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    So... Remember this? We had a big topic on this trying to find it and it was one wild ride... well... Here he is today! And yes it's genuine! We don't yet know who is responsible for both the repair and restoration or even who paid for it but... My God I didn't think this day would come! If you have absolutely no idea as to what this is or the story behind it. I've been documenting it a lot on YouTube so check out this playlist for the full story on this boy.
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    Whoever made this deserves a medal.
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    Sonic Colors's Story: Your Opinion

    It's bad. I think it's pretty telling that it's often praised in comparison to other Sonic games and not on it's own merits. People mostly like the idea of a back to basics premise, and I think that's fair. I didn't hate the idea itself. The Interstellar Amusement Park, the surrounding planets, and the core premise are evocative of older Sonic titles without being derivative. It's a nice sweetspot that the series should hit more often. I'm not really a fan of the idea of stripping the cast down to Sonic and Tails but it's also a respectable decision if the game uses that to it's advantage. The final game delivers on a fantastic setting in it's visuals but the story itself is kind of a wet fart. Sonic and Tails don't really feel like they're being pressured or challenged for the entire thing, a far cry from even the oldest games in the series. The cutscenes have some pretty barebones animation compared to previous games and decide to make the dialogue the star of the show. If you've ever played a Sonic game released before this you probably know how bad of an idea this is. The new writers and actors make the duo sound more natural but plenty of cringe is still there without any wonky translation or delivery to blame it on. Just a really poor sense of humor that doesn't play to any of the strengths of the series, the characters or this game's setting. Humor is subjective, but even if you find a line or two funny the game will make sure to hang on it long enough to make sure you don't before the joke is over. Sometimes it feels like the cutscenes are stalling to meet some kind of time quota, which is a weird step down by how quickly something like SA2 can convey what's going on before jumping back into the action. It might be easy to forget what the game's conflict is actually about while it's losing itself in it's ingenious sense of humor. The Wisps's plight is kind of tossed into the background. The mind control beam is sabotaged within 10 minutes of us learning about it. Tails being taken over by Eggman is dealt with before the cutscene is over. Almost every attempt to dig deeper into the setting or premise is a nonstarter. No matter how you feel about the previous Sonic games, how they wrecked your perception of the universe or made you uncomfortable or whatever, this is just thoroughly unsatisfying storytelling in comparison. Almost everything is painted as a nonissue. Other Sonic games at least follow through on plot threads and conflicts in basic ways. This was also the start of the premise feeling completely disconnected from the gameplay. The cutscenes can happen pretty much anywhere, in any order as the game's nonlinear second half shows. Tails being hypnotized presents an obvious opportunity for a rival battle or at least a unique gameplay sequence where Sonic has to avoid hurting him, but it's dealt with quickly. There's no real attempt by the game to flesh out the planets Eggman took over or the Wisps. Compare how much we got to know the echidna, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Chip or Merlina. It would have been nice to see how the Park was during normal operations. There are a couple of solid moments toward the end. Sonic sending Tails away from the final boss is a nice moment that's kind of undercut by how easy it turns out to be. I like that Sonic gets overwhelmed by the black hole at the end. A lot of other games would have taken that opportunity to lean into the power fantasy but we got a nice dose of reality instead. We'll be generous and call the wisps saving Sonic at the end a nice send up to Super Mario Galaxy, but it doesn't even work as well here as it does there since there's no sacrifice. It's at least nice to see the wisps pay back Sonic for helping him, but that's about it. The story isn't a big part of Sonic Colors so it can't bring the game down that much, but it's not the best icing on top of a game I already find underwhelming mechanically for a lot of reasons. Some less than stellar gameplay sequences in other Sonic games are elevated into being memorable just by the context. Sonic Colors even has an example of this in the black hole. It's a shame this game largely forgot about this aside from that.
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    Haven't watched live TV in a while. Let's see what's on! *turns on TV* *"My Teenage Daughter is Pregnant and so am I"* Welp. *throws cable box in the trash*
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    I mean, they no doubt kept in the licensing agreement that everything made for the comic is owned by Sega like they did with Archie, so it’s not like they can’t allow some creativity to go into things to make it more enjoyable. They’d benefit more from it considering how popular the writing is. Ian isn’t Penders, they don’t have to worry about him pulling the kind of stunt done well over a decade ago with his ideas.
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    torn because half of me is laughing really hard but i would be genuinely scared out of my mind if I had to personally witness this
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    An 80+ person rendition of My Hero Academia's "You Say Run" plus a special Sonic-related musician participating at 6:53.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I honestly feel bad for the staff because I can tell they're really trying to make something coherent and interesting out of this mess of information. I understand that Sonic is Sega's franchise and they want to exercise more creative control to prevent how deviant things got in Archie, but all of these retcons, mandates and what have you just feel like it's stifling any creativity from the staff.
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    My copies of Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2 arrived today, so I'm gonna give the first one a go soon. Hopefully PCSX2 plays nice with it because I don't feel like digging out my PS2.
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    >"Man, why are shows like Rise of the TMNT cancelled so early when they're good?" People like this are why we never get anything creative anymore...
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    Sonic X - Issue #6: I Never Promised You a Chao Garden - Part Two Sonic’s drowning in a sea of Dark Chao and what’s worse is that he can’t toss them at the ground to change their alignment because he’s a hero. They’d just get eviler. What are we gonna do? Find out now, on Sonic X. This was a ton of fun. It got so crazy and weird at the end that it became my favorite little pastime where so many moving parts were happening that I just couldn’t help feeling a bit excited by it all. It also helps that this book is just shamelessly absurd. It literally doesn’t care one bit about your fucking logic. It laughs in the face of the concept. It’s all the better for it too. T’is a lot of fun! Sonic Super Special - Issue #11: Girls Rule! All the stories in this book are written by Ken Penders. You understand my trepidation with continuing past this point with that knowledge in mind right? Also… I don't know whose decision it was to make all the Super Special covers look so ugly. They all look like this and it’s not a good way of making me want to pick your book up. If something was unsettling to look at for me as a kid, I was never likely to pick it up with my hands. So that was "Girl’s Rule" and boy did this book drool. All over the place in fact. It’s embarrassing. The only good story was the one about Bunnie because it was a normal story about a character going through normal feelings. Even then it wasn’t perfect. The explanation for why it happens is still really stupid and it still feels like an excuse to ditch the old SatAM design so that she can have sexier hips to draw. The Sally story was about her throwing away something because the author wanted her too, even if the Acorn Kingdom IS awful and not worth dedicating your life too. The Hershey story was pointless. The Lupe story was fucking weird. The Julie-Su story was all of Penders’ worst story-telling habits grinded and crushed into a fine powder and force fed to the audience who paid for a 48 page long story of bullshit. It’s awful. It’s all awful folks. Did you expect it not to be? Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #78: Changes I like that the cover says Y2K OK. The world is doomed. The Ark is going to fall and crash into the Earth when the clocks all hit 12 AM. This cover is alright. It’s not a very interesting or creative one. Just Sonic standing with his logo while an assortment of characters shaded in brown poke their heads out at the cover. I’m a bit worried about the title though. I hope these changes aren’t of the infuriating kind. So that was fine. It felt more like an aftermath issue rather than a prelude to a new arc though. I suppose there’s nothing saying it couldn’t serve as both. It was perfectly fine though. We cut around to everyone and saw how they were doing and because Bollers was at the helm there was no heavy angst that came up out of nowhere and significantly less people being complete douchebags to each other. The Great War story was fine too. I think that might be due to the fact that it’s mostly just providing more context to something we already knew and not about Kodos snapping the necks of two innocent people. Everything's fine.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again; one thing I personally don't believe that Sonic should be is a comedy. By which I mean primarily a comedy. Primarily, the narratives in the series should be adventure narratives, that makes the player pumped to overcome obstacles and defeat the bad guy. There can be jokes, but I don't believe that something like Sonic Colors, where the jokes become the main focus of the cutscenes, is the right way to go for this franchise.
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    Microsoft should probably just delay the Series X if their biggest hitter is getting delayed.
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    Bouncing ball test animation stuff. (Spoilered in case it makes the status hard to load and potential size. If the images fail to load, just open the image links in new tabs.)
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    (tweet) I have a mighty need

    (tweet) I have a mighty need
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    Cuphead comic anyone?

    Cuphead comic anyone?
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    “It’s for kids” loses water mainly because adults want to enjoy these things with the kids. Kids can still play Sonic, but adult fans get upset because they want to enjoy playing Sonic too. It can still be aimed at children while being enjoyable for adults to watch. My Little Pony:FIM is aimed at girls, but made in a way boys and adults can still watch and enjoy without finding it grating as fuck. Multiple demographic appeal is much better and healthier for a franchise when it comes to an audience than one that caters strictly to a narrow one at the cost of annoying others who lay eyes on it. Not saying that adults don’t go to far with things—oftentimes adults tend to be far more zealous and immature about the quality of things than even 5 year olds who really just want to enjoy what they have, adult tastes be damned. But with that said, it’s not like they’re not fans who want to enjoy something they’ve been apart of, especially when that something is going 30 years strong.
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    And she could have been the series's first ever non-insect arthropod! Were there originally seven players or was she replaced by someone else? She did seem to make it as far as the rendering phase, though, before she got the axe.
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    Not sure if this deserves its own topic, but it turns out that the anthro girl seen on various posters in Sonic Adventure's Speed Highway was a planned character for the game!
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    Sonic Colors's Story: Your Opinion

    I enjoy a lot of media aimed at kids too and I too have a standard of quality I wish for it to maintain, but the difference is that I'm not going to lose sleep over it if things aren't up to snuff, because at the end of the day, it's not a life or death situation for me. As I said, I'm older now and I have much bigger priorities in my life (like keeping a roof over my head...) to be worrying so much about the writing quality of stories about Sonic the Hedgehog. I have "no excuse", my priorities just changed. I pretty much have a "come what, come may: attitude with this series now because I'm past the pointing of wishing for things to be how they were when I was a child. Do I wish for things to improve? Absolutely. Am I going to lose my mind and post angry rants on Twitter, Reddit, and the like if they don't? No. I don't mind constructive criticism, but more often than not, criticism towards this game isn't really constructive at all. Calling Sonic Colors "the worse piece of media you have ever consumed" tells me either: 1) You haven't consumed much media at all or 2) You're exaggerating for the sake of making a point. Which isn't bad by itself, but I feel this bandwagon of "Sonic Colors is the worst of all time and single handily ruined the series" is the same rhetoric we rightfully mocked older Classic fans for when they said it about the era of games from 1998-2009, and now we're doing the same exact thing, and the irony is not lost on me at all.
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    Sonic Colors is pretty much 10 Years Old now. Anyway I wrote a thing about it: https://www.sonicstadium.org/2020/08/retrospective-sonic-colors-ten-years-later/
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    1) In 2010 came out Adventure Time, Regular Show, Sym-Bionic Titan, Friendship is Magic, Young Justice and Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes. Argument "it's just for kids" isn't valid anymore, it's not 80s. 2) It's not even the problem that franchise isn't how it used to be in 1998-2009 period It's just that most of writing is bad. I can swallow that this is kid game and Eggman is aimed as joke villain, fine. It's not what I want, but it's a strategy (that Boom did better). But Sonic and Tails are mostly annoying to listen. A lot of jokes are cringy. And plot, despite being very simple, is still a mess. Mind Control is main treat and yet plays no part in the story. Just because kids will eat anything we feed them doesn't mean we should feed them anything. Nintendo doesn't do this. 3) Even if we assume that adults don't watch cartoons, there is no reason they can't play and enjoy cartoony games (again, Nintendo). So is it so hard to image adults play Sonic Colors and make some opinions about the story?
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    Random Kingdom Hearts 3 Thought: Kinda feel like, with the theme of people leaving and returning, and with Sora himself leaving due to overusing the power of Waking, That the Hundred Acre Wood area could have been themed around the Pooh's Grand Adventure movie, with a fight against a Skullasaurus Heartless that ends up being akin to an amorphous being that transforms into the fears of the Hundred Acre cast, thus tying into the idea that the Skullasaurus ultimately has no real concrete identity like the movie, while also perhaps foreshadowing how Sora would be eventually leaving possibly permanently.
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    Resident Evil 3 Remake may have been quite a disappointment to most folk, but I'll give it this. It turned out to be a far better zombie game than LOU2 which kinda forgets about its zombies an alarming amount of plot time.
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    Is it really too much to ask that Capcom do better and get better at communication with fans and consumers? They could've saved themselves a lot of grief especially during the Mega Man blackout period if they were just better at communicating.....not that such excuses the Mega Man Legends 3 fiasco.
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    @The Tenth Doctor. Having finally seeing Fallen Kingdom, I get what you mean about it feeling like it's 2 steps forward but 3 steps back. Like man, it is definitely not a terrible movie, and overall, I'm still looking forward to Jurassic Park 6. But it is one that gives me very conflicting feelings. Also, yeah the new dinosaur got beaten way too easily with how much they hyped him up.
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    What's great about this is that looking at the kind of paint that's been used (and going on similarities to the old Sonic statue that was outside Sonic's Spinball at Alton Towers) is that the statue's now going to be weatherproof to a degree as well. Assuming the supports it's on hold well, that statue's set for a while I'd say.
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    One of the few tik toks that genuinely made me laugh.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    It was one of the first cutscenes, where the Dodonpa rocket takes Teams Sonic and Rose off into space...for some reason. 😕 Earth must've been one of the planets visible on the backdrop. He was mainly talking from personal inclination, for the record. (Oh, you meant the Androids. The disadvantage of mobile.) Not to mention the fridge logic of him taking him to race away from the world most of the stages take place on.
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    There's a scene of the Chaotix wanting payment from Amy in the IDW book itself. It's most likely just another case of SEGA/Sonic Team wanting to say something is true without caring whether it contradicts what they literally show us. Anyone who plays Generations and Forces and hears Tails call Classic Sonic "Sonic from another dimension" but also imply that the TIME TRAVEL story of Generations still happened should know that they do not give a fuck about making sure it connects correctly. It's the George Lucas syndrome of having a perfect vision that they keep changing.
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    I came back as soon as i saw twitter blowing up about this. How amazing to see a happy ending to this after soo long. Now he'll live on for ages to come! One question remains though, who restored it? Was it SEGA? Was it the small town or was it the owner? Who came in and rescued mountain sonic?
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Re: King of the Hill Aryu One-Two is a truly natural and totally subtle reference to "R U 1 2 ?", the ominous tagline from that best-selling comic book and soon-to-be major motion picture we all know and love, The Lost Ones. Great review for issue 78, but... The true reason why Robotnik never unleashed Chaos before was
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    I mean that much is true but it's also a pretty wide category, I don't think you can say much about tone or style from that alone. I feel like the problem of a lack of payoff isn't really about any specific tone or the bad guys not being intimidating enough. More a lack of style and proper followthrough on whatever kind of story they are telling. Like, I don't need Mario games to sell me on Bowser being some powerful warlord putting the kingdom in danger; I can bust in on his attempted wedding, smack the tuxedo off him with his own goofy punch-hat, then hijack his body to escape a collapsing cavern to a cheesy vocal song, and it's one of the most fun and satisfying climaxes in the series. There's a lot of different ways to sell a conflict.
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    Fair enough, though that doesn't really change my ultimate point that he honestly expected a major video game company to allow a freelance writer, one who was SUING them, to use one of their flagship characters in a film on the vague basis of his OPINION of how popular his Knuckles book and the characters in it were. That's still asking a lot out of a company, and it staggers belief that he honestly thought that that was actually a reasonable thing for him to ask for. And that's without getting into him essentially wanting to make Knuckles into his own character in his own works with their blessing. It's like someone demanding the right to take a shit in another person's car and while being thanked for the privilege of it by the car's owner. Try to recall that that's not how Penders see's it. Penders lives in his own little bubble of reality where the Archie Sonic comics, the ones HE wrote, were some kind of international hit with a vast fanbase across the globe, one more expansive and devoted than the games themselves, while the Knuckles book was the subject of what he views as his best work. Whatever ability he had to acknowledge where the Archie book stood in relation to the games has all but completely been buried by his ego at this point. You, I, and everyone here are all too aware of the fact that the Archie Sonic book and the Knuckles book were ultimately niche parts of the franchise that were only truly popular in North America and that even then they were contentious. Penders on the other hand see's many of his characters as being unique A-Listers with dedicated fanbases just ACHING to have them back. It's what he's staked his entire nonsensical LAra-Su Chronicles garbage on, after all. In short? There's a rather massive level of delusion at work here and a very, very selective understanding of how popular his work was and is and where it stands within the Grand Scheme of Sonic. He has never, ever been able to view his work from a place of objectivity, and it taints everything he does when it comes to it. Oooooh no. Like, let's be clear here- Penders is SUPREMELY disinterested in any facet of Sonic that came out after 1997, and even then he didn't give much of a crap beyond Knuckles. And even then, he only 'cared' about Knuckles because he could basically do with the guy what he couldn't do with Sonic. Even the Chaotix only matter in the sense of being Knuckles' buddies and nothing more. The closest thing he's given to an opinion about anything not part of his 90s bubble was Shadow the Hedgehog, who he could 'take or leave'. Otherwise? He really doesn't give a crap. At all. "Sonic" for him is defined strictly in the sense of the cast from SatAM (and even then only really Sally, for all the worst reasons you can imagine), the characters from the 90s games (much of which he ignored), and his own characters along with maybe Mike Gallagher and Scott Fulop. Anything else is basically an intrusion into his private dominion, to be worked on only when explicitly told so.
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