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    its so beautiful

    its so beautiful
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    tbh this is the main thing that keeps me from attempting to learn music making
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    I've been listening to a lot of Sonic Colors music, and man it has such a banging soundtrack. Even the level select maps are great.
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    this is the cool kids' table. you are only allowed here if you're AWESOME and TOTALLY RADICALTASTIC like me. if you are cool, you can sit with me. if you are uncool, i will reap your soul
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    If Level-5 are in such dire straights they end up selling themselves, I can see maybe either Nintendo, Sony or Bamco since they have relations with them. Microsoft is a no-no since that exclusive they were working on fell through in not-exactly-friendly circumstances.
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    So surreal seeing almost-current One Piece content in dubbed form. Can't wait for Funimation to catch up even further.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    I won't lie, I really hope they ignore the SA1 remake buzz, to pursue a new title, and honestly I do hope it's SA3, as in a spiritual Sonic Adventure type of game and sequel. Even just to have this: I noticed this yesterday, it's concept art for Sonic Chronicles reimagined (concept and models are all there is too it right now), so yeah that was the last game to have a Chao Garden... Chronicles. They could do so much with this idea, go crazy with designs, creatures and feeding them, not just hero/dark or colored Chao. Just do it, SEGA.
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    I hadn't heard anything before this video. It'd be a nice idea though I doubt anything will come of it. I hope they just concentrate on the sequel for now.
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    I thought this was the same Robotnik movie rumor that was covered by this website called We Got This Covered which is known for not being an reliable source months ago and the other one that was also covered by them last week.: https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/sonic-hedgehog-movie-spawn-trilogy/ https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/paramount-reportedly-doctor-robotnik-sonic-spinoff-jim-carrey/ However, I guess it's seem like this is an different kind of rumor covered by an different guy according to the video. Anyway, I think if any Sonic movie spinoffs like that rumored Robotnik movie going to be happen, it will probably likely happen after the sequel. BTW, I found this WIP artwork poster. It look official. This could give us an glimpse of what the movie could be like. Also, this remind me of the concept art of some of the Marvel movies.
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    Spooky Mulder

    Sonic 30th predictions

    I want to be able to play Unleashed again...but I also don't want to go through the chore of replaying the werehog stages. I hope if it ever gets re-released, there's some level select cheat code built in so you can play just the Daytime stages if you want. I'm never forcing myself to play through another 45 minute werehog button mashing fest.
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    I never really did like these AI-conversion 60fps videos, but tbh, the fact that the toons were animated on ones in WFRR makes the conversion process smoother looking here than in other animations which are usually on twos. This almost looks like bizarre behind the scenes production footage where Roger is a real living creature trying to get his lines right with the live action actors tbh
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    Guildmaster Wigglytuff (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series) God. It feels like nobody, not even Gamefreak, knows what they have with the PMD games. Am I really the only one who genuinely prefers them over the main games? Is that really a controversial thing to suggest? Alright alright, fine, I'll elaborate. You remember what I said all the way back on page one? Well if I had to pick one word to describe PMD's gameplay, it would definitely be "imposing". In just about every game in the series, dungeons are long, trecherous slogs, where packing and preparing beforehand are key and a single mistake can potentially doom the entire expedition. And not everyone can handle strategizing their way around Pokemon 10-15 levels higher than them - fine, I get that. But I still wouldn't have it any other way, because it makes EVERYTHING feel like a genuine accomplishment, even the little fundraising side missions you do in between encounters with the main storyline. I won't say it's absolutely perfect. Hell, there are a LOT of things I wish they would change, because I honest to god believe it could stand toe to toe with the main series if Gamefreak and Spike Chunsoft took it seriously, even though it has steadily been improving with every successive game. For example, you only directly control one Pokemon in your party at any given time, leaving the rest to be controlled by AI. There are aspects of their behaviour you can influence, such as their aggression or which specific moves they're allowed to use, but positioning and strategic moveset application means a LOT in PMD fights, and simply put, you're almost always not given the options to utilize it to its fullest extent, and often it feels like it could have been as simple as allowing players to go through every party member's actions a single turn at a time whenever they're not just wandering around looking for loot and exits. What makes this lack of strategy all the more annoying is that there is a great deal of importance placed on getting through confrontations with minimal losses, and again, can mean the difference between living another day or having to restart an entire 20 floor dungeon from scratch - quite literally, in the first few games, losing either yourself or your partner to fainting is a failure state, even when you have other team members to carry on. And it doesn't help that you also lose almost everything you were carrying, which is a layer of punishment none of these games need and it pretty much forces you to reload from a save for how much time and money it wastes getting back up to that point again. I also think that, despite quite obviously being fashioned after a roguelike, I think it could sometimes stand to be more... well, roguelike? Granted, I totally expect some aspects of it to have limited options - making character portraits for nearly a thousand Pokemon is already a pain in the ass, nevermind the eight or so frames you need to make for major character's mood portraits. But just the same, I kinda wish something like Zero Island was a standalone mode or a side game you could pick up and play at any time, where you're given a literally random level 5 Pokemon instead of one of a selection of existing starters and a few fan favourites you can choose from in the story mode, then forced to clear a gargantuan dungeon with only whatever resources and party members you can gain along the way. It would be nice to have some element of it I can play at any time without having to invest in it beforehand, in much the same way I would get out of The Binding of Isaac or the survival mode in Puyo Puyo Tetris, not so subtle foreshadowing. One aspect of PMD that unquestionably shines above the others, though, is its writing. It's something that I wish that I could explain in better detail, partly because it's hard to talk about without spoiling it and partly because I'm honestly pretty bad at talking about characterization to begin with, but PMD is just so goddamn good at creating likable characters out of their pocket monsters where previously they were just somewhat intelligent animals with a one word vocabulary, and I would honest to god have the audacity to say they all trounce the main series's writing by a pretty fucking huge margin - yes, even Gates to Infinity, widely upheld as the absolute nadir of the series for its comparitively mediocre writing and smaller roster. They're really good at getting you invested in its setting and its characters, and will always set you up for a real tear jerker of an ending whenever it can help it, even when you know exactly why ahead of time. There is a single digit's worth of games I can say that about and genuinely mean it. I am dead fucking serious. Look, at the very least, you owe it to yourselves to try Explorers of Sky and see for yourselves, because so much of the gaming populace is really missing out on what should be considered a classic in its own right, and I think that just might be a sadder truth than any ending that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon can muster.
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    Sonic X - Issue #12: Attack From Area 99 It would seem that Sonic’s defeat is imminent and is about to be broadcasted for all to see on those TV screens behind him. Oh say it ain’t so. Sonic’s gonna die. That was fun. Sonic being bored led to a lot of things happening. Although, most of it was out of his control. Even with Eggman away, the world keeps on spinning and unfortunately asshole Government agents, alien technology, and lunatics who run down babies in the street are all still out there. I think the next issue is gonna be one I really enjoy though as I have a recollection of what’s to transpire next. I get a kick out of seeing heroes in prison I guess. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #95: Enemy Mine Speaking of ripping off Spider-Man, holy shit dudes. I will say this is a really well done rendition of the Spider-Man webbings. I don’t even feel like making the obvious risque joke about this. It’s a very striking image, definitely. Not my favorite kind of Sonic art or cover though, personally. That wasn’t a very good issue. Neither of these stories were good on their own but the second was significantly more infuriating, if only because witnessing Knuckles having to bear with the consequences of what Locke did to him was not fun. I know Penders is going to continue championing this asshole as being in the right too, despite him being obviously aware that the echidnas are destroying themselves. How is he going to justify and balance all that out? I dunno. He probably won’t. All this Chosen One nonsense does is just serve to rip the agency away from the characters. Knuckles is all-powerful because his dad microwaved his egg as a baby. Tails is the chosen one because fate randomly decided that a random fox child was going to be the one to save the echidnas from themselves. The Ancient Walkers are dying and… I dunno, there might be an explanation for that but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was happening because shut up. All that coupled with having to bear witness to Sonic acting like an elementary school child makes it so that I’m feeling very out of it with these guys. There’s only so much leeway I can give the comic when it comes to being different interpretations of these characters at this point. I’ve tried my best but it really wants me to not like this and it's working. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #96: The Messenger This is a nice enough cover. It’s drawn… okay. The idea of the reflection coming off of the robots is sound. It makes their warped anime designs more palatable. I think the thing that really saves this are the colors by Josh Ray though. They look nice and pleasant. This issue was frustrating. I don’t even know if it was merely due to being bad or just because of how monumental the assholic nature of Geoffrey St. John is but it’s gotten to be too much. We’ve only been at school for three issues now and it already feels like we’re spinning our wheels on this. I need this to not be so fucking boring. Everything’s been reset to be basically the same as it was but with slight alterations so I’m going to need something big to happen soon. Ken Penders’ weird Chosen One gunk isn’t pleasant to have to experience but if it leads to something big, I’ll at least welcome that. Though, he loves to sit on things for way too long. It’s gonna take forever even now.
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    That's another good point too, I brought it up when the previews for Bad Guys #1 released, but it doesn't really look very good for Starline when his choice of "you've exceeded my expectations" is literally Eggman - a man of 300 IQ being so utterly dimwitted and relaxed with his security that he wouldn't kick Starline out of the Eggnet system. Everything about Starline so far has been a situation where they want us to take him seriously as a villain, and as a contrasting villain to Eggman at that, someone who is a Eggman fanboy, but acknowledges his mistakes, and rectifies them in his own technique, and yet each and every single plan he has attempted to enact thus far have been terrible, and typically backfired horribly, and unlike Eggman - who can at least do self-reflection, and see/admit where he went wrong, and adapt for future plans, instead Starline either shifts the blame, or repeats the exact same mistake. You can't have a villain who has at least 25% of his dialogue consisting shitting on another villain, and then having him repeat said villain's biggest mistakes in even worse, and more utterly ridiculous manners. Like, here's a quick rewrite as to how Starline's first failure this story could've been rewritten to not only look better on him, but to showcase what the actual flaw of his style of villainy is. Starline plans to infiltrate and take over a heavily fortified, and secured Eggman base. He's spent weeks planning for it, and has chosen this base specifically because he recalled seeing a huge security flaw, and brings it up to Eggman, only to end up having it shrugged off, because Eggman was in the middle of gloating about the Metal Virus infecting everything. Starline, truly believing Eggman is so short-sighted - would believe this security flaw still exists. He bases his entire plan down off of it, and the plan is excellently crafted, right down to the letter. Starline is confident this will work, all because Eggman fails to plan ahead. However, when Starline attempts to initiate the plan, boom - turns out Eggman was actually far more cunning that Starline anticipated, and had kept that information in the back of his mind. Anticipating Starline would attempt a betrayal, he not only fixed the security flaw, but he also went through the effort of running through all of his other bases' security, tightening up any loose ends, and even posting mocking messages towards Starline, like "Nice try", having anticipated this. Starline, unable to adapt on his feet like Eggman just barely makes it out alive, and is forced to scrap the entire plan, flushing weeks of work down the toilet, and forced to go back to the drawing board, making him realise Eggman is not only much more clever than he anticipated, but Eggman had been taking notes of Starline for weeks, meaning Starline's chances of getting into the base alone would be zilch, leading to him realising that the next step is to create a team. And there it is. Not only does that not make Starline look like a total dumbass, but it also sets up his contrasting flaw compared to Eggman, and gives him a path for improvement.
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    Bad Guys #1 spoilers:
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    Looking at the Shirtpunch Sonic Shirt... THIS is what I want Classic Sonic to look like. Shorter than modern, can still be adorable, but don't forget he's also a freakin' badass.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    This cute picture was shown on the October 2020 Fanart Page of Sonic Channel. According to the site, this was created by しょうゆさし.
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    Spooky Mulder

    Sonic 30th predictions

    Man I would love to be able to play Sonic Colors upscaled into HD. I'd kill for a collection with Unleashed, Colors, and Generations.
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    Remember how concept art of a lizard character surfaced? I found some more of it. Apparently, the character was named Rava. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9eJGqO
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Extra preview pages for issue 33:
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    What they're doing now essentially is sonic universe with a breather between stories and more of a focus on the new characters in this universe. It's more than I expected in this early stage So I can't complain
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    new mainline and new merchandise are practically guaranteed, new animated shorts are possible (more likely if the new mainline is in 2021)
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