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    Man, Mario was really out of shape in Sunshine... He can't even jump without breaking a sweat....
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    When you get to be the chosen one and literal most POWERFUL being in the multi-verse....but have to look like that True story XD
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    Sonic 3 AIR I've been with this topic in my mind for a good while, but given some recent events, I've decided to develop it better. The Sonic franchise is home to a list of games, some of them become instant classics, others become very forgettable, and most important, some received more attention and got adapted to our current days, others simply didn't. So the main point of this topic is to bring the "definitive editions" to play each, or at least most, Sonic games. By this, I mean the better way available to have the best experience on current hardware. My main focus will be PC, but I'll try to add commentaries on other consoles as much as I can, but it's not that helpful when my last console was the PS2. I don't think I need much more explanation. Feel free to point why you think a method is or isn't valid, as well bring any game you think deserved to be on the list and the respective methods to improve it. The 16-Bits Era: Sonic 2 (2013) Sonic 1, 2, and CD received probably the best ports of the franchise: the Taxman ports. Sonic CD (2011) is available on multiplatform. I'm not really aware of the newer generation of consoles, but I guess most of these have retro compatibility. For PC, you can grab your copy here (Steam), if you still haven't. Update 7: This is known for a while now, but forgot to update the topic twice. Thanks to Rubberduckycooly on GitHub, you can now play Sonic 1 and 2 from the apk/ipa on PC! It's not perfect, it has lots of bugs sometimes, but I believe it's worth more than the emulated version. I've used the apk. You'll need to "extract" it, open it on WinRAR and look for assets/Data.rsdk.xml. To simplify things a little, I wrote a batch to play them as simple as click on an icon. You also will need to rename this Data for Sonic1 or Sonic2, for example, according to their respective game: If I'm not wrong, this also works on lots of consoles, but can't precisely say how many. A quick google search or even on his own GitHub page might be enough. Now we reach that point of the discussion. As far as the writing of this topic, no Sonic 3 & Knuckles port has been announced and much has been speculated, but I'm not going to get off-topic to talk about it. Officially speaking, the only way to play S3&K these days would be via official emulators, either console or Steam. Again, I'm mostly focusing on PC, and S3&K is still available via SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive Collection. Said that probably the best experience with Sonic 3 & Knuckles today is Sonic 3 AIR (Angel Island Revisited). After downloading the “port” here, it will automatically recognize S3&K on your Steam folder, as well it will give many cool features an original port possibly won't give you (Change the IceCap sky, for example). Update1: As pointed by @Tornado, I completely forgot about Sonic 3 Complete. It does basically everything Sonic 3 AIR does, except on the proper S3&K ROM. It's pretty useful to play on any other platform which aren't PC, even on the proper Genesis! Here's the link to the hack's official website, or here to add to SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive collection. So far, not much has been done about the other games, and then you'll need to try the luck on getting them on some kind of official emulator. The only exception probably is Sonic 3D Blast (Flickies' Island). As you probably are aware, Jon Burton, the game programmer, made a DX: Director's Cut of the game in 2017. To play it, you'll need the ROM via SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive Collection, as well as subscribe here, to get the upgrade. Update 2: Once again pointed by @Tornado, If you want a better looking Sonic 3D Blast and doesn't really mind all DX changes, the PC port can be an awesome alternative. Guide here. Update 3: Still talking about @Tornado, while most 8-bits era games doesn't receive some good treatment as the 16-bits games, some emulators such KEGA Fusion, offers some tricks to improve the experience, for example displaying more graphics on screen and the resolution. Update 4:@JezMM sez: Master System versions usually are superior to Game Gear versions. You might want to try Game Gear first for an easier experience, and try the full challenge with Master System. Saturn and Dreamcast Era Sonic R (2004) with patches Fast-forward in time a few years, Sonic starts a rough transition to 3D. Sonic X-Treme gets canceled, Sonic 3D Blast receives a port and Sonic gets a racing spin-off, Sonic R. You can find prototypes of Sonic X-Treme and (I think) even a reconstruction attempt of the game, but since the prototypes aren't completely legal, I'm not going to point them here. This brings us to Sonic R. It's been a while since I last played on a console, but seems Sonic Gems Collection still being the best option. But I really believe none of you really want to dust off your PS2 to play it, so let's talk about a much easier way (well, if you have the CD), which is update the 2004 version of the game. Aside from those, there's still Sonic Jam, which despite the “Sonic World”, there's nothing exciting to see there. The other few games which might bring interest to someone is Sonic the Fighters/Championship as well a bunch of minor arcade games (If most of these can even be called as games). For Sonic the Fighters, I think this one Xbox wins a point over PC, as it got a port in 2012. Meanwhile, emulating on PC might give you some cool hacks. The other games are SEGASonic the Hedgehog and loads of minor Arcade pieces of software (Not sure if these even classify as 32-bits). Not much can be done about them, good luck trying to find a machine to dump and play on MAME. Leading up to the Dreamcast days, you have both Sonic Adventures and well, Sonic Shuffle. It's no surprise to anyone how bad were the most Sonic Adventure ports, but it's also a common sense of how better is to play the game with Better SADX. I know by the time Sonic Adventure was ported originally to PC, it also comes with other consoles, but I don't know how good it was and much less if there are patches for it. Sonic Adventure 2, on the other hand, deals pretty well on its own with the 2012 version and I guess this makes it the first game on the list without any tricks. The 2000s Sonic Heroes (2004) with patches Things on the 2000s mark Sonic debut on multiplatform, so helping me a little. I believe by the time, most consoles games received widescreen supports, but PC most games still would need a patch. Still, nothing like writing “Sonic [cool game title goes here] Widescreen patch” on a search service doesn't solve your problem. To make this topic a little more consistent, you can always check PCGamingWiki to find any cool resources to improve your PC gaming. Update 5:@Tornado gives a great guide on how to proper setup Sonic Heroes on modern PC: [Taken from his first comment on the topic] Moving a little forward, Sonic '06 (if anyone really wants to play this game) is currently being remade for PC as a more 'decent' game, but as the last time I played, it was still too far from being a complete version. Update 6: Many pointed out. While Unleashed Project is a great mod to play Sonic Unleashed Day levels on PC, it can't be classified as a "Definitive Edition" (My bad!). According to @JezMM and @Eurisko, Xbox One support backwards compatibility with Unleashed and Generations from 360. @Shaddy Zaphod also mentions it is possible to mod the game (either emulation and console modding) to improve some features, and remove the annoying Werehog battle music. For PC specifically, while still being the worse version, PS2 and Wii versions are easiest emulated (I've tried the PS2 version). As said earlier, almost every game of this generation can be emulated, this includes DS, GBA, PSP as well as Sonic Cafe games. (Shameless self-promo, check out my Sonic Cafe review here!) 2010s and Present Sonic Mania (2017) You really thought I'd put a Sonic Forces screenshot? For the 2010s, things get a little more “globalized”, just think that the PS4 is from 2013 and the PS5 still hasn't been released. Except for some very rare exceptions and well, Sonic Boom, I guess every game here is multiplatform and already comes with our current standards, so I doubt you need much more work than buying a game and play it. Sonic Mania might be even better with Sonic Mania Plus. So, what are you waiting for? Blast a Sonic Game right now! I hope this topic was useful and thank you for reading until here. Also hope I wasn't either much a "captain obvious". As said in the very beginning, feel free to make your observations: Why an option is/isn't viable, if you have any suggestions, etc.
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    The era of Cream

    So does anyone else still remember how Cream was for a while pretty much promoted as the fifth member of Sonic's innermost circle of friends? Like if the main group of protagonists consisted of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Cream? Well ol' batson here remembers, that's for sure. Seriously, from the time Cream first showed up in Sonic Advance 2 there followed a period of several years where she showed up in ALL games in the series, both main titles and spin-off's, and she was all over the merchandise, and she had more screen-time in the first two seasons of Sonic X than any other anthro sans Sonic, Tails and Amy. In a way, I'd say Cream has had the highest fall from grace of any character in the series, since she went from being ubiquitous to probably ranking among the least prominent of the reccurring characters (she didn't show up in Forces, for one thing. And even freaking Charmy showed up in Forces). In retrospective, there exists a distinct era of Cream in the franchise's history, one that happened but is quite easy to forget.
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    Knuckles being the one protecting of the Master Emerald would've been mentioned as early as S3&K manuals, which I remind you was back when dialogue was pretty uncommon in games of that format. Next you have Adventure, where he explicitly questions why/how he was entrusted with his duty before going on a journey to repair it. In fact, his connection to the Master Emerald is mentioned in pretty much every profile he had after that and sometimes beforehand. The discrepancy has always been how he often shows up in games without his duty either being involved or even mentioned in game.
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    Chaos is a mutant Chao. That's all we've been told officially.
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    @Titan Mecha SonicI have no idea where you getting your info. Knuckles guards Master Emerald in IDW Knuckles guards Master Emerald in last issues of Archie Comics. Including Mega Drive. Knuckles guards Master Emerald in Forces tie-in Comics. Lego games, official description, he's pretty much always guarding Master Emerald... except the actual games. Sweet Chaos, I'm convinced. Let's go with "Don't ask, don't tell" rule. I prefer sticking Knuckles to be a Guardian AND keep appearing in games with no explanation, over Sega giving us answer that ruins everything. And maybe it it for the best. People want Knuckles to appear a lot AND to be Guardian. If we can accept that Eggman never goes to jail, we might as well accept that Knuckles keeps taking breaks. Yeah, I think this is best option,
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    That is a fan theory. Chaos is a mutant Chao. That's all we've been told officially.
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    Chaos is a Chao that mutated due to extensive exposure with the Master Emerald and thus ascended into being a diety in the eyes of the natives and the Echidnas who conquered them.
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    I'd take Classic Sonic in Smash if it was this. https://twitter.com/BrainDumpTweets/status/1316843346392875008
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    Going to be streaming some Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Demo and then some Fall Guys in today’s stream in 10 minutes! https://twitch.tv/jpofferz96
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    Sonic CD is art, the visual design and use of color in that game still leaves me awestruck to this day, especially the good futures.
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    Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?
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    I'm dying. XD

    I'm dying. XD
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    I just got issue #33. I almost missed that an issue was coming out today. What a lucky surprise for me. I enjoyed it too. I'm very much into witnessing something a little more reliant on conversation and espionage to carry them through whatever's happening next. Although, with Sonic and Tails, I'm mostly looking forward to just seeing them hang out. One of the quickest way to my heart is to just take those two and show them working off one another on their own little adventure. With someone who knows how to write actual, good dialogue that a person could conceivably say, it makes anticipating their scenes more fun. I don't think it'd be too much of a stretch to say that Rouge was the star of this issue. The more shady side of her character is usually mostly explored in spin-off titles or comics such as these nowadays but it's definitely where most of the intrigue behind the character comes for me. Her being someone who fits right in with the heroes and the baddies alike places her in a position that only elicits fascination from me. Just having that connection with the criminal underbelly of this world alone kind of makes me wonder what kind of Goodfellas-esque situations she's stumbled upon just trying to get her hands on something valuable. Shadow is here too. There's not much to say aside from the fact that he's still the same. Although, it really hits hard seeing him say he's not interested in helping to fix Omega. I didn't think that would stick out as bothering me but it kinda did. Other than that, he's gotten into another scuffle with a glowing red thing so we'll see how that pans out I guess. I'm always up for a bit of mystery. Enjoyed it. Well done first issue, Evan.
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    Rally 4 Sally

    I wouldnt minded she and the FF came back as side characters who showed up every now and then.
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    I'd be like saying we need to remove Silver being from the future so we can have him in every game. it makes no sense. Heck, i'd argue doing that to Knuckles is worse since so much of his character development comes from his duty as guardian.
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    The X comics having to write around the show leads to a lot of weird bits, honestly.
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    Well considering how every game post Heroes has managed to include knuckles without so much as even paying lip service to the Master Emerald (heck, Lost World and Forces haven't even mentioned the Chaos Emeralds. Despite both having playable Super Sonic. 🤔), I'd say not really. Besides this might be a case where we're better off not knowing. We wanted to know how the Classic and Modern games took place in the same world and we got the whole "Two Worlds" BS for our troubles. Sonic's just a few handwave/retcons like that away from turning into Kingdom Hearts.
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    The era of Cream

    Hmmm, Silver went from "next big thing, hedgehog trio" to one of many Sonic friends, but he still gets some perk above say Chaotix. And Rouge went from Knuckles Rival but also her own women to just Shadow sidekick.... but okay. I can see Cream went down even more. Still, what you just said proves that she wasn't so much 'top dog puppy', rather she just didn't had any rivals when she was born in 2002. Even Shadow's short death meant he wasn't in Advance games or most Sonic X, same happened with Chaotix. Then show got cancelled, Shadow regained momentum, Blaze and Silver joined, space got tight and all modern cast got marginalized. She didn't stood a chance. At best you can say she beat Rouge (Sonic X, Rush 1, Advance games), mostly because she made more sense in those games than ivory bat.
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    The era of Cream

    It is funny to think about, probably because it wasn't super overt. But yes, looking at stuff from that 3 or 4 year period goes to show that she was quietly considered top tier. There's even a McDonald's commercial that uses her alongside Sonic rather than Tails or Shadow. I'd say part of it is due to the natural of her conceptualization and actual introduction. She was created as a sidekick/friend/Tails for Amy during what was a continuous period of her being made into her own heroine and with Tails being the biggest character after the feud that started it all and Shadow, it stands to reason that Cream would also get a good amount of emphasis. Then is her actual debut being Advance 2 rather than Heroes--she was added to the game as a way to make it a bit fresher on top of functioning as an easy mode, but she ended up being the center of what little story is actually there. being so light on plot then kinda meant that she gained something other characters lack while remaining a simple character to include with no strings attached going forward. And while still up in the air, her having a clearer arc across Sonic X compared to the others gels well in not only the timing of release as the latest thing, but also with the rumor that she was actually conceived for the show's production before being included in the game. Even if the latter is just a rumor, you can see how everything just lined up well and made her place as the unofficial fifth member of the core group simply natural.
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    Sonic and Tails R

    That’s not a fan doing Knuckles. David Humphrey voiced Shadow back in SA2 and Heroes.
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    Sonic and Tails R

    It's nice hearing Drummond again. Still the best Sonic voice. Would still love for him to return to the games lol Humphrey is surprisingly good as Knuckles. Would be cool to hear him as Shadow again in a future episode.
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    Sonic and Tails R

    Yeah I watched it earlier when it premiered. The writing and acting was really good and got me excited for more! (It sort of makes me depressed though that in 7 minutes, the characters were portrayed better than they have been in the last 10 years. Oh well).
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    The thing that's tripping me up about this is what the game is defining as "trust" and how it's shown in the narrative. I didn't get the sense that Sonic was un-trusting of Tails or even that it was really even Sonic's call in the first place. Eggman comes up to them and explains that he needs to shut down his device. Sonic is resistant to Eggman but eventually allows him to come along. So is Tails. There's NO visible issues Tails has with Sonic eventually caving and allowing Eggman to come along in this scene. Tails and Sonic even share a laugh at Eggman's expense when Sonic tells Tails he made a "Good one" when Tails pointed out that Eggman wasn't asking them for their help all that nicely. The scene before that one, Sonic was heaping all the blame for the situation on Eggman, ending it with a, admittedly amusing, scene where he asks "Whoever thinks Eggman is a bone-head, raise their hand" joke. Eggman says he doesn't like the idea of teaming up with them any more than they do. Sonic says he's gonna have to take a cold shower when they're done. They all walk away to go do this. Again, Tails says nothing. It looks like the both of them had the same amount of say in this scene. The next scene after that starts with Tails starting a fight with Eggman and demanding an explanation for why he's here. That's when Sonic says they need him to shut off the machine, which, I still maintain is a rational line of thought. That's when Tails accuses Sonic of trusting Eggman more than him. Sonic is understandably confused by that accusation and is about to deny it but Tails cuts him off to just reaffirm what he thinks. It's really ham-fisted. Up to that point, I assumed they were both okay with the logic being that Eggman can come along because it's his machine and he would know how to best shut it down. So, now, all of a sudden, Tails is the only one who's not following that line of thought for the sake of this conflict that's literally springing up out of nowhere. It doesn't at all look or feel like Sonic, specifically, was trusting Eggman more than Tails. I suppose when you lay out the logic of "Sonic thinks they need Eggman to shutdown the machine therefore he doesn't trust Tails can do it" then I can see the angle of Tails being right about Sonic trusting Eggman more than him. It's... a little too flimsy for me but technically you're correct. If that's the line of thought you want to go with, I guess I can't say you're entirely wrong. The execution is so weak and poor that it just doesn't come off that way. I still maintain that's not what Sonic did. It makes no sense to me when the both of them let him come along and then in the next scene Tails is suddenly mad that he came along. Trust is a word that when people hear it, they largely think about it in an emotional sense and not just the pure, hard logic way. That's why it immediately sounds so ridiculous to hear Tails accusing Sonic of trusting Eggman more than him. If they wanted to sell me more on the "trust" issue I feel like the initial scene where Eggman joins them needs to, right out of the gate, have Tails bring up that he can do it and have Sonic more resistant to the idea of letting Tails handle it. Then throw in some early signs of Tails being disgruntled by that. At present it just looks like they were both persuaded by Eggman's reasoning but Tails forgot that they were in the next scene. To me that still comes off as the narrative having Tails say "Yeah, you were wrong and I forgive you." Also, I suppose one could take the position of the Crab-Meat scene shaking him out of his attitude but I didn't. I wasn't really given a reason to believe that's what happened. I feel like they needed Tails to be more openly apologetic or something to sell that, IF that actually was the angle they were going for. He ended up getting (this time justifiably) angry again when the Zeti captured him and then went on to prove how uber-perfect he was, which to me, just went towards completely putting Tails as in the right. I don't see where his character arc is supposed to begin and end. It's initial starting point is built on something that's, at best, extremely flimsy and comes out of nowhere, and the way it plays out, it just feels like they were just reaffirming Tails' attitude as the correct attitude to have. He bragged about all that stuff in the beginning and then proved that he was right to have that attitude. The crabmeat scene just feels like another thing that gets brought up and lost within the narrative. If it was supposed to set-up that maybe Tails was acting out and he was wrong for that, they don't follow through with it in a strong and convincing way. That's fine. I wasn't contradicting anything about the narrative there. I was just outlining what happens so I could lead in to what my actual issue was. And I still maintain he didn't. Tails was being ridiculous. I can see the point of view working if the game sold me on Sonic actually trusting Eggman more than Tails but it didn't. The way its written, it feels way too brittle and sloppy. It comes out of nowhere. Tails was FINE in the last scene. Now I'm supposed to instantly understand why he's suddenly upset? Why is Sonic the one getting the blame for this trust issue when he was just as against teaming up as Tails was? Tails was there. He SAW Sonic badmouthing Eggman, calling him names, and claiming they could do it by themselves. He said nothing when they both allowed Eggman to come along. Eggman asserts that they need to team up or it'll be the end of the world. Sonic's response is. "Yeah, well, teaming up with you feels like the end of the world Eggman. I'm gonna want to take a cold shower after we're done." And then the three of them just walk off together. There was nothing there to clue me into the fact that the next scene would reasonably be Tails starting a fight with Eggman for no reason and then getting mad at Sonic for this supposed display of trust. I don't have a reason to understand why Tails suddenly feels as strongly as he does. I'm in full support of the ideas being presented but this game just didn't do a good job communicating any of this. This thought came to my mind more than once as well but the problem is that the narrative doesn't really address this as though they're the same issue. The thing Sonic apologizes to Tails for is for "doubting him" which isn't something that I felt was exemplified by him kicking the conch away and doing the attack on the capsule. He was brash and acted too fast. Sonic says "I was too slow" and then it just drops the angle of him acting too fast. If they wanted that to be the lesson he learned, fine, but what exactly does that have to do with any specific issue of trust? That's clearly more of a Sonic thing rather then anything to do with Tails. If it were Amy or Blaze next to him, I'd imagine he'd have done the same thing. He needed to learn a lesson about how it was sometimes okay to slow down. But Sonic says "I was too slow" and then apologizes to Tails about something, that to me, felt like a completely different issue. An issue that I was, and still am, not sold on. How am I supposed to get "Speed isn't always the answer" out of a scene where Sonic says "I was too slow"? I know that's the the angle I would have taken it but I don't know that's the angle the game is taking it. Especially since it's never brought up again. You completely misunderstood the argument I was actually making and the reason I brought all this stuff up then. He's acting like an asshole and then he's proven justified by the narrative. He IS a bastard who needs to be taken down a peg in this game. My argument isn't that Tails shouldn't show his development. I was using all that as proof that your claim that the narrative portrays Sonic and Tails as both being slightly in the wrong is false. You may have forgotten this because you were reading through a long post and responding to it in chunks but the original part of your post I was responding to said this: "Lost World is a game where everybody is at least a little bit wrong. That Tails was right about being able to handle the machine doesn't mean the game supports him acting the way he did." I don't see it with Tails. The narrative is in clear, full support of everything Tails does and says. Everything he does is right and he never apologizes to Sonic for the way he acted. I listed all the things that he does to prove that the narrative is in support of him and it believes him to be in the right. NOT because I hate his development and the character growth from Sonic Adventure. I'm definitely a fan of Tails. You can be damn sure of that. This is all according to you though. Again, like I explained above, I'm not given any reason to believe that this is what actually happened. I didn't see any build-up of confidence. It just looked to me that Tails was trying to prove how awesome he was, messed up, then got a chance to prove it again and succeeded. The crabmeat scene I love in a vacuum but in the complete story it feels like it was pointless. I can't hold it against you for seeing it that way. Interpret it how you want but the game, as far as I'm concerned didn't do what you say here. And that's fine. I'm not even one of Lost World's harshest critics. I always maintain that the individual cutscenes are good. I just hate how they come together to make a whole.
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    Yeah, that was an interesting episode It even switched to the original animation style at one point Also, this happened...
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    I mean... I know this is a story thread, but Black Knight let me play as Knuckles and glide through levels. In the time period between Sonic 06 and Mania, that was RARE.
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    Best (GAME) Story in last Deacade?

    Dude, it there ever becomes a time when that happens, we'll really be in the shit.
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    Sonic is a good natured super powered hobo. Seriously. He has no home and just travel's from place to place doing good deeds.
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    You didn't know? East and west branches legit fought over that. Then Sonic Team literally became the western branch and that's the whole adventure era
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    ...Wait, what? So, that was all Japan's intended doing?
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