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    Hey folks I managed to get my hands on the Sonic Mania Introduction Manual. This was an item that was only given out during conventions like the 2017 Comic Con Panel or PAX West. It was never sold anywhere else and is only obtainable by second hand sellers. Of course that means scalpers gonna scalp and the prices for the manuals, that were given away for free might I add, were ridiculously high. The prices ranged above 100 dollars or more. I think I share the same sentiment that Matt Manheimer, formerly of Tails Channel, had about this during the time it was happening: https://twitter.com/mattmannheimer/status/889942792751001602 https://archive.vn/idYMC I always wanted to see the contents inside this manual clearly as I was only able to see it through video or camera pictures. I specifically wanted to see the little writings the Mania staff wrote. I assumed when it first released that someone would scan this and I could see it that way. Three years later and it still hadn’t been scanned. I couldn’t believe that no one who had this manual ever even bothered to try and scan this. Admittedly, I feel I was a part of the problem since I did have it as well for over a year (and a half I think?) and never got around to scanning it myself. One day after my usual search for a sale I finally found one at a reasonable price. I immediately swooped in and bought it. I would like to give special thanks to the ebay user who sold it for just 15 dollars. I would give proper credit but unfortunately I don’t have the exact username anymore and it doesn’t appear in my purchase history either for some reason. All I have is their actual name which was on the cardboard postcard it was sent in. I’ll just say that their first name was Alli. So thank you very much Alli! The manual itself was in a clear plastic sleeve and there was this cute little hamburger sticker where Alli wrote their thanks on it. I thought I would share this too: Enough of the personal story though. I scanned the images at 600dpi and then exported them as PNG images. I have uploaded the whole manual over at archive.org. One version has the pages individually: https://archive.org/details/sonicmania-intromanual-paged/mode/2up The other has the pages together: https://archive.org/details/sonicmania-intromanual/mode/2up If you want the raw images at the highest resolution then there is a zip file download in the gray box where it says DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. Click on the link that says GENERIC RAW BOOK ZIP. The separated page version is 341MB. The full version is 332MB. I will also provide PDF links for both: https://ia601502.us.archive.org/4/items/sonicmania-intromanual-paged/sonicmania-intromanual-paged.pdf https://ia801400.us.archive.org/30/items/sonicmania-intromanual/sonicmania-intromanual.pdf If any of you think you can do a better job at scaling, cropping, or just editing it in any other way than I could (which I’m sure any of you can since I’m not that proficient with image editing) than I also have a zipped file folder containing the uncropped versions of these scans: http://www.mediafire.com/file/te9md7mh5eri5kj/sonicmania-intromanual-uncropped.zip/file Here’s a sample of what the uncropped version of the manual will look like if you try. The white space is from the scanner: (The preview image has to be reduced due to file size limitations for this forum so it’s not the actual size) Scanning it was a tedious process of scanning a page and reviewing if they came out very clean because at times there would be very noticeable spots of dirt or small hair on the pages which would frustrate me to try again. I would wipe the scanner so many times just so I made sure nothing would get caught in it but no matter what there would always be a piece scattered here and there so I would just choose the cleanest scan with the least spots to be a part of the final manual scan. This is one of the reasons why it took me this long to scan the entire thing in the first place. As the one who scanned this I can honestly admit that I don’t think I did a great job in scanning it since I had to sacrifice some of the pages edges getting cut but I was tired of it not being anywhere online so I just did the best I could do with this. Now here's some bonus stuff involving the manual According to Aaron Webber the manual went through over 20 revisions before finalizing. He also showed the old B&W printout they ran around for approval: https://archive.vn/eiUxx Simon Thomley (AKA Stealth), one of the developers of Sonic Mania, signed a manual and left it at a Target on the edge of Moreno Valley and Riverside, CA http://archive.vn/E74cQ The video quality is not that great so I decided to transcribe what he had written on it the best I can. So if you're curious here's what the manual says from the way I can see it: "Hello, Sonic fan! I'm sorry that Mania Plus is currently not available here. If you were lucky enough to find this first please take it as a consolation prize! Thank you for playing. Simon "Stealth" Thomley" Here's a Youtube version in case the tweet gets deleted: He left another at a Best Buy http://archive.vn/aIDB0 During E3 2018 a sign for Sonic Mania Plus was right near a hand sanitizing station so the Mania developers (which include Christian Whitehead, Simon Thomley, Brad Flick, Hunter Bridges, and Tom Fry) made a joke about it https://archive.vn/ZQPi4 This made them sign a manual with encouraging messages to sanitize http://archive.vn/lCd31 Here's the image itself: Well that's all the bonus stuff I could find I hope you enjoyed.
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    😂 😂

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    democrats this year when they finally realized just how many of them there are and they actually got serious, went to the polls and voted
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    You mean as soon as he actually had pressure applied to him by the candidates where other demographics came into play, his campaign collapsed. The same thing happened to Hillary in 2008 when it was her turn the first time. The same thing happened to McCain in 2000. It certainly seemed like this time Bernie legitimately lost in the primaries; and that he didn't face a "It's her turn this time" sabotaging that he did when Hillary went against him. Bernie had his enormous early lead pushed by his darling demographic. And then once other people started voting for the candidates on offer he was dust in the wind. Shitty candidate that no one likes has now blown Obama's previous record out of the water. Shitty candidate no one likes has been able to overcome Trump riling up his base to the tune of far more people voting Trump than voted Obama in 2008. Perhaps you could argue that there's a "vote blue no matter who" philosophy at play; but that certainly doesn't seem to pass the muster with the fucking shellacking the Democrats are taking in the House that they openly bragged they were going to stat pad going into last night; and the non-starter their big Senate majority push looks to have become. When the electoral college so heavily favors the sister fuckers living in their trailers in Bumfuck, Alabama and their family tree that makes up the entirety of the Bible belt and flyover country; and when Trump has been able to rile up his base so much that he's blown Obama's vote levels out of the water and caused virtually everything south of Ohio to set voting records even in states Biden was never going to sniff winning so it didn't actually matter: I'm extremely skeptical that anything but the most milquetoast white guy they could find for the Democrats would be able to overcome the tide that has brutalized Democrats in the House in the same election. I'm extremely skeptical that someone who isn't roughly in the same political area as Bush would have had people from the GOP openly and strongly defecting towards Biden and telling Trump to fuck himself with huge billboards facing Trump Tower. I'm extremely skeptical that Bernie would have survived the final election cycle unscathed when Trump was throwing any shit he could get to stick at Biden and the closest he got to anything was an obviously-made up story about Hunter and insinuations about Biden's political leanings that were so laughable that Fox News called Trump out on them in interviews. Again, this is not 2016, where two candidates were running that were so hated by everyone that they both went into election night with negative approval ratings. This is not 2016, where voter enthusiasm for Hillary was so bad that the only people who really cared to show up to vote lived on the coasts and Trump's relentless campaigning allowed him to play the Electoral College to his advantage beautifully. This is not 2016, where Hillary's campaign considered it so in the bag after already ignoring and pissing off people living in the rust belt for half the summer that she started campaigning for people in Congress instead. This is a hard fought race by a Democratic candidate who has actually energized voters across demographics as a voice of stability, never taken his foot off the gas, has told people to stay calm when initial votes started making the election look like a Democrat bloodbath, has gone out of his way to try and say the right things and was faced with an enormously popular incumbent and corrupt candidate that pollsters had once again written off as dead in the water (and all the dangers that entails with people considering voting unnecessary); and Biden has still managed to fuck him up in the popular vote. A fractured Democrat party, which you would have gotten with Bernie, wouldn't have been able to do this other than maybe the last part. Whether Biden is liked for his policies or liked for him not being a fucking gremlin shithead isn't relevant if he supports things that are so extremely off-putting to parts of the voting public that they decided Trump isn't actually worse; and Bernie would have absolutely gotten that from people. When Trump or some idiot Senate lackey blurts out on Twitter or in an interview about how much of a dangerous super Commie Joe Biden is, no one but the retards who have Trump's face tattooed on their ass considered it anything but a joke. If someone was to do the same with Bernie, that accusation would have carried enough weight to give people second thoughts. Biden has most likely won this election. With the way mail-ins are going, he may even do so handily by taking a couple extras that Trump is pretending are already his. Bernie Sanders most likely would not have. I don't see Bernie taking Nevada (assuming that Biden takes it like he is suspected to do). I don't see Bernie taking Wisconsin. Maybe he takes Michigan simply because the margins are so much bigger there, but it's questionable there too since Trump was able to squeak it last time by preying on the fears of voters there that Bernie would have a bigger target painted against him over. I don't see Bernie peeling a vote off Nebraska. Bernie running runs the risk of being less popular across the entire party as a candidate. Bernie running runs the risk of energizing people voting against you in tight races. I don't think you make those risks up with marginally more millennials voting for Bernie than probably already voted for Biden.
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    To answer the question, it would be amazing. That is to say: amazing relative to whatever is going on with Sonic at this present moment in time. I'd say yes to a Sonic themed RTS if it meant we got something to end the drought.
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    We got KH3 Kairi in the old render style! It looks really nice, to be honest. I always liked the old renders.
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    1. Totally unrelated to Kens point but how old are Tails's kids supposed to be in the XYL stories? Because like Sally says in 25 Years Later that Tails Mina and the kids left 3 years ago and Sky and Melody in the flashback don't look all that much older than Sonia and Manik but 30 Years Later writes them as teenagers even though Antoine and Bunnie's son definitely flirts with Melody and he looks way older Just something that crosses my mind when I read those. 2. Yeah Age gaps are a thing Ken but holy God even if Geoffrey was 20 he shouldn't be planning on making a 15 year old his next "conquest". Why is this so hard for you to understand?
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    Here's the TV promo
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    Its hard to tell what's going or what tomorrow brings but everyone in the US all I'll ask is be safe alright? I'm hearing that stuff might be heating up in Arizona so I'm preparing for the worst.
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    Kind of crazy how much level design there is in UnWiished's extra missions that for whatever reason just weren't actual stages
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    That's certainly possible. Especially if the writers of Octopath Traveler are writing the story.
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    actual timeline of pennyslvania poll voting.
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    I hate to break this to you, but Bernie would have been fucking destroyed in this election. This year isn't trending even remotely like 2016 did.
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    *Flint votes republican* *democrats begin to insult flint voters in response* Maybe if Biden wasn’t working with the guy who poisoned their water supply and Obama wasn’t ineffective as fuck there and pretending to drink their water, could have gone better for them there idk
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    I'm seeing shades of FF15. A vast open world, with occasional breaks of real time combat. Tails can scavenge parts from destroyed enemies for making up new items.
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    Slap "Before 2020" above Archie!Lara-Su and "after 2020" under the other one. She looks so depressed.
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