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    Finished this Sonic drawing that I'm suuuuper proud of ❤️
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    So apparently Episode 6 of the Animaniacs reboot has been pulled. The episode contained a real-life phone number which turns out to be a sex hotline.
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    This is the third time I remember/forget this today. Happy Birthday Sonic 2 (16-bits)! Nonetheless, my first Sonic game!
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    The World Ends with You is back, reimagined as a new 3D action game that keeps the series trademark sense of style. Coming 2021
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    Replaying Sonic Chronicles. Say what you will about the gameplay, graphics, and music, but I'd dare to say this game has the best characterization in the entire franchise's history. Sonic is snarky but responsible, Tails is intelligent and hardworking but still childlike, Knuckles is gruff and cool without being a total dunderhead, Amy strikes a perfect balance between Sonic fangirl and sweetheart who cares about her friends and mission, Big is...uh, Big...it's such good stuff.
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    Glad I'm not the only newbie still joining forums. (If anyone uses the term "newbie" anymore...) I began using internet forums in 2005 but at that time, I wasn't so into Sonic stuff. This was the time when the Sonic fandom was starting to be known for being cringy and embarrassing (before the term "cringy" was really used). So I'd go on some Chao sites but distanced myself from Sonic games etc. So I guess I never bothered with this site. Came on here now because I can't stand mainstream social media, had to deactivate my accounts due to how toxic everyone is. Tried Reddit which is... somewhat better than the others but still not great. So I decided to start using forums again, even if they only have like 10 or less active members. Because I was happier using them than stuff like Facebook, and I feel I can be myself more. Anyways, hope this site sticks around forever! I'm glad to be a Sonic fan again.
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    Dreams about Sonic

    So I just had an interesting Sonic-related dream, and now I have a both a desire to tell you all about it as well as a desire to hear about dreams that you've had on the subject. I dreamt that I was Tails. And for some reason, Metal Sonic had a vendetta against me. I can't recall why, but I think it had something to do with something that I (Tails) had said on the internet. Yep. And the scary thing was, Metal Sonic was not just content with finishing me off, but rather he intended to torture me first. Specifically, he wanted to attach wires from a car battery to my teeth and electrocute me. As anyone who has ever had a significnt tooth ache can attest, it's almost difficult to imagine anything more painfull than having your teeth electrecuted. Due to these circumstances, I had to be body guarded by some of the more powerfull characters, namely Knuckles and Rouge. I really wanted Sonic to be the one to protect me, because I figured that if anyone would fight to the last breath against Metal Sonic before allowing him to torture me it would be him, but unfortunately he was away at the moment, so Knuckles and Rouge had to do. The three of us traveled around the Sonic world, what with the loops and the springs and everything like that, keeping a look out for Metal Sonic. At one point however I became separated from my guardians. And shortly after, the worst possible thing happened as I came across Metal Sonic, carrying his car battery. I pretty much panicked and ran from him as fast as I could, but I knew that he was faster than me and would catch up anytime. However, at that point I happened to spot Eggman, flying around in his Eggmobile. I knew that Metal Sonic was acting on his own volition, and that Eggman had nothing to do with Metal's sadistic plans. Due to this, I immediately got the idea to run up to Eggman and allow him to kidnap me. I figured that I would be safe inside one of Eggman's prison cells, as Eggman would not be cruel enough to let Metal engage in his needlessly cruel acts against me. I kept running towards Eggman... ...and this was the point where I woke up. So yeah, there you have it. I never thought I would have a dream where I was so terrified of my favorite character Metal Sonic. I find it kind of neat though that with the sole excpetion of said character, who acted like some sick sadistic serial killer, all of the other characters were pretty much in character. I'm thinking specifically of Eggman, whom I assumed would not be the kind of guy to needlessly torture an 8 year old kid (Sonic Forces line about torturing Sonic just for fun be damned). So what about the rest of you? Have your sleeping minds created equally memorable scenarious regarding our favorite hedgehog and his furry friends?
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    My most favorite quote from Sonic T. Hedgehog: "This man probably died ages ago and left all his money from working in reala state to his sons who built this place." Why isn't this one of those randomly generated quotes on the banner, huh?
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    Sega DogTagz

    Sonic Channel

    That scale-model Wave Cyclone on he desk is adorable and a great Easter Egg. It almost made me miss the portrait of Big hanging above her.... I would have questions as to why that is there, but Holy crap she is signing legislation with a FLAMING PEN! Total Badass. 10/10.
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    Holy crap, look at that huge range of expressions, from "eyes half-closed" to "eyes half-closed with mouth slightly agape"
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    aa I love threads like these! It's always great to read all the Sonics that could be, but haven't. I've always wanted to play a game where Robotnik has built a new, planet-sized Metal Sonic ("Giga Metal Sonic", or GMS for short) in his latest plot- and embedded Sonic's friends throughout its organs as power sources + as a deterrent for Sonic to fight it head-on. Each organ is its own level- you traverse the body throughout the game: upwards from the feet to the brain. In each level, you must rescue an ally who represents the virtue assosciated with their respective organ. I've only described the final level here, but Knuckles controls the right hand (being the "man of action"), Rouge the stomach (as a "woman of pleasure"), and Big the Cat as a sort of boil you have to pop in a minigame. BRAIN ZONE (TAILS): In the final area you've reached the tip of GMS's spine- being the "brains" of the team, Tails has been cloistered within the frontal lobe. GMS's brain is a twisted labyrinth of branching circuits you must grind your way up- there are pulsing electrical charges you must avoid by jumping across / over them at regular intervals. This circuity forms a dense network: there are twisted knots of wire forming junctions which lead down alternate routes through the level. At the end of each path is a compartment. In each of these otherwise empty rooms you can see GMS's memories projected onto the walls. It's a long, long story- of love, loss, and Robotnik. Despite being the size of a planet, he is a tragic man. However, none of this really matters, as only one path leads to Tails. Tails has had his thoughts bound to those of GMS- in a twist of tragic irony he believes you to be an intruder, and GMS as the only Sonic he's ever known. Throughout the level you are forced to fight electric apparitions of Tails, which chastise you: "I won't let you hurt Sonic!", "Get out of here, you're hurting my friend, Sonic!", etc. After this level you've rescued all of Sonic's friends, and ruined another of Robotnik's schemes- in the ending cutscene, they all meet at a local park and have a picnic together. I would like to see Autechre compose a special track for this level.
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    How do I join the Discord server?

    https://discord.com/invite/h7yAft2 I looked through the main site and couldn't see any way of joining it from there either. I'll relay the issue.
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    Random Sonic-related thoughts

    Ever see something that gives you a random Sonic-related thought for no reason? Here's mine today: it'd be funny if when Britney walked through the bridge starting at around 3:01, Shadow was grinding the rails of it. Idk.
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    2 episodes into Animaniacs and mmmm mmmmm this gud
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Oh my God! That's a fantastic idea that would have put a lot of things into perspective and explained so much. No wonder Penders didn't want to do it.
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    Iizuka stated in this April 2017 interview with Famitsu that Forces started development in 2017 2013, right after Lost World finished production; Nakamura in this November interview with Famitsu later that year went on to clarify how that production time was spent--with the first year spent on new engine/technology development (Hedgehog Engine 2), and full-scale production being spent on the game's fourth/final year of development. He also clarified the second and third year had production of the game being handled by a small team, and noted that development on this title was longer than other Sonic games. None of the above I just listed is claims/rumors/speculation from unofficial sources, and to try and dismiss it as such would be silly. It's also silly to imply Sonic Team's management of Forces' production period should be given the benefit of the doubt, while also ruling out comments ST said themselves on Forces' production period as something not to be considered seriously. That's practically arguing the studio should be able to eat their cake and still have it, which is a meaningless position to take.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    I could see another playable character or two but I'm not sure if they'll try and tackle a flight gimmick next time.
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    Fun fact about that Spectre- it's copied from an image that was released around five to six years ago. Yeah. There is literally nothing new on this page, visually speaking. Also, that dialogue is just... cripes, why the abuse of the exclamation mark? Are they MEANT to be yelling at each other? Cause lemme tell ya, their faces ain't really conveying anything that warrants an exclamation mark.
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    Oh dear lord the stache has evolved to weird creepy guy at the 7-11 levels of bad. Also Spectre looks like he's spacing out really really bad.
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    General Positivity Thread

    I think that's the main reason I'm a Sonic fan still- just something very heartwarming about the franchise to me. ❤️
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    Lots of great ideas here. I didn't read through the entire thread, so sorry if some of these have been said. I wrote these ideas a few years ago for a fan game idea. Clock Tower Zone Basically what it sounds like. You know Tick Tock Clock from Mario 64? Except it's inside an abandoned Big Ben-like tower, with haunting music, and lots of time-stop mechanics throughout. Having this as the first level would be cool. Glass Factory Zone This one may seem a bit odd, but it's like a combo of a factory zone with a "crystal" zone... except the crystals are glass. Lots of dangerous glass shards everywhere that act like spikes, so be careful. Level mechanics including having to bust through glass planes and avoid getting burnt by the furnace that heats up the glass. Foggy Bog Zone A swamp. With fog. The name kinda says it all. Swing from vines, avoid alligators, and use fireflies to light your way through. Don't sink in the mud! Lattice Vineyard Zone Not sure this one would be allowed due to alcohol references (then again, Mirage Saloon was a thing). But anyway it'd be in a farm-like area, with graphics similar to a Harvest Moon game I suppose. Avoid getting tangled in grape vines, falling into the wine (getting drunk would be hilarious but I know it wouldn't happen), and get to the goal by climbing up decorative lattice. Aurora Sky Zone Combines ice with sky levels. Main gimmick is the aurora borealis- localized entirely within your living room- can be walked on, but it disappears quickly so gotta go fast! Tundra Zone Think of something you'd see in Siberia. It's like a cold dry desert, with mountains, but without snow. As for more specifics, idk, but I think a tundra theme gets so underused in... any media. Any level on trains Whether it's an urban subway, or a wild west train, we need more of these. A glitched out zone The entire level has glitches in it (on purpose), and you have to get through it by figuring out how to get past them. Australian Outback/Dreamtime based zone Little Big Planet did it, so why not Sonic?
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    I tried. It's not good, but eh. Also I'm assuming they're underground, or surrounded by a cave system above ground and it's night. Either way, I didn't want a bright light from outside shining in. What if it rains? I still don't get sleeping on the hard ground.
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    Sonic Channel

    Evil Brainstorm in Progress EDIT: We also got some beautiful Blaze artwork
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    I can at least grant that the bottom half looks less bad than it did in the previews last week. (Though the completely ridiculous perspective issues with the stone pattern on the floor makes it look like the room's curving down off into the abyss.) Julie-Su, however, somehow looks worse than she did originally. And she was already the worst part to begin with.
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    Something that slipped through the cracks of all this, the finished version of a page: As per usual, once finished, it looks horrendous with all of the effects and so on. Lara-Su looks absolutely fucking horrendous. The shading and all of that just makes it look terrible.
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    Nothing has ever been outright stated and as such that's just a rumor. Allegedly though whatever she does for a living is high paying enough that Penders can.... well, be himself while seemingly having no consistent source of income of his own. It really is amazing that Penders feels such an overpowering need to validate himself via media works that have nothing to do with him or his work, while simultaneously bending over backwards to re-interpret things for his own vindication. As you said, thouse shout-outs are appreciated because everything is under the umbrella of the Star Wars franchise. Thanks to Penders, his Lara-Su crap is officially excised from Sonic, as is the work of everyone who was a part of the Archie Sonic comic. His work is no longer a part of Sonic, nor can he directly use or reference anything from Sonic, and his half-assed attempts to do so while pretending his work is unique isn't going to cut it. Though as I've said numerous times, given his utterly skewed and self-serving understanding of what Sonic is as a franchise? It's not really THAT surprising. Yeah no, Penders is once again refusing to actually address why people find his designs ugly. It's like the Lien-Da thing all over again. He claimed that she was meant to be 'creepy looking' because she was a 'bad guy', but it fell utterly on its face because of him playing up her (ugh) 'Diva-isnous' from the start and conceiving her as a femme fatale to begin with. That's without getting into the fact that the biggest complaint people have about his Echyd'nya designs (his abortive art nonwithstanding) is the fact they STILL look too much like SEGA Echidna, but then this is Penders- anything that runs counter to his personal narrative and desires is verboten. And yeah, Star Wars has some ugly, ugly aliens, but what Penders ain't getting is that they were created that way from the start. Like, let's take a look at one of the most famous Disposable Evil Goon species in the franchise, the Gammoreans- Look at this thing. Its a space orc- a hideous, pig faced, horn headed wretch with a face that only a mother could force itself to love. And yet everything about it is so much better put together than what Penders has shown- you can tell this guy is MEANT to look like an ugly brute. There's a visual competence at work here that Penders can only dream of possessing, and no matter what he says or does, his 'Echyd'nya' look like horrendous attempts to make 'realistic' versions of Disney dogfaces with tentacles coming out of their heads, existing in the uncanney valley of realism and cartoonishness while clearly being neither. You'd think a guy who spent ten friggin' years in comics would be able to recognize that, but then that would have to discount the truly staggering amount of bullhead incompetence Penders has displayed over the years. As for Penders' need to compare his trial to pretty much every relevant legal/political issue of the moment, I think he does that because ultimately? It didn't matter nearly as much to the world as it did to him and the Sonic fandom. At the end of the day, he won not because he had a great legal strategy or because he found a chink in Archie's armor- he won because Archie completely misplaced the armor and simply never bothered. There's no great lesson for other comic creatives to follow there- you can't replicate that kind of dumb luck. And in the end, while Penders got his copyrights, they aren't worth anything at this point. He didn't get the big royalties. His work was excised from Sonic with no problem, and while Archie eventually lost the license, they're still doing their own thing while IDW continues to work on Sonic without Penders in any form. His former co-workers have moved on to better things, and the only person who really talks about it anymore is Penders himself. That whole fiasco hasn't gotten him anything approaching notoriety or acclaim, because in the end it hinged on Archie being super duper incompetent, enough so that any idiot could have succeeded under those circumstances. As such? He NEEDS it to be seen as something important and legendary, because if it isn't, then the most important event of his life, his 'greatest triumph' is ultimately meaningless. That and, y'know, raging narcissism.
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    I haven’t seen the Mandalorian myself, so I’m not sure what the alien design is, but given that they attempt to kill the protagonist, I’m guessing they’re intentionally designed to be ugly, and comparing Ken’s designs is essentially like comparing shit to vomit. Although frankly, I’d be willing to bet that these aliens in Mandalorian look better, and Penders is pathetically comparing his shit to something better once again. The idea that he thinks TL-SC is going to be on the scale of Mandalorian is funny in of itself. TL;DR about Penders comparing something popular to himself:
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    Except unlike the Lara-Su Chronicles the Mandelorian is under the legal Star Wars umbrella. The Lara-Su Chronicles is not, and not only is it not, what it's trying to connect to is dead copyright tangled mess. This just makes me wonder exactly how baffled do you think Penders will be when SEGA sends him a cease and desist when this thing comes out.
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    This isn't even the first time he's done it. He's done it a shocking number of times. He has this ridiculously idiotic need to either A. somehow equate current events to be about him, or B. talk about how he's gonna be super relevant by adding in recent events to TL-SC (already SEVEN, nearing EIGHT years in production hell and counting right now). Hell, just earlier this year, we had him talking about how he was going to somehow bring in the fucking COVID-19 pandemic into TL-SC. He's pretty much admitted to retroactively changing his story to fit this stuff, which makes you really take time to stop and consider how focused this story is when you can just slot a worldwide pandemic into the mix.
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    Does anyone want to tell him that his characters and stories were supposed to belong to SEGA (something that even Penders admitted in old interviews), and that he only managed to claim his characters because Archie Comics were shockingly incompetent? And that he equates world events to his own nonsense really shows his narcissism on full display. Narcissists make everything about them.
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    Obligatory "Forces took 4 years to make and look how that turned out" comment. Just saying, all the time in the world doesn't matter if that time is being pissed down the drain like it must have been during that games development.
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    Sonic Mania: Any flaws?

    I enjoy Mania a lot, but it is definitely bogged down by a couple of issues. The bosses are probably the biggest. Granted, the Classics had their stinkers (cough, Egg Golem, cough), but many of Mania's are either a waiting game or really gimmicky. I've complained about them before in the subreddit. The final boss is also kinda lame, compared to Sonic 2 and 3. While I don't HATE the Drop-Dash, it felt like too much of a "press this to go fast" button. I prefer the Insta-Shield primarily due to being more Skill-intensive, although I guess removing the control-lock means it isn't that useful in Mania's engine. Ray is fun, albeit completely broken. Mighty, however... easily my least favorite character in Classic Sonic to play as. He feels like Sonic except without the Elemental Shield powers and instead he has the ability to ignore hazards... which isn't that interesting and feels like an easy mode. The bounce could've been cool, but not giving you height from enemies like the Bubble Shield really blows. The story is... low-key kinda bad? Bringing back the cutscenes from 3 is neat but the game kinda misses the point. Most of the time you just get warped around by the Phantom Ruby anyways, so that feeling of cohesion isn't really there. And in terms of stakes, it doesn't feel as grand or epic as 3. I also don't get why from Hydro City you fly to West Side Island... then go via submarine back to Angel Island, just to reach Little Planet. Like, why not just fly there to begin with? And why does Knuckles tag along instead of hauling ass back to make sure the ME is safe? I don't really care much, since gameplay is why I play Sonic, but it still feels undercooked. Probably my biggest issue with the game is its lack of identity. The fanservice and level reuse are the biggest cause, but I feel the game is lacking in memorable moments that are not the result of the game referencing something. Like, when I think of setpieces from the Classics, I think of the Water Slides in Hydro City, Sonic overtaking the camera in Chemical Plant, Knuckles helping you out in Hidden Palace, racing Metal Sonic, Sonic 2's ending, etc. Aspects pf the game that became iconic and are impossible to separate from the game they came from. Memorable moments in Mania are almost always a reference to something else: to Puyo Puyo, to Sonic 2's Death Egg, to Sonic The Fighters, so on and so forth.
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    Watching the Secret Life of Pets 2 makes me feel positive. I love Rooster (Harrison Ford). Sonic and his universe in general makes me feel postiive, he takes back to a time when I was a kid without the worries, anxieties, and fears I carry now. That and Sonic is so charismatic and radiates positivity, the real reason I think Eggman is after him, Robotnik is miserable and can’t tolerate Sonic’s joyful demeanor.
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    Here are a few zone ideas I came up with for a fangame I conceptualized (and will never see the light of day...) Red Plains Zone (Intended to be a contrast from Green Hill Zone; whereas Green Hill is a tropical paradise on the coast, Red Plains is an inland prairie clad in red. Of course, this plains would still be interesting to play with the usual Sonic loops, flare, and plenty of slopes and curves. Said "obstacles" being based on the monuments and constructs of Great Plains tribes cause they deserve rep dammit) Phoenix's Rest Zone (Introductory level for Amy's story, this would be a craggy mountain with phoenix symbolism in which players get used to how Amy would've played in this game idea, that being having acrobatic skill combined with some magical ability. The boss fight, of course, would be against a phoenix that requires a good grasp of Amy's "acrobatism" in order to reach and ultimately take down) Witch's Woods Zone (The final level for Amy's story. It'd be a temperate forest that had been corrupted by the antagonist of Amy's story, filling it with all sorts of arcane horrors and setting some of the forest ablaze with fire. This level would really challenge the player's skills with Amy at this point) Phantom Crypt Zone (The penultimate level for Cream's story; a massive, underground crypt infested with Boom Boos. Players would have to make use of Cream's "new ability" in order survive the ghosts, and indeed defeat the level's boss: that being Amy having gotten possessed by one of the strongest of the Boom Boos) Egg Cage Zone (The final level for Cream's story; one of Eggman's many bases, with this one being for the sole purpose of imprisoning the Critters. In order to complete this level the fastest and most efficient way, Cream would have to free the Critters from their aforementioned prisons, as they would then open up paths for her that prove to be shortcuts) Metatropolis Zone (The first level for Shadow's story that is a truly two act structure; first part of the level takes place in the "top floor" of the city, which is the utopian city of advanced technology and robots one would imagine from the title. But after a mini-boss in the elevator to the city's literal bottom level, the level is that of the city's slums; a dark and filthy location populated with the poor and downtrodden who are plotting a revolution on the surface of the city. And is also where Shadow's antagonist is hiding out)
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    Zones I might use for a Blaze the Cat fangame. Solar Palace Zone- A magnificent palace and also home of Blaze the Cat, and you won't find any badniks here, this might be the easiest if not one of the easiest zones in the game. But beware of the torches, those hurt you. Electropolis Zone- A bustling city at night, futuristic neon signs light up the Zone as you dodge electric traps and complete electric themed puzzles to open different paths. Mystic Falls Zone- A valley of massive waterfalls surrounded by thick jungle, Act 1 takes place at the bottom of the valley, while Act 2 has you climbing the walls of the valley. Flaming Forest Zone- Takes place at the top of Mystic Falls, this Zone was previously Leaf Storm Zone, but has since been on fire after an explosion began engulfing the Zone in flames Lush Lagoon Zone- The source of the waterfalls, adorned with thousand of plants, implying it's name, if you go down far enough into the lake, it leads to a zone that i'll talk about later. Ancient Seal Zone- Inside a cave near Lush Lagoon, to complete it, you need to collect 7 pieces of a seal to open a pathway, and once completed, you'll earn not one, but two Sol Emeralds. Pad HVC-001- The launch site of the Magnet Madness, a space station similar to the ARK from SA2, if not all Sol Emeralds are gathered, this is your last Zone, if you have them all, after you destroy the shuttle pod, you land in the next zone. Tetra Sky Zone- A mix of Sky Sanctuary and Carnival Night, and there's really nothing else to it. Lightning Road Zone- Exactly what it sounds like, it's an entire sky highway made of lightning, and there's no need for an electric shield, the lightning's friendly. Polar Peak Zone- An Ice Cap like zone that towers over the clouds, falling from the ledges will result in you landing in Ancient Seal Zone, but nearby is a spring that launches you back up if you take the top route, otherwise, you'll have to replay Pad HVC-001, Tetra Sky, and Lightning Road again. Flying Fortress Zone- A floating castle, yeah, you heard me right, a castle in the sky, in Act 2 after the boss, the castle would be in space, so you would jump from one of the towers to land in the docking station of Magnet Madness. Magnet Madness Zone- A space station made from lodestone, a highly magnetic rock, hope you have your electric shield, or else this Zone will be a real pain in the ass. And did I mention it's powered by the Jeweled Scepter? Solar Showdown Zone- It's the Doomsday Zone from Sonic & Knuckles, but it's around the sun, the Jeweled Scepter, the sun and Sol Emeralds turn Burning Blaze into Solar Blaze, her equivalent of Hyper Sonic Chronologically, this would take place after Sonic Rush Adventure and before Sonic '06 If that makes any sense... And if you guys could I would love if somebody made art for these Zones.
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