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    As a black man in America, I'm neither shocked or mad about these turns of events. This country has been founded on hypocrisy and lies, they just can't hide that fact behind smokescreens anymore. So anyone feeling anxiety or overwhelmed, please get off of social media and meditate and focus your attention elsewhere. Destroying your mental health isn't gonna solve anything.
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    AMERICA: 2020

    Yeah we're not doing this. Armed terrorists attacked the US Capitol building at the behest of the president of the United States. Get these stupid bullshit Sonic comparisons off this forum.
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    The one mandate I don't agree with is that they can't call Sonic's home planet Mobius, I think they should bring the planet name back for the sake of world building and making it feel like the world the live in has an identity.
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    SenEDDtor Missile

    AMERICA: 2020

    Screw that bothsider nonsense. Don't just thoughtlessly parrot that to avoid admitting one side is more evil than the other.
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    Time to break up the monotony of this timeline here . . . with something random that showed up in my recommendations XD
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    I hate mandates that indicate Sonic Team doesn't understand what alternative universes are, like when Black Doom wasn't allowed to appear in Archie "because he died in the games". Ignoring the fact he never showed up in the comics yet. As if indicating everyone who died in the games also automatically died in every possible Sonic spin off media and Black Doom's corpse is present somewhere in AOSTH, Sonic Boom and Sonic the movie as well somehow. Or Sonic Boom Rise of Lyrics's initial concept of being an origin story for Sonic being shot down because "Sonic Team wanted to explore Sonic's origins themselves" (HAH. Like that would happen.) Source: https://sonic.fandom.com/wiki/Sonic_Boom:_Rise_of_Lyric Yo, smarty pants, Sonic Boom is a side series, it's origins has no effect on the main series, right? But somehow they don't get it, and as such Boom was denied to have any kind of proper introduction and all characters and settings are just plopped down with no fanfare whatsoever. And I suppose with Sonic just being HERO MAN and Eggman being EVIL SCIENTIST MAN, that works well enough. But it would have been nice if Sticks had a proper introduction rather then just going "Hi, find shinies!" in Rise of Lyric in a cameo and voila, there she is. Not to mention Shadow the hedgehog being a more morally complex character requiring at least SOME kind of a backstory or context, but nope. he just shows up and we're supposed to cheer and clap like he's anything more then an empty shell. Especially confusing considering Sonic did get an origin in SATam, Underground, Sonic the Comic and in the movie. I guess the first 3 were created before the mandate and the movie got away with it because the executives at Paramount probably used all of Sonic Team's suggestions as toiletpaper. While I don't have any evidence for this, I strongly believe this is also why Shadow never got any kind of explanation in Sonic Boom and just randomly shows up as if we're supposed to know who that guy is. "His origin was already told in Sonic Adventure 2" I guess, so now Sonic Boom has to roll with that. Granted, I'd pay good money to see Sonic Adventure 2 and especially Shadow the Hedgehog's storylines retold within the Sonic Boom universe, that'd be a sight to see. And looking at that Rise of Lyric page again, what about this: " Cliff for example was originally an inventor, but Iizuka said that only Tails and Eggman could be inventors." It's stuff like this why Sonic's universe feels so small and empty. The main characters are everything and the world around them can't contain anything of value. It's just Sonic, Tails and Eggman in an empty cardboard world, Green hill Zone floating in an empty void. Assuming characters like Wave the Swallow or Sonic X's uncle Chuck are left out to keep it simple, or retconned out of existance, does this mean litteraly every piece of technology in the series has been created by either Tails or Eggman? So both or either is the main manufactorer of all technology in Sonic's world? No wonder they renamed their planet "Sonic's world", the main characters really are the center of their entire universe. And then Sonic Team breaks their own rule barely 4 years later with Dodongopa anyway. Oops. They can't even keep up with their own stupid mandates.
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    You don't know either. My point is, no matter how many people are looking into it, this stuff isn't easy and results take time. If other people are looking into it, by all means go find those people. But whatever other people find will probably end up on TCRF pretty quickly anyway, so it's not going to be a significantly different timeframe. Given Hidden Palace and TCRF frequently work together, I'd imagine some of TCRF even got a headstart on rummaging through the dump. Feb 1990 content does not equal Madonna. I find it unlikely she made it into any actual game scenario, since she got cut so early on in the project. I don't think there'd be anything more significant than the demo loop shown earlier. TCRF won't show stuff until it's actually been found, and that'll take however long it takes. Shit, even the main page for Sonic the Hedgehog mentions undocumented sequence data for some tracks is on the to-do list; but there's a lot of games that people on sites like TCRF work on rooting through, and there's only so many people with free time and the skillsets to do that.
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    SenEDDtor Missile

    AMERICA: 2020

    Still both siding it. Anyone who is still a Trumper at this point is the BAD GUY. PERIOD. If they want to be good guys again, THEY have to dump Trump and his enablers, and do EVERYTHING they can to atone. THEY don't get to play fascist bootlicker and still pretend they're good people.
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    Alright, Matthew Mercer has secured a spot on the "very cool" list.
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    SenEDDtor Missile

    AMERICA: 2020

    Subtlety doesn't work on me right now cuz I'm angry. Also at this point I want Trump and his enablers GONE from power. Immediately. They're fascists, terrorists and enablers of fascists and terrorists, and allowing them to stick around is only more likely to result in MORE coup and insurrection attempts.
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    La la la gonna take a break from work to browse the internet la la la- oh. Oh. Um... La la la gonna go back to work now la la la
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    KOFXV screenshots seem to leak left and right and I'm really digging its look.
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    The only mandates that come to mind, and are what I seriously hate, are the ones that needlessly restrict the characters Like, I don't mind the "Sonic can't show excessive emotion" as much as everyone else does, because Sonic had always been emotionally subdued. He's the kind of guy who almost always manages to keep his cool, or at least doesn't show extreme emotion. Even when he experienced enough rage, hatred, and sadness to invoke the Darkspine form (literally caused by absorbing the World Rings of rage, sadness, and hatred), Sonic wasn't gibbering with rage or uncontrollably sobbing; he was his usual cool self. Just a bit more violent and aggressive Although I do share in almost everyone's dislike for the "Team Dark aren't friends" mandate, as well as the apparent restrictions on Shadow's writing in IDW (and implicitly all recent media). It not only goes against what was established/shown before in canon but does nothing good for Shadow's character. And y'all know that I despise the mandates limiting Cream's usage to no end 😠 And if I heard/read Ian's words correctly, apparently Amy's open affection for Sonic is being restricted. And that's like... I can agree with dialing the crush back from being an "obsession", but not allowing her to flirt with Sonic or openly be in love with him? May as well strip away Sonic's love of running
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    Sonic losing isn’t anywhere near the same thing as Sonic dying. I don’t know where in the world you got that idea out of what Rogue said over that mandate. And “Sonic can’t lose” risks making Sonic boring. I don’t want to know if Sonic is going to turn out okay, I want to know how he will succeed in the end or how badly he fails and how that will impact him going forward to set things right. That’s no where close to saying “I want Sonic to die.”
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    Finding prototypes isn't exactly easy to do, let alone acquiring and dumping them. It's a crapshoot whether one will show up to begin with; the newly dumped prototype is 30 years old. The purpose of the Hidden Palace streams were to give a guided tour of everything, no matter how small. That stuff can still be valuable, even if subtle. The Cutting Room Floor have already been through a lot of stuff, so your best bet is checking there for a detailed list. It mentions leftovers from that demo, but digging into this stuff isn't necessarily an afternoon job, and that's bearing in mind that the folks over there are more likely to be versed in this stuff than us. Anyway... you're probably not getting Madonna out of it regardless. She barely made it out of the concept stage, let alone into the actual game. Closest you'll probably get is this 1990 Toy Show demo, and even that's just sprited concept art.
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    Who would've guessed that a failed reality TV show host that used to sell shitty ties at JC-Penny's, ran no fewer than 6 businesses into the ground, and ran a fraudulent university would become a Neo-fascist wannabe dictator that would lead and encourage an attempted coup?
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    "Male characters cant wear clothes, female characters have to wear clothes". That one's just unbelievably stupid.
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    I hate the whole "Game characters can't have non game relatives". I also hate the whole "Sonic can't lose" thing though Ian was able to find a middle ground during the Mecha Sally story arc.
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    Remember stuff like this is what some countries go through nearly every day. Just think about your place on Earth.
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    so, the advance games

    While I understand that the difficulty curve is not for everyone, my favourite is hands down the second one. It's probably the only game where I participated in time attack. Bosses in Sonic games tend to be fairly boring and frankly not giving any sense of danger, but the running ones managed resonate well with what I seeked. The special stage and entry method made you explore the map thoroughly and try to master it, which is a plus on my book. The first game was fairly simple and probably too basic. There is sadly not much I remember about it. The third game, while I remember probably enjoying it more than the first, was overall disappointing. I can't quite explain it. Maybe it's because the bar was set pretty high from the previous one, or because the tag system didn't quite work out as well as I expected.
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    AMERICA: 2020

    It's official, Congress has affirmed Joe Biden's victory. Biden got 306 votes to Trumps 232. Jan 20th can't come soon enough.
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    That fucking stingray mission in mario sunshine is the WORST who the hell playtested this and said "yeah this is fair"
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    They probably haven't started on the series yet, which is probably why there hasn't been any official material released about the series.
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    The original tweet was obviously put out in error. Just be patient. They'll announce it and share details in due course.
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    Is it bad that I get joy out of the fact that Republican senators actively pulled out supporting objections to the election in the electoral college......cause the applause that takes place in the electoral college every time an objection is revealed to have lost its teeth for obvious reasons today is uplifting.
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    I’d still call that a reasonably good deal. Of course, there’s an issue of how much SEGA siphons off, but done well, the game might still make enough money that the percentage kept would be greater than the total money made elsewhere. Moreover, though, if SEGA is going to stay liberal towards fangames, this might be a decent next step. Not sure if they’ll strike gold again the way they did with taxman, but if SEGA is going to be so nonchalant towards its mascot then maybe that doesn’t even matter. They’ll get Sonic consistently noticed if they let more people have a go at it. And you know, in that way maybe they CAN return to something like the time of peak popularity. Sonic had a lot of questionable adaptations and business deals even back when it’s games were most lauded.
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    New year, new/same depressing shit. I thought that America would learn from its mistakes from last year but FUCKING NOPE!
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    AMERICA: 2020

    A lot of people need to be arrested, tried and imprisoned for today's events, starting with US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund, whose officers opened the gates and allowed the Trumpist terrorist insurrection to break into the Capitol building without offering any meaningful resistance. One terrorist woman was killed earlier after being shot through the neck. Sadly just one. Trump's cabinet secretaries are reportedly openly discussing invoking the 25th Amendment. Impeachment articles are being drawn up by Ilhan Omar. Cory Bush has put forward legislation to get rid of all the representatives who supported Trump's election challenges. There is some hope, but we're on the razor's edge now. Trump's somehow-still-free traitor army of fuckwits remains in DC overnight, I understand, likely to resume its criminality tomorrow. Trump has been silenced on multiple social media platforms at last, but it may be too little, too late. How long before Russia uses its massive SolarWinds hack malware to bring the entire country down in the middle of this chaos?
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    The reason I said SEGA needs to be Nintendo’s challenger is that without the impetus of extreme competition, without the mascot wars, we get mediocrity. When SEGA sought to eclipse Mario with Sonic, the franchise had its best stories and gameplay (I include SA2B because its just SA2 Dreamcast with more content in Multiplayer and Chao Garden). I agree things have changed, but Nintendo survived because The Switch was a success, otherwise they were going to join SEGA in abandoning hardware to only creating games, and we all know the product would suffer. For SEGA there is no going back, the lines have solidified into PlayStation fan, Nintendo fan, and Xbox fan. Few people can own more than one console, so if SEGA returned to hardware it would be all but impossible to get people to commit to their new system, even Sonic fans. SEGA might thrive best leasing Sonic and Friends to companies who can make good games. But SEGA would likely expect a major precentage of the royalties and sales.
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    Try to "both sides" this.

    Try to "both sides" this.
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    Anofher way is that Robotnik discovers how to traverse time and Silver uses it to go back to the future. @LeviTheGreat One way Silver could have gotten his powers is that beings in the future have evolved and thus communicate via telepathy, or he could have gotten his power from birth like Sonic has super speed, Shadow has chaos control, and Silver would have mind control.
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    I'm thinking that Randall might be an agent from G.U.N. and he is secretly trying to find Sonic so that he can report his findings and create project Shadow. But that's just my thoughts. They wouldn't announce this Randall character unless he was actually important to the plot.
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    AMERICA: 2020

    The scene at the Capitol Building was an absolute embarrassment and terrifying. Trump supporters have gone too far, and Donald Trump along with his enablers are fully responsible. He endangered the lives of many, even his very own VP. It's absolutely disgusting, and his response was weak and only about himself, starting off with lies once again that started this whole thing in the first place. He needs to be removed from office immediately due to being unfit to serve and barred from ever running for public office again.
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    I know it’s morbid, and a dark moment in D.C., but I can’t lie that this train wreck is making me laugh over what will happen when Biden is finally sworn in. Except for assassinations, that’s not funny, and given our history that does seem likely. Crazy times.
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    I agree. Capcom do this on a semi- regular basis.
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    Hell going off what I've heard there was fan outrage as far back as Vader being revealed to be Luke's father. Fandoms sound great on paper, interacting with people you share an interest with SOUNDS fun, but then there's the bickering and yelling and "You're not a real fan because XYZ" and honestly it's what keeps me from trying to even communicate with many fandoms period.
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    Oh I know the irl reason he sticks around, I'm just wondering how long Sega will try and justify it before they either quietly drop the whole "future" thing (similarly to how they seem to be dropping Shadow's backstory), or actualy start moving forward with his character. Funny thing is, I was wondering if they could use the Time Stones, but that seems to be mostly a Little Planet thing, separate from earth. Unless it's more commonly known to the public (some people in universe are aware of some of the earlier mysterious islands in Sonic's world). Who knows, in 200 years time that stuff could either have been more common knowledge, or straight up forgotten/destroyed. Or even more so, they could have invented an entirely new way to traverse time.
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    Well one thing is for sure: it doesn't really matter if a show can bring new people to the games if the games are just not really worth playing. Because chances are, they're not gonna stick around then.
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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #123: Heart Held Hostage - Part 2 The only thing to really say about this cover is the fact that I’ve seen this image of Sally before in one of the wikis. That’s it. It’s just a picture of Sonic laughing alongside Sally. These covers are doing nothing for me. There’s not a ton of them left thankfully. This issue started fine enough, despite the ludicrous nature of the weasels. The ending was certainly strong enough to leave me with an overall positive impression. The second story sucked but at least it had one scene in it that I liked, which is more than I can usually say for Penders, despite the story being overall a boring recap of some of the comics' less than stellar moments. However, any good will that could have resulted from it was squeezed dry after that last story. On its own, it probably wouldn’t have been all that bad had the subject matter it was dealing with had not been the biggest situational conflict the comic has had since the very beginning. If there’s anything you need to stick the landing on it's a story that finally deals with the Robian conflict and they absolutely did not do that. Given the confusing nature of this comic and the wackass weirdness that was happening behind the scenes, I have no idea who to even blame for this but things have to have hit a really bleak place in order for something like this to happen with no one stepping in and thinking that maybe a do-over was in order. I’m struggling for the proper word to call that last story. Embarrassing. Disappointing. Shameful. Weird. Lazy. All of the above? Whether you go with one of those or all of them it’s pretty clear to me that we’ve reached a point where the comic is gasping for air, trapped in a noose that’s hanging from a tree and desperately hoping for someone to cut it down so that it can breathe again before it dies. What are we even doing here? Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #124: Sonic Adventure 2.5: Alpha You know, when I saw this cover I didn’t really bat an eye at it. It took me until I saw the opening page of the comic that I realized, “Holy Shit. Shadow the Hedgehog is here.” Yeah, Shadow’s making another appearance. It kind of feels like that should have happened already but I guess I shouldn’t underestimate how old these comics still are. It boggles the mind that Sonic Heroes is like 18 years old now. Praise be to the Xorda! Thank God, an alien invasion is happening! An honest to goodness alien invasion! I could kiss these disgusting, gross tentacle monsters. It’d been so long since something with this much gravitas had been given time to build itself up. Things didn’t just randomly happen that changed the status quo of the book without any fanfare. I love it when comics make me feel this way. I’m well aware of the status quo changing event that’s going to happen… I just completely forgot about it because it’s one that surprisingly doesn’t get talked about that often. I’ll have to wait and see it in its full context before I make any judgment calls but for now, I’m just excited to see something potentially bonkers. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #125: Sonic Adventure 2.5: Omega It’s Issue 125 and as such we’ve reached another milestone! Hooray! I guess for this they couldn’t just go with the boring magazine covers they’ve been doing, which is fine by me. I’ve seen this cover before and I actually do think it’s a pretty good one. I usually tend to like the covers that draw a ton of characters on it. It really does give you the sense that a lot of stuff has happened leading up to where we are now, even if a lot of it’s been some bullshit. There’s definitely been some good times too. I’ll definitely give the book credit where it's due on that. Fantastic. This was a wonderful issue. It was exciting. It was fun. It REALLY did a good goddamn job of getting the blood pumping. I loved the alliances that happened. Despite my criticism, I love Eggman being a douche. I loved all the battle and devastation and the sacrifice. It wasn’t perfect. There are things to critique, sure, but fuck it man. This is just peak Sonic the Hedgehog right here. Action, adventure, drama, suspense; all the shit a good Sonic story should have. Yeah, this book can definitely pull it off when it fucking tries (and when Penders isn’t given a single solitary credit) and it shows. I’m… SO happy. What a great milestone issue.
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    Does SEGA Even HAVE to Listen to Us?

    There's a lot of really educated, well-articulated, long essays analyzing just about everything about Sonic now that I don't remember seeing at all back in the old days. I think there's a bit more worth listening to these days compared to the days of "Green eyes!" and "Sonic's shitty friends". Especially considering how like, everyone suddenly figured out how to make a 3D Sonic game with a fun core all at once lol.
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    I can definitely see Sonic and Knuckles fighting in the woods. Now whether it would be on Earth or on Sonic's home planet, I'm not sure.
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    It's because he's kinda dumb. And that's okay. Not every character has to be smart. And a character isn't automatically less just because they're a bit dumb. A character's weaknesses are at least as interesting as their strengths (and sometimes more), and mistakes and failures are important parts of stories. I think Knuckles is, legitimately, a better character for having a clear flaw.
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    ...So who do you figure the Dark Star Saber impaled upon landing ?
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