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    The unique dual hammer of justice is remastered... Sam & Max: Save the World
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    In terms of storytelling, ESPECIALLY considering continuity, Sonic 06 was definitly the last big ambitious game. Altough Unleashed and Black Knight shot for the stars as well. They just feel more episodic. Which I'm fine with, but right now I feel we desperatly need a big epic game again, we had more then a decade of random low stake filler. About time for a fist pumping grand adventure again. Forces tried to be one, but had the impact of a wet fart. But yeah, Unleashed and Mania were definitly passion projects. Generations too, even if it's short and only concentrated on gameplay. I don't know. Honestly, i don't think passion is so much the problem. Even now I still see glimpses of passion, good ideas and respect coming trough. I just think Sonic is suffering severely from 'Too many cooks in the kitchens" syndrome. As soon as Classic Sonic showed his face in Sonic Forces, you just knew that game reeked of "suits in a boardroom made a grocery list of popular things" rather then any kind of artistic endeavor. The only thing that would give me more confidence in the next game is if Sega can gurantee they just put a team of visionairies on the project and let them be. Frick, I wouldn't even care if it's a new Classic style game, Adventure game, boost game, brand new crazy thing. Don't care what you do, but DO IT. Have a vision and go for it. Better then trying to please everyone with a half assed uneducated blind grasp at the past. But with all the other problems Sega's going trough now, you can bet they're desperate for succes with the next Sonic game. Which to me sounds like we're getting another soulless grocery list Frankenstein game up next.
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    What an interesting way to have followed the election.
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    There is no credible evidence of voter fraud at all. Most of what the maga crowd is citing are either fabricated outright, perfeclty legal actions that were taken out of context, or simple human errors that have already been acknowledged and corrected. Remember: Just because someone (even a head of state) makes an outrageous claim on the internet, it doesn't make it true. We need evidence, and there isn't any. It's just Trump whining that he lost. What an absolute baby.
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    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Since Trump literally did the first thing while he was in office and has done the second thing for decades as a matter of policy (since you do not commission major factories out of China to make goods for you without working through the CCP), you should try painting a better target. Biden politically over his career has largely been somewhere in the ballpark of where Bush was, minus the religious baggage that frequently dominated Bush's presidency. That may change after finally taking the presidency (he wouldn't be the first person to run for President and dramatically swing around his views once he is the active nominee), but you'd do better for being taken seriously if you weren't acting like he's a super-commie. The fact that he wasn't and blatantly wasn't (and that Harris also isn't) is precisely why he was chosen for such a high-stakes election in the first place; because it made it so Trump couldn't reasonably throw the typical GOP boogeyman at him (or her) and have it stick.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    I believe that they did attempt to re-define the series with Lost World, but due to it failing even harder than Unelashed, they set themselves in stone that they wouldn’t be re-defining anything whatsoever for the rest of their run; leading into the hilariously shameless fan-pandering palooza that is Forces. Forces even panders to groups most would see as mutually exclusive; why is Zavok so prominent in what is otherwise an Adventure game, with boost gameplay and Classic Sonic? This clip from a well-like Disney channel show sums up Forces pretty well: You have to put in extreme effort to make such disparate efforts work together, and played seriously no less. Sonic Team didn’t have that, and so the game is dysfunctional.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    I think this has more to do with expectations. Despite Forces sucking a lot, some people really expect the next game to "make or break" the franchise. No... Sonic is not gonna be doomed or saved. There will be ups and downs, ups like the movie (and sequels???), IDW, shorts, merch, Mania and Plus, there will be things like TSR which has ups and downs in itself, the very forgettable Tokyo 2020 and the bad like Forces. Sonic will never be a 100% glorious and golden icon if that's what you want, so tone down your expectations. SEGA is clearly upset about how Forces was, they want to ignore its reaction but they can't run from it forever, I hope this also means they are working hard to change the situation, games wise. Don't be scared of fans and critics, just IMPROVE and put effort.
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    ... And Sonic Team has nothing to show for it. This is the time in the industry when everyone should be strutting their stuff in anticipation for the next generation of consoles and what they provide. We knew about games like Halo Infinite YEARS in advance. And as much as THAT game's development appears to be a bit of a mess, and that its going to miss the launch window of the Series X, Microsoft understood that presenting and showing off the next gen Halo game was critical, because people are going to be buying the Series X specifically for it. Even SEGA itself hasn't been quiet. It's doing what it usually does announcing new Persona launches, we even know about an upcoming Project Black that's going to be announced next week. But Sonic Team has been completely silent. Aside from the the 2020 initiative, which promised to release Sonic related news every month... Which really hasn't amounted to much outside reairing ad bumps for games that at this point are reaching several years old as well as merchandising, the only thing we've heard heard about the prospective upcoming Sonic title is that it's coming next year. And that bit of information we've heard was last year. But if this thing is supposedly coming next year, and this is a huge multiyear project, are you telling me that right now, that Sonic Team can't show anything? We literally have a new generation of consoles coming in a matter of months, the whole world is passing Sonic by. Earlier this year, we had Aaron Webber give us the reasoning that Sonic Team is taking its time to make sure the game is the best it could possibly be, but I have several issues with that. Firstly, the last Sonic Team game was Sonic Forces, and that was back in 2017. That was three years ago. And secondly, the last Sonic Team was Sonic Forces, and that game freaking sucked. I know "Sonic has had a checkered past" is a tired and drawn out meme used by hacky games journalists, but Sonic Forces was one of the worst releases has ever seen in the history of the franchise. It was an unmitigated disaster from being devoid of content, what little content it had was severely lacking, and... Thirdly, the last Sonic Team game was Sonic Forces. Not only was it a colossal disappointment on release, it was a colossal disappointment that was years in the making. Sonic Forces came out in 2017 which was already four years after 2013's Sonic Lost World, which already was a disappointment in and of itself. So, I'm sorry Aaron. I'm sorry Sonic Team. Saying "you're taking your time" isn't a reassurance this time around when the last disasterpiece you released already had one of the longest development cycles of the franchise as it is. And I want to come back to Halo again, because I often find it shocking the contrast between 343 Industries's and Microsoft's approach is in contrast to SEGA and Sonic Team's. Because 343's had quite a few rocky Halo release in its tenure of the franchise. Halo 5 launched in an incomplete state with outright missing content, and the MCC launched completely and utterly broken to the point of being unplayable. But in contrast to SEGA and Sonic Team, who routinely abandons their failures and even some of their successes (I'm still mad at the absolute state of Team Sonic Racing, it deserved FAR more), 343 and Microsoft has been utterly committed to, over absolute years I might add, to fixing the issues with the MCC and Halo 5. Halo 5 is a substantially more complete game now than it was 5 years ago, and 343 has been hard at work trying to fix the longstanding issues with the MCC as well as fleshing out the content it has and launching it on a whole new platform. And on top of that, 343 has been utterly transparent with the direction that it wants to take Halo, and Microsoft and 343 have been absolutely obstinate in their stance that they do not want to release Halo Infinite in the same state as Halo 5 and MCC. I want to be clear. I don't hate Sonic Team. I've actually grown rather fond reading interviews, I think Iizuka himself seems like a really cool guy. I think there's a lot of really cool and talented people working at Sonic Team right now. I don't envy the position they're in right now, trying to revitalize a franchise that has spent the last decade in a meandering mire of uncertainty. But it's pretty clear their attitude needs to change. Because this prolonged radio silence that's going into one of the most critical moments of the gaming industry, it's not helping them. Similarly, STOP ABANDONING YOUR GAMES. They deserve better. Sonic Forces could have been a good game if you guys just stuck with it. Team Sonic Racing had the potential to be absolutely fantastic.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Could Sega's loses impact the the 2021 game?
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    Oh, please tell me you're not one of the people buying into that stupid "voter fraud" conspiracy trend.
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    It feels weird that it's near the end of 2020. Feels like it was both longer and shorter than that at the same time.
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    Seriously. Every time the GOP tries to frame Biden as some far-left socialist I'm like, "I wish."
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sorry for double post, but we got additional preview pages for #34: They have all the previews together here: https://tailschannel.com/idw-sonic/updates/sonic-the-hedgehog-34-previews/
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    Every time I play Breath of the Wild, I'm taken back to just how amazing my first playthrough of the game was. It's still one of the most magical and immersive gaming experiences of my entire life. I was totally lost to Hyrule for weeks. And I don't know if this is controversial or not, but I genuinely think that the fact that the game explains so few of its mechanics and encourages you to just do things your own way is a huge boon. A lot of things just don't get any kind of tutorial. I feel super sorry for anyone who had the game spoiled for them by watching gameplay videos and guides first.
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    Alex Trebek (Jeopardy host) has passed away from pancreatic cancer at 80. Expected but still sad news. Massive respect for keeping up the good fight against his cancer up to the end. RIP.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Nice, you're gonna be able to revive the franchise yourself.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Yeah, let's get the Sonic adventure 3 hype train rolling!!! When the new game is finally anounced, I want to see an entire room with fans wearing SA3 shirts, chanting for SA3, waving flags for SA3, while Iizuka nervously shuffles to the stage to anounce a third Sonic Boom game for the 3ds.
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