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    Well... I just spent the last two days writing a bunch of lore for a fantasy/sci-fi Dungeons and Dragons-esque concept... I wonder if anyone would be interested in it? Maybe, maybe not. But I'll be posting a bunch of profiles of these characters and their races here. This is quite possibly my most ambitious projects I can recall. Personal experiences, and personal interests are what inspired this particular project, and there's a character I've used in the RP that plays a major role in this. I'm sure those of in the RP will know who I'm talking about. But anyways... I was inspired by Elder Scrolls, Star Wars, Zelda, and even a little bit of Starbound. One of the things that draws me to all of these examples are the many races and species that have their own culture and lore... Basically it inspired me to make my own universe like that. Is it ambitious? Yep. Is t a bit too crazy for me to take on? possibly. But hey, I'm always getting ideas, so I figure why the hell not. Even if you don't want to look at the character's descriptions and lore, I do hope you like my art at least. So without further ado... Here are the heroes of "DUNGEON CRAWLERS" DAVID- THE HUMAN KATTI- THE HALFLING VREZZ- THE GOLEM MERA-LYNN- THE ELF BELGOTH MCHJOLM- THE DWARF VILERA FLORENCE- THE GOBLIN LADY SEVERINE- THE CHAOSKIN KILGORE SAWHEAD- THE EDGELURKER
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    Dreams are powerful things. You just accept the weird crap that happens in it and give zero questions why it's happening other than acknowledging it as though it actually is. Like, just recently I was like "Holy crap, why did no one tell me we had a Sonic and Digimon Tamers cross over??" as I watched it unfold. Like it was a real thing that existed. But it did not. Alas, it was a dream.
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    I hate it. The controls may be better than Heroes', but only by a fraction; you'll still be careening around like a rocket-propelled drunk on ice if you ever try to go fast, the homing attack is just as limp and unreliable as it was in Heroes, and the awkwardness of most attacks, weapons, and vehicles still counts against it on this point. The gunplay, if you can even call it that, is never satisfying even when it works. You don't have the precision nor the visceral effects of an actual decent shooter; you just hold/mash fire while pointing vaguely towards enemies and eventually they fall over. If I want to be a gun-toting edgelord, why would I be satisfied with a game where the human enemies just grunt and fall over, compared to one where I can pop their heads like watermelons with a well aimed shot? The branching story and moral choices to explore different sides of Shadow could've been interesting...but in practice it's just nonsense. Not only do your choices not drive the story, they hardly even make sense; you can reach most levels through a number of different moral paths, you can work with one side for one stage then betray them the next with no logical explanation, and where you end up next almost never has anything to do with what you just did. And then they don't even have the guts to commit to letting the player choose their own Shadow, with the Last Story ignoring everything you did and deciding Shadow's fate itself. And it's not even dumb in a fun way. If it was big dumb action schlock I could appreciate it on that level, but it takes itself too seriously, never truly letting loose and going over the top. It's not quite the worst game in the series and if you just went for one or two endings it's bearable (excluding a couple of particularly awful missions) but there is very, very little in it that I could possibly praise.
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    I'm DOING art of that half red-eyed, half normal Charmy. Fuck yeah. Thats metal as hell.
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    https://www.srb2.org/download/ SRB2 just got an official Android port!
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    Probably because Tangle and Whisper are promotional characters in a way? SEGA wants them seen by all their audiences.
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    I do actually prefer Shadow to Sonic Heroes. I feel like its control is a pretty solid improvement, including on a mechanical level; the light dash is arguably the best out of the Adventure series, as it's mapped to its own separate button and isn't nearly as glitched out as Heroes (as well as actually carrying momentum on the ground), and the rail switching actually works. Even the spindash isn't entirely worthless, though it's nowhere near SA1 or SA2. The gunplay isn't atrocious despite how absurd it looks, and there's more variety in its means of padding than Heroes having you constantly do the same levels again but with minor tweaks, or just made longer. And while Shadow does have some absolutely atrocious levels, you never actually have to play the worst of them to see the Last Story. On the other hand, you do basically have to do each route twice to get each route's different ending, but I can at least choose to mix things up. This all makes it sounds like I think Shadow is great, but... no. It's still a bad game, it's just that I utterly despise Heroes in comparison, which says more about Heroes than Shadow. On the whole it's still a fairly tedious game to play through, it has no shortage of shit missions even in the better levels, and visually it leans towards being extremely bleak above anything else. The bosses are also pretty damn shit. I don't care about the lore of Sonic too much, but this game's contribution to it is so bloody dumb that I actively try and forget it happened in that regard. It's a game that is so dumb that I can just laugh at how absurd it is on a surface level, but as Dio pointed out... I don't think that was the point, sadly. It's a real shame too, because the game's expert mode is arguably how things should've just been - an absolute ton of A-B levels to run, jump and shoot through. That works fine, especially given how pretty much meaningless the 'choose your Shadow' stuff ultimately is. In the end, I don't think Shadow's misunderstood. It's bad and people give it a sound kicking for it. But I do think it makes some legitimate improvements on the mess that was Heroes, that get glossed over.
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    I personally think the last thing we need to do is to revoke one of the few remaining canonical deaths in the series, especially such an important one. I do feel that it would ruin Shadow's character arc, since he's been over his past for at least half to a full decade now.
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    First clarification: I DON'T want to talk about guns, swearing, "ow the edge", overall bad reception and how it affected Shadows personality and how people view him. If you wanna discuss it, I suggest making new topic. What actually interests me is existence of Black Doom. How making Shadow half-alien affects his status. Is it really that bad addition or is it just perceived negatively by general connection to bad game? The way I see it, it affects those areas 1) Thematic World Building If you watched this review you may see that people find adding aliens kinda ridiculous (Johnny didn't complained about Wisps, but I guess 5 years of Werehogs and talking Swords make a lot of difference). Admittedly I see how franchise that focused on Super Animals, Magical Stones and Robots, suddenly adding Aliens in core game feels weird. But ultimately I find that a positive. I think Sonic benefits from larger and fantastical word (to avoid Star Wars like stagnation) as long as every new addition is build to work with Sonic (to avoid lack of cohesive world, like Marvel/DC comics). That is somewhat a failure as Black Doom might be first Sonic character that looks like he belongs in different game. And going back to Shadow, the "WTF aliens?" actually seems very fitting. Before that he was Government Military Project from Space Colony, so basically Area 51 material. It's kind of Sticks-the-Badger logic that somehow makes sense. 2) Shadow's identity Shadow was made as A military weapon to kick ass B vague cure for illnesses C (side effect) actual emotional being and friend to Maria. Existence of Black Doom adds D alien's secret weapon E first line of defense against aliens. Somehow it muddles even further who he is, why simultaneously giving him a clear goal. In SA2 he was a weapon of destruction, but his friend Maria gave him new path of heroism. Shadow-Game says he was always meant to be hero, at least by one of his dads. So surprisingly it doesn't changes his core moral dilemma, but maaaaybe shallows it a little bit. Of course now he's an alien, not... well he was never mobian to begin with. I don't think it changes him too much. Archie Eclipse proves it's actually interesting angle, adding another dilemma to his life. 3) Gerald's personality Before ShTH, Gerald presented as good person, but how much proof we had for that? He worked for Gun, created weapons, was related to Eggman and seemed to only care about Maria and no one else (and that's before whole insanity-kill-all-thing). There were a lot fo shades to him. But events of Battle and ShTH make it clear: saint, saint, saint. So that gives us image on very good man that got wrapped up in between 2 evil factions (Gun, Doom) that he needed to save his granddaughter, played game of lies and deception, and he lost in almost every possible way, with Shadow being his last positive legacy. I'm fine with this angle. If anything, I find it even more fascination that original vision, which was somewhat more muddled. 4) General tragedy SA2 is leaves a lot untold, one of main questions being why GUN attack Ark. Without any answers, tragedy is caused by military being assholes. Now ShTH adds little plotholes here and there, but none of those matter in long run. in exchange we have implication what happened: Gun learned about Aliens (presumably from little kid Gun Commander), so they assumed everyone on Ark is potential traitor to human race, and if Gerald tried to explain they just didn't trust him. That means tragedy has more of a Ancient Greek vibe: Gerald, kid and GUN all thought they doing the right thing, but their actions lead to senseless deaths. Gerald is still a good person and yet he's partially to blame for what happened. In summary ShTH has a bad story (mostly because it barely has any) but larger implication create more fascinating picture. Arguably it muddles the original story, but SA2 was never straightforward. It was complicated, left many holes to fill and only character that knew all answers was dead and insane. As strange as it sounds, I don't think ShTH destroys any of the main ideas of that game.....unless you care about subtle implication from SA2 that Shadow might not be real Ultimate Life Form. ShTH kinda breaks that idea or at very least muddles it a lot. But I don't think most people care about it. I would love to hear what you guys think.
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    Ghost Titan from Rush Adventure may be the most fun Sonic boss that still makes me rage at the same time.
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    Wow, the atmospheric lighting in Generations is crap compared to Unleashed. Looking at the Rouge mission in Seaside Hill, there's very little ambient glow from the moon and the many fire torches around the stage don't seem to illuminate any of their surroundings, unlike similar settings in Arid Sand and Jungle Joyride's nighttime acts. Generations' colours also look so much more washed out and less vibrant. I can't stress enough that Generations is a really pretty game, but I wish Sonic Team had developed it for PC as the lead platform and then made the necessary adjustments to the console ports to get those running sufficiently. Instead, Generations PC was handed off to a small UK developer called Devil's Details it's not nearly as good as if could have been.
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    This certainly isn't a film review, but heck, I had to try this out at least once with a new setup I have! Check out this showcase of my latest Transformer, King Grimlock, shot in my home!
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    I'm still unsure about this game. I don't usually bother letting reviews aid my decision, I might have to for this title. Been watching gameplay videos.
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    I love the little details on them with favourite foods. Now it gets me curious what sort of restaurant houses all these different foods for the dungeon crawlers. What I look forward to the most is see what their interactions are like and the world-building by seeing the world itself. Overall, amazing ideas, Emp! I'm definitely interested in them. My favourite's a tie between David, because I love knights, and Kilgore sawhead, because what's a bigger twist than realising that this guy that has the name "Kilgore sawhead" is just a gentle guy? The misunderstandings this lad would make would make for some funny stuff! Good job, bud. You totally didn't waste a single second because they were all worth it!
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    As far as being an actual video game goes it's a mechanical improvement of it's direct successor in every way but it's still not very good. The level design is wider and the controls are tightened. It's still not a smooth playing experience but you'll rarely die due to the sloppy controls in comparison. The wall jump has a little walk for some added fluidity. The light dash and rail switch mechanics finally just work without any asterisks attached. The combat sections are toned down even when they aren't rendered entirely moot by the weapons. Chaos Control and Chaos Blast were fun toys when I was younger and I like how they fed into the morality system but they were too game breaking for me to be crazy about them. Gunplay is largely glossed over as a nothing addition and with non-interactive as it is it's easy to see why. You press the B button to melt enemy health bars. The weapon system almost feels like a last minute addition compared to how prominent it is in the marketing. It does serve one valuable purpose by letting you completely bypass the beat em up system that plagued this era of Sonic games. That's hilarious but not a solid enough reason for their inclusion on their own. The occasional odd ball gun like the omochao gun or the chicken gun is fun to use, but the vast majority of them function the same. You don't even get access to a cool spread weapon like a shotgun or something. It was probably a bad idea in the first place but it also feels like a missed oppurtunity in a lot of ways too. I like the open ended level progression a lot better than the structure in any of the 3D Sonic games before or since, but a lot of the missions that unlock new levels are Heroes chaotix levels of tedium instead of being something cool like finding a new exit or searching off the beaten path for a collectible. Some cool missions do actually make it into the game along with some okay ones like "Find enough rings". They did enough to keep replaying the campaign interesting but you get the sense that they couldn't actually build enough interesting missions to support this fanning map concept. I still think it's a good idea overall that I would like for them to revisit in basically any type of Sonic game though. 2D, 3D, Adventure, Boost, doesn't matter. Being able to chart my own path through a shorter campaign is an appealing concept especially since this series is best in short burst sessions of replay-ability anyway. In terms of gameplay it's just mediocre. I think it's better than most people give it credit for but that's not saying a lot. In terms of aesthetic, Shadow the Hedgehog's bizarre tone, insane plot points, hilarious fucking dialogue from the moment to moment and the genuine sincerity it commits to it all to elevate it to one of the most genuinely entertaining things in this franchise to me, especially when I'm not the one playing it. In the intro Shadow cocks guns and rides around on a motorcycle that appears in one level and is so flimsy that it's virtually useless in the actual game. You can't walk 2 steps in the intro level without witnessing an explosion. Shadow is pondering the apparent mysteries of his past while Sonic is having the time of his goddamned life int the background as death, destruction and Jun Senoue roar in the background. The attempt to lighten up Sonic's character is appreciated but in the face of the actual, genuine apocalypse he starts to come off like a psychopath. The cutesy characters get shoved off into a corner of the map because nobody is sure what to do with them. There are so many little moments in this game that have hilarious implications on the characters and their world. The president ponders over Sonic and Shadow with a picture of them on their desk where his family probably should be. The chaotix spend most of the alien invasion chasing the bag with little consequences. Shadow announces to himself, privately and proudly, that taking candy from games is fine. The well reasoned and thoughtful Shadow devolves so rapidly over the course of the game into a gremlin. He's so inconsistent depending on what you choose to do and with so little connective tissue being applied to this open ended story the results can be hilarious. Shadow will be chilling with Black Doom in one cutscene and putting a serious dent in his plans an hour later. You can ignore people he actually has a relationship with and help team Chaotix with their chores. You can rob Eggman's theme park and put a dent in his bank account in what is strangely one of the only missions where Tails is present. I just love telling people about the shit that happens in this game and the scenarios it sets up. Shadow can non lethally spray machine guns into crowds of soldiers. Shadow can destroy central city. Shadow can enter the matrix. Shadow can attempt to assassinate the president. Shadow can fire the eclipse cannon at the white house. Shadow can stop aliens from destroying the planet or change his mind and join the fun at the last minute. The tone deafness of the game peaks in the flashback level based on the Ark massacre, where normal 12 year old girl Maria is allowed free reign to one shot armed soldiers and take machine gun fire like a shove to the ground before she dies from a stray bullet later. There's a tragic nuance to the Adventure games that this game breaks over it's knee several times over. That kind of thing makes it a worse addition to the lore to me than any of the alien stuff, but it's also so fucking hilarious at the same time. I can't decide if this game shouldn't exist or not. Would it be better for Sonic's lore or reputation if it didn't? Probably, but that kind of thing is so easy to ignore to me and this schlock brings me so much joy. If nothing else I think the game ends pretty well. Shadow being given demonic ancestors is about as nuanced as a sledge hammer to the face but he eradicates them all with the same level of over the top destructive energy by warping them in front of the eclipse cannon and firing it. Gerald's ultimate ambition to do good comes full circle, Shadow has no more insecurities about his origins even if he doesn't get the full picture, and he's finally ready to move forward, for good this time. It's loud, dumb, over the top garbage with a heart of gold. Exactly how I like my Sonic games to be. If this game wasn't such a sloppy, middling playing experience I would probably be it's biggest fan, but as it is now it'll be that game I just think about every once in a while and start laughing. Not a good game. Not a good direction for the series to go, but I'll always consider it a good time.
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    Metal Harbor but it's 100% ska cures your soul and feeds your family for generations to come or money back guaran teed
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    I beat Sonic Heroes 100% with Super Hard mode. I'm not gonna lie, I loved the whole thing front to back. (Except the Chaotix extra missions)
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    “They make fun of and stereotype obese people, and cops, etc., so why can’t we stereotype and poke fun at gay people or black people” Why is this still a argument I see frequently used?
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    I must say that with the lengths you've gone to consstructing this world are quite keen. Eevn got some new and familiar faces here too. Each quite interesting. I'd almost think you had some big plans with them. That said, each character definitely does look very fun to inspect and have at with a bout.
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    I'm still very much mixed on this game, about as much as I was when I played it as a 12 year old in 2005. There are things I like about it, and things I absolutely hated on my run that prevented me from ever going back to it. In terms of the things I liked; the levels are far more open with a focus on exploration, which prevents the high speed cap from feeling too intrusive. I died far less going fast in this game than I ever did in Heroes. The branching path system is a good way of incentivising replayability and seeing how your actions affect your overall progress. The weapon system is simple to grasp, and there are plenty of weapons to choose from which helps the overall combat focus the game was going for. The music is easily the unique and interesting parts of the game, as Jun Senoue experiments with a sound aesthetic that captures the feel of the Adventure era, but way more in line with the darker tone the game was going for. In terms of story, I know it's meme'd to death nowadays, but the idea of having a game focused on another character besides Sonic was, and is a great thing and I feel this game ENDS on Shadow in a much better place than his initial ending in SA2. And now for the other side...(sigh) The greater focus on exploration means the levels are far bigger, which means depending on which mission you are doing, the levels can get extremely tedious and nowhere is this more apparent than in Lost Impact. The level can take up to a half an hour simply because you missed one of those goddamn artificial Chaos, and there's no way to search for them so you just have to go through the entire level and hope you get lucky. I mentioned that the levels are more open to accomodate for Shadow's speed before, but that just makes the moments the game throws actual platforming to you a bigger pain in the ass. The outside segments of Gun Forretress, and certain parts of Cosmic Fall. The game is NOT designed for precise platforming, and yet it insists on throwing as much at you anyway. The branching story has literally no impact on the narrative at all; you can follow a straight hero path and then suddenly switch to a dark path and the story will play out the same as it always does. Not only does it ruin the entire point of branching paths, it makes all of the characters extremely inconsistent and destroys my suspension of disbelief. And most damning of all, is the fact that none of it even fucking matters because the last story just invalidates any path you took. Lastly, for a game about Shadow, there sure are a lot of characters who have little connection to him in this game and impact the plot very little. I think every supporting character at the time was in this game, and NONE of them have a direct connection to Shadow, not even characters like Rouge, Omega, or Sonic himself. Its like they weren't confident Shadow could carry the game himself and wanted to remind everyone that it was still a Sonic game. I'll probably replay this game eventually; but yea, those are my current thoughts. It has a lot of potentially good ideas, especially nowadays within the series where its not really trying anything new at all. But the shoddy execution of it all just kind of kills it all for me. I know nostalgia for the Adventure games is pretty high right now, so this game is probably getting a lot more recognition lately which is good, but I REALLY can't ever forget how shoddy a lot of it's design decisions were and that fully prevents me from fully embracing it from a nostalgic standpoint. It's a nice concept that I feel the series should explore again, but as it is, it's just a mediocre Sonic game and an even worse video game in general.
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    Let Roger Craig Smith's varied and numerous roles as side characters continue in Close Enough. Very nice.
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    A Bakkugon game announcement is probably the most tone deaf Nintendo move ever, it's hilarious. I don't know why they thought a shovelware game would get people excited just because it has WayForward's name on it and thought that would go well?
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Annual 2020. Is it better than 2019? YES Despite stories being shorter than last time. Suck on it, everyone who keeps banging on value of decompressed storytelling. 1) Big's story is very Flynn-ish. It has a great art and atmosphere. But to nitpick, I feel like it should been a little funnier, some recaps are just there. Also I seen ending coming from a mile. Maybe if annual came out a little earlier. 2) Nite the OC Owl is... just like last Evan story. Short, but sweet and has a good atmosphere. With that said, I would trade if in heart beat for something with actual Sonic characters. Oh sure, "fascinating look from civilian point of view". Except it's not about civilians looking at Sonic, it's civilians looking at zombie outbreak. You could change characters into humans, replace zomBOT with zomBIE and you have another uncreative story about zombies. So meh. 3) METAL-METAL-METAL-METAL! Oh yeah, baby. Contender for best story in both annuals. Admittedly story is so open to interpretation that it's kinda meaningless. Metal sulks about his last defeat, so he touches virus...why? Does he thinks he'll get stronger? Or tries to prove he's better, taking on something that is slowly killing Sonic? Or maybe he's just that curious that he's willing to risk his free will for a slim chance he'll be more real or something? Either way fascinating. And art give AMAZING atmosphere. 4)Eggman ... fine, this might be best story from all annuals. I'm still debating with myself. I mean, Eggman plays with toys. Great encapsulation incapacitation of his most important trait (man child attitude), he boasts, his doll looses to Sonic. Cute story, but nothing groundbreaking, right? But then you think "what if it's about Mr Tinker, how he misses making harmless toys?" And then BAM, rug under your legs. Great stuff. Artwork does really good job on faces, but I feel like Egg-Cave should look a little more amazing. 5) Chaotix story is nothing special. Art, action, dialogue, importance. It's all okay-ishenough. I never had to learn how they got Charmy back, in fact I think I preferred to imagine them fighting impossible odds to get him. Best I can say is that it captures well Chaotix dynamics, like Vector being kinda goofball and yet smarter than people suspect. One art fail is that Charmy is suppouse be hidden in flickes, losing himself in the crowd. Artwork makes it look like he trained them as his bodyguards. 6) Jewel...sigh, we end on low note. I just don't get the point of this story. What it's even about? It's predictable, Jewel doesn't do anything heroic (she doesn't even fly that much), in fact her and kids actions seem meaningless in long run as Eggman is about to flood the city. It's the most bare thing I read in a while. My best guess is that writer either A.) was under impression that he's getting best artist in town and whole thing will have a serious horror vibe to it. B.) was just told to show how Jewel got infected and didn't even tried. Last time we seen Sonic Fan Club I said "who even asked for it?" Now I'm asking with double underline and flaming letters. Side note, what happened to Wispons? You would think they would be really handy in fighting Zombots. I'm suspecting either A) Flynn is very slowly breaking ties to Forces B.) Wants to keep Whisper special C) Let's face it, never had any ideas how to use them anyway.
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    TSR's a game that wasn't very interesting when compared to surrounding competition, Sonic's movie was only mass-praised due to lowered expectations, Forces was hardly a game, Boom was the last obnoxious thing left in the series' mouth as far as television goes and all anyone has chewed on for three years now has been grind/microtransaction riddled mobile games. So honestly, I get it completely why some people will feel completely uninterested in Sonic these days, because these same things have put me in a similar boat. It's not all bad, though. Of course, Mania happened and so have the IDW comics. Both of those alongside the online shorts + the Channel illustrations have made for a refreshingly good side of Sonic content, with a finger pointing in a direction towards a generally much better series. The only question is will future Sonic games and general content reflect these better things or be more insufferable like the other stuff? I guess we'll see whenever they decide to reveal that game. It's been 4 months since they delayed their stuff; and more than fair since COVID and all that changed the schedule by quite a bit. Still though, hopefully something sooner than later.
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    Haven't been on for a while. Things are a bit crazy on my end. I'm getting my room completely re-done and had to spend all day cleaning it out and what not. Also, I currently don't have a bed but one is coming by Sunday. So there's that. I finally have time to review this annual though, at almost 4 in the morning. It's another really good one too. Big's Big Adventure Written by Ian Flynn, Art by Jonathan Gray, Colors by Reggie Graham Darkest Hour Story and Art by Evan Stanley Reflections Story by Caleb Goellner, Pencils by Aaron Hammerstrom, Inks/Colors by Reggie Graham Eggman's Day Off Story by Sarah Graley, Pencils by Lamar Wells, Inks by Bracardi Curry and GiGi Dutreix, Colors by Bracardi Curry Flock Together Story by Sam King Art by Jamal Peppers Colors by Priscilla Tramontan The Catalyst Story by Gigi Dutreix Art by Abigail Bulmer So that's it. I'm glad we finally got it and I'm already anticipating the next one. Though, I guess, I'm not in that much of a rush to be a year older for it.
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    PC the Hedgehog

    Digimon - Digital Monsters

    I NEVER expected a reboot of Adventure, like, ever. Easily one of the best things to come out of 2020, if ya ask me.
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    This is one of the things that stops me from paying for anything in this game and others like it. I'm paying to remove all the ads and make the game better for it. The mandatory ads can always be skipped after a few seconds. Most of your time spent watching ads will be in the "optional" ones.
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