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    For me, it's Cream. She's sweet, kind, innocent, yet can be tough as nails and a formidable fighter when she has to be. She's polite, mild-mannered and humble, yet always willing to help out. She sees the best in everyone and supports them however she can. She is wise and mature for her age, seeing through Amy's surface level obsession and understanding her genuine love for Sonic, and even explaining it to Emerl in a way that the robot, someone who finds the very concept alien, could understand. She's friendly, yet not overbearing, being able to bring someone like pre-Rush Blaze out of her shell and teach her how to be friendly and more open with others. She doesn't like to fight or hurt people, even being willing to take hits without fighting back. But she knows her ideals can't always be maintained and she can put them aside for the sake of her friends and loved ones, as seen in Sonic Battle. Heck, in Sonic X, she even beats down Emerl herself, putting aside her feelings for the greater good. She takes some pages from Tikal's character and writes them into a new book, one that I would like to read more in the games. She's a bundle of untapped potential that SEGA just doesn't give a chance to shine, having only one real major main game role in Heroes before being tossed aside for the most part. Not just from a character perspective, but even from a gameplay perspective she has a lot of potential. Being a flyer like Tails, but also fighting alongside Cheese makes her a unique and versatile (if overpowered) fighter. I wish she was given some real spotlight and love in the series proper, so we could see what the Rabbit could really do. ...admittedly, I may be embellishing a bit. But still, we never really see too much of her in the games proper, so maybe she could match up with my interpretation of her character if we ever got a chance to see her in action again.
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    It's a cool addition as a new legal stage available for quickplay. It's just a shame there isn't a Small Battlefield version for other stages tho, but I understand it probably takes a lot of work to do that. Maybe in a future update. Also, now we can toggle any track in the game to play on any of the original Smash stages. This finally allows for MUCH more music variety in competitive play. Now I can potentially watch a grand finals set with Rivers in the Desert playing.
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    Rouge: Aw yeah baby, this makes us a team! SEGA: Are you sure about that?
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    It's still hilarious that cheaply made licensed fighting game has better online than most online fighting games from major companies.
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    It's Blaze, obviously. Strong, cute, secretly an emotional disaster, little fangs, she's got it all.
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    Even with her infamous use and character exaggeration, I can't ignore Amy. I always like those characters that don't get fully realised from the beginning and have to slowly work themselves into a presence. Amy was never the big hyped up new character, she was a side addition for most of the classic era, with aspects of her slowly defined as they went along, her gameplay niche, her temper, her spunk and ability to lead her own ragtag band. Also I think she's one of the characters that has most impressed me with what they offered gameplay wise. I find it a real shame they didn't do more with her Sonic Advance gameplay which was a cool variation on the classic mechanics.
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    Problems and all, I still like the Metal Virus arc more than the first arc. Putting aside the pacing issues caused by delays and the pandemic, it just felt more interested and presented a story that hasn’t been done with this cast before, and forced new dynamics and questions to be asked about it. Even with the issues I have with the arc (Shadow in general, Silver not getting much spotlight despite the deciding factor role he has, Starline being a smarmy ass in general, three of the D6 being taken out in one issue), there was a shit ton more I liked - the stakes of the arc, the darker elements, a lot of the character moments that solidified the new cast for me (#24 sold me on Tangle and Whisper more so than previous issues, especially thanks to it coming right after the finale to their miniseries), pushing Sonic to his limits on morality and his responsibility in allowing Eggman to stick around, the Chaotix’s bond as a team, Cream finally being allowed to do things, and even allowing the D6 to show more personality, I sincerely think the positive outweighs the negative. I do still think a key part of the issues with the arc is it’s origin, in that it was a long planned hold over from Archie Sonic in which it would’ve been the next major arc following the Shattered World Crisis, and would’ve taken place in #300. The reason I say this is the Shattered World Crisis spent 25 or so issues building up the world of the reboot, and showing us different locales, and different stories for a lot of various citizens in the world. For all of its faults, it made the world feel more alive and would’ve helped make the stakes more impactful IMO. To me, a massive problem with the IDW version was the world just was not developed at all when it started. It came right after the first arc that spent all of its time establishing the SEGA cast in a fairly meh arc, and thus when it happened in IDW, instead of feeling like the darkest moment with a lot of gravity and weight, for a lot of it, we just got a lot of nameless people getting infected in random villages that looked more or less the same to each other, and even the first few infections felt a bit eh (Charmy was a bit of a shock, Shadow was straight up idiotic). It wasn’t until both the Tangle and Whisper mini, and the Sonic/Tails/Resistance issues that it really began to feel like enough world building was happening to give the intended impact, as well as showing the cast beginning to hit boiling point. It worked in the end, but it required a miniseries, plus the heroes hitting their darkest and lowest point before I felt it managed to hit the right impact for me IMO. But yeah, even all issues considered, I still say Metal Virus was more interesting than the first arc. The first arc aside from the first few issues were shorter, but felt longer because of the extremely similar formula for most of it, and being an introduction.
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    Giving it some thought I think the reason I'm harsh on the X series is because it's often touted as an improvement and vastly better than Classic Mega Man and like...yeah X1/X4 are because they knew how to iterate and improve the formula, level design and controls in satisfying ways but that's still only 2 out of out of the six where I feel it does so successfully. As a result I think Classic is overall the stronger series because it's quality is a lot more consistent. Even it's worst titles like 5/7/8 are just kinda bland and never frustrated me to like the worst X games did. Let's not even get into the writing which X just completely fumbles across almost all the games, again for a series that wanted to introduce a darker more serious tone (nothing wrong with that) it's atempts are very bad and hard to take seriously (Sigma is just as laughable in his come back as Wily but Wily isn't meant to be a serious Villian). It sucks because they're so many potentially interesting things to explore and thry don't really do much with it and instead falls into a lot of lame anime tropes.
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    Honey the Cat is the best girl. ...because she's Honey from Fighting Vipers, who is the best girl. There is a surprising amount of extra detail behind Honey from Fighting Vipers which I in-turn apply to Sonic Honey because, she's literally just Honey from Fighting Vipers. For instance, did you know that Honey's nearly blind? She wears contacts in battle, but out of battle has a markedly different look. Small stuff, but I love those extra little details and Honey looks very cute with glasses She's also extremely entertaining in the Archie Comics Fighters arc. It's such a brilliant characterisation that, while not based on any of FV's own depictions, manages to suit her really well. That and... she's just cute, y'know? Look I dropped too much money on a statue of FV Honey, and that is when you know you've got a solid character design. To that end I am slightly miffed whenever I see Honey 'redesigns' that completely miss the point of her origin. I get wanting her to stand on her own rather than just being a parody, but... Archie did that without losing the Vipers nods! In fact they added more Sonic-ified Vipers characters, which I love! ...so uh, tl;dr I really, really like Fighting Vipers
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    Blaze. She has the best design, best personality, and best powers.
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    The final pages of the Prolouge are here! That's it for the prologue! Will Vivian find the gooey knight on time? Will the creature cause mayhem? Or is there a bigger threat out there that the village should worry about? Stay tuned! ************************************************ That's the end of this pilot, and I hope you enjoyed this little comic here. Vivian was one of my favorite partners in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. The idea for this comic stemmed when that infamous interview of the Origami King came out detailing the restrictions put into series, likely meaning that it's unlikely we'll ever see any partners again, new or old. As a result, I started a fresh save on Miitopia and made Vivian the main character. It was then I started making the team up of lesser known Nintendo Characters. Loving this idea, I had the urge to make a comic starring Vivian, and other Nintendo characters that are either lesser known, not used much, or somewhat obscure characters that I thought would be interesting in a setting like this. Expect to see many more in the future! Final thoughts on this Prolouge? Not too bad. This is my first time using illustrator to digitize my comic... It wasn't as bad as I initially thought, but It really opened my eyes some of my weaknesses in drawing. Backgrounds have never been fun for me to draw, and as some may have seen, this was no exception, as I struggled to figure out where the horizon line should go. I can see that my first foray into making a comic like this, and while I can see the flaws, I'm feeling more confident with the next comic in the future. I have a lot more planned for the next issue. More characters to interact with, more places, more humor, a better font, and hopefully I start to get a better grip on what I'm doing. Because of this, I might just switch to making a page weekly, in order to save myself from burnout and make the pages look better. That said, I hope you guys enjoyed the comic, rough first time aside! Stay tuned, as I'm already planning out the next part... dunno when it'll come out, but hopefully sometime soon.
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    I'm gonna go ahead and assume people know which arc I like better considering how much I gush about the idea behind the Metal Virus and how much every issue from the day I saw Rough and Tumble get the ooze on them to this very point in time right now, I've been totally with it. The speculation towards what this could mean for the world when I saw Eggman cruelly experimenting with those flickies in a tube sent my excitement levels into overdrive and the image of that one flicky heading for a nearby city had me rolling around in excitement. Then, of course, my precious bee boy son became a victim and all bets were off. It already felt like the world was ending to me. That's a feeling that I do have to just come out admitting to loving when it comes to Sonic. Shadow the Hedgehog was a bad game but I can't lie to myself and say that I felt the "end of the world" feel didn't affect me in a manner that got me excited. Especially during the pathway where I was the one dooming the planet. It always got me. It's the thing that makes that game more of a guilty pleasure rather than just inherently disposable for me. We live in a time where it's actually okay to say that a story can massively affect how one views a game so I'm glad I can now. Any notion of sharing that back in the day felt like you were about to start typing on glass. Especially on that defunct SEGA forum. I never had of the issues some claimed to have about not being familiar enough with the characters at the start. Any iteration of my favorite characters I've known since childhood I'm going to approach as though they already are the ones I love and then it'll be up to the narrative to discern whether or not that feeling stays that way. Because the book is incredibly well written, and in most cases, exactly what I want these characters to be, I ended up approaching this as though these were the actual cast members while the ones from something like Forces were just hollow shells that were tossed onto a disk and made to gab at me while I played in 2D in my 3D game. It's also why the old Archie book struggled a bit on a few fronts for me. As well as Boom. There's only so much one can approach something with the thought in mind that it's a different continuity and that should be understood and accepted after all. I am glad to say that I did still end up enjoying those (mostly Ian's run of Archie of course. The stuff before that point so far has been very not great...). Stuff like imagining myself being in the same situation Tails was in when he had to seriously sneak out onto the roof to fix something while there were zombots both above and below him just got me good. Even as something as simple as imagining being stuck in a radio station at night with only one other person to keep me company excited me. I'm prepared for more light-hearted stuff and I'm sure I'll love it like I did something like TSR: Overdrive but I'll probably go on record for being the only guy who wanted this to go on longer. And I'm okay with that. I'm proud something Sonic related can make me feel so happy. I don't want to stop thinking about it.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    If it's a "brand", they're gonna keep using them together regardless of whatever shit they make up about Shadow that isn't even reflected in their own products so this really doesn't matter lol
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    So, 8 years on the SSMB with today. I don't really have a big speech this time around, what with what has happened (and still keeps happening) in this magical year everyone just wants to forget, so i'll sum up with the usual, that i'm grateful to be here and have met so many new people of all kind that helped me out over the years.
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    Hello! I'm new here and I'm still figuring some things out, but I hope you'll like my art. Currently, I'm drawing characters for my boyfriend's tabletop campaign plus some doodles on the side. I also pretty much always take commissions, because rent and food are important. Here are some of them: I will be posting my new more complete stuff here (colored artworks or commissions), but if you want to see the full scope of my work, I have a twitter and a DA, where I drop pretty much everything or newgrounds, if you like maximum quality. In case you're interested about me personally - I was sonic for many years, started with Adventure games, and mostly stayed for comics and music. I also used to dabble into writing fanfics and roleplaying a lot, but art is where I stopped. I'm a huge fan of Evan Stanley's and Tracy Yardley's work.
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    Speaking of remakes, I prefer SM64DS to the original. It's got its problems for sure, whether it's the D-Pad and run button or Wario being so awful you'll only use him when you're forced to, but damn if this this wasn't a great new take on SM64. It was largely the same game as the original, with some new courses, new missions and additional characters. I hear never want to go back to the original.
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    for me it's a tie between Cream and Blaze. I tend to prefer Cream for the reason that she's usually underrated, but they both are great. Both have original designs that aren't based on any other character, and both designs are nice looking (even though Cream usually looks better in 2D arts and a bit weird in 3D). I think that both are enjoyable personality-wise; in case of Blaze I like that she's a strong character that can rival the protagonists, and the fact that she's serious; I like her story arc in Rush where she started as cold and arrogant, and then during the adventure she changed and accepted Sonic & co as friends. In case of Cream, I like that she's supposed to be too young/weak to go adventure with Sonic, but she still goes regardless, in order to help her friends (or sometimes her mother). She's brave and can achieve big things with determination and dedication, regardless of her limited fighting skills. Also, I like chao, and Cheese is a chao. Gameplay-wise, I like the idea of implementing a chao, but I think that the way it was done in the past is not the best way... there's a lot of potential for creative ideas involving chao in gameplay; I also like being able to cancel the flight and drop on enemies in Sonic Advance 2, and the "Bunny Boost" from Speed Battle (I hate that game but that boost is fun)... the idea of a rabbit character bunny-hopping around to gain more speed is very fun and fitting with the species of the character, I would like if that was implemented in the regular platformers as well. Blaze's gameplay is just boost gameplay so that may be another reason for why I slighty prefer Cream over Blaze; they're still close though. I also think that there's some potential in Tangle as well, but I want to see her introduced in an actual game before judging.
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    You see him standing in your living room. What do you do?
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    You know, you can really tell the age of a Sonic fan by their reaction to Sonic & the Black Knight: most will probably call it "the last great Sonic game" by virtue of it's story. But listening to a place like Retro's opinions to it, and they were way more ambivalent towards it aside from generic stuff like the music.
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    So for full disclosure, this video is mine, I made this about a month ago after researching the show due to the Eggman costume, but as is the way, made a few new discoveries along the way, or at least ones which nobody was taking much attention to. I posted it at retro just over a week ago and figured you lot here would also find this of interest. Anyway, back in late 2019, this started doing the rounds on Twitter. That's Brazillian Eggman, also known as 4000 Pontos Eggman. The clip did Twitter for a few days and I decided to take a look into it, it turns out it's from an old TV Show called play game, so I decided to research the show since there's only a handful of articles of it online (all in Portuguese) and this actually has some significant and obscure Sonic history to it. Let's get the obvious out of the way, what's the deal with the Classic Eggman mascot? Well... It's an official costume! Not only that, but it's the only official Classic Eggman mascot costume that I'm aware of, and it was exclusive to this obscure TV Show in Brasil. Due to the fact the show was made by Tec Toy, who had the rights from Sega to release Sega products in Brasil, it's an official item! So I dug a bit deeper and found out that it also had a Sonic 'Game' made specifically for it. And here it is. As pointed out on Retro, it looks like those are the official 8bit master system sprites, but if this is a game? What do you do in it? Well... The game is basically a set of Hubs in a descending 'tree' pattern, the players navigate Sonic onto the different Hubs which trigger a few effects There are other effects, you can see them in the video at around timestamp 6:00. Now, I'm pretty sure that these are faked for the TV audience, it's just an overlay. But there are a few things which are the real deal. For instance, Sonic has a few animations, he walks, taps his foot, the stars twinkle and there's even a rocket ship moving in the space hub. According to a behind the scenes article I found on the 'game' the contestants were actually controlling Sonic, there was also a few problems in that people would keep moving Sonic when they landed on a new tree node, which was hell for continuity. See those giant joysticks? That's what actually moved Sonic. It was a genuine piece of software that they could control. So is this strictly a 'game'? No.... Not not at all, if anything it's more of a navigation menu, and even then that's a stretch. But the Sonic fan in me wants to say 'this is the first example of a 'hub world' for Sonic =p Now I linked my video at the top since it's a compilation of my research which makes it easier to digest. There is only 1 episode of this show online, whilst it is on YouTube, it's region locked to Brasil, so you'll need a VPN to watch it and I also don't have the link. But this facebook mirror works just fine. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=480589812586021
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    Good to know Ninty is still slowburning their Wii U library onto the Switch. Still waiting for 3D World, the only one that matters to me now.
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    well it's nice to see nintendo hasn't forgotten about pikmin but i was hoping for a new game and not just a port of 3...not sure i can justify buying it twice for just a few conveniences and extras.
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    Man, every time I come here I'm always impressed with your drawings and comics. I love the expressions here, man. Bonus points for using obscure characters. Keep up the awesome work. You're doing a great job!
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    I don't vote for Tekno, but you forgot her most important asset. Ok, but my vote, hmmm, tough choices. Amy, Rouge, Cream, Blaze, Sticks, Wave, Marine, Tikal, Vanilla, Shade, Tiara.... Sally, Bunnie, Nicole, Mina, Fiona, Lien-Da, Relic, Coral, Undina, Breezie, Honey... Tangle, Whisper, Thunderbolt, Cassia, Clove, Cosmo, Tekno, Sonia, Percy, Zooey.... Julie HA, no. Yeah, I think that's extensive list. Unless some weirdo wants to talk about those hew-mons, like Elise, Katella or Madonna. In a way Marine is my favorite girl, but not in favorite girl category, if you follow.
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    One of the biggest dark horses of the House Democratic primary elections is Missouri's 1st Congressional District. William "Lacy" Clay succeeded his father, Bill, twenty years ago, who retired in 2001 after thirty-two years. Two years ago, a Black Lives Matter protester and activist from Ferguson, Cori Bush, challenged Clay with help from Justice Democrats, a progressive organization that primaries corporate, conservative Democrats in favor of progressive ones and the ones who helped Ilhan Omar, AOC, and Rashida Tlaib win Congressional seats. As the first JD, she got 37% of the vote last cycle, losing in a blowout. She returned to primary Clay again, but the Justice Democrats only went after a select few seats, all safe Democrats, rather than bulldoze and hope for the best. Unlike last cycle, Cori Bush was able to fundraise better, have the insurgent Sunrise Movement and DSA in her corner, was on TV a lot more, and had an outside group run by Bernie Sanders's former campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, airing commercials attacking Clay for working against the Obama administration and helping Trump to allow predatory Wall Street firms to steal money from retirees. Signs pointed at Clay possibly being upset in the primaries, and Bernie Sanders and congressman-elect Jamaal Bowman endorsed her. However, the current Squad in the House did not get involved, even though AOC endorsed Bush two years ago. Well, an earthquake hit St. Louis tonight! Cori Bush knocks out the Clay dynasty! The Clay family has represented Missouri's 1st District for over fifty-one years. Bill Clay long retired, but Lacy carried on his father's name. It would be an enormous upset if Cori Bush won. Mission accomplished, and now a leader of the Black Lives Matter movement both in Ferguson and nationwide has representation in Washington. I couldn't be any happier to see one of the best activists and people in the BLM movement now in Congress.
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    Nintendo if Miyamoto left during after the Gamecube Era
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    We stan Tekno in this house! A former weapon's engineer, working for Robotnik, found herself in need of a career change when the good doctor found out she'd been dealing weapons and cutting checks to both sides. I like the idea of a bad girl turned good, she's got a comparable skillset to Rotor as a weapon's engineer. She's good friends with Amy, and that striped turtleneck with like a jean skirt?... she's killing it! Can we jettison Big and put her on Team Rose? No hard feelings big guy. Honestly I wish I was better versed in StC so I could better appreciate this character. (Just a caveat, I don't have a working memory of StC and my recollections, and character reads might border on fannon, and should be taken with a grain of salt.)
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    Smash Ultimate made me realize I prefer more substance in my fighting games than the amount of characters that are added.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yeah, and it derailed the comic in a way that it was never able to recover from. Up until that point, the reboot was going actually pretty swimmingly. Just as a reminder, Champions literally was right before it, and was one of the best arcs the comic has had. The quality contrast couldn't be more stark.
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    Most would probably say Blaze by a landslide. But really though it's Tikal, the coolest and sweetest of all. We miss you.
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    who asked for a small battlefield
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It isn't reflected in Sega's products, no. I haven't seen anything in Forces or TSR, the most recent games that featured all of these characters, that felt inconsistent with what they were in 2006. Every time I hear about these rules, it's exclusive to the comic, and presumably other licensed products, but these never seem to apply to whatever garbage Sonic Team puts out.
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    Super Mario 64 in real engine:
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    I don't watch enough children's TV to know or even really care whether all of the shows ripping off Steven Universe's aesthetic have characters that look like Rouge, but if characters from Crash that were dead for over a decade were brought back basically the same to how they were when designed because they were grandfathered in among other Western media whose lineage is much more recent, why would a character in continuous use from the same ish time period as Crash in a Japanese franchise not also be similarly ignored?
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    I really hope that they still keep the wholesomeness from the first film. The reason why I enjoyed the first film so much was because I loved the heartwarming moments between Sonic, Tom and Maddie and I really hope that we get to see more heartwarming moments between Sonic and Tails!
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    I’m going with the Metal Virus. The sluggish pacing was mostly due to the pandemic—when you read the issues after another, the pacing is pretty compact. (Also probably helped that I had other things going on that drew my attention, so I guess that made me more patient than others here) Another disclaimer—I’m mostly sick of Zombie Apocalypse stories due to how that was overdone In the media at one period in the past practically as a fad. I suppose what made this somewhat different was that this was more technology-based, tho I can’t really say for certain why this didn’t factor in and made me less interested due to it still being another Zombie Apocalypse. Aside from Shadow, who was forced to be written in a way that wasn’t really in character, every character was acting at their best (or worst, if Eggman is anyone to go by) as things got more intense and desperate. Things weren’t easy for them to deal with, and so they were forced to really give their all and even sacrifice themselves for the greater good in hopes that things would return to normal as their numbers were reduced the more the virus spread. And the the Deadly Six earn their name as deadly, even more so than they were in the piece of shit World’s Unite arc. Again, they’re among my absolute least like characters, but I had my faith that they were in good hands with Ian who would use them well and I was not disappointed in their inclusion. They still had their usual characteristics, but applied to the virus and the zombots made them far more dangerous than we’ve ever seen them. Basically, the Metal Virus arc is Sonic Forces done right. With Zombies. It was definitely good to see what Archie could’ve been had it continued. No telling who among the Freedom Fighters would’ve gotten infected or how that would’ve affected the world there, but it’s still great to see Eggman’s newest method of roboticization— I really didn’t expect it to be a virus of all things.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Easily Metal virus. The desperation, seeing heroes actually struggle. and for a moment seem like they were going to lose. Though you know they were going to win the pacing was great to me. and not some typical cartoon of today where some big issue is resolved in one episode or two. Sonic was pushed to the edge and i loved it. Even at the end when he told metal "up" you could tell he was beyond tired. Even when he ran at the last moment you could tell he was hurting. The hero that loves to run was tired for once. He could not keep it up. And I would not say dark for sake of it. Sometimes its good to have dark moments in series that have been around for a long time. I started with sonic. At 30 its nice to see moments like this rather than the meme fest say colors was or tossed in cringe like tails saying "true dat". But i could go on much longer with dark stories and all that. Bottom line is you have to go all in like in this arc. Dark but had a few :FEW: funny moments in the darkness. Whereas say forces it hardly felt like anything was at stake or any real threat with sonic still cracking jokes in his cell. It will be awhile before we get another dark moment in the comics im sure as Evan pointed out going forward its mostly going to be light hearted goodness and a few touching moments with a tad of drama. So the usual sonic fare for awhile.
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    I've been hearing that too, along with Amy Rose possibly showing up in the sequel. Now whether or not either one is true, that remains to be seen, but I would love to have the Rock voice Knuckles if Knuckles does show up in the sequel.
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    I don't think it was ever meant to go deeper than a means to deliver some humor or act as antagonistic contrast to Maddie's unwavering support. If you want an in-universe explanation, judging by the fact that she's a single mother and lives in a pretty expensive area in the country, she's probably just entitled and is biased against serious relationships in general and towards independence (the strong independent woman who don't need no man trope); sounds like her previous partner wasn't good to her and she's bitter and wants to spare her sister the grief. ...why'd you make me think this hard about the Sonic Movie
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm curious about this too...I won't say "kill" but it will be odd if they don't (try to) punish him somehow. In the game it's usually defeat the bad guy and happy end. But there were too much emphasis on horror/pain this time, and several murder/punishing attempts already in the comics. Like Whisper, who tried to snipe him dead when she lost Tangle. Is it gonna be okay now because she's back? I wonder if this will be treated the same as any other threat by Eggman, or will bring something permanent. (I remember reading this was originally an idea for Archie before cancellation. That makes sense, it's more in-character for Archie Eggman while answering the "why aren't the hero's killing this guy" question.)
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    Kaotic Kanine

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Speaking of that whole "eventual disintegration" of the Zombots, I can't help but wonder how Ian is going to justify the heroes not killing Eggman after this whole event. Like, obviously Eggman can't be killed because he's the primary villain of this whole franchise lol But from the perspective of the characters in-universe... Eggman had already wrecked the world with a near complete takeover (and subsequently tried to drop the sun on the world just to kill off the Resistance). And then after being granted a second chance due to amnesia, Eggman went on to; create a mechanical virus that turns all organic matter into gooey robots that further traps sentient life into a fate worse than death, actively spread that abominable substance all across the planet with sadistic glee (starting with the town that granted him hospitality in the first place), and it then turns out that Eggman's actions would've killed off all life on the planet in the most gruesome manner possible had it not been for Silver's incidental presence (but very much did succeed in the original timeline) I mean, I don't intend to start a debate on ethics or push us into "edgy" territory 😅 Just saying, Eggman had solidified himself as too dangerous an individual to be allowed to live with the Metal Virus. And considering giving the doc a second chance due to amnesia led to the Metal Virus in the first place... Really, the only character I can see not actively out to kill Eggman is the younger characters (Tails, Cream, and Charmy). But they, even Cream, sure as hell would want Eggman dead lol
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    Sonic Heroes is probably the peak of 3D Sonic visuals; the environments speak for themselves, but take away the overdone gloss, and even the characters models are basically a solid translation of Uekawa's artwork. It's a visual style I would love them to go back to, just in a game that doesn't cause me physical pain. I also appreciate Heroes' story; it's not as overboard as I think SA2's went at times, and I appreciate it for that. Brings back a fan-favourite villain, does something with him beyond another Eggman bossfight (though I'm not a fan of Neo Metal Sonic's design), adds in an extra wrinkle with the Shadow subplot, and it just kinda works, y'know?
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    I thought Rouge was a rather well liked character. Well, at least by the fanbase. People outside the fanbase sometimes use Rouge as an example of how "weird" the Sonic franchise has gotten, due to Rouge obviously being intended to have sex appeal (which some people find weird as Sonic is primarily aimed at kids). But yeah, among actual fans she seems popular.
  45. 1 point
    That's another reason why they shouldn't cast Tom Holland as Tails. Don't get me wrong. I love Tom Holland, but if they want to make Tails into a child, then they would have to digitally de-age Tom's voice to make him sound like a child. Sure, the Sonic movie may have succeeded in the box office, but it's not making the same amount of money that the MCU movies are making and it would probably be too expensive to hire an A list actor like Tom Holland to voice a character. Maybe they could have him appear as a cameo in the movie, but I think that's as far as they could go at the moment.
  46. 1 point
    The odd creature has eaten Vivian's spell book! Vivian attempts to negotiate with the blob... It doesn't work. Whatever it is, Vivian is afraid that this thing may be dangerous. As a result, she make the decision to pursue the thing. Only to realize she should have just climbed down.
  47. 1 point
    As far as we know, Forces didn't get 4 years of developpement. Seems that it got 1 dev year (the dev certainly worked on other project before), while 3 years were made to develop the HE2 (which is a cross-game project, as it's supposed to be the main graphic engine for the Sonic Team, and maybe the whole SEGA CS2 Studio, as they used it in Sakura Wars) ? But nope, the "game" Forces isn't the result of 4 years of development. And it seems that even in the small time it got, it got some changes and stuff like that. It's not because a game is released n years after the previous, that it got n years of devs, especially in a big studio like SEGA CS2, they can do some other stuff (reinforcement on other projects, working on future techs, etc).
  48. 1 point
    C'mon, you lot. Chin up! Sonic's never been about staying in a rut filled with negative vibes. I remember reading that SEGA has been doing A LOT corporate restructuring and rethinking their strategy from 2015 onwards! You people must've noticed this; They made a poll for games that Japanese fans wanted a revival of (which resulted in New Sakura Wars and Panzer Dragoon Remake), The absorption of ATLUS in 2016 was a big, BIG win in their hands because Persona 5 is critically acclaimed and immensely popular, a SEGA rep said in an interview that SEGA would learn from ATLUS on how they create quality games that will please fans, A really warm welcome for indies to handle their IPs, hence we got Mania, New Wonder Boy, Space Channel 5 VR, Streets of Rage 4, and even NEW ALEX KIDD! You notice the recent poll? I'm pretty sure they admitted to be distant from fans and it's an honest attempt for them to get back on track! These past 5 years, i think SEGA is just playing it safe with Sonic because they're not ready for another big gamble yet. That's why Forces, TSR, and the mobile games, while being so-so games were actually a very safe move with decent reviews and sales. Mania and the Movie brought back interest to this franchise again, and while i'm not saying we will definitely get an actually "good" or "groundbreaking" Sonic game next time, the state of this franchise (and SEGA in general) has never been better for the past 10 years! 😃
  49. 1 point
    I'm not about beating a dead horse. But what did you expect to happen when you posted in a discussion forum?
  50. 1 point
    Forces is a question mark. Its highly likely much of that time was spent developing the engine and not the game itself. Furthermore, there is plenty of speculation that Forces was something else, before changing direction in the 10th hour. Forces doesn't feel like a game with a four year dev cycle, because it probably wasn't. And I would argue that most of Forces problems have to do with direction, rather than execution - which is less of a problem of dev time and more of a problem of who they put in charge of the dev. Either way, Sega has gone down the quality control path before, with middling results, so there is no reason to take them at face value here. But if they are going to take their time moving forward, it can only help. It ducks the issue of rushing games out the door, which is the noted downfall of games like 06. It allows time for more development tweaks and polish, which never hurts. And most ironically, it actually protects the franchise from Sonic Team themselves. Worst case scenario they can only hurt the franchise once every 4 years. The movie, comics and videogames not made by ST can clean up that damage and build a positive rep in the meantime. Best case scenario, they fall backwards into a masterpiece. win, win.
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