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    [Fanfiction] The Disciples

    The first major battle scene! Writing it is a lot harder than I thought juggling between multiple characters, using what I learned from RPing to pull this scene off. Hopefully as chapters go on, it'll only get better. CHAPTER 4: DUEL FOR HER FATE
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    The Tangle event has started, her having Tail Strike in 2 slots was intentional. You can get projectiles about 3 times as you level up so if I'm reading this right... She might have 6X Tail Strikes when you level her up.
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    Hey paisanos! It’s the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
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    AoStH episode pitch: Dr. Robotnik replaces Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts with Slicer, Asteron, and Shellcracker - a crack-team of elite Badniks from Metropolis Zone - who prove to be much more efficient at thwarting Sonic. Sonic and Tails have to team up with the old SSSSS Squad to sabotage the new robots and get the old ones their jobs back.
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    Coinciding with the 20th Anniversary of The Sonic Stadium, Sonic Musical Spectacular is making it's grand return for the fifth year running! Originally created as an anniversary event for Sonic's 24th anniversary, the event has become a yearly tradition on SSMB, typically coinciding with the anniversary of SSMB's unofficial streaming channel - Motobug! This year however is a hugely important year for the event - not only as it arrives on the 20th anniversary of the site, but it also arrives on Motobug's 5th anniversary. This year marks five years since the original channel was created. For those of you joining the event for the first time, the Sonic Musical Spectacular is an event based around looking back at the history of Sonic's musical career - where the community comes together to make a playlist of songs from the entire series, and we air this playlist live on SSMB's unofficial streaming channel - Motobug - in a two day event. Once again, the event is being hosted by myself, and the other members of Motobug, as well as being sponsored and helped by @Strickerx5! As usual, it is important to ensure you read the OP, and understand the rules before taking part in the event! The event itself is more or less similar to how it was last year. As last year's changes to the structure of the event got positive feedback, we've decided to run with it once again this year. So this is how the event works - you can request Sonic songs and they will be added to the playlist that can be found inside of the topic OP below. This playlist is a huge playlist that will be compiled from the requests from every single member who participates in the event, and will cover more or less every game and media in Sonic's history. Nearly every game will be listed in the playlist below with three to four song slots (depending on how popular the game typically is), as well as an additional remix slot. Regular Slots - are fairly self-explanatory - they are regular versions of Sonic songs. For example - Open Your Heart, Green Light Ride, Rooftop Run (Day), etc. Remix Slots - on the other hand are a remixed version of a Sonic song, and can either be an official remix (Example - the special remix of Can You Feel the Sunshine officially released), or it can be a fan remix/cover of a song (Example - "The Worst Timeline" - Stardust Speedway Bad Future JP Remix by John Davis). As an example of how each game will be laid out: Sonic Adventure: Now, in terms of the requests - there's a slight change from last year. Everyone will receive 4 regular song requests, and 2 remix requests, making up a total of 6 requests per person. As usual, the catch to this is that you can't use multiple requests for the same game, so for example - one person cannot pick two Team Sonic Racing requests, they can only choose one. This is to keep things fair so no one can simply use all of their requests to take up the entirety of one game. As per last year's rule set as well, we will not be granting extensions to a game's song list, as we did in previous years, namely due to how much of a hassle it is to determine which games should get extensions to their song lists. Instead, we'll judge how popular the game usually is in terms of requests, and grant it the additional slots from the start. If a game's song list is filled, you're just gonna have to pick a different song from a different game. As the songs are submitted, the OP will be updated fairly consistently with the requests (Specifically - the songs section). Please keep an eye on it and check if there's available song slots for your request, or that your song request hasn't already been chosen. The next rule to discuss is linking the songs. You do not have to link the songs themselves, typing the name of the song you want is enough. The only time we might need a link is for your remix requests. However - if you choose to link the songs, please use the hyperlink option (the small chain icon at the top of the text box). Embedding a lot of videos can cause major slowdown of the site, and can even crash mobiles and tablets, and make it more difficult for myself and the mods to access the page and update the OP. Also - if linking a song - please ensure it's the non-extended version of the song. Finally - please ensure that you are linking the correct version of the song, and not parody versions. For example - SilvaGunner tracks, while they're fair game for the remix slot - they will not count as regular versions of a song, and therefore won't count for a regular song request. After all that is done and the playlist has been compiled from everyone's requests, we will be streaming the entire playlist on SSMB's Streaming Channel - Motobug https://cytu.be/r/Motobug Finally, if you create Sonic song remixes yourself, we're also bringing back the option to debut it live on Motobug during the stream. As usual, this is entirely optional, and will not be taken into account when it comes to the requests. You do not have to submit your own remixes. The last thing to mention is that as we did last year - we're splitting the actual stream into two separate days as not only is the playlist usually massive in length, but a lot of people enjoyed this change last year. So the playlist will be streamed over two days. One more thing to mention - the deadline for requests, and the air dates/times of the stream! Request Submission Deadline: July 17th 2020 Stream Airdate and Time: July 25th 2020 - July 26th 2020 - Time to be announced. As mentioned, there's a few minor changes to the event this year. These are: Everyone now has four regular song requests, and two remix requests for a total of six song requests overall. You can choose to premiere/debut a remix that you made (This is OPTIONAL) We've swapped out the Nights and Jet Set Radio categories last year for a extra length General SEGA section in celebration of SEGA's 60th anniversary. This is where the song list will be kept, and updated. Click on the spoiler tags for a specific game to check the slots, and see what's taken, and what's free. If you notice any missing games, feel free to let me know. Furthermore - SEGA General will allow submissions from any SEGA series - I.E - Yakuza, Persona, Jet Set Radio, Nights, Skies of Arcadia, etc. Some games may be lumped together, due to lack of popularity in past years. If the need arises, we'll separate them out. That said... Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Closed): Sonic The Hedgehog 3: Sonic & Knuckles: Sonic CD (JP/EU) (CLOSED): Sonic CD (US) (Closed): Master System/Game Gear: Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis/Saturn): SEGASonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Spinball/Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Sonic Jam: Sonic the Fighters: Knuckles Chaotix: Sonic R: AoStH/SatAM/Sonic X/OVA: Sonic Adventure (CLOSED): Sonic Adventure 2 (Closed): Sonic Shuffle: Sonic Advance: Sonic Advance 2: Sonic Advance 3: Sonic Battle/Pinball Party: Sonic Heroes (Closed): Sonic Mega Collection (Plus): Sonic Gems Collection: Shadow the Hedgehog (Closed): Sonic Rush: Sonic Rush Adventure: Sonic Riders: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) (Closed): Sonic Rush Adventure: Sonic Rivals/Rivals 2/Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood: Sonic and the Secret Rings: Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (Closed): Sonic Unleashed (CLOSED): Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Series: Sonic & The Black Knight: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episodes 1 & 2: Sonic Colours (Closed): Sonic & All-Stars Racing Series: Sonic Generations (Console/PC): Sonic Generations (3DS): Sonic Lost World: Sonic Jump/Dash/Speed Battle: Sonic Boom (Series): Sonic Runners: Sonic Mania (Closed): Sonic Forces (Closed): Team Sonic Racing (Closed): Sonic the Hedgehog (2020): Fan Made Sonic Games: Super Smash Brothers (Series): SEGA General: As with previous years - if you've created your own remix of a Sonic song, you can let us know and we'll premiere it live on Motobug. As stated before - this is purely optional, and not mandatory. With this being our 5th anniversary of the event, as well as this being the 20th anniversary of The Sonic Stadium, we made a very special badge for this year! Everyone who participates in the event will receive it! - The Disco Egg - Used your requests for Sonic Musical Spectacular 5! As with previous years, there's a set of rules for the event. The most important of which being this from past years: And as usual, the standard Motobug rules apply: And finally, rules specifically for the event: This will be updated as questions are asked throughout the event. As usual, I hope you'll consider joining us for the event this year and taking part in it. As I said above, in the previous four years, it's gotten a lot of positive feedback as a fun Summer event, and everyone having fun listening to the playlist that SSMB created together as a community. Due to the big celebrations this year (Both TSS's 20th anniversary, and Motobug's 5th anniversary), myself, Strick, and all of the Motobug staff have been working extremely hard to get this event up and running this year, and as it usually is, it was a massive team effort to pull it off. If you've got any questions or need clarification about the event, feel free to ask and I'll get back to you ASAP. Q. Can songs from Sonic at the Olympic Games be requested? A. Yes - it'll count under the Mario & Sonic Olympic Series. Q. Do I need to use all my requests at once? A. No - you don't need to use all of your requests at once. You can make a post later when you decide what you want in those requests if you don't use them at once. Q. Does covers count as remixes? A. Depends on the context. If the cover is an official version of a song that was originally written by the band covering it (I.E - Zebrahead's His World, Cashell's Un-Gravitify - it counts as an official song and therefore must be requested via a regular song request. If it's a cover long after the original by a different artist, but official - then it counts as a remix (I.E - Tee Lope's remix of Can You Feel the Sunshine). If it's a fan-made cover, it falls into a remix slot. Event Coordinator: @Ryannumber1gamer Mod Sponsor: @Strickerx5 Art (Logo, Banners, Badge): @DanJ86 @Spin Attaxx Stream: @Polkadi~☆ Motobug Staff: Special Thanks to @Chris for approving the event! You for taking part!
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    DRM is ass

    DRM is ass
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    If we can’t get this level of animation in the games, can the (rumored) animated show if it’s CGI do it plzzz?
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    When conservatives whine about "redistribution of wealth" they really mean distribution to people other than the rich
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    Holy shit?

    Holy shit?
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Hm. Interesting. Having seen that, I suppose that explains it: there were only five stories with only 2 being 6 pages, compared to this one where all but one are a matching 6 pages. That would do in part to explain why I feel/recall those stories being more satisfying. That and, as I somewhat don't wanna say, they did feel like they just had more to tell in the first annual compared to this one? Like, its telling that the one story with the most pages is a Big story where he's just wandering about most of the part issues/locations. In fact, of the six stories, I feel the unexpected one with Nite and the one with the Chaotix are the most successful. I just got the joke with their names. 😐 Yeah, they do have that going about them.
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    I do sympathize with SATAM/Archie fans on some level; you love elements from a part of a franchise that's generally shunned by the majority, but then others are way more readily accepting of Tangle and Whisper as part of the main series. That shit would piss me off too.
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    Last night I dreamed that the Sonic Storybook games were way different and featured some of the Freedom Fighters.
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    Really awesome of you, Ryan, to do this for me. And even cooler that you've been doing this on a yearly basis for 5 years now! I always have fun at these. I'll make new selections as soon as I get off work, and now I'm even more motivated to finish this remix XD Thank you!
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    Sonic 06: His World (Theme of Sonic) SA2: On the Edge... for Eternal Engine Smash: Psycho Soldier (Overseas Version) Game Gear: Poloy Forest (Tails Adventure) Remixes: Sonic Advance 3: Chaos Angel by Jonny Atma (Gametal) Sonic Battle: Emerald Beach by Lil Boulder
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    Tested out Lost World, Generations and Mirror's Edge on my new PC, and they all ran at a reasonable 60 fps (with some minor screen tearing in ME's case,) which is really satisfying to me, especially since the graphics card I purchased isn't even technically made for gaming but more geared towards 3D applications like Blender and Z brush, etc. Atleast I know 7th gen-level 3D games and anything below that will run fine on my PC now; don't know about anything above that tho but for now I'm satisfied.
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    very THICC dash run i pulled off today
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    Yes, i am more excited to find out which songs you choose!! The one idea i can think of, which is not a request because you have just visited the Sonic 3 freerun zones, is that the lead instrument parts in Azure Lake seem like they would be compatible with your bass playing style!
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    So what's the dividing line between a badly designed level and a genuinely hard level? Its honestly a lot more blurred than I thought.
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    Yep, you can absolutely show it off at the event. Since it's a song debut, you can still use your second request for another remix, by the way. I just checked and Forces' remix slot is closed - I must've forgot to update Forces to say Closed after the remix was placed in, you're gonna need to pick another song.
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    Sonic Channel

    New art for Tanabata
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    Oh, I almost forgot about this. I really should check around more when I pop in here. Right... Songs... SEGASonic the Hedgehog - I'll Get You Yet Sonic Advance 3 - Twinkle Snow Sonic Rush Adventure - Coral Cave Act 2 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Rainbow Road Medley Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity - Through Traffic (Remix by Dash092996) Sonic Runners - Run Away (Remix by SARE) Some diverse choices that allows more games to feature on the list, and a Smash one 'cus why not?
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    Two heroes set out on an adventure to find..... ...their frogs.
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    This is info you can plug in your signature/profile if you're looking to advertise, it doesn't warrant its own topic.
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    I'm happy you mentioned this, thank you! I try to be as emotionally connected as I can to how the songs make me feel. What songs are you interested in having remixed with a lo-fi twist? No promises I'll get to it as I'm mostly interested in the songs that I feel connected with from a harmony standpoint. I love a lot of the basslines from the classic titles, which makes sense as a lot of the composers appear to be bassists themselves.
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    Presentation. Plain and simple. Or to make it less plain and simple, the ability to not only show the characters doing their most breathtaking feats, but also putting the player in charge of these moments and giving them the ability to make the magic for themselves. Far too often the games lean back on automated controls or QTEs for its dynamic setpieces. The parts of the game that truly make Sonic stand out. Even within the same game you can dig up numerous examples of properly and ill fated attempts at crafting style. Lets look through a few examples shall we? This. This right here is a bad example. *dodges bricks* I know its one of the signature moments of one of the signature games in the franchise, but this is fake style to me. Its clearly a setpeice. Designed to get the blood pumping and show off Sonic's amazing speed and attitude, but it robs the player of any need for input. You could just as easily put the controller down and Sonic will accomplish the feat on his own. The style is there, but its hollow and meaningless. Especially when you put it next to something that nails execution and knocks it out of the park. This. This so much. This is poetry in motion. Its giving you the same in-your-face attitude and adrenaline of the first example, but giving you full reigns of the controls to guide Sonic down the side of the skyscrapper. Its not showing you Sonic being a badass, its actually letting you be the badass and do the kinds of things that Sonic can do that other platformers just can't. Going Down is one of the best moments of style in the series. Not only is it a spectacular transition break from one of the best stages, but its the definition of the style the game wants to portray to the player. He spends an entire level rocketing round skyscrapers and playing piggyback with helicopters, only to skip the elevator on the way down and just run down the side of a building. Short. Simple. Sweet. STYLISH as HELL. Sonic games are always heavy handed with the setpieces. Outrunning avalanches of some form of another have been used multiple times. The Gun Truck also serves up another example of a dynamic setpiece that shows off Sonic's style while not taking away the controls. But not every set piece has to be grandiose and flamboyant. Sometimes, little effects here and there can have the same effect. Cue up another example (and probably my favorite example in the entire series) Man I miss Unleashed. But Arid Sands is a perfect example of building style right into the gameplay. On approach to the final stretch of the level, Sonic enters some degrading ruins. The game is wide open and encouraging you to pour on the speed, so you'll naturally enter this space at a good clip. As you run, the pillars ahead of you will start to crumble and fall horizontally across the road ahead of you. You can play it safe and slow down, or you can choose to live life like the fastest Hedgehog alive and blaze right under them before they can fully topple. Style points. But the real essence to this bit is what is around the next bend. As you enter the next open ravine, you are given the same visual cues and the same choice, this time spying much larger falling boulders. On your first playthrough, with a Sonic that doesn't have all the EXP poured into it, Sonic actually won't have the speed to accomplish this feat. You'll smack head onto the falling rock and your pride will take a significant blow. Even a modestly invested Sonic won't come close to making it. But after you beat the game? after you beef out your hedgehog bod to the max? Sonic cruises past all rocks in style. Your perseverance and bravery to be the daredevil is rewarded with pure sexyness. The stage even ends shortly after this stunt to give the player time to bask in the afterglow. Its straight magic and a little piece of style hidden in broad daylight. I could go on for days, but I think I've summed up my point well enough. Style is all about how is presented to the player. And if the game devs can show me how cool I can be, without taking the controller out of my hands to do it, then they are doing their job the right way. IMO anyway.
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    Badnik Mechanic

    The Topic of OMG FREE STUFF!?

    Injustice Ultimate Edition is free on PS4 Xbox 1 and Steam. Appears to be worldwide.
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    Just give him a little spike. Just a little loose spike tucked back there, for some pleasing asymmetry and increased pointiness.
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