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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #111: Kids of the Spider-Woman Nice cover. It’s always nice to get a cover that looks nice. I like the little plague at the bottom saying “Plus, these characters” to complete the image. Nothing much else to say really. This issue was delightful from the second story onwards. The Rob story was the best drawn and also the cutest thing ever. He’s such a good boy that the naivety of him keeping watch over this guy he was told was now legit is endearing and the fact that all it takes is him being invited to hang out to change his mind is even cuter. The story with Sonic and Tails talking about girls was much less worrisome than I figured it would be, in part, because the final stories are usually reserved for Penders and that wasn’t the case this time. Still, Sonic’s insight into girls and what it means to have a girlfriend is amusing in how underdeveloped his thought process is. The first story, however, feels like something that was strung together from fiberglass and duct tape. I have no clue what the point of most of it was except to allegedly try and get rid of the sword in the weirdest and most irresponsible way you could. Like after all the time of trying to recover that thing, it gives Sally powers, and she tosses it to the first collection of people that want it like it's nothing. It’s baffling. I doubt it’s gonna last too. We’ve hit a point where all the plot lines are just done. The stupid misunderstanding with Sally and Mina is done. The High Sheriff has his memory back. Sally just gave away the plot macguffin bullshit magic sword. Robotropolis has been blown up and apparently, they think Eggman is dead. What’s gonna happen now aside from all the Knuckles stuff that I don’t care about? I guess I’ll find out. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #112: Mistaken Identity Crisis! This is another excellent looking cover. I’ve seen this image of Antoine before so I’m guessing it’s a pretty well liked picture of him. It’s very dynamic. Also, I’m still enjoying the little bobbles at the bottom that say who else is being featured in the book. It’d probably ruin some other covers depending on what their style was but it hasn’t yet. This was a very short and simple issue. I appreciate it a lot for that. There wasn’t anything super deep about them. These were just cute stories about the days in the lives of these characters with some fun and heartwarming moments. I was right about it feeling consistent thanks to having the same writer and artist throughout all of it. Penders most likely was too focused on the interlude of data files and lore he stapled into the middle of the book but thanks to that the quality of the issue wasn’t dragged down by anything. So yes, this was a good one. Stay losing, Evil Sonic. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #113: From the Freedom Fighter Files: Cry of the Wolf Ah hey. I just had to go and open my big mouth about the Wolf Pack eh? If it’s any consolation though, it would seem we’ve only got one consistent story to pay attention to throughout it so this should go by fairly quickly. Can’t say I feel I’ll have too much to say about my feelings regarding the time the Freedom Fighters first met the Wolf Pack. This is a nice enough cover. I really like the sun’s flare in the background. Who knows though. Maybe I’ll be taken by surprise by something either shockingly good or something racist again. So it’s actually kind of a good thing that this issue was as absurdly badly drawn as it was because without it, I feel like this recap would be at best maybe a paragraph or two long. It’s all so incredibly basic and uninteresting. Perhaps this would have worked better as what it was intended to be, a script from the SatAM cartoon show, but it certainly doesn’t work here. Especially when you grab unpaid interns out of the broom closet, hand them some crayons, and say “Hey, you do this now. You’re Many Hands. Get it? Cause you’re more than one person.” I’m not entirely sure why a filler issue was needed. Perhaps there were a ton of arguments happening at this point about the direction to take the comic now that Robotnik was dead again, Robotropolis was destroyed, The Sword of Acorns was sold on eBay, and the love triangle nonsense has ended. Oh, I know. We can make them all go to school. Oh wait a minute, we did that? Well what happened to that plot line? Oh, it just sort of… stopped and didn’t get brought up ever again? Huh. That’s weird. I have no clue where the comic is going from this point on and I don’t think the comic does either.
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    Have I shown you guys this Persona 5-styled Sonic wallpaper I made yet? Feel free to use it!
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    Just feelin' unusually happy right now, and that's a good thing. Don't know why, but I don't really care. I'm happy!
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    Dave Prowse, the man inside the Darth Vader suit in the OT, has died. RIP, you brought us one of the greatest villains of all time.
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    The 20-year Kadabra ban is lifted, guys!
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    Yep. This coming Wednesday starts Sonic week for the SEGA 60th anniversary celebrations. It starts on the 2nd and ends on the 9th, overlapping with the finale (though that could be a mistake). Don’t expect a new game announcement just in case, but there will be interviews live-streams and things like that https://www.sega60th.com/sega60
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    It's things like this (and Shadow's whole game.. and the classic / modern junk.. and the two worlds shit.. and countless other smaller things I'm not thinking of at the moment) that make me wish we could just soft reboot the canon. So much mismanagement of ideas and poor execution, the series is pretty much demanding you to not care about anything lol. There's a pretty good reason people remember Sonic for bad writing. Thankfully the games are loose enough with themselves that you can just write stuff out if you feel like and things won't budge much, but that only kind of works most of the time, unfortunately. There's always gonna be some tiny new thing that raises it's head and forces you to acknowledge something that outright sucks, haha.
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    I'm kind of tired of the Silver Blaze paradox where almost every time they meet up post 06, someone has to make a comment about how well they work together or how maybe they knew each other in a past life (???) Really wish Sonic 06 was universally recognized as it's own contained universe. A lot of Sonic continuity is a hell anyway, but Sonic 06 takes the dang cake.
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    If I had to guess, Blaze's design was finalized before her background was; remember, she went through tons of designs before they settled on her final one. So the development team probably wanted a partner for Silver in the same vein Sonic had Tails and Knuckles, and Shadow had Rouge and Omega. But rather than create two more characters for that purpose, they just used Blaze since she was still relatively new to the series and not that well established yet. So then they came up with Blaze's background near Rush's completed development, and since the team that worked on Rush and 06 probably weren't the same, nobody communicated with each other on how contradicting Blaze's two appearances would be. So it just feels like a classic case of mismanagement and nobody really communicating with each other during the developmental cycle that resulted in this mess. But because Silver and Blaze's dynamic is so popular with fans, Sega still pay lip service to it, but refuse to acknowledge the specifics about their background, Like how they actually fucking met.
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    Chamomile #189
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    https://www.twitch.tv/crow_the_boolet CROW PLAYING A SANIC GOOM
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    Return to Angel Island is an arc in which following the year that Sonic was trapped in space and believed dead, Eggman went to war with Knothole and the Kingdom of Acorn, and Knuckles and the Chaotix had decided upon helping them as Angel Island had the Brotherhood. Out of universe, the context was until M25YL, Ken had finished his “grand plan” for Knuckles following the beyond idiotic arc where he died saving Dimitri’s life, and going through echidna heaven. Since Ken was no longer writing plots about Knuckles and the echidnas, either due to being done, or editorial not wanting the stories anymore, this was the first time in years that Bollers was allowed to use the Angel Island crew. Bollers - being a fan of the games - immediately hopped onto the chance to not only have the arc tie into his plans, but tie it far, far closer to the game lore. Knuckles - following Issue 125 where he came back to life and used his remaining Chaos Powers to help stop the doomsday device planted by a group of genocidal aliens (and what caused Sonic to be flung into space as he was trying to stop it, being the only one fast enough to do so). Anyways, Knuckles had been depowered, and was ultimately feeling weaker due to it, getting a sense of inferiority about it. Then, he discovers what has happened to Angel Island. Eggman - being Eggman - finally decided to take off the kid gloves. Unleashing the full might of his empire onto the island, he easily destroys both the Brotherhood of Guardians (leaving them missing, thank god), and the Dark Legion. He razes Echidnapolis to the ground, and removes the echidna of all their technological advancements, enslaving them. This has the result of bringing the echidnas back to their ancient depictions from Sonic Adventure, undertaking more traditional clothes like the Knuckles Tribe, and Bollers - calling out the ugly side of the chosen one legends - has the echidnas now believe Knuckles was a god like figure named the Avatar who was capable of destroying Eggman, and saving them all, which isn’t the case whatsoever due to his lacking powers, and weakening strength. At the same time, the remains of the Dark Legion - led by the newly introduced Dr. Finitevus has picked up the slack, liberating echidnas where they can, and using their technological prowess to dismantle operations on the island. For once, we get an actual decent conflict where the Dark Legion is beyond pissed that their aid to the echidnas are ignored, because they’re too busy naively waiting for a god like Knuckles to save the day, when they’ve been doing their hardest to do so as is. It’s implied they have ulterior motives, but it also has a good reason for why they’d be pissed overall. Then we get to Knuckles. The whole arc is essentially a call out of Ken’s boring writing, and a course correct to make things interesting. Due to his failing strength, Knuckles dons his SA2 power ups to help him get a boost. When they get to Angel Island, Echidnaopolis is destroyed, and the decades of constantly dicking over mobians because they believed themselves superior finally caught up to them (the Brotherhood at one point allowed Eggman to do as he pleased, essentially saying “lol, not our problem”, meaning this was well deserved. Even the hypocritical treatment of the Dingos bit them in the ass, as Eggman was able to convince them to work for him, due to being oppressed by the echidnas for so long. Due to the destruction and enslavement, Angel Island under Bollers now resembled the game’s version properly, with several game zones appearing, the echidnas reverting back to the clothing and superstition of the Knuckles Clan, Knuckles’s brother having his ridiculously silly and long name (originally made by Penders) given a shorter pet name that was perfect (Bollers had given him the nickname of Kneecaps the Echidna). Above all else, Knuckles is the star. After so many issues of being written as a boring shell of a character by Penders, Bollers had drained him of every ounce of overpowered ability, and brought him back to his personality from the games. He’s got self doubt issues due to the heavy legends being told about him, when he isn’t able to live up to the echidnas’ hype. His firery attitude is back is full force, with his hot temper, and sense of right and wrong finally brought back to the forefront. For all the arc’s achievements, finally making Knuckles be like Knuckles is topping the list. There is so much great comedy in this arc that comes off from Knuckles’ temper, and Sonic and the Chaotix teasing him, or vice versa. He also finally gets to realise who the bad guys actually are. Knuckles at the end of Penders’ backups was a dumbass who was helping the Dark Legion after they pulled Angel Island into another dimension (Knuckles knew they did this), and his death was him saving Dimitri (the Legion’s leader). The first thing he does upon seeing them in this arc is charging right at them with fury, and Sonic pointing out how much Knuckles hates the legion. Knuckles is also beyond weirded out by the echidnas treating him like this god like figure, and constantly asks to be referred to by his name, not Avatar. At the end of the arc, not only do they find the encaptured Locke, but Knuckles ends up finding power to dismantle the operation on Angel Island. Not his crappy Chaos Knuckles form, but rather he turns into Hyper Knuckles (in a homage to Mega Man Zero 2 no less), and uses the form and the help of Sonic and the Chaotix to save the echidnas from Eggman. However, what you might be surprised to learn is prior to Ian, this is actually where the call outs of Locke and the Brotherhood starts. Upon being rescued, and the island liberated, Locke expected Knuckles to stick around and help find the Brotherhood, in which Knuckles says he can’t, because he’s helping with the war on Mobius, which leads to Knuckles finally standing up to his father and not backing down, calling Locke out on his selfishness for once. I can’t really do justice to the arc with a quick description, but the short version of it all is that it’s an arc that actually makes stuff happen, has all of the echidnas terrible actions finally have consequences, tries to bring everything back to the games’ lore with the introduction of Hidden Palace, and a ton of other zones, make the Dark Legion interesting, and overall bring Knuckles back in line with his game counterpart. And thus as you can imagine, Penders despised this. Everything I just mentioned, he loathed with a passion. He hated having his cast called out on their shit actions, he hated Angel Island and Echidnapolis being enslaved and razed, he hated Knuckles standing up to Locke, and hoo boy, does he have a grudge against Kneecaps the Echidna following the nickname. Penders acts like a completely petty child in reference to this arc. Not only does he hate it, not only did he claim that Bollers had vindictively stolen and destroyed his work and lore (he likes to act like only he is entitled to use his characters, although that sure as fuck didn’t stop Penders using Mina and trying to utterly wreck her as a character), following Bollers getting ousted from the comic, and Penders becoming head lead (easily the darkest period of the comic) - he decided to only try to quickly retcon and revert things to normal (Echidnapolis was nearly rebuilt within a few issues, Locke tried to find the brotherhood), but he decided like the petty child he is to fuck around with Bollers’ intended plans. First things first - there was Bollers’ planned arc with tackling Sally’s emotional baggage - Penders scrapped that, turned it into a bunch of love triangle melodrama, and made it beyond dreadful, and to this day, he still loves to tout around the idea that the Slap was a awful idea conceived by Bollers, and that Penders was somehow “fixing it” when he only made it much, MUCH worse. Secondly, he essentially tried to character assassinate Mina. He makes a whole milestone story about Evil Sonic kidnapping and taking Sonic’s place on Mobius, which leads to him hitting on every girl he sees. This includes reverting Mina’s character development and making her nearly cheat on Ash, but also includes having Evil Sonic literally have sex with Bunnie and try to be disgustingly sly about it (and yes, given that Bunnie thought it was regular Sonic - there’s a LOT of horrific implications brought about by Penders doing that). Thirdly and most infamously - Bollers had a plan that Antoine would be changed by the war and would eventually be corrupted by the source of all, Penders retroactively changed all this by claiming it was simply Evil Antoine all along, and made a contrived and boring plot where Sally and Evil Antoine get married because “”””drama””””. That may have been for the better, in fairness depending on who you ask, but still - it was done out of pettiness. So yeah, Penders doesn’t like this arc very much, big surprise.
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    Sorry, that part of my post was unclear. I should have said "from the future or absent entirely". The absence of any of Rush's elements in '06 is a problem if you want to bring these two stories together. But it's not just the missing elements that are the problem. Even if you try to fill in those blanks, it still doesn't make sense. It's a very wonky, flawed and unworkable story unless you commit to absolute retcons (and then retcons of then retcons).
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    ya know how people sometimes make the argument against auto-scrollers because "what's killing the characters?" NSMB did the odd thing of giving characters unique screams specifically when they die from off screen during an auto-scroller...I also wonder what causes such a thing..
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    The logo for those who haven't seen it and don't want to do the 106% needed for it to appear:
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    You could honestly just handwave the whole thing by saying they met during one offscreen adventure in the past; Sega create solutions to problems that they create, it's baffling. I can honestly understand why nobody outside of the fanbase really holds this series' writing in high regard, it's a fucking mess quite frankly. And the annoying part is that it doesn't HAVE to be a mess, they just made it this way through some poor ass execution. And the ironic part is that Silver and Blaze still ended up being popular characters in spite of their mess of a background lmao. It's amazing what appealing character design and character chemistry can make you overlook.
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    Sonic 2's OST is such a bop, every song of that game is a winner. I'll never get tired of it, man.
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    I think you can do something with Blaze and Silver's friendship in the present day, with them having no prior knowledge to each other's existence, but doing it in a way that refers or implies referral back to what it was before (unfortunately the thing Sonic Team wants to do every time they share screen-space) is only leaving baggage from something a lot worse, and is ultimately not worth it. Also changing her design and powers in 06 would've been better, but I still think my point I made beforehand still heavily irks me, that her entire life and relevance is fabricated from an existence where she didn't really have much of a purpose. If we had the chance to rewrite 06, I wouldn't try improving it at all; rather either removing her altogether from Silver's story or just rewriting the whole thing completely. It's just a lost cause to me. Not worth the salt, in more ways than one. lol
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    Yeah. It just feels wrong because it feels like an afterthought. Like they felt some kind of half-baked compulsion to put Blaze in the new title, and tied her entire existence to events related to the new guy just to justify it. Her whole universe and backstory gets minimized with a footnote that none of it exists without fitting the mold of her greater purpose as "that sidekick who stood around and did nothing except for a last minute Let Me Sacrifice Myself For You bit". Ugh, it does her so dirty as a character lol. I mentioned most of my problems with it above, but I also think the other big problem I have with the whole idea is that Blaze's character design seems to imply some sort of royalty. She's got a sophisticated looking coat, a golden necklace / collar, a forehead jewel (and a hairpiece that you can assume is made of the same material considering the color and shininess), and a royal kind of color scheme (a deep purple and gold), and the very way she talks or poses herself has that sense of elegance or poshness to it. It's all very apparent in her character... including when she's in 06.. It just doesn't sit with me right that these design elements all made sense when she was royalty from the get-go in Rush, but make no sense when she has those aspects to her design prior to becoming royalty. There's just so much to her character's sense of purpose being undermined here.
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    Yep. Of course, whereas 'Ivo Robotnik' flows as a cheeky reference to the famous story, 'Ian Droid' doesn't really work quite as well. To say nothing of the fact that this was intended for what was meant to be his book series meant for more mature sensibilities, and even better? That name was never revealed in either the Super Special where he popped up or in The Lost Ones. Penders revealed it on his forum, along with the fact that Droid was evidently meant to be some kind of in-universe counterpart to Robotnik. It astounds me that the guy spent all that time hyping up Lost Ones as his own totally original series, and yet he honestly tried to forge a canon connection between that work and the Archie books. Like holy crap, what made him think THAT was a great idea? Also, fun fact- there already was a villain called 'Dr. Droid' out there in the mediasphere. He was a minor villain on the old Mighty Ducks cartoon. Gotta love how a cheesy ass TMNT-ripoff created a better 'Dr. Droid' than Penders, even if its not exactly surprising.
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    Wait a sec I Android? Like a nearest replacement for I Robot?
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    Maekawa didn't write Rush (it was SA1's writer, Akinori Nishiyama), rather he just commandeered the whole vessel when writing her into 06. Maekawa has also said and wrote some pretty dumb stuff on behalf of the Sonic series, too, so I feel like anything he says can be decided on a case-by-case basis whether or not it's worth caring about.
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    I want to ride the Ferris wheel...
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    MmmmmHmmmm... That's an interesting theory... I however have another one. 1: Outside of Sega of Japan, and 1 department in Sega of America. Absolutely nobody in Sega has any idea about what is happening with ANY aspect of Sonic. I've learnt this myself recently when I found some unannounced stuff, I asked my contacts at SOE about it any they all emailed me back saying they had no idea about it and didn't even know it existed. 2: Are you familiar with a television program called "The news?" Because according to 'the news', whilst Japan didn't order a lockdown of the country due to Covid-19, it did request companies to voluntarily issue work from home orders and policies. Which Sega complied with. To add to this, the Japanese government also restricted the movement of Goods and people entering Japan from the start to the middle of this year. This presents a problem since Sega have been shifting staff to and from the United States since the end of 2018, specifically on Sonic development. To add to this, Sega of America, which is the other department that knows what's going on with Sonic was also hit with a stay at home order, which they are STILL complying with in part with a limited number of staff in a building at any one time. Even though they have nothing to do with Sonic's 30th, Sega Europe are also in a similar situation. 3: Even before Covid-19 was a thing, Sega have stated repeatedly that 2020 was supposed to be a celebration of Sega's 60th and not a focus on Sonic, Sonic was and by all accounts is getting the focus NEXT year.
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    Really petty complaint about Crash 4; really don't like the fact Dingo Diner has been flanderised in importance to the point that's Dingodile's whole thing in this game. Like, in Crash 3 it was clear the diner was just one of the ways the baddies were taking over (N.Gin had a gas station in the same levels, and Dingodile was depicted in hieroglyphs in the Egyptian levels, another way he was taking over). It was pretty clear he was just staking claims and his main mission was being an invasive twat like the others (and a more mercenary one at that). His main thing was being an evil bastard who was also a sadistic pyromaniac, which every other game kept to a certain degree. It got a bit more spotlight in CTR: NF when it appeared in Dingo Canyon, but since that level was based on the road levels it came from, it was a cute callback and addition to reference the franchise history more. Here's, he's...completely retired from being evil to run it? And gone to a stereotypical bayou to do so because I guess when they think of crocodilians they think of alligators (which does not fit a saltie and especially not a dingo)? Such a waste, especially when his character outside of that framing is hilarious. I hope it's more of a one-time thing for this game and we get more proper evil Dingodile again after.
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    I should finish Ristar one of these days. Yeah, the game that I've made begging for a revival for into an elaborate joke wherever I go around the internet? Never finished it. Never saw the ending. Farthest I've ever got was the second stage of Planet Sonata.
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    This is a delayed reaction from me, but the Sonic Movie really killed all my passion for the series. It has been building up for a while over the years. Lost World, Sonic Boom, Sonic Forces, the false advertising, the cringeworthy social media, Team Sonic Racing, Archie comics cancellation, Movie Sonic's initial design, etc. For all of those at least the majority of the fanbase agreed that they weren't good, but for the movie I feel like I'm the only guy who hates it which made me realize that maybe Sonic just isn't for me anymore. I've found other franchises to occupy my time with and I think that's a good thing. I don't know why I'm announcing this, just wanted to get it off my chest.
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    Is Chao Garden still loved?

    It's so beloved that the entire fanbase (and waves of people outside of it) light on fire the moment Chao anything happens. The amount of people who popped off the moment the Chao In Space animation happened was staggering. The Chao Garden is the world's easiest money for Sonic Team. Forget literally everything about Speed Battle Whatever, if they dropped a Chao Garden app they will have saved their company from it's arcadeless demise in five seconds flat.
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    Robotnik was shocked when he licked a quill, but it does seem to be a pretty tiny effect for something that can power electronics and overload them in higher doses.
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    I think it pretty much says it all. Crash Bandicoot 4 is one of the most phenomenal Crash Bandicoot experiences.....when you're not trying to complete it. Hell, even the costume-getting can feel padded too.
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    Man, what I wouldn't give to have life so financially secure that I could waste nearly a decade on a comic without a single release and not live in a cardboard box.
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    I absolutely love this. Thank you Zaysho!
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    I have no idea how you garnered any such notion from my post. This brand may be doing fine financially, but critically, while it has been much worse, it has also been much better. Large portions of the fan base still feel let down. Sufficient profits don’t refute my theory that they’re delaying showing things because they worry they’ll make a bad impression, though granted there isn’t confirmation, either. Meanwhile, it bears mentioning that 2020 is almost over now. If there is to be a game released on the 30th anniversary, it feels like now is a reasonable distance from then to expect it to be revealed.
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    Obligatory "Forces took 4 years to make and look how that turned out" comment. Just saying, all the time in the world doesn't matter if that time is being pissed down the drain like it must have been during that games development.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I feel like that's the point though; Starline's entire character is built on assumptions and hubris in his own genius. It's like you said, he thinks he's smarter than he actually is. I like it, because it serves a great contrast with Eggman, and lends credence to the fact that the only reason Eggman loses is because Sonic is just that good, rather than incompetence on Eggman's part (most of the time). I don't know where the character is going to go, but I like how we have a villain who's just as arrogant as Eggman, but nowhere near as competent and how it's blowing up in his face.
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    So I'm fashionably late but I wanted to post something here. I thought about writing some personal history but honestly I'll just ramble on for too long so instead I made an illustration. I got the bug to try to make something the week the celebrations started and thought I could get it done in just in time for the anniversary date but I overestimated my ability to finish in a timely manner. I tend to give up on art pieces if I can't figure them out in the time I need, but every couple of days I'd see this thing in my projects folder and I just couldn't leave it alone. I'd pour a few more hours in late at night trying to teach myself something, bug my friends for feedback, and just play around. This was the basic pattern for the last three or so weeks, juggling with other projects. I feel like I'm finally at a point where I'm satisfied with it so I thought I'd share it with you all. I'm sure the rest of the mods will be happy for me to shut up about this one drawing finally too lol Happy (belated) anniversary, Sonic Stadium!
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    Beat this game over the weekend and am still chipping away at the skins I want bit by bit. It's really great when it's firing on all cylinders. Easily the best Crash game I've played (IE just the first 3). I thought the new artstyle for the game was a win when I first saw and now that I've actually played it I still mostly agree with that aside from one minor nitpick. Crash's shadow doesn't show very well, so the solution they went with was either turning on this bright yellow circle underneath him or not having a drop drop shadow at all. The circle sticks out like a sore thumb but the alternative was like trying to drive with your feet so I just got used to it. Otherwise, yeah, the new look works. The weird, gaudy Crash in Unreal Engine look from NST has been abandoned for something much more fantastic, reminiscent of Toys For Bob's other games. This is honestly the best Crash and Coco have looked since the original games for me, and the top notch animation for their expressions helps a lot. They're just fun to watch no matter what they're doing, and the billion costumes they snuck into the game mostly look good too. I wasn't too hot on Tawna's design when I first saw it but it grew on me. It's a cool modern action heroine take with a couple fun allusions to her original design. The main thing it does right is focus the entire game around the series platforming, and forms of platforming that lean into the series strengths instead of vehicles and or chase missions. Even the iconic 'running toward the camera' shit that always got on my nerves has been brought down to a minimum. The masks are a big win for Crash because they're usually just an extra wrinkle to the simple, timing based platforming going on on screen. It's more like giving a rhythm game an extra button instead of a reinvention. They're all pretty good, but I fee like the time mask always a blast to use. Timing the stop maneuvering through a tricky section in time is a lot of fun on it's own, but mix it in with the fun interactions you can have with explosives, bouncing boxes, and enemies and it turns into something that's always great. I was a little iffy on the dark spin because it caused a lot of strange collision/physics interaction, but I enjoyed the hovering challenges and having to switch between it and regular jumps to bounce off of explosives. I really wouldn't mind if they became a mainstay in this era of Crash. Wall running is a little unwieldy but I enjoyed it in the less chaotic sections of the game and kind of wish the game leaned more on it. This is probably the most consistent set of bosses the series has had. They kind of peaked early in terms of framing with the rock concert but they're all pretty intense challenges that I got a kick out of. I also generally liked how hard it was even if it could feel cheap at times. The obvious thing to do with a new Crash game is to tone it down a bit but I liked that they just tossed out the lives system and cranked it up instead. Levels are usually fastballing two or three new gimmicks at once at you instead of just slowly rolling out one and I thought this was great. I actually played most of the game with lives on but with how many fruits are in each level it just doesn't make that much of a difference. There's also a lot of incentive to get good if you really want to through the gems system this time around. I have some problems with it that I'll get into later, but the hidden gems or the ones that come from getting a lot of fruit or finishing with less than 3 deaths are pretty satisfying to collect. The biggest problem I had with it was the padding. Crash 4's mainline campaign is a pretty tightly woven 3D platformer that gives you an insane amount of new ideas before tapping out as soon as it runs out. It's surrounded in layers and layers of content designed to wring as many replays out of you as it can, and I don't like it. Costumes, some extra cutscenes and other content are locked behind replaying large chunks of the game over and over to either get perfect runs, time trials or finishing off "Inverted" versions of each level that don't change anything beyond throwing up a filter. The increased amount of boxes doesn't work at all with the blown up size of the levels. You'll be playing over and over again looking for the 10-20 that aren't out in the open. Your choices when it comes to unlocking costumes come down to literally perfecting one run in the main level or doing two "good enough" runs in the regular and inverted levels. I'm just not sure what the point of the inverted stuff is when every version I've played so far has been really similar. They should have just lowered the gem requirement instead. The extra characters all feel kind of half baked in their implementation. I think Tawna came out the best because she's basically Crash Lite, but her grappling hook isn't really all that satisfying to use. There's not much to Dingodile's gameplay aside from launching explosives. Cortex probably has the most interesting level design but I can't get over how limited his movement is. It basically feels like somebody up high was insecure about the game's length so a lot of content that's not so great slipped in to make up the difference. They were careful enough to make most of this stuff optional so it's not a huge deal, but it's still a shame when you have a game that's otherwise amazing. I would have had a lot of fun 100%ing this if they showed more restraint. But yeah, I dunno. I knew it would be great when I first saw it and it mostly delivered. It was nice to play a Crash game that knew exactly what to focus on. It revives and expands on the core gameplay in all the right ways. Hopefully they can keep this up. I wasn't a big Crash guy before this but they may have just made a fan out of me with this one.
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    Sonic Channel

    Logged in just to say I am happy to see & collect another awesome official art of Blaze! She is truly among my favorite parts of this franchise~<3
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    I definitely agree with all this. The movies play by different rules from the games. You can't just jam in so many characters in one movie and expect the audience to get invested in all of these characters at once. You need time to develop each character so that way the audience would understand what is going on with both the characters and the plot.
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