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    Today 2 years ago we lost Stan Lee. Will be honouring his memory by playing Miles Morales on the PS4 later (know he's not his character, still thinking of him).
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    Sonic Colo(u)rs: 10 Years Later

    I think it's more accurate to say, it's a Sonic game for the people who didn't like what Sonic was at the time, which was a very vocal amount of people. I posted this same topic on retro, and many have expressed how it was the game that got them back into the series after being burned by what the series was doing after the Adventure games. So yea, that's the perfect description for this game and I think that's why it's so contentious; the people who love it prefer it for it's simplicity and easy to understand nature versus fans who prefer the wild experimentation the series was going for.
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    Sonic Colo(u)rs: 10 Years Later

    It's exactly the kind of game Sonic needed at the time so I do appreciate it for that. But on it's own I find it one of the least interesting titles in the series to think about and play. Everything about it feels so rigid and calculated that it kinda rubs me the wrong way. I see Sonic games as more arcadey adventures with lots of energy and action. Maybe a little messy compared to something like Mario, but it's made up for in the freedom you're giving to experiment with the mechanics in the levels. Not to mention the hard to match spectacle Sonic is capable of compared to so many of his platforming brethren. Colors feels like the total opposite of that philosophy, and because of that it has no lasting appeal to me whatsoever. But again, it was a necessary evil so I can cut it some slack for that. The perfect Sonic game for people who don't like Sonic games is how I'd describe it (No, I'm not saying you aren't a Sonic fan if you don't like Colors lol).
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    Sonic Colo(u)rs: 10 Years Later

    Yeah, where a majority of the levels are basically amusement parks, each one is different and memorable on both versions of the game. Sweet Mountain & Dessert Ruins are our only Food themed Sonic levels in existence. This level theme is the smallest right now, even more than the digital and train levels.
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    Me watching everyone play Miles Morales while I have to wait another week for UK PS5 launch
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    With these two statuses I was worried a new Sonic game got announced
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    uh oh

    uh oh
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    Darn. I thought I finally finished this scene but as you can see, the line art on the background has a slight error. Still be adding sound effects next.
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    Sonic’s world has a number of fun attractions for families, couples, trill seekers, and gamblers to go to spend their Rings. They normally come in 1 of 3 forms: -Amusement Parks -Casinos -Carnivals or Festivals Note: The List in this opening post only contains Carnivals, Casinos, and Theme Parks from Sonic games I myself have played, experienced, and remember well enough to talk about, as well as levels I feel are debatable as Carnival/Casino/Theme Park Levels. For example, I have never played the Rivals games so I didn't mention Sky Park Zone or Neon Palace Zone. If you have a favorite Carnival/Casino/Theme Park level I forgot about, a level I didn’t mention because I never played it, or have a level you feel can be described as a Carnival/Casino/Theme Park level, feel free to talk about it in the topic. Sonic the Hedgehog: Spring Yard Zone This level always seemed like a Casino that’s under construction. Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Casino Night Zone Welcome to Sonic’s version of Las Vegas. The Neon Lights, miniature elevators, and the giant pinball machines started the ‘’Casino” Level trope. It’s also unique for having only the Badnik, Crawl, roam the show floors. Sonic CD: Collision Chaos Zone This area of the Little Planet has a unique casino area. Unfortunately, Sonic is too preoccupied to play around after watching Metal Sonic kidnap Amy in the Present. Sonic the Hedgehog 3: Carnival Night Zone I’m not sure who exactly built this place but after avoiding a jungle fire, underwater death traps, and getting buried alive, Sonic and Tails can’t really complain. This carnival features balloons to pop, weird gravity wheels like the ones in Scrap Brain Zone, different rotating and flying barrels of doom, cannons to shoot Sonic and Tails, and… lava platforms? During Act 2, Knuckles appears to shut the lights off. Did anyone else not get stuck on the “Barrel of Doom”? Or am I the only one? Sonic Triple Trouble: Sunset Park Zone This level has Motobugs riding carts, Badniks riding elevators, and that mosquito Badnik from Sonic CD. Sonic and Tails can highjack carts with a Spin Jump and ride by Spin Dashing. This stage is also unique for having a transition right from Act 2 into the Boss Battle, where the Goal Plate disappears into the ground, the grounds starts moving, the music changes, and Sonic/Tails run on top of a moving train to take out an evil Thomas Train. Sonic 3D Blast: Spring Stadium Zone …It’s like Sonic is inside of a weird, bright colored funhouse made up of springs, bumpers, pop-up spikes, and grenade turrets. Sonic R: Radical City This course has Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Eggman racing through a small city and part of its casino. There are several shortcuts where racers can jump the railing. The Green and Purple Chaos Emeralds are here as well as the infamous Tails Doll, who waits to challenge racers who can find all 5 Sonic Tokens. Sonic Adventure: Casinopolis and Twinkle Park Casinopolis is Station Square’s indoor casino, which has 2 pinball tables based on Classic Sonic and NiGHTS, a prize room containing the Grey Chaos Emerald for 400 Rings, an underground sewer system, a locker room with showers, and a few hidden pieces of the Master Emerald. Twinkle Park has bumper cars, roller coasters, bowling alleys, a carousel, a fishing pool, mirror maze, and exploding barrels. Remember, cute couples get in free! Sonic Advance: Casino Paradise Zone The Casino Paradise Zone is a colorful casino with multiple pathways and 1 Special Spring in Act 1. …Is that the Disneyland Castle in the background? Sonic Advance 2: Music Plant Zone This music themed park has giant, colorful instruments and floating sheet music for Sonic and friends to jump, roll, and bounce off of. This is also where Sonic rescues Tails from Dr. Eggman. Sonic Advance 3: Toy Kingdom Zone The Toy Kingdom is a park filled with elephant slide, panda teacup rides, toy rockets, animal head balloons, pendulums, and spinning star cranes. You also reunite with Amy after defeating Dr. Eggman and Gemerl. Sonic Heroes: Casino Park (Act and BINGO Highway) Casino Park is one of the checkpoints on the way to stop Dr. Eggman’s Egg Fleet. Casino Park figures giant pinball tables that teams will have to bounce around to get Rings and reach the Goal Ring. There’s a VIP Table somewhere… BINGO Highway challenges tenants to try and collect giant BINGO chips to get BINGO and score Rings. Apparently, there’s a secret Air BINGO… As awesome as the Casino Park Zone sounds, I do have to admit that pinball physics aren’t perfect and the camera doesn’t help. Shadow the Hedgehog: Circus Park In this stage, Shadow can either help Tails collect 400 Rings, help Eggman get rid of those “G.U.N. geeks”, or just go find that darn 4th Chaos Emerald. Sonic Rush: Night Carnival Zone If the Casino Night Zone is inspired by Las Vegas, the Night Carnival Zone seems to be inspired by New Orleans. Sonic and Blaze will have to walk on neon lights, use pop-up springs, and swing pulleys to get through the Zone. Sonic Riders: SEGA CARNIVAL & SEGA ILLUSION These are 2 crossover levels featuring elements from other SEGA franchises besides Sonic. SEGA CARNIVAL takes place during the day and features elements of Samba De Amigo, Billy Hatcher, NiGHTs, and Crazy Taxi. SEGA ILLUSION takes place during the night and features Samba De Amigo, NiGHTs, Space Channel 5, and Chu Chu Rocket. Watch out for the Opa Opa! Sonic Unleashed: Eggmanland After years of failures, Eggman finally creates Eggmanland, a giant country-sized amusement park factory fusion powered by Dark Gaia’s energy. Due to the unnatural, red cloudy skies it’s hard to tell when it’s day or night here. Then again, being around all the Dark Gaia Energy is probably enough to transform Sonic back and forth between his Hedgehog and Werehog forms without the Sun. Loved and hated by many, Eggmanland is the last ride for Sonic and Chip’s adventure to bring the planet back together. Sonic Colors: Tropical Resort, Sweet Mountain, Starlight Carnival, Aquarium Park, and Asteroid Coaster It seems that after making Eggmanland, his own country sized theme park, Eggman wasn’t ready to give up on making a theme park. So he went into space, kidnapped stolen planets housing cute aliens, enslaved said aliens to power his Badniks while also draining and breeding them into a brand new evil version of themselves, turned his Chaos Energy Planet Cannon into a Mind Control laser, and combined them all into a giant space theme park. Tropical Resort doesn’t have water or beaches but it does have several shopping areas and introduces Sonic and Tails to Yakker and the White Wisps. I’m not sure who’s driving the cars though… Sweet Mountain is a small, cinnamon bun shaped planet that Eggman turned into a food themed park. Unfortunately for Sonic, they don’t serve Chili Dogs here…but he can find the Red, Yellow, and Orange Wisps here. Starlight Carnival is a beautiful parade of lights, sounds, and death traps. Sonic can meet the Blue and Green Wisps here. Aquarium Park is a water paradise for different types of fish and underwater Badniks. This is also the first place where Sonic meets the Big Chaser. Asteroid Coaster is a prehistoric roller coaster attraction that hides the Nega Wisps. Even though they’re too far gone for Tails to translate, Sonic can still use their powers to grow big and consume anything in his path. Sonic Generations HD & 3DS: Rooftop Run, Casino Night, and Tropical Resort on the 3DS Today, in Spagonia, a festival is taking place between different countries….until Eggman's blimps came to crash the party. While Act 1 is literally the original, Act 2 adds some giant roulettes into the stage for Modern Sonic to get some Rings and Extra Lives. Tropical Resort seems to be a throwback to both Act 1s of the Wii and DS versions of Sonic Colors. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Casino Street Zone and White Park Zone Casino Street Zone is a fusion of elements of the Spring Yard, Casino Night, and Carnival Night Zones. Act 2 is unique for trying some originality using cards as platforms and rewards if you flip them over. White Park Zone is a winter themed amusement park with rigged snowboard trails, rigged roller coaster tracks, and rigged underwater sections. Good thing admission is free. Sonic Lost World Wii U: Frozen Factory Zone 2 & 3 In the coldest part of the Lost Hex there’s a factory that connects to an indoor Casino, being watched over by Zeena. Outside the actual Frozen Factory Zones 1 & 4, are 2 Casino levels. Frozen Factory Zone 2 has a Super Monkey Ball inspired route, where the snow is so sticky Sonic rolls into a giant snowball. As a snowball, Sonic collects Rings differently and has to go through giant pool tables with giant pool balls to beat Zeena in a extreme snowball fight. Frozen Factory Zone 3 is a throwback to the Casino Night Zone, with the addition of Silver Coins, Egg Pawns, lasers, and secret pinball tables. If you had to choose, what would be your #1 Amusement Level in a Sonic Game? What would be your least favorite Amusement Level in a Sonic Game? What are some old or new ideas you'd like to see in future Amusement Levels in Sonic games? What's another level theme you'd like to see fused together with the amusement/casino themes in Sonic games?
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    Sonic Colo(u)rs: 10 Years Later

    Today is the 10 anniversary of one of the games with the most...fascinating turnarounds of opinions in the past decade. Sonic 4 Sonic Colors. This game is rather funny to me because I actually like it for what it is, but got more critical of it when I was more involved with the fanbase. Nowadays I'm sitting more on the line of it just being a pretty good game. Nothing particularly special, but really doesn't deserve the vitriol it gets from the portion of the fanbase crying about another Adventure game. One big praise I'll give this game though, that can only be seen in hindsight, is that it is the last Sonic game with a truly unique aesthetic that is not based on prior games or the generic level tropes imaginable, and that's commendable.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic Colo(u)rs: 10 Years Later

    I replayed Colours' back at the beginning of 2020 and it was the first time that I'd played the game in years. I used Dolphin and a 60fps code. Barring a few minor glitches caused by running at 60fps, it was by far the optimal way to play the game. SEGA are really doing themselves a disservice by keeping this game on only the Wii. It's popular and was well-received. Why they choose to port things like Lost World and not the games that people actually care about is beyond me. When I played it this year, I discovered that the game wasn't quite as bad as I remembered. Back when I first got Colours in 2010, I remember being sorely disappointed. It wasn't bad, but the gameplay sure was dull. Sonic's controls are stiff and rigid, whilst the level design was bland and there were so many filler acts. It's officially a 3D game and we all know that in practice it's actually largely a 2D game with moments of 3D gameplay. My opinions on those factors haven't changed. However I think that the fact that this time I only bothered with the main story and completely ignored both Red Rings and the Sonic Simulator meant that the problems weren't being exacerbated quite so much. And the cutscenes? I skipped most of them. I'm the story of person who love story or a narrative in any game I play, but in recent years I've learned that there's nothing worse than a boring story and narrative. Colours has the latter unfortunately, so it's best skipped. Colours' reception both when it was new and amongst the fandom now really highlights how different groups view Sonic games differently. Nobody can argue in earnest that Colours is bad, but if you say that you don't like it at all then I could think of a million valid and fair about reasons why that might be. And the opposite is also true; even if you love the game, it's points of contention are understandable when outlined to you, regardless of whether or not they're issues to you. Personally I think it's a shame that Colours is held up in many circles as the gold standard of 3D Sonic games (and this also applies to Generations). Colours gets so much wrong without being offensively wrong. And everything it gets right it is just okay. Apart from the graphics and soundtrack, which I usually set aside when I'm analysing a game anyway, Colours just feels so tepid. The game doesn't elicit any emotions from me. It doesn't leave an impression. This is in stark contrast to every other 3D Sonic game, which give me a range of positive and negative feelings. I will always maintain that a large part of the reason for Colours' positive reception amongst critics and jaded fans was the fact that it was the first 3D Sonic game without major downsides. In the five years before Colours came out, we were given Shadow, '06, Secret Rings, Unleashed and Black Knight. Colours stands out from the crowd simply by not looking dubious from the outset. If for whatever you lost interest in Sonic before, Colours was just mild enough to be palatable. Also there was a DS version. I actually played this first when it was new, and the Wii version a week later. It's basically Rush 3, but feels cheap and tacky. It's severely watered down compared to both it's Wii counterpart and other DS contemporaries. And it has some of the ugliest visuals I've ever seen in a Sonic game. It's forgettable all in all.
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    It took until that Sonic Mania X-mas short for me to really appreciate Classic Amy's design and color palette. Hesse designed (OVA inspired) Amy is really cute 2B. And seeing her animated outside of a minor appearance helped.
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    These are great and extremely close to how Charles Zembillas designed them back in 90's, especially Cortex and Coco. I love what we got in Crash 4, but I also love these! I hope these designs can be used on something, maybe the animated series?
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    Good advice:

    Good advice:
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    Sonic Colo(u)rs: 10 Years Later

    Colors is just one of those games that doesn't boast to be more than what it really is, that's why I appreciate it far more than Generations. I always thought Colors was just good, nothing amazing, but a short, good time. Even most of the wisps were actually fun to use despite how often they pop up, as it keeps plain Sonic with his current style from getting very stale very fast. But after I beat it and even got Super Sonic, not much left to do. No real reason to go back to it aside from appreciating the level aesthetics, which are still in their own, pretty great. In fact, I say it has the best classic esque 3D aesthetic of Sonic's world since Heroes.
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    It’s political advertisement that Biden doesn’t have to pay or directly support it’s messages even though it’s still made to benefit him. Not sure how that makes it a scam when—unless you know of any outside donations they’ve been receiving—they pay for it with their own money. On top of that, its essentially free help that allows Biden to focus on other aspects of campaigning, and possibly allow Trump to waste his own efforts and resources to do the same (hence why Biden outspent Trump’s campaign over time). They basically make republican-style attack ads on Trump so that Biden doesn’t have to. They’re less trying to help Biden win than they are ensuring Trump loses. When Trump’s administration makes a hypocritical statement, a lie, or does something stupid, their goal is to capitalize on that and broadcast it out for people to see in ways that make Trump look buffoonish. No different from political cartoons that do the same. And just because there were still republicans that voted for Trump doesn’t mean they didn’t swing some against him. Not every republican is a Trumpist—and more to that, a lot of people who voted for Obama voted for Trump instead of Hillary, enough for him to win the last election. You’re putting too much stock in what they’re actually setting out to do—their goal is simply to make sure Trump doesn’t get re-elected, and as long as that’s accomplished regardless of other factors involved, then they’ve done their part.
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    Perhaps the only Sonic games that offer any incentive to return to them are in order: S3&K (which I’ve played for practically two decades), the Adventure series (mostly SA2) for the Chao Gardens and exploration, and Unleashed for the collectibles (tho at some point I stopped bothering after about a year or so). And I find it important to draw me into repeat playthroughs because that’s a testament to how damn good they are that I want to keep playing them longer than their completion times warrant. During the time I played S3&K for example, there were several hidden places in the levels I never discovered until years later after beating them, one example being a part in Lava Reed act 2 where I found a Special Ring somewhere in the lower section of the level. Also, I really wanted to find a easier way to get past the Barrel of Doom, so there was some stubbornness involved as well.
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    Very interesting. This post won't be related to Sonic but it's a little advice I want to share to help you get started whenever you feel you could start making videos. Having studied media career I have slight knowledge of the field. Basically the equipment what you need: - Obviously a computer. You can go with a PC or a Mac, whichever you're comfortable with. Mac is often advertised on being the standard of the business, but you can get as satisfying results on PC aswell and at the same time save some money on other stuff. Just remember that video editing really demands kick from your computer parts, like RAM & Graphics card. - A decend Microphone. Idk how prices range in your country but I bought my mic (Audix F50 Dynamic mic) for 50 € if I recall, could be more aswell. Microphones tend to have different recording variations, you have dynamic and condenser etc. As a person who records voice at home for my videos, I've managed well with a dynamic mic which in general record pretty well in close distances. I suggest you take a slight research on the topic before you invest, surely there's a lot of articles in the web. - Stand of a microphone. It's not mandatory but it will make your life a lot easier when you want to record your speech. - Pop filter. Again, in theory not mandatory but it is a practical tool. It's designed to smoothen your speech when it comes to microphone, eliminating those "pops" that are born when you talk. Basically you can also make one DIY-style, search for a guide if you wish. - External sound card. This will propably be the most expensive gear you need. I use Focusrite Scarlett Solo at home, perfectly suitable for solo recording. Again tutorials for sound cards exist on the web. - XLR / microphone cable. This is the cable which connects your mic to the soundcard. As for the software: - Recording software. This is all up to you which one you prefer, there exists free and purchasable programs. I use Audacity for home recording myself and I've been perfectly happy with it so far. - Writing software. Obviously you need to write a script for your videos. You can either go with MS Word, but I myself use a prog called Trelby which uses the script standard automatically. - Video editing software. Again a large world and all up to you which you prefer. Adobe Premiere is the basic standard on the field, though I've been using Magix (previously Sony) Vegas Pro for years and I'm very fine with it. Some video editing software are freeware, but remember that you can't have prime without paying for it. Most video editing software offer an trial or demo version. And in the end, it's up to your own artistic vision on how the videos end up. This is something that you basically can't learn from articles but it comes from yourself. You can study the basics of editing and recording and the slowly start thinking about the more complex stuff. Don't try to chew more than you can swallow or you'll end up frustated. It takes it's own time until you learn, but that's basically the same with everything. If you have any more questions related to this topic, send me some PM. Idk this post might be a confusing mess lol.
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    Got my copy! Might take some time to download, though. Internet hasn't been all too good around here lately.
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    Sonic Colo(u)rs: 10 Years Later

    I consider Colors to be the best Sonic games of the 2010's after Sonic Mania. It's a genuinly well made game. In retrospect, it's a terrible shame that the series failed to keep the momentum it seemed to gain with the game.
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    Sonic Colo(u)rs: 10 Years Later

    It’s still my favourite modern Sonic game tbh. By 2009 I’d mostly ‘checked out’ of the series after my interest started to fade following Adventure 2, the games somhow stopped appealing to me during that time except for one or two handheld titles. (Unleashed was half-tempting, but the werehog gameplay looked tedious). Colours was the first game in years that made me want to play it, it looked bright, happy, and fun. It looked like all the fun I’d seen from the daytime Unleashed footage without having to play the other half of the game that looked tedious. I didn’t mind the light-hearted story at all and it felt like some genuine heart and passion (and originality) had gone into the game and level themes. Sonic’s new voice had to grow on me a little but Tails’ new voice was perfect, a drastic improvement from what he had before. Eggman’s random announcements during the levels were very amusing. Music was beautiful. The repeating-bosses was an issue for me, but other than that I loved it. While I can see the temptation to point at Colours and say ‘This is the game where the story/gameplay/too much 2D/etc started to go downhill, let’s all blame Colours for the flaws of the games that came after it’ I just don’t see a lot of logic in that.
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    It’s a pretty basic game that was playing safe for what it can. My opinion on it hasn’t really changed much. It wasn’t bad, but once you beat it, it doesn’t offer much incentive keep me playing. As much as I share the criticisms it has, I never thought it was outright terrible beyond that.
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    I like her. Sure, we didn't get to see much of her, but I think that's not unusual for a mother character. She's an important influence on Sonic's life and therefore the rest of the story even if she didn't get much screen time. She has a nice design even if it's not exactly Sonic-y. And I have a soft spot for parent characters, especially adoptive ones. I absolutely hope she's explored more in the sequel, and will be disappointed if she isn't.
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    And with that, I leave this place for the next couple of hours. Deuces.
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    With the announcement of a sequel, I personally hope she’s not a one-shot character. Nothing says a wasteful to me like a character connected to a major one that’s just offed and is not brought up again in a future installment. Even if she turns out dead from her sacrifice, we could at least learn more about her post-humously.
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    I have a sudden, strong craving for peanut butter. But I am at work, and have no access to peanut butter. I can't even snag a Reeses from the vending machine because I don't have change. This fucking sucks.
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    I appreciate that you noticed the enthusiasm I have for doing research. Whenever I'm interested in something I invest myself into the topic. And yes I have wanted to make Youtube videos for the longest time now. If I may be personal for a moment, the thing with that is that I currently don't have the equipment/software and, especially, the time to do it. Also, my current circumstances of being in a shared room with others is another factor into that. I've got some ideas for Sonic videos. Here's some of them I want to do sometime in the far future if I ever do have the opportunity to create videos: A video covering on Markeyjester who is a well known ROM hacker in the Sonic Retro community. Here's his information: http://info.sonicretro.org/User:MarkeyJester Here’s his Youtube account: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCulJ4mGfvo2mpkU5JuaEhUA/videos Here’s some of the ROM hacks he has created: Here’s one he hasn’t released which is a two player Blue Sphere mode: My favorite ROM hack he made was Sonic 1 The Next Level: For some reason footage of this ROM hack appeared in the Netflix documentary, High Score, most likely mistakenly: https://www.sonicstadium.org/2020/08/sonic-fan-hack-makes-its-way-into-netflix-documentary-series/ I feel that Markeyjester is an underrated creator and deserves some more attention. ==================================================== A video on Satoshi Okano who inadvertently had a hand in Modern Sonic’s design. He was an artist at SEGA and for the longest time the Japanese art for Sonic 3D Blast was mistakenly credited to Yuji Uekawa until he had to come out and say he made it. If you don’t know what I’m referring to here it is: Here’s one post of him talking about it: https://twitter.com/okanotion/status/1167044493733875712 Archived Source: https://archive.vn/Kv0aF There’s an article where he goes more in depth on it: https://www.fanbyte.com/features/sonic-hedgehog-satoshi-okano/ Archived Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20200815225421/https://www.fanbyte.com/features/sonic-hedgehog-satoshi-okano/ If you notice in the article it says that Mania was originally the name for Sonic Jam before Okano suggested the Jam name instead. “Before Sonic Mania was the name of a 2017 return-to-form, it was an idea that Sonic Team art director Kazuyuki Hoshino presented for a 1997 Sega Saturn port compilation of Sonic’s Genesis titles. SEGA chose to go with another title, Sonic Jam, a name submitted by Satoshi Okano, a designer who had joined SEGA in 1996...” https://twitter.com/okanotion/status/1169261857246343171 Archived Source: https://archive.vn/XCvS7 Jam coming from a music term: “The “Sonic Jam” title was my idea,” recalls Okano, “My SEGA coworkers would ask me ‘what does that mean?’ I would politely turn and explain it to them like this: ‘The jam is like the jam in a jazz session. It means it’s packed with cool stuff.’” His art which would also appear in Sega Saturn Magazine prompted Yuji Naka to hold an internal contest for the new design of Sonic. Here’s the art itself: In the article it says this: Around this time, Yuji Naka came across Okano’s Sonic Jam art. With the impending need for a modern Sonic design, Naka was inspired by Okano’s work to hold an internal contest — artists within SEGA would submit their designs for Sonic’s new, modern look. “Among the four who participated in the contest,” says Okano, “there was classic Sonic’s father, Naoto Ohshima, Yuji Uekawa who drew characters like Ristar the Shining Star and Sonic, and Takumi Miyake who illustrated the 1996 Nights into Dreams storybook. Although I was a 3D field designer for SEGA, I was recommended because of my past work on Saturn Magazine.” As it turns out, in August 2020 Linkabel responded to a post by SEGADriven who had provided a scan of a page from a Harmony Magazine, issue no. 154, that actually shows the four submissions. Harmony was an internal company magazine. Here’s the image he included: https://twitter.com/AbelMunizJr/status/1293228950408138752 Archived Source: http://archive.is/ui0O3 The scan itself was created by, coincidentally, Mark Hughes (@thesketchsector): https://twitter.com/segadriven/status/1293231020955836417 Archived Source: https://archive.vn/NTwSL Okano was basically the missing link for Modern Sonic’s design so I think I want to shed light on that. ==================================================== A video on Fat the Kookaburra which is a joke character created by Paul Veer, an artist for Sonic Mania. It came from a post made by Brad Flick which made Paul create a sprite of the character: https://twitter.com/pietepiet/status/893949637588992000 Archived Source: http://archive.is/zS1Ie This discussion and a few others spawned a bit of fan art similar to Eggette who I can perhaps discuss a part on too. Each one had a different design: https://twitter.com/AdamRB/status/894699506398150657 Archived Source: http://archive.vn/guhbC https://twitter.com/Dagr8_Carlos/status/902408737167683584 Archived Source: https://archive.vn/Sw9s1 https://twitter.com/azookara/status/893970589756555266 Archived Source: http://archive.vn/ZSDRX Asides from this, maybe I could even go into what an actual Kookaburra is like and go National Geographic on y’all. ==================================================== A video on the Sonic CD animation. There is a lot I want to discuss about like the process, the animation cels, the differences between each of the releases of the animation spanning from the original SEGA CD version, the 1996 PC version, the Gems Collection version, etc. I also want to discuss Hisashi Eguchi himself since he was the “Chief Key Animator” for the animations. He has his own Twitter here: https://twitter.com/eguchi_1203 Ever since 2017 he has been providing sketches and information on the animation so go follow him if you haven’t. Here’s a few of the reference sheets All sourced from here: https://twitter.com/eguchi_1203/status/837374874213462016 Archived Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20171227015643/https:/twitter.com/eguchi_1203/status/837374874213462016 He also has been making new drawings of Sonic as well. Here’s the first one he made: He deleted the original tweet so here’s the archived source: https://web.archive.org/web/20180228041624/https://twitter.com/eguchi_1203/status/963114414806220800 The unused zone R2 was also seen in the ending animation so I can talk about that. I’m sure most people love this design of Sonic, just like me, so I think it would be interesting to go in depth on these animations too. ==================================================== A video on the rebounding mechanic in the classic Sonic games. Also come to be known as the Badnik Bounce. Here’s a Sonic Retro page about it: http://info.sonicretro.org/SPG:Rebound I wasn’t even aware I could do this until I found this video which also uses the Badnik Bounce term: The video itself was in a SEGA forums thread I came across but unfortunately since those forums shut down in 2018 I can’t source it anymore. With this new knowledge it changed entirely the way I played these classic Sonic games. I’ve found different bouncing chains by myself but mostly with the help of the Zone 0 website which is a site that provides maps for each of the four main classic games: http://www.soniczone0.com/ Here’s an example of someone utilizing this mechanic. I must warn to turn down your volume before watching because it starts off very loud from the sound of Sonic’s spindash: I would like to show off my own skills on this and perhaps teach people who may not be aware of this mechanic. ==================================================== Lastly, is a video on the history of Sonic Mania which will go in depth into everybody who had a role in this game. Every other video I have seen mostly just talks about Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley, aka Taxman and Stealth, and neglects to talk about the others. I feel like the rest should also be covered as well. I will say out of all the videos talking about Sonic Mania’s history I did enjoy the one by Video Game Story Time. They have charming art and good narration: Here’s some examples of the research I’ve done for my own potential video. Did you know that while most people know Tyson Hesse for his parody comic, Sonic’s Big Fat Adventure, he was in the Sonic scene in the early 2000’s making custom sprites: He was going by Rittz during that period and his sprite design was so popular it made people use it as a base for their own sprites. This style would become known as “Rittzified” as shown here: He would also make a sprite comic called “Sonic ARGH” around that time. Paul Veer, who I mentioned earlier, was commissioned by SEGA in 2015 to create an art print for Cook and Becker. Here’s an article from Sonic Retro about it: https://sonicretro.org/2015/09/17/ray-and-mighty-finally-found-on-new-official-sonic-art-print/ Here’s the pixel art itself: Lucas Carvalho, aka Midio, was another artist who happened to join the Mania team because of Paul. Here’s a magazine article where he says it. It’s on the side in the red section: The text you should be looking for is this: “Em certo ponto da etapa de desenvolvimento de Mania, o Paul Veer[um dos artistas] me recomendou como un potencial quarto artista para trabalhar no jogo e foi ai que eu virei parte da equipe.” I’ve translated the answer he said: “At a certain point in the development stage of Mania, Paul Veer [one of the artists] recommended me as a potential fourth artist to work on the game and that's when I became part of the team” I think that’s the only image of the article itself and it comes directly from Lucas himself. https://twitter.com/midio/status/913801458709123072 Archived Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20180518004533/https:/twitter.com/midio/status/913801458709123072 That was just a taste, so to speak, of the research I have done on that topic. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll somehow get the opportunity to make my own Youtube channel. I’m sure someone else will make videos on those ideas before I do though and then I will be called a copycat. And that’s just the ideas I have for Sonic videos by the way, I have so many more that are unrelated to Sonic. For one example I’ve been fascinated by a place called Kowloon Walled City and I’ve wanted to make my own video on it. If you’re curious about it here’s a video on it. Make sure to turn on Closed Captions(CC) for English subtitles: I’ll just see how I turn out myself so I could eventually do all this.
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    SatAm "Sea3on" Project

    Hey, gang! So it’s been uh, a hot minute since I’ve posted here...! (I have no idea if it’s been too long to bump this thread or not so apologies if it has!) I thought I’d quickly go through what the team has accomplished since then for those who are interested— First, we’ve got our first finished animation to show you all! For those asking what we can expect the finished product to look like, here’s your answer! (There’re also a handful of animatics up on the team’s YouTube channel, so feel free to check those out too!) On the comic side of things—Chapter 7 wrapped up not too long ago and a new short story has just started, illustrated by our newest member Nex! (Who you can check out here https://mobile.twitter.com/Cupofnex) http://www.sonicsatam.com/sea3on/?p=2147 I’m busy working on the line art for Chapter 8, which Nex will take colors on as soon as “Hare Care” is wrapped up—I hope you all look forward to it!
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    Hey! Sorry I've been busy - october is a month of giving away free art (basically), so I was working away on twitter. On the plus side, I can show what came up from it! There are no official Sonic characters, which I preferer to usually post here, but I think you will enjoy some of these. A Hedgehog Dancer! Ciara as a spooky Halloween witch! Video game themed costumes! Someone asked to be drawn as Heather from Silent Hill 3 - I think this is my favorite of the month.
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    This time we have some fan-art today! I booted up Starbound recently and made a new character that I've grown attached to. This is Razindi, a Floran bounty hunter who wanders the planet in search of adventure and a few pixels. When not seeking bounties, Razi spends most of her time drawing comics on post-it notes and painting whatever is on her mind. When not flexing her art skills or hunting down criminals and jerks, Razi enjoys playing with her pet snake named "Cabbage," playing video games for hours, and modifying her spaceship This Floran was sleeping in her hut one day when a fallen ship escaping Earth landed a mile away. Seeing as how the ship's pilot was dead and Razi was planning on leaving her home planet to travel to her favorite planet, Earth, the Floran called dibs and took the ship for herself... However, during her travels, she had learned Earth had been destroyed, much to her distraught. As if that weren't enough, Razi was mistaken for a member of the intergalactic law enforcer organization known as the Protectorate, and was sent to travel the universe in search of a way to destroy the giant creature that destroyed earth. Already Seeking excitement, Razindi pretty much went "Why not?" and set off on her adventure. Along the way, she uses her skills and hunter instincts to find and collect bounties. *************** This was a character I became very attached to, to the point where I made said character in Skyrim with the help of a few mods. The sprite is how I made her look in Starbound, (Also with a few mods enabled, albeit not as many), and As I put the character on paper, I combined elements of her design in Starbound and the her Skyrim version as well. Combine that with a few paint (and possibly blood stains) splattered on her poncho to put emphasis on her hobbies, and I came up with a design I'm very satisfied with. Don't really know if a Floran with a cyborg arm is lore-friendly or not, but the heck with it, I like it.
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    Huh, there's an obscure song from Ed Edd n Eddy used in the background that actually has a soundtrack, and apparently it was originally intended for an advertisement before being used in the show.
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    One thing I will never understand about Penders is his tendency to act as of his creative decisions are somehow out of his own control. Like, the way he phrases the answer to that one he makes it sound like Julie is somehow NOT a figment of his imagination and that her actions are independent of his will. You know, the warped thing is? I could see how that COULD work- you could have a stunned Julie maintaining her usual nightly ritual of preparing for sleep, numbly going through the motions and replicating the normalcy that no longer exists. Then she finally lays down, and the crushing reality of what just happened finally comes down, and all she can do is weep. Of course, all of THAT is dependent on demonstrating several things before hand- namely her sleeping habits, her close relationship with her husband, and so on and so forth, and we all know that this absolutely is not gonna happen. Because this whole thing of her sleeping naked is not being done in service to any higher idea of how her character is- it's being done purely so that Penders can show off how 'mature' his book is. It's the same pretense a lot of crappy 'mature' comic books from the 90s had, that merely including 'forbidden' things was enough to make a work mature regardless of how it was actually implemented. Also, while we're on the topic of Penders and worldbuilding- Dude, I hate to break it to you, but simply switching their living space from the surface to the underground doesn't magically make them more ecologically minded. Disrupting and altering the surroundings by artificial means to the extent implied by the existence of a technologically advanced, urban culture is not eco-friendly by any means. You're just trying to make your pet culture seem 'better' without putting any real thought into the actual implications behind their lifestyle. Much like every other hack Utopian science fiction writer with an inordinate amount of emotional investment in their own creations. And finally- 'Echyd'nyians'?? So, what, that's the plural for Echyd'nya now? Geezum crow that's a mouthful. And really, I'd think twice about mentioning all that old Sci-Fi when trying to promote your Totally Original New Series. You invite people to draw comparisons to those works, and it only makes your various acts of outright theft from your influences that much more obvious. Like, if you really had to name names, 'Star Trek' would've sufficed.
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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #104: Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy, Part 2 Eggman is Galactus. The dream of a life-time hath come true. I can die happy now. Seriously though, they went all in on this non-canon elseworlds story. I’m actually not complaining. I appreciate the break from whatever was going on in the canon I’m supposed to care about. This issue started off fun but it ended up being very odd. The first story’s ending was fucking astonishing. This thing started off as a semi-serious post-apocalyptic tale and ended on a gag that still, also, had very horrible implications attached to it. I’m not sure why Rotor-27 cheering on the genocide of an entire species was seen as the proper reaction for a superhero to have. The second story isn’t even really worth discussing. These characters that I don’t care that much about got attacked by a monster and dragged into the ocean. Then the last one came across a dam and screamed out DAM when he saw it. I think I’m ready to continue the canonical story proper as it were. It was nice having a break with a different writer but this did do a lot to remind me that Gallagher has his own problems too... Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #105: You Say You Want A Revelation? What an icky cover. This style looks awful on Sonic and his posture and face makes it look like he’s doing something incredibly indecent in front of Hope rather than laying there unconscious. I also don’t like Sonic with flesh colored eyes. It’s always been creepy to me. Even in Adventure 2. Can’t say I enjoy looking at this one. It’s making my potato chips taste bad. HOT DAMN! That was a really good issue. I wasn’t expecting the return to the main series to be quite as good as that was but perhaps Bollers simply needed a bit of a break. The intense nature of that situation was well done on all fronts and Eggman was on point in both his expression of menace and his dialogue. The imagery of the Overlanders becoming robotic was used to haunting effect, even on Snively, and the resolution, while quick, felt reasonably so due to being intentionally bittersweet. I also like how the Downunda Freedom Fighters story was just a happy little tale. Easily ignorable and nothing that felt up it’s own ass like all of Ken Penders’ bullshit. These characters may not be the most interesting but it’s also worth noting that there’s nothing here to hate, which is more than I can say for a lot of the other characters in this book. So yeah. Another success to add to the pile. I enjoyed this one a lot, surprisingly. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #106: Crouching Hedgehog, Hidden Dragon Kaido has invaded the comics… except not really. God, I wish though. This cover is… odd. It’s not… drawn badly, I don’t think. However, it’s very overly detailed and strangely set-up. This looks like it should be a connected cover… but I checked the next covers and it’s not. I really don’t get the idea behind this. There’s a Dragon’s Lair reference so… that’s good? This issue was fairly bog standard. There’s nothing about it that offends me on a visceral level. The kind nature of the Overlanders in Station Square continues to be a neat breath of fresh air. I do rather enjoy the President and how quickly he’s come into acceptance of Sonic and his character. It happened far quicker than it did with King Max, which is both hilarious and sad at the same time. The Penders story, while initially confusing, managed to steer clear of anything convoluted due to being mercifully short and painlessly easy to ignore. Next.
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    Happy 20th anniversary, SSMB!! I was really into the games' soundtrack, and TSS was where I managed to google myself to find those resources at one point. It allowed me to download tracks from the various older console games, and the next time I stumbled upon the site, I felt so grateful for all the provided tracks, so I wanted to honor the site by creating a user account, which I believe was sometime in 2003 or 2004. This was the time when one had to post a secret word from the rules list or so, just to ensure that one had read through everything if I recall correctly. This was at a time when I was unable to communicate in English, but I understood enough basics to locate the secret word. Memory is faint from those first few moments, but one only had access to the introductionary section, and each new member had to be manually approved by the higher ups. Roarey Raccoon, above me in this topic at the time of this typing, was the one to grant me access. With that, I was allowed to browse the boards. For a long time which felt like an eternity, I was just a lurker. I did not know enough English to post according to the basic grammar rules, and I was too shy to try even if I could. I read through a lot of user content, thankfully it was relatively easy to understand most users. I got to know a few people, it would feel as if I had known them for a long time along with their friendly relationship with other users, but at the same time, it was weird to feel like that, because I had never said a word to any of them before, nor posted. There was a Fluff & Party Forum section where I basically lived for a while, even if it was never intended as a main feature. Certain topics were approved for games and short replies, which built up my confidence a little, and I had the chance to overcome shyness and interact with others. Back then, I had a yellow Sonic avatar. One of the games in that one forum section was captioning the above user's avatar picture, and multiple users would respond to my animated Sonic GIF with "I wear no pants!" which I never saw coming, but thinking back at it makes me laugh. I was asked if I wanted to be an SSR radio DJ at one point, something which was a huge leap for me. I decided to push on and give it a shot. I would play Sonic soundtrack and other random songs alike, with some commentary in-between the songs. I made it into a show called the Super Secret Zone, featuring a logo with a large ring, as I was a big fan of special zone levels in Sonic games and the Chaos Emerald challenges. In 2007 (?) there was a Summer of Sonic event, and I was scheduled as one of the DJs. My show was to play the entire Sonic 3 (& Knuckles?) soundtrack, and after each track, I would talk about the various secrets hidden in those levels. Being live felt amazing, and while scary and terrifying at the start of a session, I felt increasingly fluent and controlled as I went on. I still have some of the recordings from when I was an SSR DJ. At one point, SoniClans were introduced. These were three subsections, or houses if you will, and a user could apply for one of them. If memory serves correctly, the three clans were based on Sonic, Tails (or Knuckles) and Shadow. There was a common section for all the clan users to interact together, along with an isolated section where members of the same clan could enjoy their company and take part in light-hearted topics and games, with minor arrangements being made from time to time. I cannot remember exactly what happened, but the clans needed new leaders, and I was among those given that responsibility. This was exciting, as I always liked the idea of having "powers" in order to organize things, set examples etc, and I now had limited moderator abilities within the SoniClan forum section. Amazing! One Christmas not long after, the staff had reason to suspect a large attack on the site, including new users with malicious intent (at this point in time, users could sign up and start posting freely). I was asked if I would like to be an extra layer of protection the site for the holidays, to extend my SoniClan moderation abilities to count for the SSMB as a whole. I certainly did! JJ and myself became "undercover" staff for a limited time, with white usernames. There was no access to staff forums, and I believe reports were not directed to us at the time (reports were sent as automated private messages at the time, compared to today's report center and administrative tools), but we were otherwise very active in scanning topics at the time regardless, and any malicious user causing havoc would be spotted relatively quick. Thankfully, the anticipated threat did not become reality. Not-so-fortunately, the SoniClans system was announced to be removed. I remember I was chatting with forum administrator Roarey Raccoon, and I felt it was a shame that SoniClans were to be no more. I had poured a lot of love and work into it, and without it, I was ready to revert back to regular membership. He said, not necessarily, and asked if I was interested in being converted to a permanent member of staff. I was one of few, if not the only one entering the team this way. Usually, a member would have to be voted for and elected by the members of forum staff, and I was an unpopular option amongst them, so the administrators promoting me seemed to be a shock to most of them, but I think it worked out quite well, and I was euphoric being able to help out my online home. In 2009, the SSMB was wiped off the Internet. I am not sure entirely what happened, but I heard it was related to a misunderstanding somewhere, and the site hosting services pulled the plug, with little to no recoverability. The SSMB was shortly rebuilt from scratch, using a different provider if I recall correctly, and it quickly grew its userbase over again, and the site you are browsing this very moment is evolved from the one that was rebuilt at that point in time. Many years have passed since then. Users come, users go. New forum sections arise, some are moved around, merged with each other, and new topics and discussions arise. I am far from as active as I used to be, lurking through the boards as I once did, maybe some cleaning and organizing in the background. Most users that are here today may not know me or might not have seen my name around here much while I lurk around. There was once an SSMB Christmas calendar that the staff made for the community, and one of the calendar entries, as mentioned by Dreadknux in the opening post, was a Christmas sing-a-long, sung by members of the staff. The song was The Chipmunks' Christmas Don't Be Late, edited and put together by Flint. I sang two portions, one as myself and one as a silly mystery chipmunk. I have a warm and happy history with SSMB. I am glad that I was allowed access to the site all those years ago. Thanks to the SSMB and all the content here, I am able to communicate using English today and can enjoy content and contributions by other members. Thanks to the SSR, I can now record and/or livestream immersive gaming content without fear, but feeling fluent and proud. Thanks to the admins and staff, I am feeling confident and believe in myself. A big thanks to all users, and basically everyone in the community, including past, present and future, for being here, and for participating in a friendly and constructive environment we may enjoy call home. Happy 20th anniversary!
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