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    I feel like Twinsanity’s buginess is severely overstated. It’s not an unfinished game because of it being unpolished, what is there is mostly stable in my opinion, it’s an unfinished game due to how rushed it was and how much content was ultimately cut, and even at - Crash Twinsanity’s narrative - which having plot holes - isn’t a total mess or anything. Comparing it to 06 is too far IMO.
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    blue outlines = pure sonic
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    I miss the days when Blaze's and Nega's backstories were the biggest canon-mysteries in the series. Nowadays with " two worlds" and "two Sonic's" being a thing, those days are downright nostalgic.
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    Wait a sec I Android? Like a nearest replacement for I Robot?
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    Reaction: Pachacamac and Tikal show up in the Sonic movie sequel as Knuckles father and sister respectively.
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    I'm personally hoping for a Crash Bash sequel more than a remake, although a brand new original game or a new racer would be great too. Crash Bash sequel should bring over the more fun minigames from the original, and then add like a hundred more minigames. Give it Mario Party-like game boards, and then include online multiplayer. Hopefully Beenox are the ones developing it because I'm sure they'd deliver.
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    (tweet) Oooh, 60th Anniversary Merch!
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    Well, that was fast. The orange / blue wumpa logo, now this. Notice the "Wumpa League" sign in the background and a traffic light too. New racing game? Or Crash Bash remake/spiritual successor?
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    Forces was delayed a year past it's 25th anniversary deadline tough, so not sure if that's such a good example. If anything, it boggles the mind why the big anniversary game only had an empty engine and vague concept outlines on the big day. Practically every Sonic game from Fire and Ice on has been delayed. Didn't do fire and ice any favors (Altough I vastly prefer it over Shattered Crystals, but the rest of the world keeps forgetting it exists) Didn't do Forces or Team Racing any favors. It did the Sonic movie some favors tough, so there's the one big victory for Team Delay. That said, yeah, delaying the game until it's finished is generally a good idea, but at this point I don't really care. I have zero faith in Sonic Team's general direction and attitude toward the series. I don't care how well polished and perfected it is if the game at it's core was rotten to begin with.
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    Tbh if you removed Classic Sonic and the Avatar from this poster and it was the only teaser we got at first, I would've been hyped af for the months that would've followed before we started getting more info. Heck like even a poster like the mobile game one but with Eggman and Infinite thrown on there somewhere:
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    What exactly is so mysterious about it? Crash Twinsanity is something of an interesting case. It's beloved by fans as quite possibly, the best all-around package of Crash in the Post-Naughty Dog games, and for good reason. The game is brimming with high brow humor, ranging from meta to in-story galore. It introduced the fan-favorite character Nina, and gave fans a lot of what they did want in regards to stuff like expanding on the formula. It also introduced a lot of new concepts such as the idea of an open world, connected with more linear platforming like the classics of course, working to fine-tune control and even give us multiple playable characters, outside of just typical vehicle sections or flip-flopping between Crash and Coco (who was kinda just a neutered Crash in WoC). Twinsanity to this day is generally looked at positively, for being quite possibly the most ambitious Crash game for a lot of time, and despite having a tumultuous development period, came out relatively swell. An immensely funny, but still gripping narrative, mixed with new lore bits, Twinsanity was quite the package. As mentioned earlier, you might notice that Crash 4 feels like it takes a few cues from Twinsanity. Though, how it stacks up compared to it, your mileage may vary. It's a genuinely good game on the whole, but can be rough around the edges. It's a diamond in the rough and one that fans have longed to see be remade so it can reach its true potential.
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    Is Chao Garden still loved?

    For some reason I missed this post at first, so I will reply to the qestions now. 1) like Sonictrainer said, it's a different experience compared to all the other pet sims, it's more immersive, in a way it's closer to being realistic. When I take care of chao, I don't focus on the technical aspects such as stats and evolutions. I enjoyed playing with them as if they were real pets. Trying to understand what they like and what they want to make them happy, was very satisfying to me. I can see why some people can't get into it, I also ignored or rushed it a couple of times, those times when I just wanted to finish the main game in the smallest amount of time possible... but this doesn't mean that I lost interest into it. It's just that it requires a lot of time, the right mood and mindset to get involved into, and the conditions aren't always there. 2) Probably with the right marketing it could be a decent smartphone app with microtransactions and such. Though, I really don't want that to happen... I don't want Chao Garden to be one of those ignorant loot box money grabber games with unfair mechanics like Sonic Forces Speed Battle and similars. It would be really disgusting. Honestly, I think that if a phone app is ever made, it should be a replacement for the VMU/Tiny Chao Garden, where you can extract a chao and bring it with you wherever you go. It would also be nice if it had augmented reality features that would allow you to see your chao in real world and play with it. The main Chao Garden would probably be better as a tie in with a main Sonic game, since part of the fun was the fact that the side mode was a way to make the main game's collectable resources more useful, and also an incentive to replay some levels (replay value). Using smartphones as a tool to expand the thing and connect your Chao Garden to other people's however would be interesting (though now that Internet is everywhere maybe that's not even needed anymore). 3) I wish she some day will become playable again, so she would be one of the many characters who you can play as to raise your chao... though if it doesn't happen, offcourse I would like if she got a more relevant role whenever chao are involved. Sonic Advance 2's Tiny Chao Garden handled it well, by making her part of a minigame... maybe she can be the equivalent of Mario's Toad in Chao Garden... the major NPC that appears in most minigames and does a lot of side stuff even without ever getting the focus. Sonictrainer's idea of making her an opponent in the challenges would also be nice... maybe she is the master chao trainer that you have to defeat in order to get a platinum medal or wathever.
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    What sort of general Christmas wish do you have? Mine is for the world to get at least sorta better in 2021.
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    I've been really talkative today, huh? I don't think I've had this much energy in literal years... or maybe I'm just really, really bored and have no idea when to shut up.
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    <tweet> I got Crash 4 as an early birthday gift, and...decided to do somethings with it.
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    Is Chao Garden still loved?

    The idea of raising a small creature and watching it grow over time scratches an itch for me that hasn't been scratched since. The common argument for this is go play (insert name of monster raising sim here) but even Pokemon & Digimon are different from how Chao work, even when we got the chance to pet them in 6th Gen and Digimon started copying of Pokemon's elements in the PS4 games. From picking a Egg, to deciding how to hatch it, watching it grow, seeing them turn into Cocoon and change from a Child into an Adult, and compete in challenges and watching them finally win that one race or Karate Challenge is a special kind of experience. I don't know if this is because I personally like working with children, but I really enjoyed it...even though I would like to have some control over the Chao instead of being a parent watching their child play sports. This. Every Chao cameo after Adventure 2 was almost torture, especially when they showed up in Rooftop Run Day Act 3 in HD. Maybe? In Chao World, Omochao and other Adult Chao usually take the roles of NPCs so I'm not sure what she could do except maybe cameo as an opponent in challenges with Cheese or Chacola.
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    I'm kind of tired of the Silver Blaze paradox where almost every time they meet up post 06, someone has to make a comment about how well they work together or how maybe they knew each other in a past life (???) Really wish Sonic 06 was universally recognized as it's own contained universe. A lot of Sonic continuity is a hell anyway, but Sonic 06 takes the dang cake.
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    If I had to guess, Blaze's design was finalized before her background was; remember, she went through tons of designs before they settled on her final one. So the development team probably wanted a partner for Silver in the same vein Sonic had Tails and Knuckles, and Shadow had Rouge and Omega. But rather than create two more characters for that purpose, they just used Blaze since she was still relatively new to the series and not that well established yet. So then they came up with Blaze's background near Rush's completed development, and since the team that worked on Rush and 06 probably weren't the same, nobody communicated with each other on how contradicting Blaze's two appearances would be. So it just feels like a classic case of mismanagement and nobody really communicating with each other during the developmental cycle that resulted in this mess. But because Silver and Blaze's dynamic is so popular with fans, Sega still pay lip service to it, but refuse to acknowledge the specifics about their background, Like how they actually fucking met.
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    Have I shown you guys this Persona 5-styled Sonic wallpaper I made yet? Feel free to use it!
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    The love for Twinsanity here is what intrigues me the most. I've never played it but also never really been that impressed by any of what I've seen. Maybe it's a "just play don't watch" kinda approach I need to take somehow? Is it that good or is this more of an SA2 rose tinted fan vibe? (which is no bad thing mind you - the game you like is the game you like at the end of the day). As for Crash 4? I agree, a Casual Run through and I find this to be the most comprehensively fun and challenging Crash game ever - skin unlockables are sweet, new characters are fun, the story was awesome, the graphics and art style was beautiful, and the N-verted modes and tapes are great for replay value here. But yeah.. a completionists run? I won't go for 106% (full on) knowing the upheaval. I'm going to have to have a part-time affair with this game as so not to annoy myself or waste my evenings when I have other titles to play. It's nice that it's somewhat optional, but the ask is a bit much (especially for the endings) - things like this should just be for challenge and not to get the proper endings. So overall my personal take is that I do still believe that this is the best Crash game to date (completion-run set aside). I found I actually enjoyed EVERY level in this game, the platforming had some of the best (and fun) challenges I've ever come across for this kind of game, the new characters were all great to play as (apart from some annoyances in control and shooting with Cortex, who was quite fiddly). I do wish the "alternate take" levels didn't continue after the Tawna/Dingodile/Cortex sections as well... but I'd be pretty happy to have Alt Tawna / Dingodile be fully playable with more levels next time around. I paid the full £49.99 price for this game and do feel like I got my monies worth at least which was a big concern for me initially. In general I believe platformers like this shouldn't really be more than £34.99... but they put in a hell of a lot of effort here - even if it's waaaay too tough for a completionists game.
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    I don't consider this as canon, just very popular headcanon ("fanon" is you will). Fans caught that connection long time ago, but it leaves holes. Best theory I have is that Blaze wasn't just transported to Sol Dimension, but down right reincarnated several years into the past, therefore lack of memories and her royal status. Alternatively there is no royal family Blaze was just given the tittle and the role based on some prophecy or something (no reincarnation, but still loosing memory), but that's a faaaaaar stretch. And Iblis? Either her pyrokinesis power keep him in bay much better than Elise or she managed to dump him into Chaotic Inferno Zone, so Iblis and Ifrit (from Rivals 2) are the same monster. I suppose Nega could follow Blaze to Sol Dimension, although it's hard to imagine him living in Future Destroyed by Iblis,
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    Well, if the 100% ending is anything to go by
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    Thank you guys for all the support today. I really appreciate you all for telling me I'm still valid. It felt so good to tell that to everyone, to stop keeping my identity to myself. I'm so happy to have come to terms with who I am, and that all of you are so supportive of it. 💚🤍🖤
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    Both Pokemon and Sonic are having anniversaries next year. If they both deliver something good, it'd be the cherry on top of what could be a good year by the end if the covid vaccines work like they should.
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    Question about Maria

    Funny, Palpatine had a similar plan with Rey.
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    Question about Maria

    A lot of people want to see everyone get a happy ending, no matter how implausible. Alternatively, a lot of people want to be able to twist the knife a second time.
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    So are you gonna defend the game on every front? Legit asking cause you’re always there arguing for the game when someone raises a point of issue with the it. It’s a legit criticism the grindy pit stop, many, not just “whiny gamers that want things now” have brought up. It’s very evident the games output of coins was fashioned after mobile/free to play game models. It’s not satisfying at all. cool beans tho trying to equate my argument to whining child in order to gain a laugh and attempt to devalue my stance Also, yeah I’d say there’s certainly some bs “difficulty” moments in the game.
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    No, your point was clear. It just doesn't make any sense and comes off as petty. You know, actually comparing the two when you get down to it, TSR has more of an actual narrative if we really want to get technical. What you're gushing about is some brief animated scenes with bosses and one opening cutscene. That's it. It's not a knock against CTR's campaign, I still like that. But if your main observation of superiority is over some minute bouts of animation and a hub world then, more power to ya, but that just comes as silly. I mean, we're obviously not really building lore or character interactions in CTR so there's not that much to gush about there.
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