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    I might get a chance to play The Great Ace Attorney then. Been obsessed with Ace Attorney and its music lately. I just binged through all the games this year. The Court of Resignation is a fantastic track, my God. As well as that hyper theme for the Mood Matrix. Oh and Gavin's theme. Everything sounds so good.
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    Pokémon Sword & Shield

    I quite enjoyed the Crown Tundra. Similar to the Isle of Armor, it's amazing how much more compelling the open-world areas become when they're designed in what is in fact a less open way; rather than just one big open field like the mainland Wild Area, it's just so much more fun tootling around these places when the way forward is crooked, non-linear, full of squirrely passageways, branches, dead ends, competing attractions. I also felt that the "legendary hunt" format was great for making the open-endedness of the Crown Tundra meaningful; there was potentially something to find down every route, with no arbitrary roadblocking or pointless areas. The main story itself was a fun novelty in how heavily it involved an actual Pokemon directing us around, though it suffered badly from the stop-and-go pacing of the main games, where occasionally you'll be sent on pointless diversions or end a cutscene only for the next to start five steps away. And the games really need to get their act together with their cinematography - why is it they can pull off something like that wonderful introductory movie for the Galarian legendary birds, but in most cutscenes characters can't walk in a curve? One more respect in which I feel the designers still haven't evolved past the 2D games (which still feel like the more complete products). I also felt it was interesting that, as in the Isle of Armor, there was a pseudo-version-exclusive dichotomy where there were two versions of the starring Pokemon, but you actively chose which one you wanted. It made me wonder if they were anticipating and experimenting with approaches for if they ever drop the two-version gimmick for the series. In conclusion: I still prefer by far the confined, top-down puzzle dungeons of the 2D games, but I feel I could come around to this direction of the series if they handled the main map like this and just made sure to do proper gyms. Their storytelling and cutscene direction continues to need serious work, though.
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    Well sonuva b. Karen Strassman (voice of Rouge) is apparently a COVID denier/TERF/Trump Supporter and Quinton Flynn (voice of Axel, Raiden, and former voice of Silver) is apparently a groomer and predator. KS: QF: https://twitter.com/vivarockbella/status/1328070846682841089 https://www.thegamer.com/quinton-flynn-sexual-predator-harassment-kingdom-hearts-metal-gear/
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    Sonic Colo(u)rs: 10 Years Later

    My thoughts on Colors as of today reflect back to this comment from @Indigo Rush back in 2017: "Sonic Colors was seen as the best Sonic game in a decade. When was the last time you've played it?" ...and I would reply "not since I first beat the game, back in early 2011." After playing to essentially 100% completion (all Red Rings and Chaos Emeralds from Sonic Simulation/unlocking Super Sonic), I've had minimal interest in going back to the game since then. Or to put it another way (for those who don't use replayability as a metric on recommending games)--there are a good handful of other Sonic games and many other platformers in general; that I would vouch for checking out first before offering Colors. For me, this is one of those games in which I'd say it's only worth looking into in a "when you've got no other games to play" scenario, if you're merely looking for a competent Sonic game and nothing more beyond that, or if you're just *that* curious about this game above all else. It's definitely not a lousy game and it does have its merits--the presentation (art direction, stage settings, graphics --esp. for a Wii title-- and soundtrack) is probably the last outstanding one for a largely original Sonic work (compared to stuff like Generations and Mania, which are heavily built on existing environments/zones and remixes of existing music). And in terms of being the "comeback" game after a string of divisive, unfocused games; it deserves that title far more than the other hyped "comeback" 2010 Sonic game of that year. But the gameplay, namely the platforming/level design, is just too clunky and rigid for Sonic gameplay and too generic when measured to other platformers for me to really enjoy. And a lot of the levels are in 2D for what's supposed to be a 3D Sonic title; although since we're dealing with Unleashed-lite Boost gameplay, there not much good to talk about here either (in the sense of the "3D platforming" that isn't boosting through levels). Colors also has the "unwitting instigator of doom" stain on it where all of the things it brought to the table in 2010 (the Wisps, the laidback sitcom tone, the simplistic stories, the Sonic/Tails character focus); have overrun the series as a whole as of 2020, with those elements getting explicitly worse over time. What used to be a welcome departure from the then-immediate era of games as of 2010, I would have no qualms of not seeing ever again as of 2020. They've successfully inherited the mantle of exhaustion people had with the games of the 2000s--the serious-to-grim tones, the focus on ensemble casts/new characters, the fairly developed (even convoluted) stories, and Sonic games proudly wearing blatantly gimmicky gameplay concepts on their sleeves, among other things. I imagine it's only a matter of time before we get a new major Sonic game that rejects everything this game established, and either goes back to the 2000s era (and not in a half-assed way like Forces) or does something completely different altogether. Where I used to consider this as a great game shortly after I first beat it, I only consider it on the higher end of decent nowadays. You can certainly do worse, but there are a lot of better options out there too. I think it only really excels for people with a very specific criteria of what they want out of a platforming game or a Sonic game.
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    Sonic Colo(u)rs: 10 Years Later

    I used to like this game a lot when I didn't have Generations or Unleashed to reference it to, but it didn't take me long to realize that almost no mechanic it has holds up under any real scrutiny. Sonic is easier to control but part of that is just because they removed as many obstacles and options as they could from the last game. Sonic only isn't sliding off the map because it's nearly impossible to die that way outside of very specific sign posted areas. The drift "works" now because they made it a scripted segment. Didn't like the QTEs? Well, they're still here except now there's no reason to worry about failing them or dealing with the fallout of that. Platforming is re-emphasized but only in the most restrained way possible. In a way, it feels like it's cheating a lot of the time instead of addressing any real problems. Wall jumping, quick stepping light dashing and drifting weren't useful outside of specific places but at least there were at lot of places in Unleashed where you had to chain them together to get by. It's a fun reflex/knowledge test even if it's shallow. Sonic Colors basically locks them to their own segments of gameplay when they don't remove them outright, which feels like it's missing the point. The drift in Sonic Unleashed is kind of like a drift in a lot of racing games where it has a surprising amount of application outside of the places where you're obviously supposed to use it. Sonic Colors can't hope for that type of emergent gameplay because it doesn't allow for anything outside of the script to happen. The wisp system is like a beat for beat emulation of the power up system from Mario Galaxy, and most people are willing to admit it doesn't hold up well in that game. Simplistic puzzle solving is alright for an initial playthrough, but Sonic games, good or bad pride themselves on some kind of flexibility that makes replaying them fun that these types of mechanics really don't suit. To put it another way, there's not many unique ways to use the laser wisp, You either point it in the right direction and get the obvious score/time benefit or you don't. Compare this to like, grinding in SA2. Hopping on the rail is just one part, but there's enough of a benefit for balancing on the rail properly that there's ways to clean up your play on a subsequent run. You won't exactly die if you can't balance yourself in SA2's early stages, but that little bit of optimization along with things like the tricks in the down hill segments or the poles Sonic can spin on makes replaying an easy level interesting. In Sonic Colors, most of the optimization is either done for you already or too easy to achieve. There are some wisps that have some margin for error here and there and that's the most interesting the game gets, but they feel like the exception to the rule of stuff like the rocket wisp that are just kind of hard to get wrong or the frenzy wisp which just feels kind of unfinished. The Drill Wisp is like the clear standout because of how much more fun it makes swimming. I wish the other ones had multiple uses like that. The game's atmosphere is great, but I'm a little underwhelmed by it compared to Sonic Unleashed because it doesn't take any opportunity to let the player take it in. A more straightforward approach for an action game isn't bad, but in a case like this where the stakes are so low and and the atmosphere so jovial, some more ways to cool off between levels would have been a good fit. A hub world in a new Sonic game is probably a pipe dream, but even something small like gens would have been nicer than what we got. An overpriced souvenir shop, a small little plaza you can acces levels from instead of a map screen, a place to talk to the first round of patrons trickling in, anything to make it feel more like you're at an amusement park. Sometimes the game is such a strong mood piece that I feel like the cutscenes focusing entirely on it's sense of humor was just a bad choice. Almost everything that Eggman has done wrong this time can be conveyed with a simple glance at the map screen. Freeing wisps is pretty satisfying. I like the way that the first 3 levels are such extravagant, playful experiences before Planet Wisp hits you with a nice dose or reality that you probably won't shake entirely for the rest of the game. The ever alert Eggpawns now fill out the park's staff. Eggman's PA announcements provide a nice splash of humor and world building without being overbearing. A lot of the more understated storytelling in this game is actually great, so much so that the cutscenes feel like they were bolted onto something that already works at the last minute. I made a long post about the story not too long ago that I'll link here since nothing has changed. TLDR: I think they blew a golden premise. I don't like being so mean to a game that's obviously supposed to be light reading. For all it's faults, I don't think it's a bad way to introduce new players to Sonic before they move onto something more interesting. It's just constantly brought up as a highlight of the series when I just don't think that it's true by any metric. It's used as an example of Sonic getting things back on track and being competitive again when in terms of content and depth it comes up short of most of it's competitors on the same platform. It's not as tight as the classics and doesn't offer the experimental factor of the dreamcast era. Gens even nails a lot of it's strengths in polish and pacing with better level design to go with it. 'Ambition' is starting to be seen as a dirty word nowadays, but it's absolutely true that this game lacks mechanical ambition imo. Almost every gaming classic has mechanics or ideas that were absolutely game design "do nots" at the time including Sonic himself. I don't like to float the terms overrated or underrated around because I think most people are being genuine when they say they like this game, but I wish people would be more...open minded about the experimentation in the other ones? Idk, it definitely made them a lot more interesting to me which goes a long way toward making up for the lack of polish. There's no way Sonic can compete with Mario or Donkey Kong or Crash in the 'solid 2.5D platformer' space. It stands a much better chance being it's best self.
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    CD was my gateway into the series as well. There really isn't anything like it in terms of personality and style; it's such a singular artifact and one of my comfiest games. People like to rag on its level design and, while I agree that it doesn't always facilitate the time travel mechanic, the challenge makes success all the more gratifying. It's funny that Sonic gameplay finally 'clicked' for me in the game fans tout as having the worst level design, but honestly, it really works for me; I get more frustrated playing Sonic 3. Everyone likes to rag on Wacky Workbench, but no one wants to admit how much of a slog Marble Garden Zone is! (Kidding.) Sort of.
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    What was going on in Archie in this period man? The quality control is absolutely all over the place. The blatant tracing is so bad, I didnt even have to know where each shot came from to know none of it fit together. Also, squeezing in so many stories just feels like a waste of space, and bringing back the original Robotnik for just a joke seems like kind of a waste.
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    I can't complete this until Penders finish his. I don't do background much so it's sloppy, but my main focus was fixing the characters. Basically the eye shape, flatten the hair more to the head, and the profile. I changed Julie Su's colors because where did Lara Su get her colors from? Also I like to simplify things. I did use Penders sketch for this when fixing the characters. Also who lays on a hard ground? At least have some kind of bedding.
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    Sonic X - Issue #15: Bad Eggnog Uh-oh! It’s FINALLY time for the issues of copied and traced art. Ho’boy. Merry Christmas to me! Unfortunately, because these came out once a month and I’m doing these reviews at a much faster pace, I won’t be able to match up my review of this issue with Christmas time. Though, if you look in all the malls, you’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s already Christmas time anyway so I guess it still sort of works. That said, this is yet another fantastic cover. The references from Bark the Polar Bear to Samba de Amigo are one thing but the image of Eggman attempting to go down that tiny chimney with Sonic strapped to his back makes me laugh. What a card. As good as THIS drawing is, things are about to get very controversial within this issue because of a certain “artist” named Todd Wahnish. Betcha his favorite Overwatch character is “Tracer”. This took an infinitely long time to get through but it had nothing to do with the ridiculous and simple story of the issue I just read. No, instead, it’s because I had to drop what I was doing every time a new image appeared in this book in order to find the original image it was traced or copied from and put it in to provide a neat comparison. I felt it my duty to locate and show off as much as I could and even then, I didn’t show all of them because I’d be here for hours longer if I did. This book was a Christmas story. It’s a fucking CHRISTMAS story and it’s literally stitched together with traced and copied art. I don’t even know if there’s a single original image in this book. Even the super tiny background character images were still copied from Sonic X screenshots. Like… I can’t even imagine how pathetic of a person you’d have to be to not at least try to inject a SINGLE piece of your own original artwork in a professionally released comic book. I can’t even get into how weird and silly this was because it’s so insulting and awful as an example of a visual medium. Fuck this. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #107: Crouching Hedgehog, Hidden Dragon - Part 2 Fear not everyone. We may not have an Adventure 2 arc but we get to experience Sigma-Alpha 2. At last! Finally! … FINALLY! Well, that was crap. It made me feel uncomfortable and it really didn’t need to. I’ve no clue why the book felt the need to randomly touch upon subject matter like that and then drop it 2 pages after it was introduced literally so that it could have an excuse to murder the problem they had on their hands. I guess the subject matter was too complicated to find a resolution to without just killing it but then that begs the question, yet again, of why they bothered in the first place. I gotta give Bollers a massive thumbs down for this one. Meanwhile, the Knuckles story is just doing that thing it does where it abandons plot lines when it gets bored of them. Absolutely nothing worthwhile became of that plot point of the island being trapped in another dimension. It left for a few issues and now it’s back. Green Knuckles is something that happened completely independent of that. He just transformed, beat the shit out of a little boy in a red cape, and then wandered around crying about the horrible thing his terrible father did until he managed to calm down. It would seem the only remaining plot line actually directly attached to what happened is the Dark Legion stuff here and it’s still very odd considering it’s their fault this all happened in the first place. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #108: Robotnik x 2 = Trouble! Say it isn’t so indeed. We’re apparently about to get two Eggman’s up in this bitch. Strange title aside, there’s other things of interest about this issue. For example, a “new” writer as well as three stories instead of two. Curiouser and curiouser. This issue was… okay. Just okay I guess. The second story was the best looking and best written of the three. The first one took a mildly intriguing idea and disguised it as something potentially infuriating only for it to be revealed as something that existed just to be light-hearted and goofy for the sake of maybe challenging a critic who’s probably no longer relevant in 2020. Meanwhile, the third story was an easily ignorable Penders story. Overall… it’s whatever. Be sure to leave comments so I'm not just talking to myself here.
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    I wish they had handled the side characters differently. I got very excited over how fun Tawna's and Dingo's introduction levels were and wondered where they'd take their gameplay, but the timeline levels are simply disruptive - why would I want to repeat the Crash section of a stage I just did multiple times (to reach the flashback tapes), only with more Nitro crates? End their stages early if you must instead of having them drag on. Not to mention, as feared from previews - Cortex' gameplay was simply not fun. I'll take the one Evil Academy stage he has in Twinsanity over anything here, at least using his blaster was mindless fun, here I need ten tries until I get Cortex or the target into the right position and then he just dashes over it by accident anyway. Overall I really enjoyed the game, the presentation is incredible, characters and levels are beautiful and full of personality (loved the dialogue with Brio and Oxide in particular) but sadly they dropped the ball where it mattered and it's holding the game back. After always ending up with 2 or 3 missing crates because they're hidden off-screen for some stupid reason, I stopped bothering with completion after the first two worlds, replaying levels takes forever to load which is ridiculous for how much you have to do it, and the frustrating level design and difficulty stops me from recommending this to family and friends who I know were psyched for a Crash 4 but wouldn't like this one. The story also peaks with the N. Tropy boss and then just awkwardly continues anyway, in a way that makes sense but was not very exciting to watch play out. I'd pass on the frustrating last area if it meant more exciting boss battles, especially a grander finale where you actually get to use Dingodile, Tawna and Cortex as the cutscenes imply.
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    A delayed game is eventually (Launch release) No Man's Sky. While a rushed game is forever Super Smash Bros. Melee. ~ A wise man
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    Sonic Colo(u)rs: 10 Years Later

    This isn't really the game's fault, but people's reaction to it. And I get where it comes from, because people are deathly afraid of another experimental title bombing the series` reputation even further. But as a result, the series has just kind of lost any sense of ambition imo. I know people mock that word, but it's genuinely how I feel about the series nowadays. It's certainly nowhere near as bad as it used to be, but I really don't feel like the series is living up to its potential and just coasting on brand recognition alone. I really don't want to downplay the people who genuinely love this game for what it did, but I also can't help but feel that it just reinforced to people that Sonic shouldn't be experimental at all and just needs to play it as safe as possible. Sonic never got to where he is by playing it safe, and I kind of wish people started to realize that.
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    AWild No.1 washed up gamer


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    Really? Sonic CD was what got you into the Sonic series? Cool. Glad you were able to be interested in Sonic from Sonic CD. I still think it has questionable things with its level design, but the game is still neat nonetheless.
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    I love Nathalie Fourdraine's IDW covers so much, I hope she gets to design a character or something because I can't get enough of her work
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    Frankly Sonic CD was the game that directly got me into the franchise. I had played Sonic games before that but I was more into Mario during my younger days. IDK there was something about CD's style, atmosphere and music. Also it intruduces 2 good characters which are Amy and Metal Sonic. When Amy got kidnapped on CC act 1 it was really cool moment. I like to play CD to this very day.
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    Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4 & PS5)

    This was nice
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    The new set of consoles is similar to the last set, so I wouldn't be concerned there. I don't expect the next Sonic game to be much of a hardware showcase either. Those days are long gone.
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    Sonic Colo(u)rs: 10 Years Later

    This is absolutely not true at all. The people who like Colors still do as we see in this topic. The only "hate" it gets is from the vocal minority of Sonic fans who never cared about the game to begin with, its just that their voices were drowned out by the game's praise in 2010 and were just forced to stir. 10 years of this game dictating the series direction has only made said vocal minority louder in their hate towards it. And that's just kind of how it goes with Sonic games. There's always going to be a subset of fans who hate what the series does that's not to their specific preferences, and they vocalize it over social media. "Its not Adventure" "Its not classic" etc etc. Colors is absolutely still loved by the people who loved it back in 2010, but the vocal people who hate it for stripping the things they loved about the series away have only just grown up to be more vocal...hence all of the video essays of Adventure fans tearing the game down and why its shit.
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    I actually massively prefer the DS version over the Wii version of Colors. Gameplay has a better rhytm, there's actually playable themepark rides, story is less cringe. That said, I would have preffered a Sonic Rush 3. Sucks this kickstarted the trend of only having watered down main games as handheld titles rather then them being spinoffs in their own right. .... And then Handheld games completely died and now we only have the same endless runner phone game over and over. Yay. I like to call Sonic Colors Wii to be the Best 3d Sonic game there is... For people who hate 3d Sonic games. In the same way Grand Theft Auto 4 is my favorite Bowling simulator. As a fan of 3d Sonic games, I'm annoyed at it for being a sheep in wolf's clothing. If it was honest about it being a more Game Gear esque 2d Sonic platformer, I'd have a lot less vitriol for it. But taking it for what it is, it's fine. Compotent enough, and definitly more easy going and clean compared to other Sonic games, so I can see the appeal. The music and graphics are great. And Sonic definitly needed a more light hearted filler adventure after all the intensity of the 2000's. The idea of levels taking place in an interstellar amusement park is great. I just really wish they focused more on that aspect and had more interactive themepark setpieces in the levels Like what Twinkle park in Sonic Adventure did. As it is now, the Themepark is merely background wallpaper and rarely takes an active part in the level design, minus some rollercoasters in the penultimate zone. Even Eggmanland in Unleashed got more mileage out of the themepark setting then Colors in it's entirity did. Back to the positive side, like what some folks said before me, it's the only 2010's Sonic game that has a legit setting. The Themepark world is pretty cool. Especially after later Sonic games are nothing but throwaway aesthetics in limbo. Ah right, forgetting about the Sonic Boom games again. The Boom games had a proper setting too but most levels are so generic that I can't remember a single level but the Gothic Disney castle zone from Fire and Ice. The sense of humor tough, arghh. I love Sonic games to have a sense of humor, but this style of low energy, smug sitcom humor is exactly the wrong kind of humor that sucks Sonic's natural energy away. Either way, if Sonic Colors gets a re-release, I'd love to read the new reviews for the game. I always had a hunch Colors got most of it's praise for merely being "not another Sonic 06" rather then it's own merits. Not to mention the return of more prominent 2d gameplay. I would love to see the public's reaction toward the game now that Sonic Mania stole most of it's thunder. I've read various "THIS IS WHY MODERN SONIC IS DOOMED!" articles written in the past 5 years, and I'm always fascinated at how those articles go down the list of all the usual suspects, but curiously end their Sonic beatdown right when we're past 06 and Unleashed, about the halfway point of Sonic's lifespan. Maybe Rise of Lyric and Forces get a quick kick in the gut and Mania a small tip of the hat but most of the 2010 era of Sonic seems curiously missing in these articles, despite being an explanation of why supposedly Sonic's DOOMED in 2017-2020. As if the post Unleashed era is just so boring, everyone keeps forgetting about it.
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    Sonic Colo(u)rs: 10 Years Later

    Like, I really do feel bad for this fanbase at times because the opinions of the masses always outweigh the voices within the fanbase. The public had deemed Sonic was "bad" and "needed to change" and Sega had almost no choice but to listen to move away from all of the controversy surrounding it. And all of that overwhelming praise this game got just reinforced the idea that everything from the 2000's was "wrong" and that Sonic Colors was the way to go. It's a game that is the complete inverse of its predecessors in a way; instead of getting unwarranted hate, it gets unwarranted praise unto itself for doing the bare minimum. And that is not a condemnation of people who like the game; if you feel like Sonic Colors was an amazing title, then by all means. But the contention surrounding this game cannot be ignored.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    In terms of storytelling, ESPECIALLY considering continuity, Sonic 06 was definitly the last big ambitious game. Altough Unleashed and Black Knight shot for the stars as well. They just feel more episodic. Which I'm fine with, but right now I feel we desperatly need a big epic game again, we had more then a decade of random low stake filler. About time for a fist pumping grand adventure again. Forces tried to be one, but had the impact of a wet fart. But yeah, Unleashed and Mania were definitly passion projects. Generations too, even if it's short and only concentrated on gameplay. I don't know. Honestly, i don't think passion is so much the problem. Even now I still see glimpses of passion, good ideas and respect coming trough. I just think Sonic is suffering severely from 'Too many cooks in the kitchens" syndrome. As soon as Classic Sonic showed his face in Sonic Forces, you just knew that game reeked of "suits in a boardroom made a grocery list of popular things" rather then any kind of artistic endeavor. The only thing that would give me more confidence in the next game is if Sega can gurantee they just put a team of visionairies on the project and let them be. Frick, I wouldn't even care if it's a new Classic style game, Adventure game, boost game, brand new crazy thing. Don't care what you do, but DO IT. Have a vision and go for it. Better then trying to please everyone with a half assed uneducated blind grasp at the past. But with all the other problems Sega's going trough now, you can bet they're desperate for succes with the next Sonic game. Which to me sounds like we're getting another soulless grocery list Frankenstein game up next.
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    They even added the comic effects from the movie! First the Spider cat and now this!
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