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    to this day Transformed is my favorite kart racer.
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    When Hasbro had Marvel making Transformers comics, it was stipulated that any character which debuted in the pages of the book became Hasbro's property. This is why they skirted that with Death's Head and Circuit Breaker by having them appear in other stories before being introduced in Transformers. (Which also led to confusion/debate as to whether Transformers was part of the main Marvel Universe, but that's another matter.) So yeah, SEGA probably could have, but apparently no one in the video game business of the '90s knew or cared enough about how to write a contract so that someone else wouldn't retain ownership that would gum things up for decades to come. Hence why Geno belongs to Square Enix and Capcom does sweet eff all with Slam Masters and possibly Rival Schools.
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    Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!
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    I made dis

    I made dis
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    What do you call hamburgers and hot dogs that are falling in space? A meat shower.
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    An Eggman Carol

    An official illustrated short story from Sega of America just released. It's a nice holiday treat.
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    First off, I just want to say Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! We're chilling at home this year, since my dad is sick... but I'm chilling playing some Fall Guys, continuing my playthrough of Fire Emblem 1, breeding some Christmas gifts for a Giveaway on some of the Pokémon Forums, and finishing up a project I've got set up for 2021 and a certain hedgehog's anniversary.
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    The Star Wars Christmas Special starts in an hour and 20 minutes on Motobug, followed by Christmas specials from Spectacular Spidey, Mr Bean and more.
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    Wholesome Kirbo.

    Wholesome Kirbo.
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    Spin Attaxx

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    This just in. KFC have announced their own videogame console. It's sure to be finger-licking good.
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    I imagine a cameo. It would be like walking on ice with Amy. Too much appearance and shell distract from the story, and too little and she'll feel wasted.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    In Knuckles Chaotix, there's a character fans call Wechina, that is a glitched out version of Knuckles. In the game, his name is a line of stars.
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    If they wait for a potential third movie for Amy that’s fine. It does make more sense. I’m assuming part 2 will mostly focus on Sonic/Tails vs Robotnik/Knuckles anyway. I can definitely see Metal Sonic being the next cliffhanger/cameo. Something like after Robotnik is defeated he returns to his lab reveals Metal Sonic as a secret weapon and prepares to activate him.
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    I don't think Amy should show up in the sequel. They already have to establish the backstories for both Tails and Knuckles, so adding in Amy would complicate the movie even further. Plus, it's possible that they might add in Metal Sonic or Shadow (whichever one they want to add) in the third movie, so they are probably reserving Amy for the third movie since she was introduced around the same time as Metal Sonic.
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    I dont think Amy should show up. Theres too much expectation behind including her. Also, production is technically different from shooting. It may be post production editing and such rather than the actual on set shooting. I feel like people would want more of Amy if she did make an appearance, and itd be better for her to be spread to a third movie when things have more ground.
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    Knuckles was obvious but good to see. We basically know what he'll look like too. I thought of a way to introduce Amy Rose. She could be Tails friend or someone who needs saving and after Robotnik is beaten she views Sonic as her hero. At the end she could give him a big hug that makes Sonic feel embarrassed or awkward. That'd be cute.
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    Shadow The Hedgehog had so much potential. Sigh.
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    Shadow Chaos Control

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Start with Sonic Firsts Special.
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    You know what’s funny? I remember these stories perfectly well up from this point, and yet they’re completely irrelevant in the long run. I can’t say I hate them, because I came back into these comics around this time, but they’re sadly forgettable for the most part—just like Sonic randomly phasing into Caterkiller’s hill, this period is essentially “random bullshit go!” in terms of what stories they could make of at the time. Really shows a difference in impact they have compared to what comes next. Also, just a heads up, Dr. Detective Mike, but issues post-125 where Sonic is lost in space is likely to be just as forgettable until the final part of the arc when Sonic returns to Mobius. I’m saying this because those issues are personal guilty pleasure of mine because sci-if. They mostly just clean up a few things from older arcs, but yeah, just a heads up. You’ll be wondering just what the fuck the comic team at the time was smoking in some places—and I’m betting it probably wasn’t any of the good shit either.
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    What I love about this headache inducing copyright stuff isn't just what a complicated dangerous minefield it is that even quick cameo's get you into trouble, but equally how easy it is to dodge the copyright laws by changing minor details. Would make me want to deliberatly use elements from all spin offs if I managed to get hired as an official Sega artist. Y'know, in an alternative dimension where pigs fly and hell is frozen over. No no, this isn't Tekno, it's Tehkno. Look, she wears a hat, this "Tekno" character I never heard of didn't. Eggman Nega? No no, it's Eggman Naugat. He's from an alternative candy dimension. Look, his mustache's shade of grey is one tone lighter then the other's. What, I used the OVA's setting of Sonic's island? No no sir, look, this island also wears a hat, it's an entirely different location. Bye now. Copyright laws are dumb. I would easily sail by every copyright law just on the merrit of being a terribly sloppy artist. "Brilliant, you escaped copyright by cleverly pretending to have spelling mistakes and get the name wrong!" Uhh, yes, "cleverly pretending", jup, that's what I did. I'm clever. Maybe that's why Sega's so easy going on fan projects. Curses, this fangame cleverly used a different shade of Blue for Sonic, they outwitted us again!
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    This thread is 423 pages long and almost 7 years old and issue 1 hasn't been released yet.
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    From what I've heard, SEGA's copyrights are a weird, tangled web woven by a drunken spider when it comes to their spinoff stuff. For example, due to UK law? All the characters made for the Fleetway Sonic comic that weren't originally game characters belong to the people who made them. Jon Grey and Archie got into a bit of trouble with SEGA for sneaking a cameo of Fleetway characters Tekno, Ebony and Shortfuse into crowd scenes in one issue, and likewise Bollers got into a spot of trouble for having a brief cameo of the OVA setting. Heck, part of the reason why that one explorer skin of Knuckles for Dash got such a big reception? Is because up until then it was presumed that that HAT was off-limits because technically, it belonged to the company that had made the OVA. This is also one of the reasons you never saw any of the Sonic X exclusive characters migrating over into the Archie book- technically speaking, Chris and Bocoe and Decoe and so forth are owned by the company that made Sonic X. Well, that and SEGA being disinterested in such inter-franchise cross pollination. Its why Cream and Cheese and Vanilla didn't appear for so long. Take note that this is all stuff I've *heard*. I'm not an expert, and my info doesn't come from super duper insiders. But this is something that I've consistently heard enough times for it to become clear to me that SEGA's copyrights aren't really as cut and dry as we'd like to assume. And that the nature of copyright is weird enough that Penders can evidently own something as clearly derivative as characters called 'Evil Sonic' and 'Robo Robotnik'. Granted, Penders' situation is unique, and for all the wrong reasons...
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    "The game should play well first" is just such an obvious thing that it's not worth bringing up to me. Who doesn't want their Sonic game to play well?
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    FUN FACT: SEGA Actually wouldn't allow the use of Cream the Rabbit until some time into Ian's run, therefore the Sonic Grams answer was more a really bad deflection than anything. On the matter of Tommy, his character being the most hated mostly comes down to timing and how much focus they forced onto him. He was introduced as an important person in Sonic's life that was supposed to die in a heroic sacrifice. That alone isn't too bad. But then they give 3 issues to rescuing him because he's not dead. He then gets inserted into the group and no one, but no one knew what to do with him. Penders gave it an effort but that only made it worse. Ian's first goal was to kill the character off for good, and that ironically was the action that finally gave the character purpose. It also had the side effect of making one of the most hated characters in the book the Catalyst for The Great Harmony, a Massively Important point in the Pre-Reboot Continuity.
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    So I'm fashionably late but I wanted to post something here. I thought about writing some personal history but honestly I'll just ramble on for too long so instead I made an illustration. I got the bug to try to make something the week the celebrations started and thought I could get it done in just in time for the anniversary date but I overestimated my ability to finish in a timely manner. I tend to give up on art pieces if I can't figure them out in the time I need, but every couple of days I'd see this thing in my projects folder and I just couldn't leave it alone. I'd pour a few more hours in late at night trying to teach myself something, bug my friends for feedback, and just play around. This was the basic pattern for the last three or so weeks, juggling with other projects. I feel like I'm finally at a point where I'm satisfied with it so I thought I'd share it with you all. I'm sure the rest of the mods will be happy for me to shut up about this one drawing finally too lol Happy (belated) anniversary, Sonic Stadium!
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    Sega does not need a break. As I am sure a lot of older fans here know and as someone who has/was a Sega fan from their start and sonics start that Sega creates most its issues themself. Do you know why Sega is no longer in the console market? They basically destroyed themselves with things they did in the early 90s. Many 3d sonic games turn out bad or have horrid controls. Why? Cause Sega rushes the games out the gate just to be able to say they put out a game and cause at this point they know most fans will support the series regardless more often than not. But for the stigma on the fanbase it is cause to a point Tornado said. Many just want the win for whatever argument they are in atm. That plus your talking about a series that shifts mechanics on a whim. Going from open world Sonic adventure to a straight path driven sa2 to team based in heroes, wisp, team power ups, multiple things you can name off. To some fans not happy with how the seriese stories go. Some dont like stories, some hate humans, its just insane. And as many said a lot of fandoms do this these days but Sonic is up there near the top of being one of the more hostile toxic ones. Not all series generate that much (I.e Wakfu,ace combat,)
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    There is a dark side to every fandom, and the majority should not be judged by it.
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