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    Yes, please.

    Yes, please.
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    [Fanfiction] The Disciples

    A brief new chapter for The Disciples is here! Sonic and Sayaka's relationship grows... gradually. CHAPTER 9: AWKWARD CONNECTIONS
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    So that's how it ends. After 15 years of going to the same school, I've finally finished my last High School class. Currently, with mixed feelings: Missing friends and teachers but with relief that everything related to school is done.
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    I hate this man so much
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    We now have some previews for IDW #35:
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    I say it again: yes, please.
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    You know what's a sad way to know that the Capcom leaks are true? A typical enhanced re-release of Street Fighter 6, literally set to come out a year after the original.
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    There's a new Persona mod for SRB2 and it's kind of insane how well done it is
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    Shadow Chaos Control

    Yoshi Appreciation Thread

    I stumbled on it. I call it Shadow: The Lost Years.
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    The hits keep coming and they don't stop coming for this Avengers game. And rightfully so.
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    Yoshi Appreciation Thread

    Yoshi and shadow that鈥檚 a cute drawing the ultimate life form needs his diaper change! 馃槂
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    Shadow Chaos Control

    Yoshi Appreciation Thread

    Neat @Nathan Yoshi鈥檚 Island was indeed colorful. I really enjoyed it. My favorite Yoshi is Black Yoshi.
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    Well damn. MetalSkulkBane beat me to the punch. If you guys don鈥檛 think this can work, you haven鈥檛 watched very many cartoons. Some nowadays are upping the ante and instead of devils are going for cosmic horror Cthulhu-like character. Seen this show? Looks far more kiddier and sillier than Sonic by leagues. Well I was watching it after a long while, and came across this unholy abomination that鈥檚 far out of place for what this show presents itself. (And that鈥檚 not even getting into the show鈥檚 backstory either) It鈥檚 2020 people, not 2006. Kid shows have had devil characters even before Sonic came along; they鈥檝e had them when Sonic was more popular than Mario (who surprisingly enough has had a demon called the Shadow Queen in one of its most popular titles); and they鈥檝e continued to have them and more since. I don鈥檛 care about anyone personally not liking it, because at this point it鈥檚 basically saying no for the sake of saying no. But it needs to be said that people should stop acting like this is a controversial thing when we鈥檝e had well over a decade of discussion figuring out what the actual problems have been and why these things might not work.
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    This is pretty pointless question, because answer is boring. "Yes, if done properly by smart writer" You know how many dang devils are in fiction for kids? A lot. (not every example here is kid friendly but shush) Don't give me this "ooh, think of controversy" bull. Don't tell me we're so afraid of public opinion that we must be less edgy than Powerpuff Girls. Done by smart writer would work. Heck, topic starts with dismissing Mephiles, but I think his very existence proves that devil could work. I know some people do not like Mephiles (the fools!) but they usually complain about his over complicated plan or something, not on his demonic-eque style. One thing I can't have hard time imagining would be making actual devil. No dancing around, just straight up saying he is a devil. Even less likely if would be saying out loud that bad people go to hell. (That and games don't need god like recurring villain. Chaos is the closest to this and Sonic can now beat him without super form).
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    This is generally something that bogs down Sally's likeability throughout the entire comic from start to finish. That she is an ENORMOUS hypocrite and she is never really called out on it even once. Like yeah, it is relatable, sometimes it's harder to practice than to preach, especially when the decision making and sacrifices are on YOUR end instead of someone you care about, but you'd think at least ONE time she'd get her similarities to the person she was constantly chiding thrown back at her. Even then, yeah, Sonic has a habit of being condemned rather easily by his allies. True a lot of these situations ARE pretty elaborate, but the Freedom Fighters went through some of these themselves. They ALL got framed by evil counterparts or duplicates, they know this world and its villains are THAT elaborate, but yet with Sonic, nope, he's turned evil. At least Knuckles is called out for being a gullible asswipe. For a comic that thrives of continuity and a band of friends that identify with each other, this really sticks out like a sore thumb. That these guys really just cannot relate A with B when it comes to them and someone else. Generally the only exceptions are ones that became meme-worthy enough that the writers had to acknowledge their contradictions (eg. Rotor concerning fire arms).
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    the biggest crime of 2020 is that the sonic movie didn't have Blue by Eiffel 65 in it
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    [Fanfiction] The Disciples

    Draft after draft, attempt after attempt to make this chapter somewhat coherent... Maybe this is the one that works? THE SENTINELS - PART 2
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    [Fanfiction] The Disciples

    The next chapter of The Disciples! Not the most proud of it, getting Sonic's backstory right is something I didn't expect to be as hard as I expected to be, so I have to split this sequence into two parts. Here's Part 1! THE SENTINELS - PART 1
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