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    Yay! Today it's my birthday! *proceeds to stay half of the day doing tests*
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    Gotta feel bad for Chris Senn. Dude works himself nearly to death on X-Treme, that never comes out, then he finally gets another shot at the franchise with Rise of Lyric, which goes on to be one of the most reviled games in the franchise
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    Chamomile #197
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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #130: Home - Part 1 of 4: The Blue Blur Returns I’ve seen this cover a couple of times before and the whole time I did, I never quite got it because it was always me looking at it with a quick glance. I didn’t know who Sally was crying over nor why Sonic was haphazardly approaching her from behind as though he wasn’t sure he was allowed to properly comfort her or as though he had even more bad news for her that he was hesitant to deliver. Now that I know the context for this cover, it’s kind of hilarious. It’s a beautifully colored sunset set against a dramatic scene of Sally beside what’s obviously Sonic’s grave, especially now that I actually took the time to read the tombstone, with Sonic awkwardly shuffling up behind her so he can be like, “Uh… so about that whole Me-Being-Dead thing…” That was okay. Honestly, for an issue about Sonic returning home, it didn’t feel as emotional to me as I would have liked. Most of that might be due to my own bias concerning these characters. Sonic and Sally’s relationship does absolutely nothing for me. I don’t really complain much about it unless what’s happening is written badly or it’s just shuffling through annoying, tired old troupes. The best things about the issue were finding out all the things that had changed while he was gone though, especially with this being the introduction to M. Robotnik and A.D.A.M, two characters I’m only really excited for because of an awesome as hell story that I really, really love the hell out of. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #131: Home - Part 2 of 4: The Gathering So that was an issue of the comic, I guess. The first story did an okay job of shuffling the pieces off to different parts of the world so that it could psyche me up for something truly exciting and fun. I’m sure that’ll be at least mildly entertaining. The second story was… not the worst thing in the world despite the fact that I had way more to complain about than even I anticipated just starting out. I know I’m in for a really long ride though so I’ll just count my blessings that we didn’t start out of the gate being vomit inducing levels of awful. It was just the usual kind of bad that I’m used to Penders with an added hint of frustration for being a certain kind of story that I hate. Also, it must be reiterated, it’s strange that a story titled “Mobius 25 Years Later” in this Sonic the Hedgehog comic book is starting off with a prologue all about the echidna society. It’s not surprising considering who’s writing it but it’s still very abnormal regardless. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #132: Home - Part 3 of 4: A.D.A.M. & Evil I feel like this cover had the potential to be really fucking good but the way everyone is drawn is just a little off for me. I look at Mighty’s teeth and I see a cylinder made of Metal. I look at Sonic’s rotating feet and see a bundle of hair. I look at Amy’s creepy, soulless, pink Chao and wonder what blood sacrifices it wants me to make. I look at Tails’ mouth and see… a disconnected tongue and uvula. Tails’ mouth is the biggest distraction for me here actually. Also, I think that’s Fiona above Sonic. Again, I almost mistook her for Sally. I was also kind of surprised that we were on the 3rd part of this story. It feels like it’s barely begun. This issue was actually really good, story wise. Not art wise. I could actually feel the tension build to a nice point and the way the villains were utilized took the cake for me. I like both M and A.D.A.M a lot. It’s very amusing watching them do their thing. Perhaps someone thought they were out of place but I can’t agree at the moment. It also helps that Sonic got his ass beat and on top of that, the main story took up so much of the issue that it barely left any time for that nothing story that happened at the end of it with the unveiling party no one cares about. It’s nice to know that King Sonic’s fucked all their lives though. Specifically Sonic did it. Dimitri did a little bit of it but it’s mostly Sonic’s fault. Remember that.
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    Chili Dawg

    Sonic's Best Design

    Honestly, I would probably say the classic Sonic design we see on the Sonic 1 box art is perhaps the most effective character design of all time, but for an answer that isn't boring as hell, I'm gonna give it to one that never actually made it into anything. For my money it's just the right amount of modern and classic. He's got some of Modern's sleekness, but still has the friendly appeal of classic. I honestly wouldn't mind if this had just become the de facto Sonic for everything ever.
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    We really wouldn't know what would happen to the movie (chances are they will just delay the movie until it can be shown in theaters). No need to really panic yet though. That being said, I know I can't judge your financial situation or what country you are in, but if it really did come to Netflix (or some other service) you could always sign up for Netflix and pay for one month (then cancel) which is the often the cost of a movie ticket or a cheaper in many countries. I know you would still want the cinematic experience, but it probably wouldn't impact your ability to watch it. (These type of movies don't really release initially to Netflix though. Most films initially released on streaming services are own or have a deal with a studio) But like I said, I think it is a little too early to react and make huge leaps. They know COVID won't be here forever, they know more and more people will hopefully be vaccinated in multiple countries by 2022, and they have ways to deal with releasing movies and maybe doing a theater release when things calm down. There might be delays but I don't think we are in "cinemas will never reopen" territory even if it may be awhile. I do imagine though that there will be an awkward period where people will still want to have a some more space and theaters won't be super packed.
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    Hello, I did something similar to this waaay back, but this time I won't be trying to argue that Blaze and Sonic are the same person, like I was doing back when I was more naive. Design wise, Blaze shares nothing with Sonic, and looks like a cross between Eggman and Big. Well, minus the weight. So I figured I'd start a thread dedicating to comparing and contrasting the characters in a more careful, logical way. At first glance, Blaze seems to share more with Knuckles than she does with Sonic. She started out as a loner, who then befriended Sonic after fighting him, she is an emerald guardian, and she's tied to a mysterious, mystical bloodline. Still, I tend to see Blaze as what Sonic would have been like if he'd had Knux's job. Unlike Knuckles, who rarely appears upset at his lot in life, Blaze hated her role at first. She was dedicated to it, but only because the assurance that she was "doing the right thing" was the only thing giving her purpose in life. I guess they may sound strange, but I feel like, deep down, Blaze wants to be more like Sonic. We get hints every now and then of her having a more cocky and playful side. She almost seems jealous of him during the Dead Line battle in Rush 1...Her angry, somewhat out of control rant against him has a slight tone of "You have a family. I don't. Why?" And while she can't live the same carefree lifestyle Sonic does, her character arc in the Rush games seems to revolve around her beginning to view her role as a hero as something that can be fun, instead of just some curse that fate dumped on her. Near the end of Rush Adventure, she smiles and refers to her job as "my duty...and my honor," indicating that she's beginning to be glad that she's a warrior princess. I guess what I'm saying is that even though Blaze is literally the same as Sonic, she may at least provide in sight into what happens when person with the same basic hopes and dreams as Sonic is forced to repress them. thanks jackyjoy
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    This may be a joke, but even if it is I don’t find it very funny because I think fandoms can provide a great source of community to people who don’t necessarily have it already. It isn’t my intention to perpetuate a stereotype that Sonic fans are autistic, either, but I’m autistic and these sorts of crowds are a net positive to me. Here’s the thing about autistic people. Most of us don’t get positive stimulation from merely being around other people. Situations where people just hang out and make small-talk, especially when there are lots of people doing it, run from boring to highly unpleasant for many autistic people. At the same time, many autistic people aren’t totally introverted; they do want friends to talk to and do things with, but such have to be framed around their personal interests. In that sense, joining communities framed around those interests can be great. It’s true that Sonic fandom is heavily factionalized, and this can seem unpleasant to some people; it certainly doesn’t make it any easier to make a Sonic game that will please the whole fandom. But I still have more fun arguing about Sonic with people of different but Sonic-related opinions, than I would talking amiably about things that don’t interest me. So to move back to the issue of how overall autistic the Sonic fandom is (which for what this is worth, I haven’t seen methodically and statistically presented), it’s possible that not too many of the people who enjoy Sonic games are autistic, but a substantially higher percent of those who go discuss it online are; given the propensity of autistic people to prefer discussions about specific interests. Also mind you, I do have a life outside of Sonic. In fact, I have a life outside of media franchises in general. But what I said about Sonic more or less applies to my behavior as a whole; I’ll socialize about my interests but I’m not interested in socializing.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Oh boy, I read these issues in preparation for this. Think the biggest shock was seeing a Spykids 3 ad in one of these issues and realizing that I'm fucking OOOOOLLLLDDDD.
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    Smash Ultimate is starting up on Game Night, let me know if you wanna play.
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    In that case, you don't actually have a problem with the "mandate" at all, since it doesn't say Sonic can't emote, just that Sonic isn't the type to emote by crying.
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    Love your OCs and parent designs! ^^ You deserve more watchers.
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    The creator aside... agreed with what you said. I really liked the game. But if it were made today, instead of 2012 (started development in 2007 apparently), the game itself would not hold up. The indie game market now is so competitive, whereas back then it was still in its early stages of its current iteration. It is disappointing that we didn't get a sequel, but unless some major changes were made, it wouldn't stand much of a chance I'd think. I guess QR codes were a quirky gimmick back then (tbh did they even exist when the game began development??), but now that mechanic would be so pointless and annoying. And the backtracking... the transport system was so limited. Like... why even bother? You can only get to like 2 points on the map with it.
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    Ah yes, after several months, I have decided to come back with another zone idea for my "fan game". Of course, the first one I probably should have explained would be the first, but I did the last instead(Thunder Current Zone). So I thought, why not do the first one now? Gentle Jungle Act 1: Peaceful Paradise This Act is pretty straightforward, standard first act of every game pretty much. A few vines and a little flowing water for the looks, nothing much. Act 2: A Higher Arch-y This Act takes place in the canopy of the forest, with many wooden platforms and sturdy leaves helping you progress. A few monkeys are in the level, and they toss you up to higher elevations. At the end of the Act, you are ambushed by Mecha Sonic and the boss fight begins. Boss: Mecha Sonic This fight is just a one-on-one brawl between you (Metal Sonic) and Mecha Sonic. Mecha is in a damaged state, so he takes 4 hits to defeat instead of the usual 8. However, he is much more evasive, making him harder to hit. After Mecha has been defeated, you stumble upon an old looking shaft in the direction Mecha was going. You decide to go down it...
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    the packers play in the nfc championship in about 2 hours. i can't remember the last time i was this anxious/nervous about a football game. it's been a solid decade since they were last in the super bowl and man i'd really love to see it happen again
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    I was playing (on PC) the Sonic 2 8th special stage (created for the mobile version) and sometimes the background glitches (goes off-centre when it shouldn't) which causes the special stage to bend in ways it normally shouldn't!
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    4 days of the biden presidency and still no new donkey kong game, what a krock
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    So it looks like Sonic was never codenamed Mr. Needlemouse; it was a mistranslation. My whole life is a lie.
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    1. I wish for the deconstruction of Capitalism and Communism, instead reinstating it with Social Democracy which has a focus on increasing everyone's standard of living while preventing any one person or entity to hold an obscene amount of wealth and/or create a theoretical or literal monopoly of any industry which will hopefully encourage local businesses to be able to not only spread, but leave more gaps in the market for new local businesses to fill. (A product, entity or person is deemed as a theoretical monopoly when they're the only known product, entity or person in the industry, the first product or business that comes to mind to 95% of people in a country's census or become so widely known to the point of the product or business changing the very day to day language humanity speaks EG "I'll google it". If this occurs, then the product or business is still allowed to operate as normal, except it donates a percentage of it's profit to charity or back to the local government which is calculated of either the percentage of market share the product or business has over 75% or if that requirement isn't reached, the percentage difference from the product or business in question to the second highest product or business's market share. If a person makes over $480,000 annually or is in possession of over $1.5 million (including all debit accounts and amount received if the person in question was to sell their shares of a business) , then they must donate any amount above this limit to a charity of their choice or local government. Businesses can't have over $500 Million in their bank and over $500 Million in assets other than bank, any earned over that will be provided to a charity of their choice or the local government. Also within this social democracy, Charities are unable to be made for the primary or secondary purpose of being a runoff for any of the above mentioned scenarios for those affected to simply siphon the money back into their accounts through the illusion of a charity and all businesses (this includes churches and all other businesses where the aim is to make a profit) and people who earn over $50,000 must pay tax, no loopholes, no exceptions. 2. Discrimination of any kind ceases to exist. 3. Everyone gains Altruistic values while still allowing a bit of freedom for one to be slightly selfish as being greedy is a human trait, and to deny that would be cruel.
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    The mod scene for KH3 has been so fucking crazy Man, I really wish KH3 had the option to play as these characters post game. This shit looks awesome. Hell there are even mods with mixed disney party members, which would have been AWESOME. The mods really makes base KH3 look...empty
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    Gomez (Fez) Fez is an indie puzzle platformer with hipster pretention just oozing out between the cracks in its brickwork. Its main gameplay mechanic is that it's a 2D platformer that can rotate on a 3D axis in 90 degree increments at any time, so solving puzzles and finding your way around is quite often a question of changing perspective so that platforms appear to be in reach from that perspective even if they're physically not, or rotating to an angle that footholds are actually visible from on the back of a wall or otherwise hidden by level geometry. This can be fine if you're actively solving puzzles but Fez just never fucking stops with them, needing to constantly and carefully pathfind just to find your way around the world, and as far as I can tell it doesn't have any fast travel system either so you can frequently get hopelessly lost looking for that one puzzle room you found last session and trying to figure out which specific door on the map goes to what room, having to trial and error every last one of the fucking things which isn't easy because they usually require quite a climb to get to. And sometimes they aren't even puzzles so much as QR codes that all but outright tell you the solution once scanned with your phone, which I've always felt is kind of a poor precedent to set - if you ever require the player to venture outside any means the game itself gives you to solve its puzzles, you might as well just leave up a sign that says "look up a fucking walkthrough" for all the difference that it makes. If that was all that was wrong with Fez, it wouldn't be on the list. No, this is more about its creator, Phil Fish. Fame can do strange things to a person, especially when they come apon it suddenly, but it can be even stranger when they choose NOT to change to adapt to it. And Phil Fish wasn't just outspoken before and after, they were INCREDIBLY toxic on the social stage, and honestly just lacking in any kind of humility and modesty whatsoever, which are... not particularly admirable traits to have in any situation, and certainly not when you're sitting on the critical success of just one game. Fish would unapolegetically get into fights with fucking everyone and say shit that would honestly probably get you banned on Twitter today, and when gaming outlets caught wind and started covering his entitled, bratty shitfits he started taking it out on them too. And I'm not saying one should be all buddy-buddy with gaming news websites - just that it's an incredibly fucking bad idea to do this when you're an indie developer that depends on word of mouth to get your fucking products sold. This culminated infamously in the abrupt end of his career when, in the middle of telling people on Gametrailers to kill themselves, he suddenly cancelled Fez 2 out of the blue and withdrew from making games altogether. It's honestly fucking pathetic - he never had an issue with verbally (textually?) abusing everyone who ever interacted with him for the smallest perceived sleight, but gave up on everything when he couldn't take it in turn from the entire cumulative internet. I think the lesson of this is pretty simple - no matter what you think your status is in the grand scheme of the internet, you should generally want to be building bridges, not burning them. It's one thing to be critical of things that aren't you or yours, but if people catch wind of the fact that you're a total and unrepentant cunt, word will spread fast and nobody will want to do business with you anymore. Even if Phil HAD endured all the abuse he'd frankly invited onto himself and pushed through to finish Fez 2, there is no way he would be able to replicate the success of the first game - his name and his behaviour would still hang over it like a stink, and that's even assuming publishers aren't all like "oh fuck no I ain't touching that" just at the mention of him. There is no version of this scenario that doesn't end with crushing, depressing failure, except to treat people with some semblance of decency or to just shut your fucking mouth and stick to making games. Because once the internet latches onto a narrative, it NEVER forgets.
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    I feel like anime, much more than western cartoons, has a lot of instances of multiple characters shouting the same improbably specific sentence in unison. Not a good or a bad thing, just something I feel happens kind of often in the medium.
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    Joe knows how to get things done:
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    Sonic's Best Design

    I really like his Heroes model. The lighting used in-game makes him look like plastic, but I think the design perfectly translates Sonic into 3D; he looks like one of Uekawa’s drawings brought to life.
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    I found some Maya Fey graffiti in a random underpass this morning and it totally made my entire day.
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    Sonic Channel

    "Yeah I don't need these but I'll still use them to beat the shit out of you, you blue bitch." When am I gonna see this Knuckles in the games again
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    Sonic Channel

    Nobody seems to have posted the translations of the short story, so here you go.
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    4 years ago it was straight up raining. You really couldn't have made anything over this last term up.
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    Why is Sonic Rift getting big???

    SonicTubers being hacks is nothing new, sadly. As Wraith put pretty much perfectly, the reason the likes of Premydaremy get so hilariously pissed off over the lack of Sonic news despite claiming to be over Sonic or whatever, is because regurgitating Sonic news is all they have. People aren't watching their shlock for them, it's just more Sonic content (if you can really call it that) for people to stuff their faces with. God forbid they learn how to make actually interesting videos, that's effort! (On that note, props to Cybershell for coming back and showing them how it's done. I didn't get the hype at first, but now I've watched his stuff I can tell he's a good dude).
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    I hate mandates that indicate Sonic Team doesn't understand what alternative universes are, like when Black Doom wasn't allowed to appear in Archie "because he died in the games". Ignoring the fact he never showed up in the comics yet. As if indicating everyone who died in the games also automatically died in every possible Sonic spin off media and Black Doom's corpse is present somewhere in AOSTH, Sonic Boom and Sonic the movie as well somehow. Or Sonic Boom Rise of Lyrics's initial concept of being an origin story for Sonic being shot down because "Sonic Team wanted to explore Sonic's origins themselves" (HAH. Like that would happen.) Source: https://sonic.fandom.com/wiki/Sonic_Boom:_Rise_of_Lyric Yo, smarty pants, Sonic Boom is a side series, it's origins has no effect on the main series, right? But somehow they don't get it, and as such Boom was denied to have any kind of proper introduction and all characters and settings are just plopped down with no fanfare whatsoever. And I suppose with Sonic just being HERO MAN and Eggman being EVIL SCIENTIST MAN, that works well enough. But it would have been nice if Sticks had a proper introduction rather then just going "Hi, find shinies!" in Rise of Lyric in a cameo and voila, there she is. Not to mention Shadow the hedgehog being a more morally complex character requiring at least SOME kind of a backstory or context, but nope. he just shows up and we're supposed to cheer and clap like he's anything more then an empty shell. Especially confusing considering Sonic did get an origin in SATam, Underground, Sonic the Comic and in the movie. I guess the first 3 were created before the mandate and the movie got away with it because the executives at Paramount probably used all of Sonic Team's suggestions as toiletpaper. While I don't have any evidence for this, I strongly believe this is also why Shadow never got any kind of explanation in Sonic Boom and just randomly shows up as if we're supposed to know who that guy is. "His origin was already told in Sonic Adventure 2" I guess, so now Sonic Boom has to roll with that. Granted, I'd pay good money to see Sonic Adventure 2 and especially Shadow the Hedgehog's storylines retold within the Sonic Boom universe, that'd be a sight to see. And looking at that Rise of Lyric page again, what about this: " Cliff for example was originally an inventor, but Iizuka said that only Tails and Eggman could be inventors." It's stuff like this why Sonic's universe feels so small and empty. The main characters are everything and the world around them can't contain anything of value. It's just Sonic, Tails and Eggman in an empty cardboard world, Green hill Zone floating in an empty void. Assuming characters like Wave the Swallow or Sonic X's uncle Chuck are left out to keep it simple, or retconned out of existance, does this mean litteraly every piece of technology in the series has been created by either Tails or Eggman? So both or either is the main manufactorer of all technology in Sonic's world? No wonder they renamed their planet "Sonic's world", the main characters really are the center of their entire universe. And then Sonic Team breaks their own rule barely 4 years later with Dodongopa anyway. Oops. They can't even keep up with their own stupid mandates.
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    I hate the whole "Game characters can't have non game relatives". I also hate the whole "Sonic can't lose" thing though Ian was able to find a middle ground during the Mecha Sally story arc.
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    The one mandate I don't agree with is that they can't call Sonic's home planet Mobius, I think they should bring the planet name back for the sake of world building and making it feel like the world the live in has an identity.
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