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    First clarification: I DON'T want to talk about guns, swearing, "ow the edge", overall bad reception and how it affected Shadows personality and how people view him. If you wanna discuss it, I suggest making new topic. What actually interests me is existence of Black Doom. How making Shadow half-alien affects his status. Is it really that bad addition or is it just perceived negatively by general connection to bad game? The way I see it, it affects those areas 1) Thematic World Building If you watched this review you may see that people find adding aliens kinda ridiculous (Johnny didn't complained about Wisps, but I guess 5 years of Werehogs and talking Swords make a lot of difference). Admittedly I see how franchise that focused on Super Animals, Magical Stones and Robots, suddenly adding Aliens in core game feels weird. But ultimately I find that a positive. I think Sonic benefits from larger and fantastical word (to avoid Star Wars like stagnation) as long as every new addition is build to work with Sonic (to avoid lack of cohesive world, like Marvel/DC comics). That is somewhat a failure as Black Doom might be first Sonic character that looks like he belongs in different game. And going back to Shadow, the "WTF aliens?" actually seems very fitting. Before that he was Government Military Project from Space Colony, so basically Area 51 material. It's kind of Sticks-the-Badger logic that somehow makes sense. 2) Shadow's identity Shadow was made as A military weapon to kick ass B vague cure for illnesses C (side effect) actual emotional being and friend to Maria. Existence of Black Doom adds D alien's secret weapon E first line of defense against aliens. Somehow it muddles even further who he is, why simultaneously giving him a clear goal. In SA2 he was a weapon of destruction, but his friend Maria gave him new path of heroism. Shadow-Game says he was always meant to be hero, at least by one of his dads. So surprisingly it doesn't changes his core moral dilemma, but maaaaybe shallows it a little bit. Of course now he's an alien, not... well he was never mobian to begin with. I don't think it changes him too much. Archie Eclipse proves it's actually interesting angle, adding another dilemma to his life. 3) Gerald's personality Before ShTH, Gerald presented as good person, but how much proof we had for that? He worked for Gun, created weapons, was related to Eggman and seemed to only care about Maria and no one else (and that's before whole insanity-kill-all-thing). There were a lot fo shades to him. But events of Battle and ShTH make it clear: saint, saint, saint. So that gives us image on very good man that got wrapped up in between 2 evil factions (Gun, Doom) that he needed to save his granddaughter, played game of lies and deception, and he lost in almost every possible way, with Shadow being his last positive legacy. I'm fine with this angle. If anything, I find it even more fascination that original vision, which was somewhat more muddled. 4) General tragedy SA2 is leaves a lot untold, one of main questions being why GUN attack Ark. Without any answers, tragedy is caused by military being assholes. Now ShTH adds little plotholes here and there, but none of those matter in long run. in exchange we have implication what happened: Gun learned about Aliens (presumably from little kid Gun Commander), so they assumed everyone on Ark is potential traitor to human race, and if Gerald tried to explain they just didn't trust him. That means tragedy has more of a Ancient Greek vibe: Gerald, kid and GUN all thought they doing the right thing, but their actions lead to senseless deaths. Gerald is still a good person and yet he's partially to blame for what happened. In summary ShTH has a bad story (mostly because it barely has any) but larger implication create more fascinating picture. Arguably it muddles the original story, but SA2 was never straightforward. It was complicated, left many holes to fill and only character that knew all answers was dead and insane. As strange as it sounds, I don't think ShTH destroys any of the main ideas of that game.....unless you care about subtle implication from SA2 that Shadow might not be real Ultimate Life Form. ShTH kinda breaks that idea or at very least muddles it a lot. But I don't think most people care about it. I would love to hear what you guys think.
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    I think I like this Infinite better
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    sounds like i didn't miss anything from the ubisoft show
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    If it was a Silver, then YOUUU!
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    Playing through Ninja Turtles on the SNES for the first time. I gotta say, Their vision of 2020 in that game is... a little different than the 2020 in real life.
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    the advance games

    The Advance games are some of my favorite games in the franchise. They may have some flaws but they are very fun to play and have a lot of replay value. My favorite is Sonic Advance 2 and occasionally I still play it for fun, I usually start the game as Sonic from the first level (Leaf Forest act 1) and go until I get bored... that usually happens around Techno Base. My least favorite is Advance 3, mostly because of the level design (you can get lost in some levels and there are a lot of copy-pasted sections). Sonic Advance 1 is ok, but there are some glitchy parts near the end, that require very precise platforming with unprecise collisions. I like to play Advance 1 as Amy and Advance 2 as Sonic (or occasionally Cream); I don't replay Advance 3 much. My favorite levels are Music Plant and Ice Paradise, in the whole trilogy. I played Sonic Advance 2 a lot, to the point that I found all the special rings in all the levels without a guide (it's easier than you think when you know how to search, but there are still a few unintuitive ones), and I still remember the position of them in some levels. I like the new mechanics introduced by this game and I would like to see a more polished version of it with improved level design and better visibility (bigger screen): I feel like this gameplay formula has still a lot of unused potential and can be the perfect mix between classic and modern Sonic if done well.
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    Having a good night? I didn’t think so.
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    Oh, I didn't realise they'd covered this too.
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    I feel PM Origami King would be more favourably looked at if it wasn't a PM game. For both critics AND supporters. It seems like everyone's feelings towards it has to be based on your experience with the first two games, when it seems clear this game doesn't want to be those.
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    Ubisoft tomorrow: please ignore the allegations against us, we’re so sorry(we got caught), not all of us are bad...we need to come together as a industry and do better...anyway, get hyped for our new shit and pre order the deluxe edition of it!
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    Honestly, the biggest mark I can give against this game is that it has, irrevocably, destroyed Shadow's reputation as a character in the eyes of the public. Absolutely nobody takes that character seriously anymore because of this game. So much so that he became the poster boy for an entire subculture of memes. When someone talks about Edgelords, you can bet your ass that Shadow will come up. Shit like this is going to be Shadow's legacy in the public eye. Fuck SA2, this who Shadow is now. It's so sad that it wraps around to being absolutely hilarious. It sucks if you're a fan of the character and want him to be taken seriously, but becoming a meme has ironically breathed new life into the character and kind immortalized him forever. Probably not the type of reputation that fans want, but it what it is.
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    I'm DOING art of that half red-eyed, half normal Charmy. Fuck yeah. Thats metal as hell.
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