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    Man! Congrats to Jim Carrey!!
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    It warms my heart to know Super Mario 3D World is getting a second chance at getting the audience it truly deserves.
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    bowser's fury is both sunshine 2 and color splash 2 did not expect that
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    New 3DWorld Trailer tomorrow... Finally see the new stuff,
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    I definitely agree on the current voice cast (Honestly I feel they're over hated) though since WildBrain is based out of Canada I wouldn't be shocked if Canadian voice talent like Sam Vincent, Tabitha St Germain and Garry Chalk were used for like Sonic, Tails and Eggman.
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    sonic movie 2 ideas

    I’m genuinely curious why Tom Holland is a popular request for Tails, since every time Tails opened his mouth the voice of a late teen would come out and be rather jarring for an 8 year old. Would you therefore keep Tom’s voice as-is for Tails despite this, or do you imagine his voice would have to be digitally-altered to sound much younger?
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    Why are some Sonic fans like this...
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    just a normal sonic 1 title screen nothing to see here
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    http://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-have-just-announced-a-brand-new-form-of-matter-time-crystals tl;dr: Scientists recreate a form of crystal that perpetually rotates on its own through time and space. CHAOS... CONTROL!
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    As you're probably aware, a new Sonic cartoon is premiering in 2022. We don't know much about it at the moment, which leaves lots of room for speculation. I'd love to hear your hopes and expectations! I'll start: Since it's being made by Man Of Action, I expect some, you know, action, but I don't want it to go over the top. I think Sonic's at his best when there's a balance between humour and seriousness; nobody's afraid to goof around and crack a few jokes but there are still stakes. Everyone should have their modern designs albeit with some minor tweaks if needed. I highly doubt there'll be any major redesigns a la Boom. Unpopular opinion alert: I want it to have the current voice cast. Personally I think Boom has some of their greatest work so depending on the tone they would do great. Now put down your pitchforks. I'd like some side characters to appear regularly: Cream, Blaze, the Chaotix, you get the drill. Finally, I have a feeling that Tyson Hesse might be involved. He's worked on a ton of official Sonic media lately including animations. I'd be very surprised if he isn't involved with the cartoon.
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    What I want to see in the new cartoon: Have the current voice cast, because why not? They are already voicing the characters, so why not let them voice the characters in this show? And I think that they are pretty good voice actors for these characters. Have the tone of the show have a nice balance between being humorous and serious. It doesn't have to be one or the other. I always think that the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise works best when they are balancing the humor with the serious moments. The last Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon I've seen that had a nice balance between humor and drama was Sonic X and I'm hoping we see that type of tone for the new series. Develop the characters and the plot very well. One of the biggest issues going on with the video games as of late is that the plots and the characters are poorly written and I wish that they try to write these characters and the stories a bit better. I'm hoping that the cartoon series would be well written like the IDW comics so that way we would have characters who are well liked and interesting to watch. Don't have SEGA be too involved with this series. Now, if SEGA were doing a good job with the games at this moment, then I probably wouldn't mind SEGA being heavily involved in this series. But, because lately SEGA hasn't been doing a good job with the characters and the stories and because their mandates for the characters are a bit ridiculous (having Shadow acting dark and edgy without any character development or not clearly explaining about why only Sonic, Shadow and Silver can go super), I would rather have this series be its own thing and try out plot lines and character interactions that you don't see in the games. Finally, hire some really good writers for this series. I've mentioned that good writing is the key to having a successful TV series and if this show has lots of good writers on board who know the characters well, then I can see this show being successful. Some writers I would like to see on this show (if they ever get the chance to write this series) is Ian Flynn, who wrote the comics for years.
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    New Indiana Jones game revealed!!!! <Tweets>
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    The Sonic Adventure 3 Discussion

    Well. That and if you're going to make a topic it shouldn't just be random lists. Basic discussion value and all. Also use your first account you registered like a day ago instead of making a new one for a spam topic. Thanks.
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    Clearly the Sonic Adventure 3 topic was secretly a Palpatine this whole time
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    I'm gonna end the SA3 "debate" once and for all! DONE!
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    Sonic the Hedgehog Game Ideas

    My idea is a game called "Sonic Revival" it will be a 3D momentum-based platformer that will have expansive levels. I have 9 levels,Purple Jungle zone,Marble Factory Zone,Pinball Playground Zone,Fiery lake Zone,Space Kingdom Zone,Nuclear Hill Zone,Secret Castle Zone,Dusty Tundra Zone, and Rotten Egg Tower Zone. The playable characters include Sonic(Adventure gameplay),Tails(shooter gameplay),Knuckles(Beat em up platforming),Shadow(Platforming with extra gadgets and vehicles),Silver(slow puzzle platformer near identical to 06),Blaze(boost gameplay). All 6 characters will have one act and one boss per level. The story is that a monster in space has been enslaved by robotnik, it has the ability to change dimensions. The characters team up to use the chaos emeralds to free the monster and return to the original dimension before it's timeline is forgotten from reality and disappears forever. The special stages are unlocked by collecting different numbers of red rings from all stages. After losing a special stage instead of it allowing you to restart or disappearing forever it will make you wait 7 minutes for it to reload. The special stages are simple,fast, and difficult 3d platforming tube where the objective is to collect rings to keep up time and to NOT fall in the pits(it will play kind of like Run). Collecting all chaos emeralds unlocks the super version of every character, the avatar character( a customizable skin for Sonic), and the final boss fight where all 6 characters turn super and team up against the monster. The game will have a mission system like forces. S rank is only obtainable by collecting all 3 blue orbs and getting an A rank in one run. Would be full price($60). DLC: There will be a dlc for Amy,Mighty, and Ray as playable characters and a dlc to play a 2.5d version of all 9 stages as classic sonic.(all 4 for $5 each)
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    Everybody knows the Sonic 06 topic was the Sonic Adventure 3 discussion topic.
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    sonic movie 2 ideas

    But The Rock is supposed to be President! Serious answer: Dwayne Johnson is a great pick for Knuckles, but is an obvious choice. Call me crazy but I think Hugh Jackman would also fit Knux. P.S. I had no idea Mark Hamill voiced Chucky until I saw this thread. Thanks for the fun fact! 😁
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    <<tweet>> "ABCDE" That is beautiful. This "Ever Crisis" title seems to suggest quite a bit with Final Fantasy VII.
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    Your point about the boost mechanic is a reasonable one. Not all visions are good ones. One can lead to something good, but not great. But you need a visionary/creative director/game designer who is cognizant of what ideas are good enough for a "quick fix" and which ideas have a better long-term tragectory. There needs to be enough room to experiment with different models before committing to something and going with it to make sure you have that game out by Christmas. Less of that. There is a second half to why I say fuck the fans. Because I genuinely believe, even well intentioned fans like yourself, don't hold the answers. I'm a classic enthusiast as much as the next guy. I've written diatribe after diatribe about how the classic model in 3D is the best direction to go, but I don't have the answers. What holds the answers are the games themselves. For better or for worse, the best thing to happen over the last 30 years (lol) of Sonic the Hedgehog is the massive variety of games and massive variance of quality between them. You can just look at the good and bad in all of the games released over the last 30 years and use that as a guideline to help build the future. Everyone loves the classics and Mania, why? Go play those games and figure out what's good about them. Everyone hates 06, play that game and figure out why. You don't need to listen to the fans, because when you play the good games and when you play the bad games, and the average games and everything in between, things should become pretty clear. The boost formula isn't good enough? Well yes, after playing 3 or 4 of those games you'll probably be able to understand the limitations of that model. I don't even think you need to play Lost World to understand why that approach is ultimately hopeless. You can play all the adventure styled games and see where things went wrong, from what seemed like a promising start. You can play the classics to find out what the identity of the franchise actually is, and what made those games great. Does that work in 3D? Can it work in 3D? What's the best compromise? How should the level design look? Etc. An actually good game designer with experience, creativity and vision will be able to take from that and hopefully make something good, if that person is allowed to the time and care to do it. That's what I think at least. Perhaps that's too idealistic of me.
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    Congrats to Jim Carrey and the Sonic movie.
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    Sonic Channel

    Seems we might be getting multiple characters within all the wallpaper artworks this year.
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    The problem is that there are too many different and conflicting opinions amongst the fans around Sonic. This primarily stemming from the plethora of gameplay and story styles between the games, anime, comics, cartoons etc. Listening to all of these people would lead to some ridiculous mess that would end up pleasing nobody. What they need is a director with a clear creative vision for what the franchise should be doing, a bunch of competent developers behind that creative director/game designer and the time needed to see it to completion without having to meet meaningless deadlines. If some fans are disappointed by that direction, fuck them. The point is that the games should be good. Not good even, they really should be great. Greatness doesn't stem for focus tested, survey defined, generic garbage. If the game is good, if the story is good, people will like it. And if they're unwilling to accept a good game because it differs from what they were expecting, or deviates from the minute details in terms of story or whatever, then fuck 'em. Aiming to please every single branch of this broken and fractured fanbase is a hopeless endeavour. Once again, make a great game. A game comparable to any given Mario game, and people beyond our fickle fanbase will come pouring in to enjoy it.
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    They don't HAVE to, since fans don't always know what's best for a franchise, but Sonic Mania's success should make them more willing to lend an ear from time to time.
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    Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

    AMERICA: 2020

    Trump's twitter account is FINALLY no more.
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    Wedding Advice(or just congrats!)

    This is getting ridiculous now. All three accounts are going on mod queue and the topic will be locked until staff have decided this isn't a fucking troll. We're finding you're all logged in from the same device and the timing of activity like you have to take turns on a computer don't really help the case at all. We already fell for some lines about not believing you once, Levi, but I am not inclined to continue giving you the benefit of the doubt until I'm confident you're here in good faith. Oh, and would you look at that. Another account just registered. Yeah no, we're definitely not doing this.
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    Adventure fans are probably getting more vocal now because the Classic fans have gotten Sonic Mania, and there isn’t a counterpart game for the Adventure series yet. Also SM even existing and being a hit gives lie to the idea that Sonic needs to have nobody but Sonic playable In order to be truly Sonic, and that lie, above all else, is what destroyed the Adventure era. Add in that SM was made by former hackers and fangame developers, and you’ve got what feels like a vindication of the belief that the fans now know more about what Sonic should be than SEGA. Meanwhile, 3D Sonic fan gaming is coming along; it clearly still has some growing to do, but the more fan projects people play that take heavy inspiration from the Adventure series, the more people will feel “These really aren’t that hard to make, so why doesn’t SEGA?” Bottom line, I don’t think fans of the Adventure era are really languishing from the lack of another game like it. They might never come around to accepting the sort of Sonic games that have replaced it, but I’m assuming most have lives outside of Sonic the Hedgehog, so they’ll get over the loss. However, they also see some times as opportune to remind the world that they still exist and still want a third (good) Adventure game. Among the current reasons the fans might be vocal are: 1) SM making them feel nostalgia is good for the brand and worth pursuing. 2) SF convincing them that boost won’t ever surpass what it was in SG and likely will get worse instead; also that Classic Sonic is no longer a novelty. 3) TSR calling back to character relationships not seen since the Adventure era. 4) Mobile games calling back to that era. 5) Sonic’s official YouTube and other social media reconciling with that era. 6) The increased prominence of Jun Senoue after a multi-game absence.
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    The biggest and most important thing about this possible Adventure remake for me is that I’d want anyone but Sonic Team making it. Developers like Vicarious Visions and Toys For Bob, the ones responsible for the Crash Bandicoot remastered trilogy and fourth sequel are some I can come up with off the top of my head.
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    It's kind of an opposite to Big really. Big's premise can be made good, but it would require at least shrewd changes to his actual mechanics, at least one good attack move and somewhat expanded level design for example. Tails' actual mechanics are okay besides being OP, but the premise is pretty paper thin. You wouldn't just need to expand his levels but make some key changes so they were deeper and more intuitive. I suppose adding more vertical shortcuts and exploits would be in tune with SA1's semi loyalty to the original games though. I do wonder if that was in fact the intention before the game was rushed to the shelves. Maybe make more proper pathways in place of just boost rings, the latter of which could be placed in more elaborate sections to test the player's skill (eg. placing them over bottomless pit sections). Bosses are another thing I think needs refinement in SA1. They're kind of shifted into two different structures most of the time. One is the very routine driven one where you dodge their attack pattern and wait for the opening with no way of making them go any faster, and the other are basically 'sitting duck' ones like the E-Series, characters and Zero that you can pretty much just spam attacks on. I feel like most of them should have a better balance similar to the old games, where there is an attack pattern and opening structure which is more advisable, but where skilled players can still speed through them if they know what they're doing. Like maybe let the player get in hits on Chaos 4 when his fin bobs in and out the water, but keep the speed hard to follow and have Chaos attack you from one direction so you can't get too reckless. Meanwhile keep Zero mostly the same but give him SOME sort of refresh time so he can at least start attacking before you can knock him down again. Character and E-Series fights should also have more aggressive AI that can attack and evade faster. The Eggman bosses already sort of have this sort of exploit where you can get several hits if you're fast enough, but make it more deliberate and maybe give him more health points to make it more of a fight like his 2D bosses. Even Big's fight with Chaos 6 could be more fun if both the fishing target was easier and Chaos actually played like a more elaborate reel in afterwards. Imagine trying to reel in a fish where the WATER was backing and struggling it away from you.
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    If anything I think Tails' gameplay would be the most difficult to refine without changing altogether, because it's pretty much a one note gimmick. Even Big's platform/fishing hybrid I think could be fine tuned to be more deep and enjoyable without feeling like a different game, but Tails' pretty much revolves around cheesing Sonic's levels. The best I can think of is making him play a bigger chunk of the levels, and maybe replacing some of the boost rings with developed short cuts and alternate paths. Perhaps that's why his last level seemed more elaborate than the rest since his opponent being able to fly like him meant they could stage a more unique race course, even there though, it felt more like a 'spam A' fest. The best I can think of to compensate is to give Tails the lion's share of whatever new minigames and Adventure Field roaming missions they could potentially offer, which would at least make better deeper use of his abilities.
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    I think keeping a same location emerald route for Knuckles each level would only further exacerbate the lack of challenge. After memorising the locations from scratch, it would just be a smaller version of Sonic's levels but with mandated checkpoints. On the other hand, a clever idea might be to have different locations, but have some sort of consistent 'route' for them, one close by Knuckles' starting point, the other some midway in, and the other much farther into the area. Basically groups of different 'easy', 'medium' and 'difficult' emeralds chosen from each time, though while still having the option to trek and collect them at any pace, compared to say SA2's enforced linearity through the gimped radar system which didn't end up that fun at all.
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    I'd worry about this making most of the level irrelevant on repeat playthroughs. In a linear level all paths eventually lead to the goal so there's no "wrong" way to go; you might take a different path in another run due to a missed jump or trying to get different powerups or just for variety's sake, and you'll still finish the level regardless. But in a nonlinear treasure hunt level, once you know where the shards are and have a pretty decent idea of the "right" way to get to them, there's not much reason to go anywhere else. Personal preference would still be a factor, but I think it'd be pretty hard to incentivize not just beelining from one to the next. I'm not sure they should go too heavy on hiding things that are necessary to progress. I've already seen people missing the keys in the original game and running around not knowing what to do, even given the little introductory cutscenes and them not being terribly well hidden. If they're less "hidden" and more well-signposted mini-levels I think it could work though.
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    Don't redo them necessarily, just EXPAND them. Properly stream each of the areas instead of making them loads of disconnected segments that break the character to a halt each time they load and then branch in new areas horizontally and vertically. Like you said not being able play around with the city scape further was kinda criminal. It's probably why Mystic Ruins is the most fun field to roam around in, because it's areas are larger and allow the characters to more freely speed around mindlessly. The hidden emblems and Chao eggs also take advantage of their abilities a bit more. The exception was of course the forest, but more due to a lack of onscreen map in the original and some of the characters' slow pace (I found it shame Big was arguably the most insufferable to trek through it, you'd think they'd have added some sort of clever short cut for him given it's his home turf).
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    To be honest, that picture looks like the kind of thing you'd see in a Special Stage It's just the Chaos Energy or whatever flowing through the air.
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    Trump chuckled. "You mean the Chaos Emeralds?"
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    It is deeply saddening that none of you have made mention of the one game series that actually has Time Crystals in it.
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