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    This is what emulators were fucking made for
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    apparently BRB wanted to do a crash bandicoot project at one point. and honestly, this proof of concept demo they made actually looks pretty good. would certainly have been a better use of their talent than a strange sonic reboot.
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    Teen Titans Go confuses me. It's supposedly for kids, but 9/10 of the episodes these days are just long winded 80s/90s pop culture references that only adults understand. I mean, I can appreciate it as, y'know, an adult, but I don't understand why they think referencing their childhoods would appeal to kids.
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    I just realized something. WAS MARIO THE FIRST VIRTUAL YOUTUBER!?
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    Man, Sunshine looks great in HD
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    I only now noticed, but you have a Chibi Maruko-Chan icon and I just want you to know I 100% approve. 👍
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    I haven't read the manga or much of the anime so far, but what if the One Piece treasure was just one piece of bread or something ordinary, and Gol D. Roger was either fucking with everyone or he got executed before he could finish the sentence lol
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    Sonic Station Live thing going on at TGS
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    I've now played and beaten SM64 and Galaxy. The former is a good a game, the latter is an excellent game. Galaxy might just have pipped Odyssey as my new favourite 3D Mario game. Galaxy is also the first Super Mario game which I've 100%d (well almost... fak u Luigi ) I really want to play Galaxy 2 now!
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    This is something that has been in the works for several years, a special crossover cover with Sonic the Comic Online! A special double-page spread that splits perfectly in half for both projects to use for the respective stories! Special thanks to Drawloverlala, Marek Sterling, MamboCat, Adamis, Gilgalad and Pete Murphy for coming together to create this masterpiece!
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    I think Balan looks alright and all (though the recent Switch footage was... iffy), but I think it's hilarious to suggest it's 'dancing on SEGA's corpse'. Put down the Dreamcast-era kool-aid for a minute and consider that SEGA's realistically doing fine. Modern SEGA sure ain't perfect (porting Banana Blitz was weird, though on the upside rumour has it a new 'retro' Monkey Ball announcement is imminent), but a) they definitely weren't back then either and b) having to point out SEGA's actually fairly strong current back catalogue every time someone makes this ill-informed take is getting tiring. I'm not saying folks have to like SEGA's modern games, but this isn't even acknowledging them.
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    You know what the 'best' part of it is? None of it is done for the benefit of the Freedom Fighters themselves. Penders clings to them because they were a part of the time when he was at his most successful and because he's all too aware that there's a segment of the fanbase that'll always sing his praises if he panders to them. It's not about what's good for the Freedom Fighters or for Sonic or the book in general- it's about what's good for HIM and him alone. It's why he tried to prolong the status quo of his choice in the Archie book for so long and when taking over after Bollers left did everything in his power to reverse the changes he didn't care for, regardless of how little sense any of it made. Penders couldn't care less about the Freedom Fighters as characters. He tried to permanently kill off Sally, succeeded in permanently killing off Robotnik, opined about desiring to kill off Antoine due to his inability to think of anything to do with, and on and on it goes. It's all just a cynical, self-serving ploy born of him thinking he can coast on the 90s forever.
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    The bit with Rouge and the Rogues is great. I'd love to see more thief vs. thief stuff in the future.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I really dig Vector taking command.
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    These two questions were answered in the Japanese strategy guide for Sonic Adventure. It's a common misconception that Knuckles' entire race was wiped out by Chaos. The End of Arrogance The Knuckles clan took a devastating blow from Chaos's attack, and their power weakens significantly. The surviving Knuckles clan suspended the Emeralds' altar area into the sky by the Master Emerald's power and lived there, bearing the duty of observing and protecting the sealed Master Emerald, so that an incident like this never happens again. They also left murals and inscriptions in the temple to communicate this incident to future generations. The Chao were also on the verge of extinction with the Chaos Emeralds lost, but mere numbers have managed to find lands with suitable environments and barely survive.
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