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    Sonic 30th predictions

    https://personacentral.com/sega-atlus-tgs-2020/ According to this article about 9/24's incoming TGS Sega/Atlus stream.. So before anyone gets hype for this stream and how it ties into the 30th Anniversary, uhh cool your jets until further notice.
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    Plus, that same logic is why Pontac and Graff have such a poor reputation when it comes to writing for the games while Flynn is more well received by contrast due to knowing the games and characters more intimately.
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    "On top of that he has to discover where they were and why they have surfaced now. Did he know and kept the secret? Why?" Yes. WHY? Why the fuck would he do that? This is the thing that jumped out at me reading this passage as someone who's been trudging through the sewage of Penders' old stories in Archie. The man is obsessed with not just drama, but drama fabricated specifically from characters being assholes by keeping secrets and having no good goddamn reason to do so. Instantly, when he decides to bring back the Freedom Fighters for IDW, instead of trying to organically have it make sense for what the book is doing and re-introduce them, he's gonna make the fact that they were absent a plot point that Sonic knew about and the rest of the cast just... decided never to once bring them up or question why they were gone. You can't re-establish the old continuity with this book, especially at this point. And I know he's not talking about starting the book over from his last end point at Archie and pretending the current IDW stories didn't happen because the plot line of Sonic having kept their absence a secret would make zero sense if he did. As presented in these posts, he seriously believes there's an organic way he can write the Freedom Fighters in so that they were there the whole time and their whereabouts were kept a secret by the main character. It's like that shit where he wrote a story where Sonic found out Antoine's dad was alive and roboticized and decided he wasn't going to tell Antoine about it and made Tails keep quiet too. Then when Bollers was writing for Sonic, he had Sonic tell Antoine about it immediately because he knew not to write him like a fucking asshole. He'd have also been a hypocrite since he was also lied to about his parents being alive and got mad about it himself. Yet he was super on board for doing the same thing to Antoine.
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    anyways hi it's been awhile, still busy working on a lot of cool games. my hot take is indies should be $30-40 minimum within the next few years
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    Oh man. For a pretty simple sounding issue on the surface, I have a ton I want to say about it. I appreciate being able to catch up on what everyone's doing all at once. Obviously we're still in the aftermath and lead-up section but my God, it's actually great having everyone around to bounce off of again. I don't think a single main character wasn't at least seen or mentioned in this issue aside from Big the Cat. That's it. T'was a fun time and I greatly enjoy just being able to be around these characters.
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    Also, random fun fact - Snow Way Out is listed as being in the 11th Dimension. As in the dimensions from Twinsanity. Twinsanity Island was the 10th in that game.
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    Left 4 Dead 2

    Big ass fucking bump, but uh...the games getting a massive update out of nowhere.
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    Unpopular(?) opinion: Knuckles Chaotix could have been a much better game if it was a puzzle-focused platformer instead of a classic Sonic spin-off with co-op. After giving it another shot, I think the Combine System doesn't work very well with standard 2D Sonic level design (once you learn the controls, the game becomes easy to the point of being too boring), but would be fine in a more methodic structure similar to one seen in titles like The Lost Vikings or classic Mario vs Donkey Kong.
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    I'm beyond stoked for the Classic Sonic comic. Mighty, Ray, the Hooligans...Maybe even the Hardboiled Heavies? Wacky worlds with more lighthearted fun instead of the constantly action/drama focused Modern Sonic book... The possibilities are enormous... If they're really gonna go out there, they could bring Hones back in the future? I really hope this is gonna be a side series to the main book, like Universe was.
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    Welcome to Planet Queen: A gas giant with seven moons. One moon in particular, known as "Rings" is the crown jewel, of this lovely set of moons, and most make their home there. However, like with every planet, there's danger to be found as well... from corrupt leaders, bloodthirsty bandits, and deadly monsters. Of course, those who are willing to brave these things may find more excitement in their lives... excitement and treasure of course! Enter the Jade Hook Pirates, a ragtag group of misfits who were fed up with their ordinary lives and all met together with only one purpose: Excitement, helping the lesser, and of course, sweet sweet treasure. Pirates are very common among planet Queen's moons, and it's not unusual for them to attack enemy ships, be it from the Moons wicked rulers, or other fellow pirates. The Pirate captain: Talon, a shark-like being from the tropical areas of Rings. Sick of being bossed around and wanting to be more in life, Talon steals a spaceship and goes off to seek adventure. Very bold, but very reckless, and will feel very sorry for himself if he gets his teammates in danger or injured. Having a mechanical arm for most of his life, Talon replaces it with a legendary weapon from a famous Pirate, knowing that it would strike fear to his enemies and bring hope to those who need it. The Navigator: Zona, a sort of snail/jellyfish like alien from the seas of Rings whom wanted to explore not just Rings, but the many other moons of Queen, and wants to spread hope to those who are in need of it, often sharing her part of the treasure the crew finds with the poor. She is a very optimistic and kind person that has a very violent side to her as well. The Medic and Cook: Caution, a medical android who was formerly a Shark like Talon. In addition to being a childhood friend, Caution travels with Talon, knowing that traveling the seven planets guarantees fatal injures. This little robot gets a little too excited when he's faced with the challenge of patching up deadly wounds. And because they desperately needed one, Caution also serves as the ship's cook. The Engineer: Oriana, a moth-like being from the forests of rings. Oriana is a very hot tempered person, and a deserter from her army. Not knowing what else to do, Oriana joins with the Jade Hook pirates because... eh, why not? She already was wanted anyway. Although hot blooded and nuts, Oriana ends up becoming a motherly figure to the group, and always knows the right thing to say, even if it's blunt. The Pilot: Mark, a strange, stone-like being from the rings of Rings. Although Talon has a basic knowledge of Piloting, he still wasn't an expert. Enter Mark, the pilot of the ship and the one who keeps track of the treasures and maps they discover. Mark is a polite and eccentric person, and of all the Jade Hook Pirates he is the most formal. Not much is known about Mark or the rest of his species or how old he exactly is, but what is known is that he's pretty much a walking, talking encyclopedia, basically the group's go-to guy when it comes to the seven planets.
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    No. Not everyone can write for an official book, that's expected to be well-written. What you're saying is disrespectful to actual writers. You can't take random notes, put them together in InDesign and call it a day, to release such a book.
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    Rally 4 Sally

    Flynn honestly doesn't get paid enough for what he has to deal with; you have Archie fans who bitch when Sally isn't portrayed well, and you have Sega fans who bitch at how she's overshadowing the game cast. It literally never ends lmao, I would have just left. Kudos to the man. Honestly if I had to integrate Sally and her baggage into the games, and I had full creative control with none of Sega's mandated bullshit; I'd just make her Sonic's ex, they had a thing but they wanted different things and drifted apart but are still amicable with each other. Sally runs her kingdom while Sonic does his usual thing.
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    Only caught the last half of that event (and watched the MM trailer separately) but I thought it was pretty alright. Since MM is coming to PS4 and it'll be a free upgrade, I might hold off on a PS5 until I learn more about the backwards compatibility features. I need to know if certain games can hit 60fps now with its enhancements lol. Nice to finally have a full view of the next generation.
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    What the fuck Sony, way to fuck Europe??
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    Sonic Colors's Story: Your Opinion

    People have explained it many times... And as you said, you're coming from the COMICS, where Sonic's attitude is much more prominent whereas it's never really been all that much of a thing in the games until recently. I grew up on the Adventure games from 2001 to 2009; Sonic's character is really not one with "attitude", but just a laidback adventurer with a heart of gold. That's probably MY preferred interpretation of Sonic, and the one I associate with him the most. But I also understand that people found that "boring" so we get to Colors. But my thing with Colors is that the "attitude" part of Sonic only worked because he had someone else to balance him out, namely Sally. If Sonic was too much of a dick, Sally was there to reign him in. And that worked. That doesn't really work in the games, especially since I never associated "attitude" with Sonic's character, and there's nobody there to actually humble Sonic, so watching just go off and off just makes me roll my eyes at worst. I don't mind Sonic being somewhat obnoxious, but there's no real counterbalance to it, so it just him come off as annoying to me, in addition to the fact that it's just not a characterization I really care all that much for to be applied to Sonic. It was fine for the Western media, but not the video games that were under a whole different context. If they insist on having Sonic act this way, then they need to start to letting other characters take him down a peg or two; have characters like Eggman, or Shadow bruise that ego of his so he's not too insufferable. But I recognize that these are my personal feelings, and not everyone feels this way, because I am very much aware how much praise Sonic gets for his new personality. It's why it's such a divisive issue, because everyone has a different idea on how Sonic should be portrayed.
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    That was a pretty good showing all things considered. But tbh, if I had a PS4, I probably wouldn't bother with getting the PS5 at launch, since Miles Morales is coming to PS4, a bunch of other stuff are either cross-gen or next-gen + PC (I have a decent enough laptop to play games as is) or they're coming 2021 (or maybe even later, like FF16). My dad and I will probably still try going for it maybe, since we don't have a PS4, and going through back.compat. stuff would be neat. EDIT: And the list of reason for a PS4 owner to buy the thing grows even smaller, since apparently Sackboy and Horizon Forbidden West are also cross-gen https://blog.playstation.com/2020/09/16/playstation-5-launches-in-november-starting-at-399-for-ps5-digital-edition-and-499-for-ps5-with-ultra-hd-blu-ray-disc-drive/
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    Sonic Colors's Story: Your Opinion

    In other words "Screw you, I got mine" I see how it is :V In all seriousness though; it's honestly just a matter of perspective. For Adventure fans, it's the antithesis to everything they loved about the series and the start of a downward spiral that arguably still persists to this day. For others, it's a breath of fresh air of years of convoluted storylines and characterizations, and others are just ambivalent and think the story is ultimately harmless. It's a complicated issue, because this fanbase all have ways they want the series to be that don't necessarily coincide with each other. For my take, while I agree that Eggman himself is better, he's not the character who we have to play as and is on screen for most of the game. That would be Sonic and Tails, and while I don't think they're TOO bad here, the traits that they have here wouldn't be addressed in any of the later games, so it kind of makes me dislike the game somewhat in hindsight. That's not to say their characterizations were inherently superior before, but there was a lot more going on in the prior stories to distract you from it. Now there's nothing to distract you, and it really just exposes at how bad the current writers just don't understand the main characters. And that's a significant problem for the characters you're meant to be rooting for.
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    It’s not like children’s media has never explored Nazi symbolism before, dude. This stuff isn’t new—we’ve been doing it for decades ever since Nazi’s were even a thing. It’s time we stop pretending what Sonic’s doing is something shocking and inappropriate in children’s fiction, especially when this current comic just finished an arc dealing with an apocalypse from a straight up bio weapon.
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    Left 4 Dead 2

    I was pretty interested in this because I love the game, but I wasn't expecting amazing things... Until I read this interview: https://www.nme.com/gaming-features/valve-builds-entirely-new-left-4-dead-2-campaign-with-the-community-2753076 Unless there's some really misleading wording here, it's suggesting that the port of The Last Stand isn't just gonna be the survival map with some new areas as the trailer implied. They've designed an entirely new campaign that leads up to The Lighthouse map as a finale. Really excited. The new melee weapons and reworked animations and voice lines are sure to breathe a fresh coat of paint onto the game in general, too.
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    Rally 4 Sally

    As someone who usually LOVES all this guy's retrospectives, I find myself not really convinced by this one sadly, since unlike so many other videos from the Games Apologist which revel in a concept's good points while still pinpointing and acknowledging the core issues and what should have been handled better, it continues the trend of turning a blind eye to the personal niggles I have with Sally, and that everyone who dislikes Sally is down to more superficial reasons like shipping and the grittier storyline and that her actual personality and role are perfectly compatible for the large part, all that can be implemented without need of change or rectification. I found one argument in the comments section that better argued the factor in inserting Sally: I'm sorry but nothing will make me side with the idea of King Sonic. That was the final nail of 'Sally always knows better than Sonic' that I think prevents them having a healthy chemistry. I don't want Sonic to change just for Sally to exist.
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    (tweet) ...now if only this was the way it actually happened in the movie...
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    Thanks for making wearing a mask “political“ Trump. Jesus fucking christ, the comments are giving me cancer
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    I really don’t get kink/fetish shaming. I think it’s unproductive to go out of your way as a content creator to analyze what some people are into, and put it in a spotlight for people in the comments to go on about how weird it is. The fact I see straight up disdain towards certain groups of people for this shit, to the point of some saying they should not exist or be dead, is just...wow.
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    So apparently I’m gonna be receiving ALL of my unemployment that’s been backed up this week sometime...well fuck. I may be able to get a PS5 after all. If I’m sold on it anyway
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    i've really been sitting here for an hour waiting for a nintendo direct partner showcase scheduled for tomorrow to start because i got the date wrong
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    Save Cosmo

    I think it's about 14 years too late for that.
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    We're gonna get more "visual content" (aka movies, TV shows etc.) from Nintendo after 2022. The Mario CG movie isn't gonna be the only outing.
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    -thinking- undertale.. .

    -thinking- undertale.. .
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    Oh nice. I'm glad they're cracking down on cheaters which is the reason why I've been sticking to the PS4 version, well besides the fact it was free for a while and I get to use my name in the game. Cheaters were getting pretty bad that I've seen people quit games on stream due to their presence. Also I do like how they're mixing things up mid-season to keep the game fresh. Good job!
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    Today is the Big Yeetus Update, where new versions of certain Rounds will now appear and throw your memory out the window. Also, this update will crackdown on cheaters.
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    Dang, I expected something to be "off" with how they'd have to re-do the tutorial cut-scene, but I'd have honestly rather they just cut the voicework for that scene entirely than distractingly edited it that way. It wouldn't have been jarring at all since it's completely unique within the game anyway as the only time the game uses an FMV for a tutorial (not a story cut-scene in any way). And... I guess I should've seen this coming once emulation was confirmed, but there he is, horrible low-poly distance Mario in 720p glory. Well, not like it's gonna be any less distracting than it was on PC emulator or Wii/Wii U's 480p VC. The "NPCs stop animating a certain distance away" thing in Sunshine was noticable in the original too, I remember being amused by it back in the day. But again, looks silly at 1080p I'm sure, and if the heatwave effect is missing, even moreso. Yeah, dang, I'm bummed. I know I've been pretty defensive of this release but it's now officially dipped below my very generous standards. Having these three games on Switch at all is still worth the purchase for me, but I'm officially disappointed™.
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    Some sonic fans be it here or reddit or even twitter can be a wild bunch. Theories and rumors galor from the smallest things. But that said the Chaos emeralds are not needed every game and more than likely sega knew they were writing themselves in a hole. EVERY game can not use them as a means to get out of every final issue. From perfect chaos, final hazard, devil doom, etc. Take that and no final boss really seems to know how to use them it gets boring when every final fight is just sonic ramming into things as super sonic. If they are to be in the games more they need to make the super emeralds canon again and make a threat that requires something more than super sonic. otherwise no villian by the end feels like a real threat if sonic in base form can beat them.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    https://www.segadriven.com/2020/09/sonic-30th-anniversary-logo-and-merchandise-plans-revealed-including-idw-classic-sonic-comic-miniseries/ 30th Anniversary logo is a go.
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    You guys do know that this is probably going to be like actual material Sega gave him right? Like he's not just pulling stuff from memory this is Sega's official Sonic guidebook.
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    The Archie universe was literally built for the Freedom Fighters to share the spotlight with Sonic. The IDW comic isn't, so having them take over as main characters again would alienate every reader of the IDW Comic, even if they are fans of the characters. I can't see them in the IDW comic as anything but recurring supporting characters Sonic may run into on occasion. Probably another albeit smaller faction of the resistance. Sally might not be a princess anymore since there wouldn't be too much time to focus on finding her royal father and deal with her royal duties. Let alone tackle her love life for the umpteenth time
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    Somewhere deep inside in my darkest of hearts , I'm dissapointed it's Ian Flynn writing this and not Pontac and Graff. Aren't they the official game writers now? I'd LOVE to see those clowns struggle to say anything meaningful about the franchise. "Haha, Eggman, has like, "Egg" in his name, haha. I wonder if he eats eggs? When he eats eggs, would he be like "Oh, an Egg. I have Egg in my name. I must eat it now. " That would be funny, Lol. How many people have Egg in their name? Oh, I know one Egbert. I wonder if he eats eggs?" So, the En-speed-opo-speed-ia. Place your bets wether A ) Sonic Team had any real impact on this or it's just Iizuka stamping his "What, who? Sure, whatever" seal of approval on everything. B ) The VERY FIRST game released after the encyclopodia will already contradict half the book. Thus cementing Ian Flynn's status as Sonic Team's janitor eternally mopping up the mess they make. Bonus points if the contradictions come from utterly irrelevant side details. C ) Bonus points if this book will be written from a meta perspective rather then in-universe. "How did Sonic and Tails meet and become friends? Well, in late 1991, Sonic Team wanted to include a second playable character in the next game in production, 1992's Sonic 2 for the Sega Genesis (Megadrive overseas) from 1989 (Which is the year thar came after the year 1988). So Tails was made. So the second player can play a second character. Which is Tails. So is main player character "Sonic" friends with 2nd player character "Tails"? "What, who? Sure, whatever" " But yeah, I'll probably buy it. Bitter snarking is the most fun I get out of this franchise at this point. Shame Ian Flynn is actually compotent and cares, the book might be halfway decent now.
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    Good news, everyone! A new Sonic the hedgehog book has been confirmed! Sauce.
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    Rally 4 Sally

    Sonic goes to a new location, and there's all these new characters there that haven't been in a game before. Sonic professes to knowing them from sometime in the past ("Wow, long time no see guys!") since he wanders the planet but doesn't bother explaining because it doesn't actually matter. If that's just too insane to do, he doesn't even really have to do that since characters have been reintroduced in the series as never having met the main cast before. Sega can cut me the check any time. Like Amy's fortune telling and mysticism or Vector's strong Christian religious background. She was a straight man of the group who generally mostly had pretty major flaws holding them back; especially very early in the comic/SatAM. Hell, maybe Sega writing a game with them in it could actually make Sonic display the negative character traits he's supposed to have but has shown maybe twice in the past 20 years; but if that's too insane to do she could still maintain her relationship to the rest of the FF without imposing on Sonic's incorruptibly pure pureness. Sega can cut me a check for that too. So they could uh... not do that. But hey. SatAM was directly derived from the source material, with Sega of America's blessing. The all encompassing and important "canon" that overwrote it didn't exist until half a decade later.
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    Yeah, I've realized I'm in the minority on stanning shonen Sonic. My impression was always that Sega wanted a mascot that would appeal to Western audiences, with 'cool' being the driving guideline, and Sonic Team naturally only knew how to realize that through their own cultural lexicon. From the beginning, Japanese video games always had manga and anime to draw from, and Sonic was no exception; Super Sonic alone is the obvious analogue, but Naka has stated that even the blue sphere special stages were directly inspired by one of the Dragon Ball Z ending sequences, to say nothing of the Chaos Emeralds. I don't see how it also being inspired by Star Wars somehow negates the predominate culture that birthed Sonic and the narrative and aesthetic staples that contributed to it. Star Wars is also directly inspired by Kurosawa, so we can go in circles on this. The disconnect comes from Sega of America adapting the brand/character into punk rock Micky Mouse which, as we've seen, worked really well at the time. But having two separate renditions of the same brand was never going to end prettily as, to this day, laypeople still say, "Eggman? I thought his name was Doctor Robotnik." I remember reading an interview with Naka where he spoke about how bizarre it was to see Sonic Underground on tv in the mornings when he was in San Francisco because it was completely its own thing with its own lore and presentation and characters. You can see they tried to make the Japanese rendition/presentation the 'official' Sonic the Hedgehog throughout the early 2000's, but the dominant consumer base just never could reconcile these two takes on the same character. So of course the West won out, it was the territory where Sonic sold the most. I don't think Unleashed was the series remembering anything, as Sonic was never "cartoony" outside of Western promotional presentation, but the word "cartoony" can easily devolve into a semantic argument; I'm sure Sonic Team would agree with you that Sonic is cartoony, but I'm willing to bet they'd mean it in the same way that anime are technically cartoons. That was their frame of reference. And sure, the Deadly Six can have been based on oni, but the fact remains that the presentation was absolutely geared toward Western sensibilities. They look like they'd fit into that late Pac-Man reboot, and I don't think that's by accident. Sega did such a poor job of managing this brand that it virtually has no identity anymore. There are so many "eras," so many takes and continuities. Sonic's not a character anymore so much as a brand on the level of Hello Kitty; kids recognize him and he sells ice-cream and backpacks. Unfortunately, that seems to be enough.
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    As someone who fell in love with Sonic specifically for its shonen edge carrying themes of anti-authoritarianism, anti-militarism, environmentalism, forgiveness and, yes, friendship, I haven't found these qualities in any meaningful degree from this franchise for over the last decade. I am talking strictly about the games here, I have little to no interest in peripheral media outside of the original Sonic X and the OVA. From what I've gathered, Sonic as a brand seems to have always had a friction between its Japanese sensibilities and its predominantly Western audience. There'd always been a hard split in presentation of the character between the two territories and, while things started to get more consolidated around the Adventure era, this tension never really went away. It came to a head in Sonic '06 which, to my mind, was really everything Sonic was always about in terms of vibe and presentation. But with how that game got thoroughly screwed and the resulting fallout, that tension snapped and Sonic fell squarely into the West's court, as Western critics had been the most vocal, most volatile, hyperbolic, etc. Following that, we got Unleashed which suddenly presented itself as if Sonic were a premier Disney/Pixar character in a whimsical new world full of orchestrated music and super deformed human characters, seemingly completely eschewing the lore and characters that had been built up since the first game. They tried to reinvent the character and distance itself as much as it could from all of the anime spirit much of the Western audience found so unpalatable in '06, and so this marks the point where I become increasingly unable to recognize the character and the world I fell in love with. Black Knight was really the last gasp of Sonic's shonen spirit. I realize there are many people who like or even prefer the games from this era, and I respect that, but I have to say I cringe every time I see a wisp or Zavok and the Sinister Six or whatever the koopalings are called. I cringe whenever I hear Roger's Sonic. I hated the movie and found it to fundamentally not understand what this series was originally about. As much as I like Sonic Rush, I don't believe the boost had any business becoming the standard model for Sonic design, as it's only really stripped the premise of the character down to its barest minimum, only without the nuance of letting players master Sonic's movement and physics, thereby enabling player expressivity outside of "choose which lane you want to swap to." Sonic's a character with limitless potential--unlike any other video game character I can think of. And I love to see so much of that potential realized in fanworks. Aside from replaying my favorite games in the series over and over again, seeing the love and creativity of the community is what's kept me here, despite all my unhappiness and doubts. The promise of this franchise, the premise at its heart is what's kept me hoping to maybe one day see Sonic again. All that said, though, I think my interest in the franchise lives or dies by the next game. It's exhausting feeling like I care more than SEGA and Sonic Team. Frankly, a corporation doesn't deserve the amount of love Sonic gets from its community, myself included.
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    Police Brutality Thread

    Destroying people's businesses, stealing and blowing stuff up is NEVER justified just to make change happen, no matter how you spin it. All of this was unnecessary and could've been done without all the carnage and you know that. I'll never support theft or arson in any form against people who had nothing to do with what happened to Mr. Floyd. That is just pure lunacy.
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    Tone in the Sonic series

    My go to points of reference are early Dragon Ball, the slapstick of Loony Tunes, and a healthy degree of spectacle. Oh, and surreal landscapes. The Egg Carrier, the rock snake in Lost World... (the SA stage), orcas smashing boardwalks, jumping out of a helicopter and boarding down the highway, or running over the golden gate bridge, Bingo Highway, Pumpkin Hills, twisted and winding terrain. Planets chained to other planets, angelic ruins in the clouds. Ice sheets with magma rushing through them. The special stages being abstract creations of a giant panda (that one's on Archie), Heck, I was on board for the Lost Hex and it's tube levels; conceptually. If there's one thing I universally love about this franchise it's the surrealism.
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