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    So... Remember this? We had a big topic on this trying to find it and it was one wild ride... well... Here he is today! And yes it's genuine! We don't yet know who is responsible for both the repair and restoration or even who paid for it but... My God I didn't think this day would come! If you have absolutely no idea as to what this is or the story behind it. I've been documenting it a lot on YouTube so check out this playlist for the full story on this boy.
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    open for a surprise! you fool. you cretin. you have fallen into my trap. my devious plan has worked. great misfortune has fallen upon you
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    Sonic X - Issue #6: I Never Promised You a Chao Garden - Part Two Sonic’s drowning in a sea of Dark Chao and what’s worse is that he can’t toss them at the ground to change their alignment because he’s a hero. They’d just get eviler. What are we gonna do? Find out now, on Sonic X. This was a ton of fun. It got so crazy and weird at the end that it became my favorite little pastime where so many moving parts were happening that I just couldn’t help feeling a bit excited by it all. It also helps that this book is just shamelessly absurd. It literally doesn’t care one bit about your fucking logic. It laughs in the face of the concept. It’s all the better for it too. T’is a lot of fun! Sonic Super Special - Issue #11: Girls Rule! All the stories in this book are written by Ken Penders. You understand my trepidation with continuing past this point with that knowledge in mind right? Also… I don't know whose decision it was to make all the Super Special covers look so ugly. They all look like this and it’s not a good way of making me want to pick your book up. If something was unsettling to look at for me as a kid, I was never likely to pick it up with my hands. So that was "Girl’s Rule" and boy did this book drool. All over the place in fact. It’s embarrassing. The only good story was the one about Bunnie because it was a normal story about a character going through normal feelings. Even then it wasn’t perfect. The explanation for why it happens is still really stupid and it still feels like an excuse to ditch the old SatAM design so that she can have sexier hips to draw. The Sally story was about her throwing away something because the author wanted her too, even if the Acorn Kingdom IS awful and not worth dedicating your life too. The Hershey story was pointless. The Lupe story was fucking weird. The Julie-Su story was all of Penders’ worst story-telling habits grinded and crushed into a fine powder and force fed to the audience who paid for a 48 page long story of bullshit. It’s awful. It’s all awful folks. Did you expect it not to be? Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #78: Changes I like that the cover says Y2K OK. The world is doomed. The Ark is going to fall and crash into the Earth when the clocks all hit 12 AM. This cover is alright. It’s not a very interesting or creative one. Just Sonic standing with his logo while an assortment of characters shaded in brown poke their heads out at the cover. I’m a bit worried about the title though. I hope these changes aren’t of the infuriating kind. So that was fine. It felt more like an aftermath issue rather than a prelude to a new arc though. I suppose there’s nothing saying it couldn’t serve as both. It was perfectly fine though. We cut around to everyone and saw how they were doing and because Bollers was at the helm there was no heavy angst that came up out of nowhere and significantly less people being complete douchebags to each other. The Great War story was fine too. I think that might be due to the fact that it’s mostly just providing more context to something we already knew and not about Kodos snapping the necks of two innocent people. Everything's fine.
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    Looks pretty fun. Snappy to control and comes with a pretty decent sketch of what a level could look like
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    There's a scene of the Chaotix wanting payment from Amy in the IDW book itself. It's most likely just another case of SEGA/Sonic Team wanting to say something is true without caring whether it contradicts what they literally show us. Anyone who plays Generations and Forces and hears Tails call Classic Sonic "Sonic from another dimension" but also imply that the TIME TRAVEL story of Generations still happened should know that they do not give a fuck about making sure it connects correctly. It's the George Lucas syndrome of having a perfect vision that they keep changing.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It's not really anything to get worked up about. There's a brief scene that appears to show Earth in the background. Could just as easily be Sonic's world, it's not like there's ever been a fixed, canonical design for it. Plus it's TSR, a goofy racing spinoff; nothing in it matters.
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    Can we please start normalizing actually giving the cast some wardrobe for once? You wanna tweak a design without ruining it, there you go.
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    Thanks you! I'm kinda new to posting my Sonic Art everywhere, but I would like to keep doing it for as long as possible Speaking of, here is a small bump, with some more of my stuff: This is Zepp, he's the 3rd hero of our tabletop campaign, very stoic, but fun character that's trying to figure out how much he has to rely on his mechanical parts. It's also probably one of the most complex commission I ever did. And this is something I drew mostly for fun. Tho, as I mentioned on Twitter, for some reason I just cannot for the life of my draw Chao, something about their form just... I just can't. This one turned out alright tho.
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    wow, i can't believe they got Callie and Marie to do a track for Fall Guys
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    Intersting tidbits for the two designs revealed just now
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    I guess it took this long for Knuckles to repair his hat after it got set on fire
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    It's been months and I still haven't been able to catch a scorpion on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. One even ambushed me! I was just walking by a tree, minding my own business, when I suddenly faint for no reason. One had to have been waiting for a chance to strike.
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    The Kao the Kangaroo devs sent me a steam code for Kao the Kangaroo after I commented on a video about the new game and my skepticism about the series, but sent it via public comment on Youtube... Atleast the gesture was nice.
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    Imagine going through a giant ring to try and get to a trippy, fantastical special stage and ending up on some boring Earth freeway in the middle of nowhere.
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    So uh remember that statue of Sonic snowboarding was found in the woods about 5 years ago? It's been restored! And the painting process behind it-
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    I came back as soon as i saw twitter blowing up about this. How amazing to see a happy ending to this after soo long. Now he'll live on for ages to come! One question remains though, who restored it? Was it SEGA? Was it the small town or was it the owner? Who came in and rescued mountain sonic?
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    I'm completely addicted to Fall Guys, send help
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

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    I mean that much is true but it's also a pretty wide category, I don't think you can say much about tone or style from that alone. I feel like the problem of a lack of payoff isn't really about any specific tone or the bad guys not being intimidating enough. More a lack of style and proper followthrough on whatever kind of story they are telling. Like, I don't need Mario games to sell me on Bowser being some powerful warlord putting the kingdom in danger; I can bust in on his attempted wedding, smack the tuxedo off him with his own goofy punch-hat, then hijack his body to escape a collapsing cavern to a cheesy vocal song, and it's one of the most fun and satisfying climaxes in the series. There's a lot of different ways to sell a conflict.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yeah, Amy's been turn in to a generic female with no interesting points to her character.
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    If the core point of a fast paced platforming game like Sonic is overcoming challenge, then the job of the story needs to be to make overcoming that challenge impact. This doesn't really gel that well with the lackadaisical nature of most newer Sonic games or things like the Boom cartoon. Some level of urgency and treating the circumstances of the narrative with respect is necessary. You need to feel like Eggman's ass needs kicking, not just consider it a foregone conclusion for you to skip leisurely toward. It would be a little different if we were dealing with a more passive, relaxing type of game, but the intent behind Sonic is constant locomotion toward one goal. That's the case in every Sonic game, so I don't see why one shouldn't put some intensity behind that for emphasis. Obviously Sonic is inherently playful too and the series shouldn't shy away from telling jokes, but I can't think of too many Sonic games that actually forget to inject levity compared to the many, many Sonic games and stories that don't sell their conflict. Especially nowadays.
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    This “controversy” about Hazbin Hotel is so stupid. No, lgbt people aren’t complaining that a gay character is a villain, or insinuating we can’t be written as bad guys or be flawed/corrupt/etc in how we’re written. Lgbt people are criticizing that gay people, especially gay men, are rarely used for notable lead protagonist roles, and that there’s a noticeable lack of diversity in regards to how we’re portrayed/represented, especially in animation. HH’s gay character, regardless of if he’s a good character, contributes to that issue, as he quite literally is meant to be a stereotype, and thus the issue will be brought up
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Why is the schedule so fucking inconsistent, jeez.
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    oh I love your art and your style right away followed you on twitter :3
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    My apologies for the double post, but this is something I feel that needs addressing- I should like to remind everyone that contrary to what Penders is saying here, there really isn't an arrangement of any sort that would have benefited any of those companies. See, Penders didn't JUST want royalties. A long ass time ago he laid out exactly what he felt he should be reasonably entitled to, back in the days of the forum, and this here provides some keen insight into what Penders REALLY wanted from the lawsuit- http://web.archive.org/web/20140303010031/http://www.kenpenders.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=2595 And since I know links to the archive can be funky here, here's the skinny of it- Take note that this is less than two years after the trial concluded, and these are the kind of things Penders wanted- supervision over characters like Julie-Su, Locke and Lara-Su, with Lara-Su being 'untouchable', and effectively demanding that the future of 25YL as he wrote it be made into the One True Future for the comic book. In essence, he would be permitted to dictate terms to a book that he was no longer working on. Likewise, there is also this little tidbit- To say that this was staggeringly naive of Penders is an understatement. It is difficult to grasp that any grown man, let alone one who frequently claims to be some kind of insider into the inner workings of Hollywood and film production, would ever think something like this is reasonable. It is functionally a demand that SEGA invest a great deal of money funding a vanity film project that would feature niche characters from a single corner of their wider franchise, one that they themselves never saw fit to incorporate into the games proper, and then release that film, with absolutely no guarantee of making back what was put into it or turning any kind of profit. All that in addition to Penders being permitted to use one of their flagship characters in nebulous 'various projects'. So yeah, it must be re-iterated- the only person in all of this who is short sighted is Penders, and never forget that no matter what he says? What he ultimately wants is something that no company or corporation would ever reasonably give to any creative, regardless of how talented they are. And Penders is far, far, FAR from talented.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It isn't reflected in Sega's products, no. I haven't seen anything in Forces or TSR, the most recent games that featured all of these characters, that felt inconsistent with what they were in 2006. Every time I hear about these rules, it's exclusive to the comic, and presumably other licensed products, but these never seem to apply to whatever garbage Sonic Team puts out.
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    Square Enix/Marvel Games

    I'm not attempting win brownie points with other members. I'm mocking your attempt to present yourself as an expert on the game industry to dismiss people being upset and surprised about Sony money hatting features in a game that will already sell best on Sony platforms when even when you put on this pretentious attitude to talk about a series you deify you look foolish.
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    Square Enix/Marvel Games

    I think it's relevant context to bring up the fact that you have a history of doing this on this forum and it's this exact attitude of yours that drives worthwhile conversations out the door.
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    Square Enix/Marvel Games

    It's baffling to me that people don't understand how releasing the same game for the same price but one version has less content is a shitty practice. Stop defending companies for being shitty to part of their consumer base just so already rich higher-ups can stuff more money in their pockets.
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