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    Man, what I wouldn't give to have life so financially secure that I could waste nearly a decade on a comic without a single release and not live in a cardboard box.
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    Damian Wayne's a dick

    Damian Wayne's a dick
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    I got an uncontrollable addiction to egg nog.
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    It's that time of year again, for Thanksgiving!
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    Pokémon Sword & Shield

    Well...they just revealed Gloria in Masters...and her voice sounds....
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    Seeing scalpers trying to get sympathy and give sob stories about how people call them out on their bullshit is beyond pathetic.
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    It was the Dark Legion, not the Brotherhood. Something, funnily enough, he never bothered to mention on his forum when giving a rundown of his intended plans for the book anyway. Beyond that he has never really gone in-depth into what his plans for that one were, and frankly given his stated belief that the Legion could 'eat Eggman and any version of him for lunch', I'm gonna guess that it wasn't going to amount to much of anything. Not unlike the rest of his 'big ideas'.
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    Inspired by a status update I made recently and the replies. (Fits squarely in Member Feedback and not Bug Reports.) I remember there was talk of an official Sonic Stadium Discord a while back, but it doesn't seem to have been created yet. Is it still being planned? Also, does TSS have any plans on branching out to even more platforms, such as Twitch? It also looks like the YouTube channel hasn't got any uploads in a year. Basically I'm saying that, as much as I appreciate the News section having more frequent updates, I feel like TSS branching into more kinds of web media would be interesting. Especially the Discord since it was mentioned already.
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    Pokémon Sword & Shield

    That's the wrong accent
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    Just take Mephiles, untangle his plan and give him a but more personality and boom. You've already got someone x1000 times better than most Sonic villains in the past decade. So yes, they can work. Can they work well is another question.
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    Two costumes have been datamined for Speed Battle and its Amy and Zavok. Amy looks really adorable and I think that outfit could work for Belle from the IDW Sonic Comics actually!
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    I did that idea some time back, this is the idea that I had for a clock tower level. I know it may look rushed but hey.
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    I think SEGA sees the comics as an important branch of branding now vs the Archie/Fleetway days. Comics come out regularly while the games can only come out every few years. SEGA sees them as continuous consumer engagement, even when the main series isn't moving. I can't imagine the games following the comics 1-to-1, but I can see them lifting characters. Maybe they would take loose inspirations from the plots.
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    Its in a permanent state of coming out in 3 months and also barely started.
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    Penders operates under the assumption that Archie was this big international phenomena with a super devoted fanbase. He frequently brings up the longevity of the Archie book as proof of the dedication of its readership, and he's not incorrect in that the Archie Sonic comic's readership was indeed pretty devoted. The problem is that A) He believes that readership is much more widespread and that the Archie book is much more famous than it actually was, and B ) He either doesn't get or REFUSES to understand that the primary draw was the fact it was a SONIC book and that its fortunes always tied into the franchise. He sees the Archie Sonic book as having been independently popular from the games, and as such? He's basically expecting that all those people who liked his stuff on the book would eagerly take it without the Sonic context, when frankly that just isn't true, and that's without getting into how badly he's alienated the former readership of the book since the conclusion of the trial. What can be said? Convincingly conveying anything genuine just isn't Penders' forte as a creative.
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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #109: I Herd It Through the Pipeline I like this cover. It’s very amusing and it uses big empty space efficiently. That’s the way to do it. “Ice-solation” is also a pun that works rather well. I’ve no clue what this is going to be about but I can only guess it may have something to do with that everlasting, never-ending plot line concerning Rotor’s fucking family. This is all very bland and stupid. The first story really feels like it only happened because someone at Archie was like “Yeah, I guess we should wrap that Rotor story up” and then just did it in the most half-assed way possible. It happened in a story so short that it was compiled in an issue that had two other stories in it instead of just one. What a fantastical waste of everyone’s time. The second story was good only really because of the art and how it worked towards getting Sally back on a more likeable track. She shouldn’t have been on the track she was in the first place but at least the ignorance of that dumb plot point is over now. Hopefully. The final story was more Penders garbage. Thank goodness the time travel wasn’t as confusing as it could have been and at least Dimitri is sufficiently interesting to me with his actions here. So there’s that. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #110: Station Square Attacks! I certainly hope this isn’t another instance of a group of people who were previously established as being good turning to a bunch of assholes to fabricate conflict. The cover is fine. It’s often hard to make the covers where you show a bunch of characters on screens look dynamically pleasing to the eye for me. Yes, this type of cover happens more often than you’d think. I’m not entirely sure what to make of this issue. This was an incredibly monumental sequence of events but the way it happens makes it feel like just another issue I read and it shouldn’t. The destruction of Robotropolis should feel like a much bigger deal than this. It should have more build up than this. No, instead it just happens through the actions of a third party. It almost feels like a waste of time caring about it up until this point. Then the fucking sword takes this opportunity to tell Sally that she’s got no control over her life or her decisions going forward but this time it isn’t because of her dad, it’s because of the remaining magical bullshit that resides within it. This is just what her character needed more of right? For God’s sake. Sonic X - Issue #16: Valentine’s Fray *Heavy sigh* Yup… THIS fucking issue. My God. The last one was full of traced and copied art, sure, but THIS one I remember being far more blatant and obvious about it during the first half of the book when I read it. Why? Well, because this issue features the Chaotix so you’d best believe I had seen the images copied from Sonic X multiple times before I ever got around to reading this for the first time. Oh, I’m about to have myself a lovely time comparing and contrasting these images for you guys. It’ll take forever but it’s gonna be worth it just to get this silent rage off my chest. I think by the second half of the book, the copied and traced art either slows to a crawl or stops almost entirely. Todd most likely started to do the thing he should actually do and use the images he had as a reference to draw up his own images properly (or found a different source to steal from) but by then it was too little, too late. This guy was not put on any more issues of Sonic X after it was discovered what he had done for the last two issues and thank God because it’s quite the insulting thing having to witness other people’s art just being shoveled lazily into an officially licensed book like this. The really cute story of Sonic and Amy going on a date was ruined by such a huge, insidious distraction. How shameful.
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    Nothing has ever been outright stated and as such that's just a rumor. Allegedly though whatever she does for a living is high paying enough that Penders can.... well, be himself while seemingly having no consistent source of income of his own. It really is amazing that Penders feels such an overpowering need to validate himself via media works that have nothing to do with him or his work, while simultaneously bending over backwards to re-interpret things for his own vindication. As you said, thouse shout-outs are appreciated because everything is under the umbrella of the Star Wars franchise. Thanks to Penders, his Lara-Su crap is officially excised from Sonic, as is the work of everyone who was a part of the Archie Sonic comic. His work is no longer a part of Sonic, nor can he directly use or reference anything from Sonic, and his half-assed attempts to do so while pretending his work is unique isn't going to cut it. Though as I've said numerous times, given his utterly skewed and self-serving understanding of what Sonic is as a franchise? It's not really THAT surprising. Yeah no, Penders is once again refusing to actually address why people find his designs ugly. It's like the Lien-Da thing all over again. He claimed that she was meant to be 'creepy looking' because she was a 'bad guy', but it fell utterly on its face because of him playing up her (ugh) 'Diva-isnous' from the start and conceiving her as a femme fatale to begin with. That's without getting into the fact that the biggest complaint people have about his Echyd'nya designs (his abortive art nonwithstanding) is the fact they STILL look too much like SEGA Echidna, but then this is Penders- anything that runs counter to his personal narrative and desires is verboten. And yeah, Star Wars has some ugly, ugly aliens, but what Penders ain't getting is that they were created that way from the start. Like, let's take a look at one of the most famous Disposable Evil Goon species in the franchise, the Gammoreans- Look at this thing. Its a space orc- a hideous, pig faced, horn headed wretch with a face that only a mother could force itself to love. And yet everything about it is so much better put together than what Penders has shown- you can tell this guy is MEANT to look like an ugly brute. There's a visual competence at work here that Penders can only dream of possessing, and no matter what he says or does, his 'Echyd'nya' look like horrendous attempts to make 'realistic' versions of Disney dogfaces with tentacles coming out of their heads, existing in the uncanney valley of realism and cartoonishness while clearly being neither. You'd think a guy who spent ten friggin' years in comics would be able to recognize that, but then that would have to discount the truly staggering amount of bullhead incompetence Penders has displayed over the years. As for Penders' need to compare his trial to pretty much every relevant legal/political issue of the moment, I think he does that because ultimately? It didn't matter nearly as much to the world as it did to him and the Sonic fandom. At the end of the day, he won not because he had a great legal strategy or because he found a chink in Archie's armor- he won because Archie completely misplaced the armor and simply never bothered. There's no great lesson for other comic creatives to follow there- you can't replicate that kind of dumb luck. And in the end, while Penders got his copyrights, they aren't worth anything at this point. He didn't get the big royalties. His work was excised from Sonic with no problem, and while Archie eventually lost the license, they're still doing their own thing while IDW continues to work on Sonic without Penders in any form. His former co-workers have moved on to better things, and the only person who really talks about it anymore is Penders himself. That whole fiasco hasn't gotten him anything approaching notoriety or acclaim, because in the end it hinged on Archie being super duper incompetent, enough so that any idiot could have succeeded under those circumstances. As such? He NEEDS it to be seen as something important and legendary, because if it isn't, then the most important event of his life, his 'greatest triumph' is ultimately meaningless. That and, y'know, raging narcissism.
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    Except unlike the Lara-Su Chronicles the Mandelorian is under the legal Star Wars umbrella. The Lara-Su Chronicles is not, and not only is it not, what it's trying to connect to is dead copyright tangled mess. This just makes me wonder exactly how baffled do you think Penders will be when SEGA sends him a cease and desist when this thing comes out.
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    I want Casino Night (which was the codename for the first film, somehow) to make an appearance. Would be cool Anyway, we should be getting casting announcements in December if they are set to film in March... be prepared.
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    Nice to see Matt Herms finally getting some line art work for the IDW comics.
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    So, apparently, the sequel will begin filming next Spring. The working title will be called Emerald Hill.:
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    Does anyone want to tell him that his characters and stories were supposed to belong to SEGA (something that even Penders admitted in old interviews), and that he only managed to claim his characters because Archie Comics were shockingly incompetent? And that he equates world events to his own nonsense really shows his narcissism on full display. Narcissists make everything about them.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    We have a Cover for #38
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    We now have some previews for IDW #35:
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    That's great that Jeff Fowler is directing Pink Panther! I would like to see what he does with the character! As for will it affect the Sonic movie sequel, I don't think so. As far as we know, there isn't a release date for Pink Panther and this is just something that MGM is developing, so the film isn't even in production yet, while the Sonic Movie sequel is in production and has a release date. So at the moment, the Sonic movie sequel is their main priority.
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    This is pretty pointless question, because answer is boring. "Yes, if done properly by smart writer" You know how many dang devils are in fiction for kids? A lot. (not every example here is kid friendly but shush) Don't give me this "ooh, think of controversy" bull. Don't tell me we're so afraid of public opinion that we must be less edgy than Powerpuff Girls. Done by smart writer would work. Heck, topic starts with dismissing Mephiles, but I think his very existence proves that devil could work. I know some people do not like Mephiles (the fools!) but they usually complain about his over complicated plan or something, not on his demonic-eque style. One thing I can't have hard time imagining would be making actual devil. No dancing around, just straight up saying he is a devil. Even less likely if would be saying out loud that bad people go to hell. (That and games don't need god like recurring villain. Chaos is the closest to this and Sonic can now beat him without super form).
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    I think it isn't really the leniency, as much as it was absent-mindedness. SEGA clearly didn't care because this was just another random license deal that they probably didn't expect would have so much staying power. SEGA let this all slide because they were thinking like most game companies during the 90s: this is just another way to get kids to buy the video games, or to see Sonic where they normally wouldn't. The actual content or quality really didn't matter. And, in the hands of talented writers and artists (The STC crew) this can work well. But less than that and you can get some stupid stuff that clearly doesn't gel with your franchise.
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