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    Its in a permanent state of coming out in 3 months and also barely started.
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    Fucking hell...

    Fucking hell...
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    Only on Twitter can you get harassed and potentially doxxed for a hairstyle in Animal Crossing.
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    -Sonic and Tails R has a new episode this week- Nice. -Silver is going to be in it- Well, I guess it couldn't stay good forever. Maybe I'll skip this one.
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    I think SEGA sees the comics as an important branch of branding now vs the Archie/Fleetway days. Comics come out regularly while the games can only come out every few years. SEGA sees them as continuous consumer engagement, even when the main series isn't moving. I can't imagine the games following the comics 1-to-1, but I can see them lifting characters. Maybe they would take loose inspirations from the plots.
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    <tweet> Wtf kind of thread is this
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    How do I join the Discord server?

    Yeah sorry about this - we're still incredibly new to the whole Discord thing (and there's no simple way to include a cool link/CTA in the forums or on the site just yet), maybe I'll just shoehorn in the invite link or something somewhere. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!
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    I absolutely love this. Thank you Zaysho!
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    Sonic Channel

    As I posted on twitter. It is great too see them show what Blaze is up to during her normal daily life even if it is nothing amazing. Wait... is that picture above her Big the Cat?! So let me get this straight... Big is secretly the king & her dad?! Ha! I knew it all along! I made this exact joke like maybe 5 years ago... Big was king, except he was tired of ruling. So one day he told his family he was going fishing, he somehow traveled to Sonic's world during the trip and never returned home. This is now truly my head canon and I refuse to accept it isn't real, because it is just to funny. xD
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    Gamespot's Spider-Man Miles Morales Review: "The way he leaps off of rooftops and flips backwards to face the camera before falling into a head first dive is just full of the exaggerated swagger of a black teen."
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    Penders operates under the assumption that Archie was this big international phenomena with a super devoted fanbase. He frequently brings up the longevity of the Archie book as proof of the dedication of its readership, and he's not incorrect in that the Archie Sonic comic's readership was indeed pretty devoted. The problem is that A) He believes that readership is much more widespread and that the Archie book is much more famous than it actually was, and B ) He either doesn't get or REFUSES to understand that the primary draw was the fact it was a SONIC book and that its fortunes always tied into the franchise. He sees the Archie Sonic book as having been independently popular from the games, and as such? He's basically expecting that all those people who liked his stuff on the book would eagerly take it without the Sonic context, when frankly that just isn't true, and that's without getting into how badly he's alienated the former readership of the book since the conclusion of the trial. What can be said? Convincingly conveying anything genuine just isn't Penders' forte as a creative.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    They have two more pages for the Bad Guys #3 Preview: You can read all 5 pages together here: https://tailschannel.com/idw-sonic/updates/sonic-bad-guys-3-previews/
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    Yeah, uh, even completely disregarding the art this time, the dialogue here is a complete mess. The word balloons are arranged in a way that makes it difficult to tell at first glance what order everything's being spoken in, and even aside from that, this is not how people naturally speak to each other. This is what Ken is proud enough of to show as an example of his progress so far. A decade of work, everybody.
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    Lots of great ideas here. I didn't read through the entire thread, so sorry if some of these have been said. I wrote these ideas a few years ago for a fan game idea. Clock Tower Zone Basically what it sounds like. You know Tick Tock Clock from Mario 64? Except it's inside an abandoned Big Ben-like tower, with haunting music, and lots of time-stop mechanics throughout. Having this as the first level would be cool. Glass Factory Zone This one may seem a bit odd, but it's like a combo of a factory zone with a "crystal" zone... except the crystals are glass. Lots of dangerous glass shards everywhere that act like spikes, so be careful. Level mechanics including having to bust through glass planes and avoid getting burnt by the furnace that heats up the glass. Foggy Bog Zone A swamp. With fog. The name kinda says it all. Swing from vines, avoid alligators, and use fireflies to light your way through. Don't sink in the mud! Lattice Vineyard Zone Not sure this one would be allowed due to alcohol references (then again, Mirage Saloon was a thing). But anyway it'd be in a farm-like area, with graphics similar to a Harvest Moon game I suppose. Avoid getting tangled in grape vines, falling into the wine (getting drunk would be hilarious but I know it wouldn't happen), and get to the goal by climbing up decorative lattice. Aurora Sky Zone Combines ice with sky levels. Main gimmick is the aurora borealis- localized entirely within your living room- can be walked on, but it disappears quickly so gotta go fast! Tundra Zone Think of something you'd see in Siberia. It's like a cold dry desert, with mountains, but without snow. As for more specifics, idk, but I think a tundra theme gets so underused in... any media. Any level on trains Whether it's an urban subway, or a wild west train, we need more of these. A glitched out zone The entire level has glitches in it (on purpose), and you have to get through it by figuring out how to get past them. Australian Outback/Dreamtime based zone Little Big Planet did it, so why not Sonic?
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    Sonic Channel

    Evil Brainstorm in Progress EDIT: We also got some beautiful Blaze artwork
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    It would be fun if Robotnik co opts the Casino to be more Sonic-ized and deadly. Heres hoping for waaaay more color in this flick. Or maybe some leaked concept art.
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    I want Casino Night (which was the codename for the first film, somehow) to make an appearance. Would be cool Anyway, we should be getting casting announcements in December if they are set to film in March... be prepared.
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    All right, I'm gonna bounce again

    All right, I'm gonna bounce again
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    So I'm fashionably late but I wanted to post something here. I thought about writing some personal history but honestly I'll just ramble on for too long so instead I made an illustration. I got the bug to try to make something the week the celebrations started and thought I could get it done in just in time for the anniversary date but I overestimated my ability to finish in a timely manner. I tend to give up on art pieces if I can't figure them out in the time I need, but every couple of days I'd see this thing in my projects folder and I just couldn't leave it alone. I'd pour a few more hours in late at night trying to teach myself something, bug my friends for feedback, and just play around. This was the basic pattern for the last three or so weeks, juggling with other projects. I feel like I'm finally at a point where I'm satisfied with it so I thought I'd share it with you all. I'm sure the rest of the mods will be happy for me to shut up about this one drawing finally too lol Happy (belated) anniversary, Sonic Stadium!
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    Streets of Rage 4 "Grand UPPAH!"

    they saw that 1.5 million units sold and are currently in pulling head out of ass mode
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    I'm lucky to have someone to play locally with but if I didn't I wouldn't play at all. Online is basically impossible to take seriously so I just stick to offline and the occasional party matches in lobbies. Then again it's not like most other fighting games are much better in that department.
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    Official Anime/Manga Thread

    I wanted to make an Inuyasha thread but I felt they would take my moderatorship away.
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