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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #123: Heart Held Hostage - Part 2 The only thing to really say about this cover is the fact that I’ve seen this image of Sally before in one of the wikis. That’s it. It’s just a picture of Sonic laughing alongside Sally. These covers are doing nothing for me. There’s not a ton of them left thankfully. This issue started fine enough, despite the ludicrous nature of the weasels. The ending was certainly strong enough to leave me with an overall positive impression. The second story sucked but at least it had one scene in it that I liked, which is more than I can usually say for Penders, despite the story being overall a boring recap of some of the comics' less than stellar moments. However, any good will that could have resulted from it was squeezed dry after that last story. On its own, it probably wouldn’t have been all that bad had the subject matter it was dealing with had not been the biggest situational conflict the comic has had since the very beginning. If there’s anything you need to stick the landing on it's a story that finally deals with the Robian conflict and they absolutely did not do that. Given the confusing nature of this comic and the wackass weirdness that was happening behind the scenes, I have no idea who to even blame for this but things have to have hit a really bleak place in order for something like this to happen with no one stepping in and thinking that maybe a do-over was in order. I’m struggling for the proper word to call that last story. Embarrassing. Disappointing. Shameful. Weird. Lazy. All of the above? Whether you go with one of those or all of them it’s pretty clear to me that we’ve reached a point where the comic is gasping for air, trapped in a noose that’s hanging from a tree and desperately hoping for someone to cut it down so that it can breathe again before it dies. What are we even doing here? Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #124: Sonic Adventure 2.5: Alpha You know, when I saw this cover I didn’t really bat an eye at it. It took me until I saw the opening page of the comic that I realized, “Holy Shit. Shadow the Hedgehog is here.” Yeah, Shadow’s making another appearance. It kind of feels like that should have happened already but I guess I shouldn’t underestimate how old these comics still are. It boggles the mind that Sonic Heroes is like 18 years old now. Praise be to the Xorda! Thank God, an alien invasion is happening! An honest to goodness alien invasion! I could kiss these disgusting, gross tentacle monsters. It’d been so long since something with this much gravitas had been given time to build itself up. Things didn’t just randomly happen that changed the status quo of the book without any fanfare. I love it when comics make me feel this way. I’m well aware of the status quo changing event that’s going to happen… I just completely forgot about it because it’s one that surprisingly doesn’t get talked about that often. I’ll have to wait and see it in its full context before I make any judgment calls but for now, I’m just excited to see something potentially bonkers. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #125: Sonic Adventure 2.5: Omega It’s Issue 125 and as such we’ve reached another milestone! Hooray! I guess for this they couldn’t just go with the boring magazine covers they’ve been doing, which is fine by me. I’ve seen this cover before and I actually do think it’s a pretty good one. I usually tend to like the covers that draw a ton of characters on it. It really does give you the sense that a lot of stuff has happened leading up to where we are now, even if a lot of it’s been some bullshit. There’s definitely been some good times too. I’ll definitely give the book credit where it's due on that. Fantastic. This was a wonderful issue. It was exciting. It was fun. It REALLY did a good goddamn job of getting the blood pumping. I loved the alliances that happened. Despite my criticism, I love Eggman being a douche. I loved all the battle and devastation and the sacrifice. It wasn’t perfect. There are things to critique, sure, but fuck it man. This is just peak Sonic the Hedgehog right here. Action, adventure, drama, suspense; all the shit a good Sonic story should have. Yeah, this book can definitely pull it off when it fucking tries (and when Penders isn’t given a single solitary credit) and it shows. I’m… SO happy. What a great milestone issue.
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    Its what makes Silver distinct from Sonic & Shadow; while Shadow may have his own insecurities and vulnerabilities, he generally manages to work past them to get the job done and Sonic's entire personality is basically being as self-assured as possible with almost no hangups. Silver, by contrast, just isn't the same as them. He lacks Sonic's confidence, and Shadow's perseverance and I think that's why his character took some getting used to. We were so used to the other two hedgehogs being self-confident tough guys, that having Silver be so vulnerable felt jarring and different. He was "lame" he wasn't "cool". And that "lame" and "uncool" characterization has kind defined him; most fan works just portray him as a whiny loser who gets abused. Its ironically that embracing those same traits that endeared people to him after a while. Its just his awkward and earnest attitude that helps him standout. Its also what kind of helped him; while they've been mishandling Shadow, they've just kind of embraced Silver's dorky nature and people seem alright with it.
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    It should be a mix of Sonic adventure and its structure of exploring, but make the world bigger, station square was honestly tiny, and with a tad more speed behind it. It should not simply be a hold down x button to boost through a stage. It also should not have tedious items to track down like in Sonic unleashed or gimmicks ala sonic colors.
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    In a word, liberating. My two most common complaints about the modern Sonic series are that only Sonic is playable, and that boost makes irrelevant a lot of the level design tropes that were in games before it was introduced, but those aren't what I actually hate most about the series now. What I hate most is that the Sonic games have ceased to take place in whole environments that you have actual freedom to move through how, when, at what pace and what angle you choose. Of course there have always been invisible walls and bottomless pits restricting motion in games; not to mention that they were 2D for a while, but even in 2D, the better Sonic levels used to let players fool around with their character, seeing what they were capable of doing if they built up speed and hurled off cliffs, up hills, etc. Their physics were fun to play with. In modern Sonic games, it feels like physics are against you constantly. They force when you go fast, they might force you to slow down, they force inability to backtrack, they force you to shift from 3D to 2D and back when and where they say so, they force whether in 2D you move straight or rotate, etc etc etc. Sonic games no longer feel liberating. There's the feeling of playing as a super-powerful character, but only when he does exactly what they intended him to do and almost nothing more.
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    Give me your best theories on how Eggman packaged and mailed a working radio to the Chaotix from a locked room on Final Fortress.
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    How is a Sonic game supposed to 'feel'?

    I think Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 are the best of the best when it comes to how a Sonic game should control, moreso Adventure 1 as I prefer those levels and I think it controls a bit better in some aspects. The worst part about SA1 Sonic is the light speed dash being required to charge up before use, which was fixed in Adventure 2. I love some of the boost games, especially Colors and Generations, but I still think SA1 was probably the most fun I've ever had with a Sonic game. The hub works very well too IMO, and it'd be great to get something like the Adventure 1 hub again but with the designs of the humans in Unleashed being there instead of the realistic ones. I do think it needs to be bigger as well, but I think the hubs still need to stand out as opposed to something like the hubs in Sonic '06. I can remember nearly everything in Station Square, but not much in regards to '06's hubs.
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    It should be fast and fun. It should have an attitude yet also be somewhat lighthearted. It shouldn't be too watered down, too slow, too complex, or too serious. It should be based off of rather simple principles that add a little flavor and turn into a challenging yet rewarding gameplay experience.
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    He did. The concept for Robo-Robotnik debuted in #19 and was brought back up in #22. Karl Bollers was the one who came up with using him to explain Eggman's redesign though. It's also funny to me how Penders think Evil Sonic becoming Scourge made him not Evil Sonic anymore. They regularly reminded us that he was the Anti-Sonic or the Evil Sonic whenever he appeared. In fact the end of the King Scourge arc has him say "You can call me whatever you want. Knockoff. Anomaly. Whatever. The truth is I'm Sonic The Hedgehog at the top of his potential." I might have gotten that quote wrong but you get the point.
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    This is one of the scummiest, most tactless things Penders has ever come out with, business wise. A perfect insight of the man who fucked over Ben Hurst to try kickstart a doomed shitty project of his own. Here he is practically admitting that he knows full well that Ian breathed life into this character, that he made this character far more distinctive and interesting than he ever could, and Penders has basically just admitted "lol well fuck him for doing that, I'm going to abuse his hard work now!". This scumbag literally intends on stealing someone else's work, and acting like a smug asshole about it. Not to mention how fucking idiotic this is. You literally can't just say "Oh, I made a character called EVIL SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and then Ian Flynn - working for SEGA and Archie Comics - took EVIL SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and changed him into a different character. I refuse to believe you can just copyright this character just because you add evil to his title. What is literally stopping anyone from doing this same trick on him? If you could do that, it would be a very blatant way to loophole copyright laws. What's stopping anyone - right now - in this very topic - putting Julie-Su, Lara-Su, and so on into a shit biker outfit, calling them "Evil Julie-Su the Echidna", and saying "I own this"? How fucking deluded do you have to be to legitimately believe that this is completely above board?
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    To say Penders' logic is wobbly is underselling it, even compared to his usual leaps of logic. As I said elsewhere, just because any of the companies involved aren't presently making use of anything in Chronicles, that doesn't mean that they no longer have the copyright. By that logic, you could steal any number of characters who haven't been used by Disney or Marvel or whatever and they'd be powerless to stop you from claiming them as your own and using them for your own work. What Penders is suggesting here is, frankly, insane. It's him interpreting the law in a way that benefits him exclusively while ignoring the fact that what he's doing could put him in very real trouble. Likewise, as you mentioned, the bitterest irony here is that after a near decade of dismissing any criticism of his work being fanwork... that's precisely what he's reduced this entire godforsaken project to. Fanwork. He's in essence demanding his work be treated as if it were fanwork while he has the right to attempt to profit off it, all the while screaming about the original distinctness of his work and how it DOESN'T need the Sonic Connection to stand on its own, even as he does everything in his power to do otherwise. And frankly even if he is aware of the contradictions and how sorely doing this undermines his claims about everything he does- and I am no longer certain that he is- even IF he were permitted to get away with this? It would largely be because he wouldn't really be worth the resources spent on shutting down what ultimately amounts to a penny ante publishing scheme. He's basically screaming about having a master plan when at the end of the day, its contingent upon none of the players really caring enough and him declaring himself a winner because of it. Also, something that popped up within the chain of replies, but the subject of Scourge came up- I feel like this is one of those times where Penders reveals more about himself than he ever intended. He's treating Flynn like he was out to steal something of his when ultimately all he did was inject new life in one of Penders stupid, trite little ideas... and for that, Penders talks about him like this and frames Scourge's existence in these terms. Its astounding.
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    Sonic Roster add or remove?

    To quickly illustrate how dumb I think the point about about removing characters is, imagine if whoever you chose was actually removed 10 years ago. What would that have that affected in the past 10 years of gaming? Unless you somehow landed on Sonic, Tails, and Eggman the answer is less than nothing. Maybe TSR would be down one character at worst. Everyone's said that already though. That's not why I posted. In terms of additions I think the "core" Sonic cast that they use for spinoffs is looking a little dated in some respects. There are technically new characters, but almost every one is designed to be ignorable or disposable which has lead to some of the most uninspired designs and personalities in the series. Functional, but not enough to get anyone invested. The long time fans that haven't left rally around the more complex characters like Knuckles Shadow, Silver and Blaze but they're tied to backstories that are 20 years old at this point. Probably not a huge issue with all the fan documentation of Sonic lore out there but I still wonder if it'll all need readdressing at some point. The female characters are beloved by me and endearing, but the small selection and less than ideal variety feels more and more like a gaping hole that needs to be filled by the day. A lack of new, exciting characters has predictably started to hamper the series's appeal and I think that it'll get worse unless some kind of shot in the arm happens there. There's a reason why almost every AU offshoot and spinoff has to do some kind of legwork to round out the cast. Tangle and Whisper break the internet every time they're mentioned in an official capacity for a reason. It's filling a demand. A lot of people are just saying to air lift them and characters from other series like the Archie comics and Boom into the games and like, sure? That's a start. I'd like to see Sonic Team flex their creative muscles again though. Infinite proves they're still capable of good design work if nothing else. Even if the worst case scenario happens and we get another Silver I'm sure Ian and Evan will patch them right up. Sonic's cast desperately needs expansion, not streamlining.
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    SEGA allows the fans to use ALL their characters in fan projects, not just the ones from Sonic Chronicles. Not that it matters because the difference here is that you're planning on using it for material you plan to sell to the masses. Not only that, but its material you tried to sue them over. This isn't the same as merely charging for commissions of fan-art at this point. I don't know if its worth the risk to sneak in some shit you factually do not own just to see if they'll pay attention, Ken. Try as you might to prove to the masses that you're just a clever motherfucker playing 4D chess with two companies that could grind you to ashes if they wanted but, really, you'll just be flinging darts into your own ass while claiming you're winning the game.
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    That said, Geoffrey wasn't even a part of their group, was he? I thought he led another group and was just sort of helping out. I don't know, but I'm reminded of the time he took pictures of some female cosplayers without their knowledge to prove a point, then waved off the people saying "cosplay is not consent", saying that was just something they were making up.
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    Boy, Penders is just covering all of his usual bases/evasions today, ain't he. I particularly like how he continues to act as if these characters are entities outside of his control despite the fact that he was the one who wrote them that way. "It's King Max's Fault", like, its amazing that he honestly feels comfortable using the same logic as a little kid blaming their imaginary friend for things they themselves did. To say nothing of him neatly sidestepping the fact that the Sally Miniseries was ultimately more about Geoffrey and HIS triumph given that Sally didn't actually appear or do anything in most of it. And slight aside, it still amazes me that he doesn't actually get that the Freedom Fighters WEREN'T a military group with a stringent military hierarchy. As conceived of by SatAM, Sally wasn't in charge due to lineage but due to the fact that the Freedom Fighters trusted her to lead them. Like, even now the guy cannot wrap his head around the idea that the FF's were a group of friends trying to overcome the evil of Robotnik and not friggin' GI Joe. All this from a guy who wobbles between wanting to kill Sally for cramping Sonic's style or because it didn't make sense to have her around with her dad in the picture. Fucking hell. Bitch fit? No. Passive aggressive potshots on the other hand? Definitely.
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    I always thought that since Silver is from the future, they could give him his own spin off series that takes place in the future (which is NOT an apocalyptic wasteland I might add). Basically giving him the Batman Beyond or Spider-Man 2099 treatment.
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    The dichotomy of 2D and 3D platformers.

    So between the resurgence of the platforming genre as of late, and Sonic's...recent less than stellar performances , it's gotten me to reexamine the genre a bit and what about these games do I love and why. And in doing so, I've learned that are a lot of nuances that the extra dimensions adds that I never actually thought about critically until now. So I wanted to talk about the two, what I like about them, what I don't like, and gauge other opinions. I'll try to keep this short and to the point as to not lose people. 2D Platformers Arguably one of the most iconic genres of all time. I love 2D platformers, to death almost. They're challenging yet rewarding, and all have their level of charm to them. One of the main things I love about these games though, is the focus and consistency they offer. The devs took something as simple as "Jump on platforms" and created some truly unique shit. It's magical, and in it's simplicity comes added depth of trying to master the movement and level design. There's no real better feeling than holding down the run button in Mario games, and just expertly dodging any incoming obstacles. And I cannot even go into how many hours I've spent in Sonic 3, I can make an entire essay on that game, but that's what I'm here for. If I had to think of something I don't like about them though.. they are prone to fake difficulty and quite frankly, obnoxious level design which was of course, entirely intentional to incentivize replay value...but Mega Man games have caused me some of the most frustration I've ever had in my life. 3D Platformers 3D platformers on the other hand are a different beast, having an entirely new dimension to work with. With the video game leaps in 3D, developers decided to go all with the ideas and gameplay elements. You got fishing, treasure hunting, shooting, stealth sections, you name it. There's so much variety in 3D platformers, you have multiple playable characters all with their own unique goals to progress through the levels. Some even go further beyond and flesh out whole worlds with NPC's and some have more intricate storylines to entice the player. Anything is possible with 3D dimensions; more production values essentially. Its what I love about them, having these huge ass worlds to explore and transverse. But...many 3D platformers I've played are bloated as hell with fluff, so much fluff. It's fluff that I thought was enjoyable and fun the first time around, but I found on subsequent playthroughs that I don't enjoy them as much and just found them intrusive. To this day, I still haven't completed Super Mario Sunshine and I very rarely go back and play the Sonic Adventure games compared to the 2D counterparts. I guess what I'm saying is that, 2D platformers, to me, have a much higher degree of quality to them. They're focused and know what they want to do. I don't have to worry about the game throwing something unexpected in my face at any point like in 3D platformers, and as a result, I have a much easier time going back to play them. That's not to say that I do not enjoy 3D platformers, but I can only take them in smaller doses. I've wondered why that was the case, and I guess the idea is that with 2D, there's more restrictions, so there's less the developers have to account for and what they can get away with, not to mention, the games had a whole decade over their 3D counterparts (1985 to 1996), while 3D games have a lot more to account for and much larger margin of error, not to mention that developers might feel pressured to add something to justify creating all of those huge environments that probably costs so much money to make. Of course you're gonna do what you can to flesh out that world. But that's just my take; I've always wondered why 3D platformers are the way they are, and what could be done to tighten them up a bit. 2D platformers seem like they've become a timeless genre in of themselves, while 3D platformers come in and out of style. It's really recently that the genre has had some nostalgia to it, so this is the best time to explore these thoughts. How do you guys feel about the difference between 3D and 2D platformers?
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    The ultimate life form with a smiease kitty
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    We know he can't die, but let's Play Pretend. Honestly I would kinda be ok with this. In this horrible age of sequels, reboots and spin-offs, there is something nice about franchise ending. This is one reason why I prefer cartoon over anime. Any cartoon with 10+ seasons is mocked for being dead horse (Simpsons, Spongebob) when anime going for ever is just norm (Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece). Similarly Marvel and DC comics, they so large I cannot really comprehend them. I guess my brain is of Completionist. Franchise must be large enough so I can submerge in it, but also small enough that I won't drown trying to finish it. Sonic took me I think a year, and that's counting both Archie and Fleetway comics. (I only really don't like when franchise died too early and no one can claim that Sonic didn't had a long run.) And what would happen for the rest of the world, not just me? All logic says that Sonic would return sooner or later. Heck, eventually he would became public domain. One could argue that long break would actually improve him reputations. Meme burn out without sustenance, both nostalgia and deeper analysis usually highlights the good part of the mixed games. So maybe it would improve his situation. Or maybe his constant existence is what keeps him relevant. Maybe his grand return would give him respective but niche place in gaming scene.
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    It’s time to shitpost (I have been drawing more sketchogs as of late)
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    Sonic Team stop making me grind 100,000 things out for trophies challenge (failed three times)
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    The Adventures had the right idea, particularly SA1 in its level structure. Sonic should always feel free, like he can almost anything (that you intend for him to do). I should be able to turn around when I want to. I should be able to spin and manipulate the environment to gain distance on both ground and air. Spider-man 2 for PS2 has the right idea as well, keeping the flow provided you make use of his moveset. We honestly should have seen something that topped the free feeling movement of that game a long time ago, but each time as said earlier, Sega keeps attaching a ball and chain to Sonic, restricting more and more movement each time to where it's mostly automation now even without boosting. Constantly being dragged around and "told what to do" by the stage and not trusting the player to handle it themselves makes it very underwhelming once you get past the speed spectacle. I can't imagine Sonic himself enjoying that kind of design philosophy. Let him feel free.
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    I personally think Blaze should remain as being someone from a different dimension. But I would have scrapped characters like Honey the Cat or Tiara Boobwoski be Silvers companions instead.
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    I can't think of any context where the end result wouldn't have been even worse than what we ended up with. The Digimon dub (at least Adventure 01's) was well-received and still is well-received because a handful of people were specifically dedicated to making it as good as they could and constantly fought to keep the show from being butchered for the US market like Fox wanted. The fact that Saban was involved is almost immaterial. For evidence of what happened when those people stopped fighting so hard to keep the quality up, you need only look at Adventure 02's dub when many of the creative people involved with 01's left. Then also consider that Sonic X is pretty shit even in Japanese, and that a not-irrelevant portion of the changes to the show were done before 4Kids even got it, and that while the voice direction was frequently terrible and some of the casting decisions were atrocious (Griffith, Green), they did very much get some of the roles right (Ortiz and Pollock) and got some people who weren't just randos out of their usual stable of talent and could do their roles even with crappy direction and poor scripts.
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    Dr. Detective Mike

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    A little bit, yeah. The shot of Sally at home followed by them back at the snowy grounds followed by them around Sonic's casket was weird. I'm a sucker for these kinds of stories. It's a monumentally huge reason why I love this series in the first place. Crazy, weird nonsense is something I'm more than willing to embrace should it make sense within context. You know, I'm cool with the Ancient Babylonians being magic carpet riding genies from space or whatever. I eat weirdness like that for breakfast. Sonic just does it in a way that's so wonderfully attractive and really awesome. When the comic hits that equilibrium, it's gonna hook me.
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    Your Vest Friend

    AMERICA: 2020

    Washington Post have leaked a 62 minute recording of Trump basically threatening the Secretary of State of Georgia to "find" 11,780 votes. Oh deary.
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    Your Vest Friend

    lmao trump

    lmao trump
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    Congratulations on reaching 1,000 Chapters, One Piece!
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    Sonic Roster add or remove?

    Actually, the Japanese scripts are allegedly also pretty boring, though not as obnoxious as the English ones, according to Roger. They also hadn’t fought in years, which is why seeing them as generic soldiers is a relief after all this time.
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    Sonic Roster add or remove?

    It's less about how many there are and more about the quality of how they use them. It's dumb to say maybe but that is what it is. Of course if less characters appear, there is more of a chance that all (or most) will be used properly in a game. Forces, for instance, had 20 characters I think, and they sucked, they were generic soldiers that had no role or personality. In an ideal world we would get 20 characters in 1 major game with the personality they had even in Generations. Generations is a weird case because each supporting character was a cheerleader barely, but they still showed great personality in their cutscenes (the ones where they are saved). So I would like a decent amount of characters but actually use their personality, SEGA! That's what makes them great, they are full of traits IMO, if you know them. Instead, at the time, because as @Kuzu said critics and gamers were against the cast, and SEGA decided to be shy about them, eh. Now they have thankfully realized that this cast has a huge following. Despite them writing characters like shit in the games (Forces, Lost World), they are still very popular, as the reaction to Tails in the movie showed... yeah, even Tails despite recent games writing is still fucking loved. So the point is, SEGA can and should use the cast. Now after years of fans complaining of them using only the trio Sonic-Tails-Eggman, SEGA seems to have started using them again, they just need good writers and allow them to express themselves. It's literally only the games that have had shitty writing, IDW is great, those manga from Sonic Channel were great, the japanese script is apparently great, Boom tv show was still well written, the movie is well written and very popular, the shorts were super fun. Literally just Pontaff and SEGA's rules were ruining the writing. IMO. My ideal thing would be around 15-18 characters in a main game, between playable, supporting and bosses. But with personality. That's my wish.
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    Sonic Roster add or remove?

    You know what I find to be the biggest shame about the last ten years...everybody was so convinced that these characters were just horrible, abominations upon the series that needed to go, that Sega effectively completed a self-fulfilling prophecy; in streamlining and reducing the screen time of all of these characters, they've effectively validated all of those complaints. Now they actually are just a bunch wasted space who nobody should care about. And this is a mandate by Sega too if the comics are anything to go by, as they're basically enforcing that every character stay static and unchanging as possible. Sega honestly SHOULD do something with these characters, but there's quite honestly no reason for them to do so. Outside of the older vocal fans who still remember the stories surrounding these characters, I honestly don't know anyone who really cares about these characters anymore. Older classic fans don't give a shit about anyone outside of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles and there's probably an entire generation of children who have no idea who Blaze even is. And I cannot tell you how much it bothers me to see that; this series, for better or worse, always carved out its own niche and went the extra mile in getting you to care about these characters beyond just being video game functions. I know why the characters were controversial, but the solution wasn't to just exorcise them and any and all personality they had. And I hate how nobody else really seems bothered by it aside from a small but vocal group of people. That people would just prefer that these characters remain as one-dimensional background noises who don't contribute anything is the biggest annoyance I have with some of their most vocal critics.
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    Ken just may be the only person in existence to constantly remind people of their never live it down moment. Is the universal rejection of such a bafflingly bad idea that hard to swallow? For Ken, Yes. Very much yes.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I mean I hate to be this guy knowing full well what will come from being this guy but...yeah the majority of people consuming Sonic products are children. It's a kids franchise and frankly older fans are not that important to Sega's bottom line.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    It's best to never expect Sonic 3 to get a rerelease, because you're basically asking Sega to pick their date for an incoming lawsuit. Even if it released with the proto music / without MJ's music, people will immediately start asking why it doesn't have the 'original' tracks anymore. And since Sonic 3 is pretty beloved by everyone, it'll get media attention from game journalists, and the floodgates will likely open all the same since Brad Buxer, Scirocco, etc aren't exactly long gone or completely inaccessible. You can't just owe someone money for 20+ years and then suddenly pretend you never owed them money at all. Something about the game would have to be settled in court before it could get a proper rerelease, with or without the music. If it didn't, then Sega would be all kinds of fucked. It's unfortunate that one of the best games of all time is locked behind problems this severe, but remember what I said about this being a monkey's paw franchise.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    To be honest, besides the fact having it on Switch would be nice, I'm not absolutely starving for a Sonic 3 remake anymore. For the same reason I don't want a Sonic Adventure remake - I think the fans already did a more laser-targeted job than I could see an official product doing, even with Tax on board. Sonic 3 AIR is great as is, and then you throw mods into the equation and you can just, build your own tailored Sonic 3 experience, beyond even what 3 Complete offered.
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    So seeing that the echidna tribe is alive and well in the movie universe and Knuckles is all but confirmed to be in the sequel, how much are you willing to bet that Ken is gonna throw a bitch fit about it?
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    Sally can't be the one taken advantage of, she's the Princess! Okay, but Geoffrey has managed to override her authority several times, and it's not like having power protects you from acts of rape. Fuck me, I really gotta get off this wild ride. NOW IT'S THE FAULT OF SALLY'S DAD THAT GEOFFREY STUCK HIMSELF INSIDE AN UNDERAGE GIRL. King Acorn is already a shit dad, but this is a piss weak excuse that doesn't help anyone. PLEASE REMEMBER, THE SALLY TAKING THE SPOTLIGHT IN THE MINI-SERIES WAS A FAKE ROBOT. Not just that, but the real Sally was captured the whole time and didn't actually do anything until the final issue. While Geoffrey and his team of who cares took the spotlight for all three issues. Holy shit, this man actually IS delusional. Get me the hell off this ride.
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    Why Penders has chosen THIS hill to die on, I'll never know. Frankly I think I'm better off for that.
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    I don't know if this has been documented at all, but have there ever been comments/discussions by Japanese Sonic fans/developers on the Western redesigns of Eggman to Robotnik? I've always wondered what they thought of these different interpretations of the mustachioed madman. Also there's that SA1 concept art of Eggman that seemed to have some SatAM vibes; so its possible that some at SOJ must've seen these designs at some point. Any dug up or recent info would be appreciated!
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    Maple Story. I didn't realize you were supposed to distribute your stats a certain way to join a character class. I wasted like 2 weeks of my 2006 summer vacation just increasing random stats. In all fairness, the game didn't tell you what to do.
  40. 1 point
    Okay, I had a long private conversation with him. He doesn't own Shade. At all. He's just using the fact that neither Sega nor EA/Bioware are claiming the character. "Sega has essentially surrendered those rights by not contesting my claims"... He claims he has no plans to use her other than a couple of sentences in Julie-Su's bio and a couple panel sequence in a story. Why ? "In the interest of protecting THE LARA-SU CHRONICLES". He's also stalling, taking a long time to finish the comic so he has less chances to have to give Sega a "piece" of the "success" of TLSC.
  41. 1 point

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    There was that fakeout in TSR with “Ice Mountain” Zone.
  42. 1 point
    Yeah, this is the one: I also kinda do wonder if AoStH Robotnik at least had a loose influence on Sega Eggman, namely Orbot and Cubot acting as the games' version of Scratch and Grounder. Giving Eggman two comic-relief minions to banter with feels like a very "American cartoon villain" trope. It's hard to say if other western continuities like SatAM/Archie/Fleetway really had any impact though. Forces' premise of Eggman ruling the world does hearken to those takes on the character, but I also feel like that's a general enough idea that it could also be coincidental.
  43. 1 point

    merry crimmy

    merry crimmy
  44. 1 point
    Sonic appeared in a new CG Super Smash Bros. trailer so I am obligated to post about it
  45. 1 point
    The main cast of heroes hasn't had a new addition to it since Silver hit the scene in 2006. As far as villains, we have very few and the last we can comfortably say have been permanent additions are the Deadly Six which came about in 2014 and since then haven't been used in their full capacity in a game outside of Lost World unless you count Sonic Runners. This seems like a very odd time to wonder or worry about who to keep and who to remove as we're still trapped in a time where they're not being utilized at all outside of the IDW book. Speaking as someone who likes Jet, what would removing him actually do at this point? The most that would happen is that you'd have one less option to choose from a playable roster in a spin-off game. It's basically the same thing as demanding less content for no reason. 10 plus years of only Sonic in my 3D games hasn't had me looking back and wondering who else to remove. Conversely, the roster is an appropriate size and doesn't need anymore added to it as far as the heroes are concerned. As such, I'd only really focus on adding to Sonic's rogues gallery. Let's see if we can give him some Batman villains to spice a few things up from time to time but that's about all I feel would be necessary.
  46. 1 point
    Silver has actually become my second favorite character after Shadow. He is Sir Galahad of the group, yes I know he is Galahad in Sonic The Black Knight, but I mean in terms of virtue and true goodness. I especiallt love his fight with Infinite in Sonic Forces.
  47. 1 point

    Sonic Roster add or remove?

    I want the Sonic Adventure crew back. It feels like the series has strayed too far from the old team and it feels like forever since they showed up in a solid game.
  48. 1 point
    Just bumping this topic because I notice that it somehow got unpinned. Feel free to unpin and delete this post if I did this in error. XD
  49. 1 point
    Putting an unwritten rule down in writing, as doing so seems to have curbed a lot of the dramatic SA3 topics we used to have from taking place, so it follows we should do the same for Sonic 06. We have no desire to see dead-horse discussion on Sonic 06 proliferate anymore than it needs to, especially since said dead-horse discussion tends to be wrought with a whole lot of nauseating awfulness and embarrassment from everyone whenever the discussion stops being so one-sided. So yes, only one existing Sonic 06 topic is allowed here.
  50. 1 point
    Now what we really need is a Shadow 2 amirite guys!??!?!?
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