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    Phew... I pushed myself to finish the animated Kirby dance today. I still intend to add a background, music and maybe some other effects. The next time I show this off, it'll be my second completed animation.
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    Written by Ian Flynn, no less. Releases Junes 1st. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1506719279
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    Remember that time Big just decked Eggman in the face
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    The tricky part is getting the birds and squirrels to comply.
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    I can guarantee you that he has not. Penders couldn't even be bothered to really read books written by his co-workers on Archie, and has repeatedly expressed disinterest in anything pertaining to the games. The only commentary he's offered on IDW has been about covers, while boasting about how things were done at Archie. Words really cannot BEGIN to convey this man's disinterest in anything Sonic related that he personally didn't write.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    I know I'm showing all my cards here, but it infuriates me to no end that just because they got screwed on 06 that they absolutely refuse to build on the rock solid foundation they'd laid all the god damned way back in 1998 with SA1. It was a near-perfect translation of the 2D games' principles into 3D, with obvious room for improvement. Boost has outstayed it's welcome as it was always just a band-aid to a longer-term problem. But we have the technology. The demand is there. There's an opportunity to realize the potential they scratched the surface of TWENTY-TWO YEARS AGO. Inviting them to completely ignore their best success just makes me anticipate another Lost World detour. They're gonna keep flailing wildly, looking for a framework and an identity instead of embracing what they already have and establishing a stable video game series that fans can reliably anticipate/guestimate and enjoy, instead of worrying and squabbling because every new entry is a shared anxiety attack until announcement. There's no stability in this franchise which is precisely why we're so divided. They need to commit to a philosophy/design principle and build up instead of this scorched earth policy.
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    you know i really hope sega adds another human in a future sonic game and sonic kisses them. heck bring back merlina XD haha
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    The more I'm looking at this this sounds like a weird retread and combination of the stories that Sonic did save the FF when the Badniks strapped them to a time bomb, "Beat the Clock," (which happens to be a back up to the story that introduced Scourge, er Evil Sonic, issue 11) and when Sally was nearly married off to Patch, excuse me Evil Antoine (155/6). And, yes, both of those stories were written by Ken Penders. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but these ideas sound weirdly familiar to me.
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    Sega DogTagz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Mimic is such a wildcard to me. 95 percent of the cast have yet to even meet the guy, and his transforming ability has too many devastating applications. As long as he steers clear of the likes of Whisper or Vector... and probably Espio and Tangle, he could get away with disguising himself as almost anyone and the heroes would be hard pressed to snuff him out. He could swap with Jewel and run the restoration into the ground. He could swap with Lanolin and be a background character in every major event, feeding intel to Eggman. He could swap with Nite and spew propaganda on the airwaves for a month. He could run into Silver as Silver and warn him about making bogus time-duplicates, driving him off on a wild goose chase. Heck, he could show up at the Master Emerald Alter as Tikal, just to see how Knuckles would react. Too many possibilities, not enough counters. Tails should have put a tracker in his spine or something. He's going to be a problem. Mimic may not be much of a masterplan kinda guy (seems he's only in it to save his skin, or get some revenge) but he sure as heck can be an effective pawn in getting someone else that much closer.
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    >Country has over 130K deaths by Covid, with 1K deaths per day 2 months straight. > President says we're defeating the Covid and that our country is one of the less affected by it in the world. I don't know in which world this guy lives or if he speaks this shit on purpose.
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    I was personally told by a former community team member that when Sega Europe first saw forces it was a very different game. The avatars for one had a more dominant role. Also there was the VR demo screen found in the code.
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    You know, during that gameplay video, it is said that this new Tawna plays the role of a guardian angel to Crash and Coco. And do you guys remember that in the prehistoric level, the t-rex that chases Crash is knocked out by some rocks, which ultimately saves him? I guess we now know who did that. She even says in this new cutscene: "I'll lend a hand where I can. In fact, I already have". It's possible that she's always around looking after those 2, perhaps she feels responsible / guilty for the death of Crash and Coco from her universe? Who knows...
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    Flynn gives us his reaction to this news. Apparently this was the #KnowingSmile he's been teasing at points throughout the year.
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    Ehh. Not much hope for this really. For me anyway. The lore has been moved around and retconned so much I'm surprised they found anything left to work with. Benefit of the doubt though. We'll see what happens with this. Still hate the supposed two world thing though.How do you suppose they worked around that I wonder. But what do I know? I'm just a random villager...
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    long live SAGE and the amazing fan game community.
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    Military recruiters should not be on fucking Twitch. Especially ones making racist jokes
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    “6 months is enough time to get the game, I don’t get what’s the problem. If you want it, just get it, I’ve never had a problem getting limited stock products”
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    It has been done! The first issue of reverse Spidey's comic and it's sitting right at 24k words! I've put all my heart and soul into this, so please, please give feedback and any criticism you have so I can make future issues better! I'd love to make fun stories for you guys to read for the future, but until then! ... I'll go take a break. Lol.
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    Why Shadow didn't protect Maria?

    That's not comparable? The situation at hand is a tragedy that could have been prevented by a character doing a thing he normally does. I have the same issue with silver in forces as well. The thing you comparable it to, is actually easily explainable and has become more explainable as time goes on. Super man is busy and despite what Luther claims, isn't actually an omnipotent God who can't be stopped Super man can't be everywhere at once. He can't do everything. He gets tired has weaknesses. Has a family , needs to rest. Or is doing other shit. Shadow had nothing else to do. But run. Silver theoretically could have solved but that would have ruined the narrative he wanted to tell. So he did something that more or less works wth canon. Also your example is not only wrong its also disingenuous. Because how ian says it himself isn't to deter those "Superman" but primarily just wanting to tell a story that works. Ian flynn is a detail oriented guy, sometimes too much. While he's more than willing to leave it up to the viewer he likes in his writing if he can with sonic to come up with a bunch of crazy specific stuff. Sometimes its a flaw, sometimes its a benefit, but it's how he writes. That's an inconsistency in the plot and until you or anyone else can actually why didn't he run. Then that's what it is. Doesn't matter in the end. Ultimately the story was told, it was very effective and we collectively just ignored that. But like yeah I'm angling for the thing that I wrote. Talk about what I wrote. Or you can argue with a litteral strawman take your pick. It really hurts your suggestion when I say "the story is still cool this seems kinda funky". There is no angling. I like sa2 and its dumb. That's the statement. Talk about that. This is litterally the thing I have been saying and is basically my point. Thanks for getting it. Plot holes aren't inherently bad. Sometimes the story is more important, than its parts. Sometimes its fun to look at those holes. That's it.
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    Star Wars + Gangsta Rap

    Star Wars + Gangsta Rap
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    AAUK just replied to a 9 year status update of mine!! https://board.sonicstadium.org/profile/268-badnik-mechanic/?status=20428&type=status
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    I don't think Forces was ever intended to be much of anything more than the exact product that was delivered. That they seemed to have put a year into it at most, that Sega didn't bother advertising it and seemingly didn't really care how well it sold basically from the start, and that it never looked like something that anyone involved really cared about (admittedly from the outside looking in) all tracks with the game just being a test bed for the new engine they developed; and if they could release it and get some restitution in the process then even better.
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    The "developed in one year" part is true. They spent 3 of the four years making the game engine, which is the Hedgehog Engine 2. This was confirmed in an interview. The development timeline went like this: 2013 - Sonic Team begins Hedgehog Engine 2 development 2014-2016 - Sonic Forces concept development with Nakamura's small team 2016-2017 - Actual Sonic Forces game development”. However, it is also true that some stages had alternate level layouts which were initially more complicated and challenging, so it seems playtesters had a huge influence on the direction the game took:
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    Don't know if this was brought up in this topic before, but if it was, I missed it. I was reading through the Thanks Ken Penders tumblr, and found this fun pitch from Penders about how he'd do IDW, and how it'd totally be better than Ian's writing. Literally the exact same fucking melodramatic garbage found so heavily in the Dark Age of Archie Sonic. It's amazing how this guy honestly and truly thinks that he's such a good writer, and so dearly missed and wanted that IDW and SEGA wouldn't slap any restrictions on him, and let him do exactly as he pleased. Y'know, essentially what Penders got away with in the 90s. This man is just all kinds of utterly deluded.
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    Why do the writers need to "tell" you why a character in the past acts differently than he does in the present? Shadow running away from the soldiers with Maria doesn't need some explanation that can't be assumed, you aren't filling in some huge gap in the plot by assuming Shadow was told by either Gerald or Maria to not fight the soldiers (considering Maria's last words anyway) or he chose not to because he wasn't the revenge filled dark Sonic he ended up being.
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