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    I hope the Bob's Burgers movie puts some extra oomph into the animation, maybe even going frame-by-frame style if possible. The show itself looks fine but I'm always a fan of when a movie adaptation of an animated show looks vastly superior to the show so that it stands out as its own big thing.
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    To my fellow American SSMB users (And I suppose others if they want): Tomorrow is Blackout Day Please participate if at all possible by not spending money unless absolutely necessary (i.e. Emergencies or unexpected problems) all of tomorrow.
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    TSR's biggest hurdle is that it is not ASRT-2. That game set the bar so devilishly high, that any departure from the formula was going to look like a step backward. I feel like if they go the safe route and drop a TSR-T on our heads, Sumo will be back in the fastline and the series will go back to getting the accolades and appreciation it deserves. There are a couple of things that need fixing in a sequel, but that is the most obvious, glaring omission that will hang over any Sonic Kart racer from now on. How does it stack up against Transformed?
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    >More people are learning about the RelaxAlax drama >He's been quiet on twitter and youtube ever since June 22nd and fled to twitch >2 more people who have worked for him 1, who was a former patreon have come out that he's a manipulator >The text message between him and his ex regarding the rape allegations have been posted >He got kicked out of his own discord sever by the mods Oh yeah he's screwed.
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    Haha! I won the day on July 4th! I forever brand this day to be DogTagz Day! They shall shoot off fireworks and consume chili-dogs with or without chili in my honor! SO IT IS WRITTEN
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    C'mon, you lot. Chin up! Sonic's never been about staying in a rut filled with negative vibes. I remember reading that SEGA has been doing A LOT corporate restructuring and rethinking their strategy from 2015 onwards! You people must've noticed this; They made a poll for games that Japanese fans wanted a revival of (which resulted in New Sakura Wars and Panzer Dragoon Remake), The absorption of ATLUS in 2016 was a big, BIG win in their hands because Persona 5 is critically acclaimed and immensely popular, a SEGA rep said in an interview that SEGA would learn from ATLUS on how they create quality games that will please fans, A really warm welcome for indies to handle their IPs, hence we got Mania, New Wonder Boy, Space Channel 5 VR, Streets of Rage 4, and even NEW ALEX KIDD! You notice the recent poll? I'm pretty sure they admitted to be distant from fans and it's an honest attempt for them to get back on track! These past 5 years, i think SEGA is just playing it safe with Sonic because they're not ready for another big gamble yet. That's why Forces, TSR, and the mobile games, while being so-so games were actually a very safe move with decent reviews and sales. Mania and the Movie brought back interest to this franchise again, and while i'm not saying we will definitely get an actually "good" or "groundbreaking" Sonic game next time, the state of this franchise (and SEGA in general) has never been better for the past 10 years! 😃
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    I'm not about beating a dead horse. But what did you expect to happen when you posted in a discussion forum?
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    The movie came out and surprised everyone. The comics are well on their way, and have even turned the tide and started to bleed back into the games (Hi Tangle and Whisper). Public perception of the franchise is stable considering we haven't had a main series game to drag it down since Forces... and speaking of Forces, it just got a bump of good news. Thanks to a timely release, it ranks among the top redeemed free PSN+ games. Pretty dope. Almost all of the reasons to lose faith are coming straight out of Sonic Team. We have no idea what direction they are going to go with moving forward. Being pessimistic about them is one thing, but I see no reason to cast a bleak light on the franchise as a whole when the other factions of it are pretty much smashing homeruns. While the videogames will always be the center of the franchise, the movie might be more visible at this point. Which is crazy when you think about it. No reason to lose faith in the franchise when its still printing money like that.
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    Super Mario Super Mario Super Mario...World. Super Mario World It's a blast to the past. In Super Mario World You got to move fast. Mario and Luigi Are doing what they can. Yoshi and the Princess Are giving them a hand. Super Mario...World. Super Mario World It's a blast to the past. In Super Mario World It's a blast! Super Mario World.
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    Sony had a showcase, Xbox is having a showcase, and still nothing from Nintendo? C'mon, guys, you popularized this means of conveying game info. Let's see the goods.
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    I wish Smash Bros had more outro custom lines between certain characters kinda in a similar fashion to Marvel vs Capcom 3. Like I know Wolf will say things to Fox if you beat him and vice versa, more of that would be a great. things like Sonic saying something to Mario, or Zero Suit Samus saying something to Snake or Fox, or Marth making a quip about Cloud still speaking japanese (referencing his own situation for the longest time),Bayo saying something to any of the Kid Icarus cast, etc. I’m sure there could be a ton of neat character interactions
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    Got my damaged tooth taken out for a temporary crown. Damn, that was actually a lot more painful than my root canal.
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    I find it funny how Black Knight and Forces both essentially ended their respective decades of Sonic (Yes I know TSR exists, but Black Knight doesn't feel like a spinoff despite that being the case), yet if anything Forces is probably ultimately the more forgettable of the two despite both suffering from flawed gameplay styles. Also both try to feel meaningful in the end, yet arguably only one actually succeeds in intent.
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    Drudging this up because I've got something to vent on politics for once. The whole situation with NHS staff being refused pay rises even after all this stuff has happened since the last post is especially vexing to me because I know civil servants got a pay rise for their work during the pandemic. Like, you'd think giving nurses some sort of turnabout for being the ones most putting themselves at risk to help people would be a no brainer.
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    That is one of the two songs i was wondering about requesting!!! Something i am loving about your ways of recreating the music is that they could still be played during the original zone and fit! There are many special remixes that, to accomplish what they do musically, disconnect from the visual and spatial moods of the places; or from the overall mood of 2D Sonic. Yours all feel very connected and compatible with the original world!!
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    Unleashed was probably overkill in the transition department. almost every stage (save for skyscraper scamper and windmill isle) would have Sonic blowing through 2 or 3 different biomes from point A to B. And GodDAMN if that didn't make you feel fast. In Arid Sands (there is that man again lol) you start in a bustling bazzar but by the end of the level you have outrun the stretches of humanity and infringed on ancient ruins. In Rooftop Run you start out downtown, but end the level spanning the aqueducts you saw in the distance early on. Just by changing the scenery over the course of the level, your adding to the immersion of speed. There is style in that. These levels can't contain Sonic. He's too sexy fast. Its one of many reasons why I adore Unleashed. Stage transitions being used as story telling is something that gets a lot of attention. The burning of Angel Island in Sonic 3 comes to mind there. But it can also be a super effective tool in building up style. Blowing up ships using the rocket accel move in heroes Egg Fleet then transitioning to the nosecone of another flaship? Beautiful. Running along the hovering platforms in Windy Valley in the eye of a tornado? Amazing. Getting stalked by an oversized Chomper for a few seconds if you try and get cheeky with water-runing shortcuts, but being given juuuuust enough time to play with it and find a shortcut or two before insta-death? Golden. By making the set-pieces that transition the level playable, it adds a whole nother layer of style points. I thought Mania handled that really well too. In Chemical Plant Zone act II, you step on a syringe and change an entire factory's worth of Mega Mack into an entirely new platforming tool. That's creativity in letting the user alter his environment right before your eyes. Platforming style.
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    Presentation. Plain and simple. Or to make it less plain and simple, the ability to not only show the characters doing their most breathtaking feats, but also putting the player in charge of these moments and giving them the ability to make the magic for themselves. Far too often the games lean back on automated controls or QTEs for its dynamic setpieces. The parts of the game that truly make Sonic stand out. Even within the same game you can dig up numerous examples of properly and ill fated attempts at crafting style. Lets look through a few examples shall we? This. This right here is a bad example. *dodges bricks* I know its one of the signature moments of one of the signature games in the franchise, but this is fake style to me. Its clearly a setpeice. Designed to get the blood pumping and show off Sonic's amazing speed and attitude, but it robs the player of any need for input. You could just as easily put the controller down and Sonic will accomplish the feat on his own. The style is there, but its hollow and meaningless. Especially when you put it next to something that nails execution and knocks it out of the park. This. This so much. This is poetry in motion. Its giving you the same in-your-face attitude and adrenaline of the first example, but giving you full reigns of the controls to guide Sonic down the side of the skyscrapper. Its not showing you Sonic being a badass, its actually letting you be the badass and do the kinds of things that Sonic can do that other platformers just can't. Going Down is one of the best moments of style in the series. Not only is it a spectacular transition break from one of the best stages, but its the definition of the style the game wants to portray to the player. He spends an entire level rocketing round skyscrapers and playing piggyback with helicopters, only to skip the elevator on the way down and just run down the side of a building. Short. Simple. Sweet. STYLISH as HELL. Sonic games are always heavy handed with the setpieces. Outrunning avalanches of some form of another have been used multiple times. The Gun Truck also serves up another example of a dynamic setpiece that shows off Sonic's style while not taking away the controls. But not every set piece has to be grandiose and flamboyant. Sometimes, little effects here and there can have the same effect. Cue up another example (and probably my favorite example in the entire series) Man I miss Unleashed. But Arid Sands is a perfect example of building style right into the gameplay. On approach to the final stretch of the level, Sonic enters some degrading ruins. The game is wide open and encouraging you to pour on the speed, so you'll naturally enter this space at a good clip. As you run, the pillars ahead of you will start to crumble and fall horizontally across the road ahead of you. You can play it safe and slow down, or you can choose to live life like the fastest Hedgehog alive and blaze right under them before they can fully topple. Style points. But the real essence to this bit is what is around the next bend. As you enter the next open ravine, you are given the same visual cues and the same choice, this time spying much larger falling boulders. On your first playthrough, with a Sonic that doesn't have all the EXP poured into it, Sonic actually won't have the speed to accomplish this feat. You'll smack head onto the falling rock and your pride will take a significant blow. Even a modestly invested Sonic won't come close to making it. But after you beat the game? after you beef out your hedgehog bod to the max? Sonic cruises past all rocks in style. Your perseverance and bravery to be the daredevil is rewarded with pure sexyness. The stage even ends shortly after this stunt to give the player time to bask in the afterglow. Its straight magic and a little piece of style hidden in broad daylight. I could go on for days, but I think I've summed up my point well enough. Style is all about how is presented to the player. And if the game devs can show me how cool I can be, without taking the controller out of my hands to do it, then they are doing their job the right way. IMO anyway.
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    Made a lofi remix to Chrome Gadget Zone! Let me know if you like!
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    well a lot of things define style, sonic himself is, and always will be, style. but the true style is the sense of speed that sonic achieves. I may haven't truly mentioned this in my bio, but the TRUE first 3d Sonic game I've ever played was sonic 06, I remember having a very hard time getting into the first stage, as almost everyone my age did. but when I got there, playing sonic was a blast, going across loops, running on walls, jumping from board to board as you hold on to a whale (one difficult tails section later) and the whole thing closes with sonic saying "darn we're not gonna make it, lets speed up!" as he zooms through the beach as I tried to maneuver him through obstacles with shoddy hitboxes, it was tough, but it was extremely fun. one of the greatest example of speed was in sonic generations, although my thoughts of this game haven't aged perfectly, it's still a blast to play, I remember playing the demo time after time, holding the boost button and letting my hands run wild. after waiting a godly amount of weeks to download the full game, It was worth it. sky sanctuary, speed highway and rooftop run are excellent levels and the best ones in the entire game. Oh and sa2, can't forget about that divisive, polarizing, ambitious "dARk AnD Edgy" mess of a game. While I think the treasure hunting and shooting levels are underrated these days, they don't have nothing on the speed stages. City Escape and Final Rush are hands down my favorite levels in the sonic the hedgehog series, with City Escapes Nauseatingly Catchy beat to it's wonderful level design, and Final Rush's Open space and it's use of my SUPER AWESOME RAD RAIL GRINDING SKILLS...Ahem, sorry. anyways, speed isn't everything, but it's a core element of sonic that no game should exclude, and it never has to this day, for better, and for worse.
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    If anyone has problem opening it, notice that one letter is missing: https://files.catbox.moe/5rog44.ziP
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    I'd absolutely love a Whisper Action game that plays like the Avatar in Forces but with switchable Wispons and all around more polish and fluidity tbh Imagine burning through a couple badniks in a tight lane, switching to the lightning wisp just slashing through a row of enemies (without stopping, why was this a thing) before jumping off a ledge and twirling down with the blue hammer, crushing a couple enemies around her as she lands. I'd love that. (Yes I know she doesn't have some of those wisps in the comics, shhh)
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    Dude. SEGA is not your boyfriend. Calm the fuck down and find other interests.
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    As far as we know, Forces didn't get 4 years of developpement. Seems that it got 1 dev year (the dev certainly worked on other project before), while 3 years were made to develop the HE2 (which is a cross-game project, as it's supposed to be the main graphic engine for the Sonic Team, and maybe the whole SEGA CS2 Studio, as they used it in Sakura Wars) ? But nope, the "game" Forces isn't the result of 4 years of development. And it seems that even in the small time it got, it got some changes and stuff like that. It's not because a game is released n years after the previous, that it got n years of devs, especially in a big studio like SEGA CS2, they can do some other stuff (reinforcement on other projects, working on future techs, etc).
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    We have to face the facts here; despite a surprisingly successful recent movie (which even then, might easily have been a flop, come out at another time, and/or not come out at all, if not for a few factors), Sonic is to SEGA what Mickey Mouse is to Disney, for both better and worse: A one-time flagship property that became a mascot as a result but whose actual importance declined as the company expanded and circumstances changed. I can’t imagine Disney ever parting with Mickey, and I expect them to do enough to keep him in the public eye, but they would, in fact, still do just fine without him. Sonic is like that, which is why people impressed that he’s managed to recover from extreme lows such as 2006, really shouldn’t be. Sonic has been able to bounce back from that sort of depths for the same reason he’s been allowed to hit them: Because he’s the property of a company so rich on other properties that it doesn’t have to worry much about the damage such a flop will do to its bottom line, and can keep Sonic games on life support so long as it has those other properties to pay for it. This sort of messy corporate alienation should go a long way toward explaining the Boom sub-series, which was planned excessively, had its flagship game bomb, and yet still sputtered on for a bit just because because they’d greenlit multiple parts. I’m not assuring people here that we’ll get another memetic turd like 06 or RoL, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we did, either. Also, though this isn’t a new sentiment: It seems like SEGA doesn’t have a solid concept of what modern Sonic should be. (They may well not have one of what Classic Sonic should be, either; good thing Taxman did.) This wouldn’t be as big of a deal if they weren’t also terrified of it being things they think it shouldn’t. When I look at a game like Sonic Forces, with what a bizarre mix of elements it is, my easiest explanation for why is that they’re too afraid to bring back elements they torched after 06, but also frantically trying to fill the voids left with whatever they can, in order to make a game that doesn’t feel empty. The result has such a flimsy identity, both ludologically and lore-wise, that I doubt it really drew many new players to Sonic. Certainly, there’s probably nothing that game does that other games don’t do better. So yeah; I don’t have faith in the Sonic series on the whole right now. The one thing that we’re guaranteed—if the pandemic doesn’t get too much worse—is a second Sonic movie. It seems like the next safest bet is a tie between Sonic Mania 2 (since the first was a success) and Sonic Generations 2 (since it will be the thirtieth anniversary). Qualifying that further, the two could be merged. Hopefully, the Mania vets will be there to work on physics. Past those predictions, there remains little indication that this franchise has either a vision, passion, or talent behind it.
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    To be fair, that was an entirely different form of mismanagement. Forcing that project to the WiiU ensured that it would be DoA. I think its perfectly reasonable to take a "lets see some proof" stance given their track record on quality. But I'd rather them allocate more years to development than be stuck in limbo with the alternative.
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    Sad truth is that we can't trust Sega ever again. They made Sonic 06, felt rrrrreally bad about it and did everything to apologize.... only to publish Rise of Lyric. That basically means we can never trust them with quality. But talking about it doesn't to much good. Just don't buy next Sonic game until positive review show up and try enjoying Mania 2, IDW, movie, fan works... pretty much anything but Sonic Team work.
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    I think we were all supposed to just agree with them.
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    Forces is a question mark. Its highly likely much of that time was spent developing the engine and not the game itself. Furthermore, there is plenty of speculation that Forces was something else, before changing direction in the 10th hour. Forces doesn't feel like a game with a four year dev cycle, because it probably wasn't. And I would argue that most of Forces problems have to do with direction, rather than execution - which is less of a problem of dev time and more of a problem of who they put in charge of the dev. Either way, Sega has gone down the quality control path before, with middling results, so there is no reason to take them at face value here. But if they are going to take their time moving forward, it can only help. It ducks the issue of rushing games out the door, which is the noted downfall of games like 06. It allows time for more development tweaks and polish, which never hurts. And most ironically, it actually protects the franchise from Sonic Team themselves. Worst case scenario they can only hurt the franchise once every 4 years. The movie, comics and videogames not made by ST can clean up that damage and build a positive rep in the meantime. Best case scenario, they fall backwards into a masterpiece. win, win.
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    Think it looks pretty good and that they translated Nomura's style well. The original game team is working closely with this adaptation it seems. It comes out next year.
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    Thank you for the compliment, I'm happy you like them. I hope to continue this, your positive energy makes it easier. I don't want to tire out.
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    Superman (Superman: The Man of Steel) On some level, I feel kinda bad for Superman. The very nature of his being - a nigh-indestructible motherfucker who can punch through solid steel like it's paper, and seems to have an 11th hour superpower for every situation imaginable - seems to prohibit him from being adapted faithfully to an interactive medium without being incredibly boring or tedious in the process. And that's with the technology we have today. The 16 bit era couldn't even dream of a game where your player character effectively has permanent god mode, let alone simulate the collateral destruction a single one of his attacks could realistically accomplish. So the next best thing for most developers was to stick Superman into a relatively standard brawler and suspend disbelief enough to put forward the idea that any individual thug could be a threat to him - and yet somehow, somehow, there hasn't been a single game yet that can do even that right. It's like the whole fucking IP is cursed or something, because the whole essense of Superman's nature is antithetical to decent game design. At the very least, the presentation of Superman's Genesis outing is pretty damn good. The artstyle is well done for what it is, but the level transitions are what really sells this game for me, with headlines from the Daily Planet stylishly bookending the start and end of most of the levels in the game - and even the ones that don't make up for it with really neat transitional cutscenes. And although the soundtrack doesn't go as far as to license any of the themes Superman was best known by at the time, the songs are all still fucking awesome in their own right, assuming you get far enough into the game to hear them all. Yeah, about that - this game is actually pretty fucking hard, and not necessarily for the right reasons. There's probably something that could be said for the amount of damage enemies can actually inflict on you, but I'm going to take another angle to this and point out that most of Superman's attacking options don't even involve the attack button - when jumping, you have a hitbox around your hands while ascending and one around your feet when descending, and you're required to know this in order to hit enemies directly above or below you. Oh, but make sure your body doesn't actually overlap an enemy while you're doing it, otherwise you'll take a hit too. Oh, but if you jump too softly, the hitbox will wear off before you actually contact them. It seems needlessly finicky guesswork when you could simply just... hold a direction and attack and have Superman attack in that direction. Or I don't know, actually fucking fly on command so you can physically bring yourselves to their level first. Yes, this game decides for you whether you get to fly or not. Which means that there are a lot of sections in the game where you're awkwardly grounded and have to jump around to get anywhere, which seems like an incredibly bizarre design decision for a licensed game of a character best known for flying when he's not known for punching. He also has his heat vision in this game, but only during the flying sections. It would be like if a Sonic game pick and chose when and where you get to go fast instead of trusting in the player's judgement and the level design to handle it, and oh wait that's right they actually did that in 06 nevermind forget I said anything The game overall is just annoyingly stiff and janky to play, and really could have done with a ground-up rework of the game's mechanics. Oh well, I'm sure Superman will get their Batman Arkham Asylum eventually. Until then, there's always Megaton Rainfall.
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    Penders better watch himself. A certain person compared Sonic to real life events recently and it didn't end well for him. Of course, both of these people are egotistical crazies who do anything for attention so pea's in a pod.
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    Sonic Headcanons

    Knuckles enjoys gardening. It's a peaceful and relaxing activity that also helps relieve the loneliness of his duty somewhat when he takes care of Angel Island's plants and trees in his spare time. Plus he gets free fruit too, including his favorite, grapes.
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    Once my brother locked Sonic 2 onto Sonic and Knuckles, but clearly didn't make a strong enough connection. The result was Emerald Hill as Knuckles, but there was no music, and the only sound effect was the Metropolis Zone record scratch, which would inconsistantly play when Knuckles bopped a Badnik. At the end of the act, the game froze. In Sonic 3 (standalone) , I somehow managed to get the music stuck on the invinsibility theme during a run of Carnival Night (I'd used a regular monitor pickup). I had to intentionally start to drown Sonic and then leave the water in order to and make the annoying jingle shut up! I've also found that if you do the same trick during Hydrocity's Act 1 boss, the music will change to Sonic & Knuckles' miniboss theme. In my latest playthrough of Sonic Adventure DX, I kept repeatedly pulling off the Tails in Emerald Coast glitch unintentionally.
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