think Emi is a great Tails. I've always thought this, so it's kind of neat to hear that voice along with the official Eggman voice! This one's definitely aimed towards Adventure fans, references and even sound effects. I can dig it. Looking forward to the next one.
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    Style's definitely a part of it, but I also think Eggman is the character that tends to feel the most "real". Not realistic, exactly, and not super nuanced or deep or anything, but like he's capable of the full range of human emotions and not as stuck in his archetype as most of the other characters. The composed, confident supervillain and the fuming, tantrum-throwing manchild are both equally "Eggman", and rather than being inconsistent they're two sides to the same whole; Eggman as he sees himself and Eggman as he is under pressure. The series has had more evil villains and more powerful villains, but they always come off as flat because they're more concerned with impressing us with how evil and powerful they are than with making them feel like actual people. Eggman's allowed to be weird and uncool, and it humanizes him.
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    I just realized; you know how there are Spirit battles where hostile Assist Trophies appear? Why aren't there Spirits where Assist Trophies pop put at the start of a Spirit Battle to help you?
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    I hope the rumored new upcoming Sonic cartoon series is based on something like the IDW Sonic comic series. I am tired of every Sonic TV series being it's own separate rebooted universe most of which don't even use the main series canon character designs.
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    [Fanfiction] The Disciples

    Told you it'll be more lighthearted. CHAPTER 3: DISCIPLES RISING
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    Good News: I've actually enjoyed Pokemon Cafe Mix so far. Bad News: Yummy Yamper Pasta is a hard pass.
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    It's that, plus the hair and head of the redesigned Coco. The hair doesn't appear quite proportionate to the head, which makes her look kinda of mainly bald with hair attachments
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Shadow and Omega are Rouge's horrible, adopted sons. Fight me, Sega.
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    Well that's one thing I didn't think I'd be learning today: https://getpocket.com/explore/item/the-predator-that-makes-great-white-sharks-flee-in-fear Apparently Orcas can kill Great White Sharks by biting their fins, and then squeezing their liver out of their wounds like toothpaste.
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    ...I did it! I finally platinumed Yakuza 0!
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    Big bump! Wow, this place has been dead for awhile...lol. Still, I figured this would be a better place to post this than the switch game topic. TWEWY is getting an anime!
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    Just a very random thought, but is that ray in Metallic Madness a shrink ray or a baby ray? Cause you know, time travel theme. Hell Eggman even seems to mock the little players with toys in Mania.
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    Remember the time when everyone thought Bubsy was the 3rd Sonic Forces character? Those were rough times.
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    Snake Logan (Biomenace) Biomenace is a game from the makers of Commander Keen and owes everything that it is to the invention of Commander Keen, but does everything in its power to try and convince you it's nothing like Commander Keen. That it's a MATURE platforming game for MATURE people with BLOOD and GORE and DIFFICULTY. Even though Biomenace even runs off the same engine, the ungreatful bastard. All joking aside, Biomenace is a game that I want to like at times, but it's never going to match Keen on the best of days. It's a game with an unhealthy, borderline Donkey Kong 64-esque obsession with keys. Every individual closed door in the game is fucking locked and requires a single use key to open, most of which are closets that contain items. Occasionally, when they're not useless score items, they may contain a shard, which are colour coded and function as keys in of themselves, in ADDITION to old fashioned key cards for rescuing hostages and circuit boards for actually exiting the level once you do. The entire gameplay loop is a map wide key hunt / fetch quest full of annoying ass backtracking, under the guise of making sure you can't leave unless you complete the level in a very specific order to ensure you collect every hostage in the given episode. Including Commander Keen. The inventory system is a complete pain in the ass too. Biomenace is like Duke Nukem II insofar as you have a default weapon, and a bunch of much stronger ones that replace it once you pick them up. Biomenace in particular introduces sub weapons on top of this, mostly hand grenades and have variations of their own. Unlike Duke, Snake can actually hold multiple weapons, and automatically falls back to a lesser one when his current weapon runs dry. However, you can't MANUALLY switch weapons, which is annoying as all hell because many of the weapons the game considers of top importance are actually LESS desirable than the mid tier ones, most notable in the case of these fucking landmines in the grenade slot which come in packs of ten instead of three and only seem to be useful for blowing up these microscopic fucking slime enemies that for some reason are only vulnerable to subweapons because Apogee made a game with enemies that are too fucking small to shoot even while crouching aaaaaaagh I haven't even mentioned that these are all issues with the shareware version of the game yet. Episode 1 is flawed, yes, but still enjoyable in spite of it. Most sane people though, will turn the fucking game off around the ant levels in episode 2, because the already flawed level design suddenly ramps up to borderline fucking Kaizo difficulty, probably best exemplified by the one level with two collapsing platforms over an instant death pit at the very start, and those platforms never fucking respawn so if you die even once after that point the game effectively softlocks. And on a final fuck you note, here's an issue Monster Bash had in common with this game but I forgot to bring up - it has difficulty levels, but they only affect how much health you have. In Monster Bash it cut your maximum health down by three hitpoints each - 9 for easy, 6 for normal and 3 for hard. Biomenace however, cuts your health in half for normal, from eight to four, and then in half again for hard, from four to two. This, I have to remind, is paired with levels that are only technically beatable even with the maximum amount of health. So yeah, I guess you'll like this game if you liked I Wanna Be The Guy but couldn't stand its sense of humour. Anyone else would do best to just play the shareware version and consider that the start and end by itself.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I almost forgot this was mentioned to be coming out last night, but I suppose that speaks both for my personal attendances and for how this turned out. IDW Sonic 28 was a rather lackluster semifinale with a select few neat points.
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    Oh yeah, I remember hearing about the protest in Hong Kong. So, Tencent was responsible for that. Jesus Christ... TPC sure picked a winner of a company to team up with for this huh? (or sell out to, whichever the case may be).
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    Yeah... I don't really care all that much about moba games, but this game looks like straight trash. Also, can someone explain to me what is this Tencent company known for that's considered controversial?
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    Yo so I heard something Pokemon related happened today, how was tha- ... at least we have Pokemon Snap...
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    We know they moved development to America already, and we know that most of Sonic Team proper worked on Sakura Wars instead of going overseas.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    So rushed. By the numbers a lot happened but it felt like nothing. Dunno if the team just wants this arc over and done with or if that's my feelings coloring my impressions. I liked Zavok just hucking a fist full of zombots at the island, at least; that's an efficient solution to the island being isolated. Also check what's at Zavok's feet when he gets huge; that's a Chekhov's gun if I've ever seen one.
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    Just wanted to chime in and say I'm pleased we're finally getting a "true" sequel to the original classics. I'm not overly hyped as the N-Sane trilogy satisfied my craving for classic Crash, but a new game with hopefully lots of new ideas whilst staying true to the original successful formula looks fun. I do hope there's enough new levels/enough originality so that this feels like a true sequel as opposed to a "Crash Mania" (like Sonic Mania with more re-imagined than brand new content). Whilst it might seem weird getting Toys for Bob to make a new game instead of Vicarious Visions, I think Toys for Bob did a brilliant job with the Reignited trilogy (and also have some experience with Crash in Skylanders), so I trust them to do CB4 justice. ...and it looks nice. The quantum masks changing up the gameplay; slowing down time and anti gravity-walking on walls & ceilings looks interesting enough. I like the inclusion of grinding on rails, feels natural for a Crash game. Wonder what the other two masks do? Maybe one mask allows Crash to shrink so that he can get through smaller areas, or allows him to fly maybe? I guess time-relics are a certainty, I mean they are kind of a staple to the series, although I've had my fill of them and would rather Toys for Bob come up with something else. Actually I'd rather there be more stages to play through (than in the original trilogy) so that time-relics aren't needed to pad out the game. The transition from 3D to 2D sections (and back to 3D etc) in the original Crash games was something which worked well and it looks like it's been implemented well in CB4. Whilst I don't mind there being unorthodox levels (like the bike racing, jet ski & planes levels in Crash 3), I hope a large majority of the stages are more traditional platforming which is what made Crash 2 so good (and better than 3 IMO). I'm curious to see what the controls will feel like. I think Crash 2's tighter control (from the original trilogy) was much appropriate than Crash 1&3's more slippery controls. Also good to hear there are multiple playable characters. If you can the full game with other players (like in Rayman Origins) it could be a lot of fun. As for the new designs, yeah Coco & Cortex will take some getting used to. I like Crash & N-Gin's designs. As for other returning villains. I assume Dingodile is & N-Trophy are a certainty. I also hope Tiny returns. At the same I hope they come up with some creative new villains & boss fights.
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    Shade Vortex

    Sonic 30th predictions

    Uh... Forces itself only had a year of development. The thing that they apparently took their time doing was getting the Hedgehog Engine 2 ready. Unfortunately, thanks to the lackluster efforts put into Forces itself, we really don't get a good idea of how much HE2 improves over the original. Many say Unleashed looks better than Forces. I just hope we'll actually get a game worth waiting for. I don't care how long the wait itself is.
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    Sparkster (Rocket Knight Adventures) I remember back when SA2 was still fresh on people's minds, and people would get on its case because the adventure part of its title had been made essentially redundant with SA1's hubworlds gone. And even though they did have a point, back then I still felt like it was kind of silly to make a fuss over? With the right scenery and instrumentation, even a game with absolutely no diversions from beginning to end can still feel like an adventure in its own right, and if there's a game on the Genesis that demonstrates that better than most others, it'd be Rocket Knight Adventures. Every area in the game looks and feels a whole world away from the last, and in some cases they quite literally are, which personally I think is more important to the concept of an adventure than actually being able to choose your destination. Semantics aside, the main mechanic of RKA is, of course, the rocket itself, which functions a lot differently than one might expect looking from the outside in. You hold down the attack button to charge it up, and then release to launch off in a direction of your choosing in a straight path. Learning where and when to charge and release is so important to the gameplay that the first level is literally unbeatable without it (which is why it's pretty good that they give you clearly signposted safe spaces to practice bouncing off walls in), but even with that knowledge in hand it needs to be said that this game is bloody hard, sometimes bordering on unfair, and will likely kick your ass into several game overs before you get good enough to make it all the way to the end. I guess your mileage might vary on that one - I personally feel like it's right on the verge between challenging and annoying, but I also acknowledge that some people might not like restarting an hour long game from scratch when they run out of lives. One might think that lends the game a perchant for taking itself seriously, but it's quite the opposite - few if any people actually die in this game, and the usual effect for hitting people with your sword just causes them to burst out of their clothes and fall offscreen. At least until the last 2-3 levels of the game, this kind of silliness permeates a lot of the game's events, and it's nice to think back to a time when Konami knew how to have fun. Which would probably explain why we haven't gotten more of these games - the series got a mediocre XBLA title after like a decade of demands for it, and then seemingly vanished off the face of the earth. Pity.
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    Well, if we take Spyro as a reference, Toys for Bob actually improved his controls in Reignited Trilogy, it's 10 times more responsive and snappier than the original. Vicarious Visions, on the other hand, didn't quite got Crash's controls / physics right. It's not unplayable, but it can be annoying to do some jumps, and the hit box (both Crash's and the enemies') is also a little unfair. So yeah, I'm trusting Toys for Bob more on this one. Also, according to the official website, Beenox is helping them too. And Beenox knows the Crash shit.
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    Ranger-X I'm just going to do the sprite commentary first this time. Fuck mechas. I started spriting with the goal of sticking to an artstyle with minimal grain and shading, and with most characters and creatures that isn't a tremendous problem because stuff like joints are mostly implicit - but on a robotic character there's SO much detail that can't be skipped or glossed over because it's an integral part of how it can move, and giving it the same noodle limbs as everything else I make would never look right. Compared to every other character I've done thus far this is an absolutely ridiculous amount of detail, and to be honest if I hadn't gotten fed up and simply sprited one half of it and mirrored it I'm convinced I might have been working on it all day. Please dear god, never fucking make me do this again. Okay, but the game though? Fucking incredibly and shamefully overlooked. It's a game that has similar hurdles to overcome as Midnight Resistance... and yet, doesn't have 8 way shooting at all. In fact, the solutions it employs are surprisingly simple and elegant. For hitting enemies higher than you, rather than physically aiming your gun up, you're just given a jetpack instead so you can fly up to their level. And for running and gunning? The Dpad doesn't actually cause Ranger-X to turn at all, only to move - instead the A button shoots left, and the C button shoots right. You're always facing one direction until you press the button to shoot in the opposite one, which causes Ranger X to turn. Boom. Fucking magic. It might sound kind of goofy at first, and yes it might take a bit of getting used to after Contra or even just plain Apogee controls, but once you've adapted to it, it's fucking incredible to play. And the gameplay design isn't even all it has going for it - graphically speaking, both from an artistic and a technical standpoint, it's one of the most beautiful games the Genesis has to offer. Every other level in this game seems to have its own graphical trick, like faux 3D corridors, water that ripples when you walk through it, and some parralax scrolling that seems like a whole other level to most of the competition. The soundtrack is pretty good in its own right, though I'd rate it higher if the game didn't suffer from audio clipping issues in some areas. Which is why it's such a shame that this game is so god damn overlooked. It's an absolute treat for all the senses, and deserves to be hailed as a Genesis classic all the way up there with Wonder Boy and Streets of Rage. I legitimately wish there were more games of its kind out there.
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    This is my first post, so sorry if I goofed up miserably... Thunder Current More of a classic-type level with only one act. You must find four buttons in a Titanic Monarch Act 2-esque type of level, and and again like TM2, proceeding to a boss. Before the boss, however the large amount of electricity in the area makes you supercharged(yes, it's a movie ref)! Boss: Supercharged Metal Sonic Turns out Eggman did the same thing that happened to you with Metal. Shoot. Metal's main attack is a homing attack. No explanation needed. His other attack is a powerful lightning bolt directed at you, and your only way of avoiding it is to move quickly; the bolt is more likely to miss that way! Again, sorry if I screwed up. Edit: Nvm I did just fine XD
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    THIEF (Link's Awakening) Out of all the top-down Zelda games, I feel like Link's Awakening is the only one I hold any nostalgia for. It would also be the only one I physically owned until A Link Between Worlds, so I guess that probably has something to do with it too. I'll be the first to admit that it can be hard to get into looking from the outside in, and it can be especially unforgiving by today's standards if for no other reason that puzzle solutions aren't clearly signposted, like doors being opened by a single pushblock that look identical to all the other blocks in the room or bombing open walls that aren't marked with visible cracks like the majority of other games in the series. And even outside of dungeons the game stops spoonfeeding you leads not even halfway into the game, which leads into the classic, age old problem of "okay where the fuck do I go", and although sometimes you can be fortunate enough to realize an NPC has changed dialogue to point you in the right direction or remember that your newest tool opens up another section of the map, there are points that you don't end up that lucky and wander around for perhaps a bit longer than you'd otherwise find comfortable. But you know what? It's satisfying when the pieces do click together, and I wouldn't trade that for anything. The only real thing I'd change is around the midboss of the final dungeon, which forces you to all but redo the entire thing if you happen to miss a single easily missable toggle switch behind a bombable wall whose purpose is completely unknown up to that point. It would also be nice if you didn't need a goddamn notepad handy for some solutions in the game (or the screenshot function in the Switch's case) when a physical reminder in your inventory could have sufficed. Nothing that keeps the game from being great on its own, just little tweaks that I would have ironed out for convenience personally. The remainder of my observations contain HEAVY spoilers, so I'm hiding most of the rest for the benefit of the readers. To end this on a high note, I'd like to clear something up to the few of you confused as to why I named Link that in this entry. There's a shop in this game which eventually sells a bow for 980 rupees. The maximum amount you can carry is 999. However, by exploiting the shopkeeper's slow turning circle, you could pick the bow up and just walk right the fuck out of the store with his back turned... which would then punish you by permanently renaming your save file to THIEF. I didn't know a single person who owned the gameboy original and actually bought the bow legit back in the day - it's a cute quirk/easter egg that I always remembered fondly, in a game that was positively flooded with easter eggs and love letters to other games in Nintendo's catalogue, and it seemed wrong to reference this game any other way so I went with it.
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    Johnny Dash (Monster Bash) Monster Bash is another platformer in the Apogee lineage, and has a similarly childish premise to Commander Keen's - you're a kid who watches their pet dog get abducted by a vampire on a dark stormy night, and it turns out everyone's pets are getting stolen because... reasons? So you go out in your pajamas with just a slingshot to free them in search of your own pet. Said slingshot forms most of the game's core quirks, as unlike most other Apogee games or even just platformers of the time period in general, all of your shots fly in an arc instead of completely straight, and they can bounce off walls instead of shattering on impact. This at times can be sort of a double edged sword - because it operates on the Megaman rules of "can only have X shots active at a time", it can take a deceptively long time to refire if you miss certain shots, especially if you aim high. However, it can make for some pretty sweet trick shots, and the game expects you to get familiar with them pretty quickly - because all the pets are kept in cages which you need to shoot the padlocks off of, and many of them are kept in locations that are anything but a straight shot. Nowadays the game's mostly known as "that game Jontron can't pass the second level of", and honestly I think that's kind of unfair. It does come off as somewhat unorthodox, but only if you look at it from the standpoint of a platforming game where your only goal is to get from point A to B - it prevents you from progressing until you've rescued every animal on the level. It could maybe do with a little less require backtracking, or maybe a way to make it less tedious, but honestly to me it's completely fine for what it is. If there's any problem I have with it, it's probably the enemy and hazard design. Like snakes that attack from pitch blackness in the background, and their only tell is two red pixels that represent their eyes. Or golems that harden into platforms when shot, but take a good 10-15 seconds to return to normal when you're not lined up just right or they end up obstructing you instead. Or the lamps later on in the game that function as platforms, but damage you unless you shatter them ahead of time and usually needs to be done for every individual platform in the sequence. As far as Apogee games go, you could definitely do a lot worse. That being said, for full disclosure I've only played the shareware version - I tried to get into the rest as part of an Apogee compilation and, well Yeah, nice going guys. Proooooobably coulda handled that better.
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    Allister Fiend (Crüe Ball) Yup, that Crüe, Sometime in '92, the Mötley Crüe license was applied to a pinball game on the Genesis, with... well let's be frank, mixed results. Let's start with the good. The game is a real treat on the eyes and the ears, with some pretty future-y sound design typical of a pinball machine, with a host of mooks mostly themed after other genres of music and some VFX so flash it might honestly constitute a seizure warning at times? But I know you guys wanna hear about the music. Sadly, the game was in developement before they got the license, so most of the soundtrack is original compositions of a vaugely rock/metal variety. It stil sounds pretty good, even if the lead riffs can get a little repetitive in the time it takes to clear a level. The game DOES however have three covers of Mötley Crüe tracks, including a good cover of Doctor Feelgood and a fucking amazing version of Live Wire that if you ask me, can honestly give the original a run for its money: Actually playing Crueball starts out okay, but quickly starts falling apart the longer you play it. If you remember my writeup on Dinoland you already know this one is coming. Say it with me, guys: you cannot make an accurate shot if the target is offscreen. Dinoland did this. Sonic Spinball did this. Crueball hasn't learnt from either of them, but at times seems to go the extra mile in taking the piss out of it. Once you clear the first level, it starts becoming apparent that every single board shares the exact same basic design with a different gimmick in the centre, which wouldn't be so bad if they didn't all have the same flaws. Number one, the middle section of the table never has lanes to catch the ball and guide it to the flippers, in fact the flippers have fucking bumpers either side of them instead which can launch you as far as the opposite wall, if not directly into each other or into the pits along the edges of the board. So unless you happen to land your ball almost directly on the flippers you don't get to stay in the middle for very long, and you absolutely do not want that to happen because 1) nearly all the objectives are in the centre board, 2) the bottom board is incredibly hard to escape thanks in part to the aformentioned offscreen shots and bumpers, and 3) the bottom board contains a bonus stage you can trigger by accident and absolutely do not fucking want to. All the bumpers down here feel like they're purpose built to launch you towards the targets at the top of this section, which spawn targets and eventually this jump ramp in the centre when they're all cleared, both of which physically obstruct your main path back to the centre board and the latter of which can't be removed at all until you use it to launch into the bonus game. To make a long story short, it's a dreadfully boring Pong clone where you launch your ball into advancing skeletons until either they or your ball get past your paddle and fall offscreen, whichever comes first. There's no limit to how long you can stay in there provided you can survive, so one could say it's a good way of grinding for extra balls. Here's the kicker though: THE GAME RESETS YOUR MOTHERFUCKING PROGRESS EVERY TIME YOU TAKE THIS BONUS STAGE, FORCING YOU TO REDO THE ENTIRE STAGE FROM SCRATCH ONCE YOU RETURN. HOW DID NOBODY IN TESTING CATCH THIS??? YOU CAN'T USE A BONUS STAGE TO PUNISH PEOPLE. THAT IS THE ABSOLUTE DUMBEST SHIT IMAGINABLE. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED FOR MAKING IT SO EASY TO TRIGGER BY ACCIDENT, YOU ABSOLUTE CUNT GARGLERS. Listen, if you want a good licensed pinball game without going to the arcade or owning the physical board, just get Balls of Steel. I don't have anything special to say about it, just that the Duke Nukem table is easily worth the price of admission by itself and I'd really rather be playing that than this.
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    Chamomile #165
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    Hey bro was listening to the Sonic Rush OST today and thought of you. Hope you're doing ok.
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    Okay so I have a third level idea. This is also a boost level. Aurora Rush Zone In terms of it's looks just refer to this to get a visual of itThe level is a forest at night with a beautiful night sky. The level starts with sonic standing in the forest remarking on the aurora. You boost through the forest quick stepping around tree's and swinging on tree branches to get rings and lives. Then you go on a ramp which sends you flying across to the other side of a ravine. Then you get on a Vine and swing onto another vine and you land on a large tree. You have to run though hollow logs. The egg pawns here will have a green color. They will also be completely invisible to you until you get close where they will appear,wait a second then attack. This part of the level is very narrow and one slip will lead to your fall but the first tree will only punish you with the lower route. After you get through this you will have to carefully platform on the trees. The final section of the level is a fast pace section where you grind on branches and vines, homing attack enemies, and use the light speed to get to the end. With a second of hesitation being your doom. Now for the boss of this level. Egg Dart Frog In terms of design this boss is the egg mobile attached to a giant mech that looks like a poison dart frog. It's main attack is wrapping you up with it's tongue and spiting you out. The first phase of the fight is the robot jumping through the forest and you giving chase. You have to jump from vine to vine until you reach the mech and get to homing attack the mech. There's a bottomless pit below so you can't slip up here. After two hits the second phase begins. The arena here is a large body of water with four platforms. The mech will swipe it's tail forcing you to jump up to avoid damage. Then it will bring it's tail down on a platform. Submerging that platform in water for awhile. Then the mech will slam into the water making all the platforms flip over. Then the mech will stop it's assault. You can get a total of four hits before the egg dart frog changes color and you take damage when you touch it. Repeat three more times and the fights over. Hope people liked this.
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    One of the things I've always loved about the level design in Sonic 2 and especially Sonic 3 / Sonic & Knuckles is telling the story through the action set pieces within the level... it makes the story feel more interactive than a cutscene, even though it's just as scripted. NEON FESTIVAL ZONE ACT ONE It's a night festival in a cityscape by the ocean. Stardust Speedway + Carnival Night + Casino Night + side-scrolling version of opening stages of Sonic 06 / Sonic Unleashed but night instead of day / Super Mario Galaxy. Fireworks light up the sky, as do neon lights. It begins on rooftops and alleyways. There are also giant statues* in which you run along the arms/heads/shoulders, like the giant statues in the Schumacher Batman version of Gotham City. You run across telephone wires, laundry lines, and bounce on balloons, umbrellas or awnings. Sonic reaches a pier with a boardwalk, with happy animal families playing games and enjoying the scenery. There's an arcade, restaurants, and a giant Ferris Wheel. As Sonic enters, all hell breaks loose... the ocean explodes upward as a giant silo missile/tanker emerges at the end of the pier. Badniks descend from the silo, and the animal families run in terror in the opposite direction. Charing forward, Sonic destroys badniks along the course forward to the silo, but he's interrupted by... End Of Act One: Eggman has taken control of the Ferris Wheel from the center, and uses the (empty) carts to smash down at you. The key to beating the 'Egg Octopus' is to make his swing miss, then jump on it once it's stuck in the boardwalk, hop to another cart, and then smash attack Eggman (two times each reach is possible) 6 times (or three) until his machine is destroyed. The Ferris Wheel spins off and smashes into the silo, sending both into the ocean... BOOM! The ocean catches on fire, and a black oil rains from the sky. The neon lights are shattered and flicker irregularly. The city is under siege. ACT TWO We return to the city but in reverse, and now the festival has become a nightmare. Black oil rains, the ocean burns, the previously cheerful neon lights are cracked and smudged into scary rorschach shapes in the sky... and the level is covered in badniks. This stage features an unusual (but not unprecedented within the series) objective. This is a rescue mission -- 5 Flickies are scattered throughout the act that must be brought to the checkpoint before progressing to the boss. Taking damage means losing rings and scattering your Flickies, just like 3D Blast / Yoshi's Island. Once the Flicky family is reunited safely, they pick up Sonic and carry him back across the stage to the floating silo in the ocean, and drop you off on top of it. End of Act Two: Sonic smashes into the silo/tanker through a vulnerable air duct, and finds Eggman frustratedly yelling at worker-badniks to repair the ships. When he sees Sonic, Eggman dashes into a chair at the front, which breaks away into an enclosed pope-mobile speedboat. Sonic skis from behind, and you shift in the water and jump to avoid harpoon projectiles coming from Eggman's bubble boat. Sonic bobs and weaves and bops the Eggboat two times, then Eggman starts making wild turns to send you backward -- Sonic needs to lean into the turns at the right time, the cue being when Eggman's boat dashes ahead in a quick burst of speed, he's about to make a sharp turn. After Sonic destroys the getaway boat, Eggman uses an eject button and a jetpack to fly away. Sonic is left stranded on the destroyed boat. He taps his foot, annoyed... and then Tails arrives with the bi-plane, and Sonic hops aboard and heads to the next zone. *Whoever the statues are tell some of the lore of the game, though I'm not sure what that is yet. Feel free to pitch. For some reason I think this is like a bird city, with lots of Flickies but also birds of all sizes, so the statues are of different birds -- eagles, sparrows, seagulls, etc.
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    These are cool! Love the idea of a badnik factory. VALLEY MOUNTAIN ZONE Whereas "City Escape" imagined San Francisco in the day, this zone imagines Hollywood Hills at night, and then into the caves and sewers below. ACT ONE: It looks like the Mulholland Drive hills in Hollywood, CA, from orange sunset into purple twilight. The background is a starry cityscape, and you're running on mostly brown / yellow / gray / green hills. Begins on a straight-ahead chase with slopes and loops, but otherwise clear path. It's like the end of act one in Studiopolis, but instead of missiles coming at you from the front, you're chased from behind by Eggman in a car — like a more souped-up version of his ride in Emerald Hill act two. After 1 minute or so of this, the opening of the course ends in a mountain wall, which Eggman crashes into, full-speed ahead... and Sonic is able to roll through a small tunnel into a cave system. There are spikes, and only a few badniks - bat-themed, and bear-themed. Once inside the cave, the objective is to find your way through it. The cave is more platformer with some rolling pathways, like Mystic Caves mixed with Lava Reef act one, and a few optional pathways that eventually re-connect into... End of Act One: A closed-off space with a hip-length pool of dirty water at the bottom, not enough to drown you (unless you crouch), but enough to slow you down. It's a small cave with a beam of light shining in from above -- same size as the boss from act two of Casino Night with less 90% water than Hydrocity act one. From the background emerges the mini-boss: a TROLL CYCLOPS. He is slow-moving and throws punches and grabs, and in the muddy water, the best strategy is to spin-dash around the walls and ceiling to the other side and spring from the wall to land a hit on the back of his head. After 5 hits, he goes down. But when he falls, the floor crumbles, and you both fall into.. ACT TWO You land in a sewer dungeon. Troll Cyclops breaks your fall. He awakens enough to show you he's not dead, then lurches back into the background. At first, seems like a slow, spiky slog in narrow pathways, then opens up into a neon sewers, which is like is a mix of Chemical Plant act one, and Hydrocity act two... lots of fast / rolling sections and clean waterways. Badniks are mouse/rat, bat, and crocodile themed. The sewers open into the second part of the act, which is the subway system. Sonic runs along tracks, with cars going in different directions... the cars are not deadly, because the front of them is shaped like a small curve -- hitting it just sends you up, depending on your speed. You could jump from subway car to subway car until the end, but it's also possible to run along a concurrent path along the other track that doesn't have a car. Eventually the tracks merge and you run through a tunnel and onto a subway car. End of Act Two: Once you're on top of a subway car in the final tunnel, the caboose breaks off and transforms into a flying Egg Cart, capable of shooting straight and diagonal/bouncing lasers at you. Dodge those, bop Eggman when he pops out to gloat, hit him 6 times, and he crashes behind. Inside the main subway cart is the egg prison thing for the little animals, blanking on the name. The subway cart takes you to the next zone.
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