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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Seeing a lot of Tangle & Whisper Fanart due to the announcement Created by kohane01 on Twitter
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    Officially confirmed now! For Speed Battle, that is.
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    *dramatically pulls off sheet* "hey, it's not his laziness. he's using the chaos lasagna to nap!" (also some more new art in my art thread)
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    I don't think (not anymore) it means anything, but yeah they are being added to the game, they aren't "special event characters" like the 3 from the movie. Plus, IDWSonic is basically set in Modern Sonic, so Tangle and Whisper are built around Modern Sonic, more or less, besides fitting a lot. As Ian, Evan, Katie and everyone at SEGA said, it's a start and it could lead possibly to more. The reason why you don't get Sticks anymore in stuff is because Boom is dead, and Sticks was from that continuity, with Boom dead, she's gone too, with Archie dead, the Freedom Fighters are lost and forgotten too, besides being tied to the Archie vs SEGA difficulties. I just want to celebrate that these 2 cool, strong fan favorites are in 2 mobile games.
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    Let's hypothesize on this point. If this is more than just a one off crossover event for a mobile release and is just a step on canonizing Tangle and Whisper, how does the role of the comic change? For the most part we've understood that the comics represented a spin-off that SEGA usually just lets do it's own thing while regulating enough to keep it in the spirit of the Sonic series as a whole, but if suddenly the possibility of elements being canonized into the series, what will that mean for how the comics and the events within effect the games? Is it possible for plots to be borrowed, or for expanded adaptations of games? Would the comics be suddenly used as a sort of introductory series to Sonic like how the Pokemon anime is for the games? That's all just hypothetical in the case that this crossover isn't a one-off.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Man, how pissed off would people be if they actually get into a game.
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    Sticks next pls

    Sticks next pls
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    https://twitter.com/CalebArtBoy1/status/1277148418788425729?s=19 This is the cutest shit i ever seen
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    At this point even cartoon villains are less extreme, cruel, and ridiculous compared to this orange menace.
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    I think this phenomenon is really neither inherently good or bad. Sometimes certain aspects of a character become more pronounced over time simply because the writers take a while to develop and flesh out their personality. This can actually be a positive thing if the quirks that get more focus actually lead to the character becoming more likable, or gives them more of a defined identity compared to their debut. An example of a character being "flanderized" in a good way, in my opinion, is Wario: Wario debuts in SML2, where he's motivated by power and jealousy of Mario, which is why he takes over his castle. Wario then gets his own spinoff game, Wario Land, where he hunts for treasure to get his own castle, but he's still motivated by jealousy and one-upping Mario here. He's not so much interested in wealth for its own sake, and trades all his treasure away in the end to get a castle. Finally, sequels like Virtual Boy Wario Land, Wario Land II, and so on establish Wario as being motivated by greed itself. It's no longer solely about outdoing Mario, but about the love of money and wealth and opulence for its own sake. In about three games, Wario went from "evil jealous dude" to "wacky greedy treasure hunter." Where money was merely the means of showing up Mario in WL1, it became Wario's primary motivation ltself in future games. His jealousy of Mario's popularity still comes up in spinoff games sometimes, but he's developed enough of his own identity outside of that to be primarily defined by greed in and of itself. And I think that's made him way more iconic than he would've been if they'd just stuck with his original depiction. Obviously, this can also be done poorly. I think Knuckles going from kind of naive in the games to being outright illiterate in Sonic Boom wasn't really a good direction to take the character. I think that while he's a bit gullible in the games, exaggerating him into "the stupid guy" of the cartoon comes off less like a natural extension of Sega Knuckles' dimwittedness and more like a fundamentally different character. So I'm not against this happening, per se. It can be done well, and I'd argue that in some ways it's almost necessary for certain characters to grow and forge their own identity. Characters can often start out kinda weird and ill-defined, and sometimes latching onto specific personality traits and making them more prominent can be an effective way of fleshing that character out. I think it's just important to make an attempt not to focus on specific quirks and traits so much that it comes at the detriment of everything else about that character.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I don't think it necessarily means anything in regards to canon; Movie Sonic and Longclaw showed up, but nobody's calling those canon to Modern Sonic. It's just a bit of cross-promo. Saying that, I'd love to be wrong! I think Tangle and Whisper are really great, and I'm glad they're showing up in at least some kind of game setting.
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    I was looking through my old stuff and put all my Genesis-era Sonic games together for the hell of it.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I don't think suddenly the games will become super reliant on the comics. Maybe cameos here and there, at the most, maybe adaptation of more important characters (Tangle, Whisper, etc). I think the biggest thing being influenced will be the way the comics are presented to us, and what they mean for how we as fans interact or perceive them. For starters, instead of one-off issues like the Team Sonic Racing comic, or the old special issues, could we be given long scale arcs in advance to build up to the release of the game with revelation of game mechanics or story-beats? Unlike animation, comics don't need to be planned out so far in advance, and are not so rigid with what changes can or can't be made, so long as the approval process goes smoothly, and if SEGA keep a good relationship with the IDW gang, it could lead to them being more important as Sonic material to consume. It also helps that the comics can provide consistency that the games don't always have, due to the fact that the writing team especially for Sonic have been more intimate and cooperative with SEGA. IDW's the best company for this took, considering how good they are with just compiling these series together in their huge collections. (Let's get our omnibus already dammit!)
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I think that Tangle & Whisper are "just guests from another canon" like Movie Sonic & Longclaw. At least right now. I mean to see these comic characters in a game at all, is already pretty awesome in my opinon.
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    Well it's still early in the comic's lifetime. After this whole Zombot problem is taken care of, they could do more than a few one off issues. And it helps that IDW prioritizes GNs over floppies, so collecting will be much easier than with Archie. Also on the topic of game adaptation, it may be possible that IDW could start getting game material early, working with concept art of future games which they could adapt into long term stories, perhaps incorporating things the game couldn't cover that was on the cutting room floor. Something like the Pre-Forces comics, but on a grander scale. That would definitely make the wait between announcements much more bearable, and could do a lot to help with more lackluster story elements in the games. The thing is the comic is definitely in a more unique situation, because it's in a similarly vague place as the games, and unlike something like Sonic X, it isn't stuck in a short term licensing deal for a limited number of episodes. It takes place squarely in the game universe as we see, with similar adaptation of mechanics from games, but without the huge alterations previous adaptations had. And with how SEGA have been working with IDW, it's almost like they're acknowledging these comics as a serious branch for engaging with Sonic, though with definite differences for sure. We could be in a similar situation as the Pokemon anime, where it stands as a huge branch worldwide for exposing people to the world of Pokemon and filling in details for kids that maybe the games don't touch upon. And the anime usually gets material from TPC very early in production to get to work on the anime. Again though, all hypothetical. At the least it's fun to theorize even if it's implausible.
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    Playing all my Wii and Gamecube games on Dolphin feels like I'm actually cheating. Like, yo, wtf 4k 60fps Sonic Colors is wild.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

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    I don't play Speed Battle much, but I am absolutely gonna grind for these two. Absolutely awesome that comic characters are starting to make the leap to games.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Infinite is still not in the game I just want to point that out
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    *looks at newest member* WHAT THE FUCK
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    Sonic Headcanons

    Me and my brother used to joke that Sunset Hill is where Knuckles takes his many love interest to...do pushups.
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    Tolerance. In the sense of building up a tolerance to a drug. Your character starts off with some trait or quirk, they're cocky or short tempered or smart or whatever, and at first it's all fresh and new (relatively speaking) because the audience is still learning the specifics of the characters, their world, their relationships, etc. But as they keep being exposed to the same "level" of that trait, they build up a tolerance to it. You expect the cocky character to crack wise, the short tempered character to start a fight, the smart character to say some technobabble and build things, so it stops being as exciting. So the writers crank it up a bit, the cocky character's even cockier than you thought, the smart guy is even more brilliant. But then the audience acclimates to that, and you're back to the same problem, so what do you do? You crank the knob again. As you lean on and exaggerate the trait more and more, it can begin to overtake the character's identity. Personally I feel like the accusation gets thrown around a little too often, though. There's a time for subtlety and more down-to-earth characters, but it's not inherently wrong to go big and let characters have their extremes (both positive and negative) either, depending on the kind of story. It's easy to claim Flanderization if a character ends up being taken in a direction you don't want, that emphasizes traits you don't like. As for a case where I think Flanderization helped, there's a character from my favorite manga, Laius from Dungeon Meshi. He's the leader of a DnD style adventuring party, and from the first chapter you'd get the impression that he's a fairly competent, levelheaded one, even if he has a bit of an odd interest in monsters. But it eventually becomes clear that he's usually running on just two functioning brain cells, and they're focused on monsters and eating monsters, respectively. This is a guy who wants to jump into a magic painting to eat the food in it, a guy who eats raw kraken parasite and gets parasitized by the parasite's parasite, a guy who wants to understand the gentle embrace of a carnivorous plant. Ok, so why is the arguable main character of the series turning into a monster-obsessed idiot a good thing? Well for one thing, it's funny as shit. Dungeon Meshi is in part a comedy, and Laius's obsessions and awkward interactions are a big part of it. But it isn't just some "lol look at this wacky guy" gimmick. Monsters and eating them is central to the story. His knowledge about and curiosity regarding monsters gets the party out of plenty of bad situations. It's also got its own consequences, and colors how other characters see him. As goofy as it can get, it's also a vital piece driving the story forward. Now a lot of this comes early on, and you could argue this isn't really Flanderization, just the slow reveal of who the character is. But, isn't that the point? It's not Flanderization if it works. You can double down and exaggerate a character trait and still have it be a functional, vital part of both the character and the story as a whole.
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    Hmm, I feel like something like this only works if the character in-question was pretty ill-defined to begin with. Hyper focusing on one trait helps them gain their own identity as you said. Luigi is an example, as before Luigi's mansion, there wasn't much that separates him from Mario. So by hyper focusing on his cowardly traits, he was able to carve out his own identity was loved for it. But on the other hand, you get characters like Shadow who start off as pretty well defined and get exaggerated over time and lose the stuff that defines them. Its not a good or bad trope, but its definitely seen more negatively than positively.
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    I'm very glad that the movie is getting a lot of positive reviews in Japan. Now, the movie is finally released in Japan, do you think the movie will be released in China. I haven't hear anything about that. Also, I wonder who is the Japanese voice actor of Tails for the movie?
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    Luminous Avenger definitely could’ve been more than what it was, but I found it to be a good spin-off title nonetheless. If it aided in helping them figure out what to make for GV3, then more power to them. I can see their work on Blade being used to help them formulate gameplay for their new character Kirin’s swordplay. Makes me wonder what else they used LAiX as a testbed for. Goddammit, I hate waiting!!!
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Ian has stated Sega has been a lot more hands on with the original characters in IDW than they ever were with Archie. I honestly could see IDW's cast being similar to the situation with Sticks where Sega sees them as characters they created. As many fans as the Freedom Fighters had and specifically as popular as Sally and Scourge got, there was probably always this disconnect Sega had with characters they had little hand in creating. There is probably a level of bias there.
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    Your Vest Friend

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Well that would be terrible...for the comic. Currently Tangle and Whisper seem to be the main outlets for some of the stuff that's not allowed for the game characters. If they made the jump into the games (that isn't a mobile game for cross-promotion), that would probably curtail any plans Ian had for them and have a knock on the comic narrative. Again.
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    Man, imagine if Archie Sonic had more of a worldwide focus, maybe they could have had more crossover with SEGA. I bet you this current decision is influenced by the fact the comics are now coming to Japan and will be more relevant to the Japanese crowd. Oh well, Ian must be happy with this news. Actually being acknowledged by Japan is one thing, but to have your character show up in a game is unreal. Let's see if we can get a main game next time.
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    If this is true it would reinforce my idea that they are cooking up a new cartoon led by Ian and Tyson, with these gals included.
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    So, the Sonic movie just finally released in Japan today. It's look like some fans are already watching the movie. Hope the Japanese like it. I'm pretty sure they will like it.: Also, found these promotions by a Japanese laundry detergent company, Kao Attack. I also found some more from Dartslive, and Sega.:
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