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    here's my annual wallpaper image thingy for sonic musical spectacular 5! this time, i tried to fit a bunch of characters (and a car) from every series represented in this year's music lineup. i also tried to make it look like it's one big ol' music party. sorry if i somehow misrepresented a series or character here. enjoy this cheesy, celebratory thing i made! i think this is my best one yet, personally.
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    Aggretsuko season 3 LETS GOOOOOO
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    As I gather stuff for the Musical Spectacular, I thank all of those who have NOT changed their avatars over the years. It makes my life easier for the videos. Those of you who have changed their avatars at any point, I'm going to kill you. And myself, because I also changed my avatar. But I am going to kill you too.
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    (tweet) Ubi making games like it's 1919
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    Origami King has so many moments that feels like the Devs are crying out against the limitations upper management set on them with what they can do with characters. Everything with Bobby especially has moments that feels like they're being tongue and cheek. He insists that his name is Bob-omb, and remarks he has no special abilities, etc. It's like the game is just screaming for more to do.
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    You know, I can forgive all of the storytelling issues from the latest DBS chapter because the main villain talked shit about Vegeta's Big Bang Attack. Dude can't stop taking these L's.
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    Man, it's been over a year since this tweet, and I'm still laughing at its sheer stupidity. Goddamnit, Penders.
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    I decided to revisit Sonic and the Black Knight, but this time I wanted to be as authentic as possible. First time I played on an emulator, I just used a 3rd party controller and mapped one of the buttons as a slash. This time I decided to hit myself in the nuts and pair my Switch joycons to PC and map each one separate as a wiimote and a nunchuk. I'm surprised at what I'm gonna say next, but this might be a Kishimoto designed game I hate the least. It was actually somewhat enjoyable. The story is not really as deep as some people might think, it's actually quite simplistic, but it's also charming, which is fine by me. VAs have done a solid job, though Griffith still had some weird line deliveries. The gameplay wasn't great, which is par for the course with Kishimoto, but it didn't make me want to pull my hair and become bald. Overall I kinda enjoyed it, which is weird, cuz I expected it to be worse than I remembered.
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    I'm gonna make my first character mod for Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart. Today's subject is my favorite Sonictuber, SomeCallMeJohnny.
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    about to make my usual wallpaper for sonic musical spectacular 5 (i do this for every SMS event as a personal tradition for those who are unaware) i'm going full-on cheesy this time. disco ball background baybee!!!!
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    I feel Halo Infinite is going to be the "Resident Evil 7" to Halo 5's "RE6" AKA a return to form for the series.
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