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    Except it’s not zero potential, and I say this as someone who also hates the fuck out of the D6. If there is any chance of making a hated character actually worth a damn, why in the world would that be a bad thing beyond simply not wanting them to get any attention? How many characters does it take to get this point across? People said Big had zero potential (I sure as hell did, and I’ve since changed my mind as a whole after seeing Ian make him interesting in Archie); people said Shadow had zero potential; people said Silver and most of the extended game cast after 1994 had zero potential for one reason or another; I could go on, but this song and dance is really getting old every time someone sees characters they don’t like getting any spotlight, and it’s not because they have zero potential.
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    Ah yes, good thing SEGA remembers that it's also EGGMAN'S 30th anniversary:
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I don't think there's a point in debating someone who isn't particularly endeared to them as characters. Even under Ian's pen they're kind of destined to just fill that "punching bag" role they were made for. They're characters that lack nuance beyond their negative traits and thus are easy to use to generate conflict. They're still koopalings, even when their dialogue is bearable.
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    Reminding viewers how JRPG and Anime are ruining "his" Nintendo, I see. I hardly care for that stuff either and agree it's not the best thing to come back to after over 500 days, but there were more mature ways he could've handled that than venting his bias again. I got the hint he despises that stuff first few times, and to post trailer reactions focused around rubbing that in for daring to dash his expectations feels petty to me. Vinny was let down too but he didn't let it get to him like Dunkey did. While he admits anime ain't his favorite thing either, at least any potshots he makes are clearly tongue-in-cheek and holds no ill will or anything (this isn't getting into his real enjoyment in several JRPGS). Where as Dunkey lets his genuine distain towards them drive his disapproval, with little regard for those who'd like Pyra and the other stuff, including Sakurai himself, who loved Xenoblade Chronicles 2. There's nothing about a new direct in a long time that tells you to fully expect the majority of new announcements to be appealing to you.
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    Pearl, if you destroy France you won’t be getting a mayonnaise pool at all.
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    Just another musical progress report. Don't mind me XD Bonds Unbroken (81% complete) Original track, lyrics inspired by the Sonic/Tails friendship. Instrumental is complete! Well, mostly. I've got a few loops to edit and touch up, and polish out, but that;s it. Only a few more lines to write as far as lyrics go, and as for recording, I've already got the first verse down but need a few retakes. All that's really left at this point, is the hard part. Finding time to record and go out, and editing lyrics. Hopefully I can get this one done soon, but this will be another great opportunity to train myself with the editing process, since I desperately need it Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart ft. Cisconic & EkoNeo (64% complete) Finally hopping back on this one, Cisco got a new mic that he's gonna try out with new recordings for better sound. I myself, also getting back to recording and getting everything done. I have a new goal. I NEED THIS SONG DONE AND ONLINE BY THE 30th ANNIVERSARY!!! But THIS time, I actually found someone who can assist with the editing, you probably know him as Trey Nobles. Maybe I can learn a thing or two about doing this better as well. Who knows? All I know is, this will be quite the experience, it already has been. Wish us all luck! I'm shooting for my best of all time!
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    A Dinosaur Planet N64 build was found!
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    Tell me something I don’t know over the past 15 years of being on this forum besides it being my own opinion. I’m not telling you to change your mind, and I’m also not telling you to like them either. I still don’t like the Deadly Six, but this idea of “zero potential” is anything but given every character is based on tropes—there is not one single work of fiction out there that this doesn’t apply to, spanning from before the word “trope” even entered the English lexicon. And you don’t have to change the whole character of the Deadly Six to be any good given what little they already have. I don’t know where this idea of changing characters entirely to be good comes from, but people have said this before with every other character and I’m pretty sure anyone with a degree of flexibility knows this isn’t true whether you like the character or not. They could make the Deadly Six much better characters by giving them more background to who they are and why instead of keeping them as 2-dimensional caricatures based on narrow ranges of expression, or giving them more teeth and impact which is actually what Ian has done since he first started writing them to begin with—the acts they did during the Metal Virus arc sure as hell isn’t something you could see Sonic Team’s writers pull off over the past few years by comparison, and had Sonic Team actually put more depth into the D6 like they’ve done with at least the Babylon Rouges or even the Chaotix, none of us would be giving them the level of dislike they’ve received since their debut. And even in doing so, Zazz could still be the zany bloodthirster he is, Zomom the hungry glutton, and Zor the emo romantic (I honestly don’t even know if that word actually applies, but it’s the vibe I could best describe him as) as they continue wrecking with all things technological.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    All characters are based on existing archetypes
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    Honestly, yeah the base roster was already pretty banger, so everything dlc related has just been a bonus on top. None of the picks have honestly really annoyed/bothered me save for maybe Byleth, since I go into this knowing they’ll always be someone pleased or displeased with whoever Sakurai/Nintendo picks, so I feel like I have no right to get salty. I got my speculations and personal guesses and wants sure, and may engage in all that, and yeah, some choices may feel underwhelming to me, but end of the day, whoever gets in gets in, and as long as they’re fun, it won’t be the end of the world for me
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    [ARTWORK] Milo's Museum

    Bliss, featuring Wynnie. She's actually the last of all of my lady OCs (to date) to get one of my recent line of profiles. Not that she's any less thrilled about it, though! Dedede Pleads the Fifth Symphony. Some of you may have seen this in the status updates a week or two ago. But this is my third pic of my now-developing line of Dedede artwork I make specifically for my Smash Bros. montages. (Said montage of the same name does features Dedede clips set to Beethoven, you can check it out here!) Exhausted Eventide. "As if on cue, the comet shows up right when the bass solo comes in."
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    Opinions on Blaze

    I've moved the thread to the appropriate forum and cleaned up some needless bickering. Next time just use the report function, you fucking children.
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    While I for one have stopped caring about who'll get announced anymore, I been thinking about when the last fighter will. Frankly, no matter who it's gonna be, I've started feeling bad about it, and the developers who're working on it. The final outcome is destined to cause dissapointment in some capacity, if only if because it's has the "honor" of being "the last slot". Maybe if the next fighter before it gets a better reponse I won't feel as bad, but I'm concerned for now. I didn't feel this way back with Bayonetta, cause knowing she won the ballot made her inclusion "fair-and-square" in my eyes, and no such fan ballot exists this time AFAIK. People will take for granted they're "saving the best for last" and expect a big new IP, only for it to be Pokemon, a swordsman, an anime human, an addon to a prexisting IP, etc. And even it isn't any of that, there'll still be for the one franchise fanbase that gets thrown a bone, ten more fanbases are inevitably left in dust. Cause after that, it's over. Their "boy" has no chance to get in now, and then comes the finger pointing on who "rigged" the ballot and how whoever robbed them of a "totally deserved" character. Any character could have most logical, intresting reasoning on why they should get a spot, but Nintendo will still say "sorry, we're picking someone else". Then I think back to what Sakurai and company are going through. He likely knew the mixed reception Pyra and Mytrha were gonna get, the price he's gotta pay for making something he'd wanna make over something they would want, despite maybe not being nearly as aquainted to something like Crash or Doom for instance. I'd dread the moment it was time to announce the last fighter if I were him, especally if it ain't what people would expect for the last one ever. He might've just ignored the complaints and not let'em get to him, but what about the fighter programmers? All the struggling through the years to get each elaboratly made character to work the way they should, and to see some people just slap their effort aside because it's not who they wanted must sting for at least one of them. With Sakurai saying this is gonna be the last DLC, where does everyone go after it's over? I admit its sad to have no more support for Ultimate, especally if the characters you'd want will never get fight with Mario, Sonic and other big icons, but I'll suck it up and just move on. It's been fun, but it's the staff deserve a pat on the back for all they've done, and maybe find something less stress enducing to work on. But maybe Nintendo will make the call for more fighters. Sure, they'd be glad to oblige and it's nothing they wouldn't handle, but it's still another long cycle of making fighters and getting fan fuss in return, all until they cater to each and every one of the most highly requested fighter's fans. Of course there's always just waiting till the next Smash; every new console means a new Smash bros. But why make a new one when they can just take Ultimate's and keep bulding from there? Well there are those who don't want new fighters or a big roster and instead want them to remake the older characters to be less outdated, more balanced, feel less like echo fighters even when they're not, and have more game-references in their moves. (Sigh..., so much debating) I know to get all of that would be take forever anyway, but if all Smash is ever going to become is the game where every video game character that matters has to be in it, I won't blame Sakurai if he wants it all to stop after Ultimate. Maybe if he gave a speech at the end saying "we still care for all of you" that'd make me feel better.
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    Sonic Music

    Anyone else love Sonic music as much as I do? I listen to it all the time. Loved it as a kid, still love it at almost 28 years old lol. Mainly Crush 40's stuff but also some stage tracks and character themes done by other artists. It'd be very hard for me to rank my favourites, but I'll try. Live & Learn Open Your Heart It Doesn't Matter (Sonic's Theme - SA2) It Doesn't Matter (Sonic's Theme - SA) Sonic Boom This Machine (Team Dark) What I'm Made of My Sweet Passion Believe in Myself (Tails' Theme - SA2) Unknown From M.E. (Knuckles' Theme - SA2) Unknown From M.E. (Knuckles' Theme - SA) Never Turn Back Knight of the Wind Team Chaotix Throw it All Away (Shadow's Theme - SA2) Ok that was reallyyy hard for me to rank accurately lmao but I tried.
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    The Eggman announcement for Forces mobile shows a quick montage of classic Eggman all the way to modern. Classic and Modern Eggman are the same character, confirmed. Forces' "alternate dimension" retcon is destroyed.
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    Considering the backlash Byleth received as the final fighter of FP1, and even the fact that Sakurai had to temper expectations at the start and had to announce FP2 at the end, I doubt Nintendo and/or Sakurai would be nuts enough to pick an intentionally underwhelming character as the finale of FP2. Even Smash 4 was wise enough not to do that, making the final fighter a fan-voted decision via the Smash ballet. I don't think it's entirely outside the realm of possibility, but I have my doubts.
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    Not really. Because that's something people would've been paying for. Definitely wouldn't have sat as right with them as Pirhana Plant, who initially came free.
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    FINA-LLY! It's so good too see him. And look, he's only character with vehicle, cheating as always. How nice. Now Sticks and Infinite. Come on guys, I believe in you.
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    I wonder if SEGA would ever consider celebrating an Eggman Anniversary, kind of like like how Nintendo celebrated 30 years is Mario with the Year of Luigi. Would be a great excuse to put Eggman in the spotlight; he's one of the series' most popular characters and one of the most famous villains in all video game history.
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    FINE, I'll get Sonic Forces Mobile if it means I can play as Eggman. My phone's too old though, I'll need to emulate it.
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    Eggman was revealed as a character today. This makes me want him in Smash even more now! (Also, side note; the fact that Infinite has never once appeared in this game is actually hilarious)
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    That's the point. I didn't change shit at the surface level but at the very least made them mildly entertaining. Even then still wouldn't even consider them good. Just at least have something. They're still shallow uninteresting characters as I wrote them, but at least there is some fun there so they don't completely charisma suck away all entertainment. I barely added to their layers but rather switched the context for their actions. I used context to make something out of them. I did nothing with their overall characters and instead reconstituted the entire dynamic. That is what would have to change bare minimum and from the arcs in IDW and Archie I've seen them in that really isn't the case with their direction. Giving a backstory or whatever on their current ways of acting and behavior is like putting a ton of Band-Aids on a leaking jug of sewage water. I can stop it from leaking but man it still tastes like shit. You're looking more at how to flesh them out as in depth characters while I'm saying it's pointless if they're not at the very least fun or quirky to make their shallowness has some value to it. Re-contextuallizing their shallowness is what I did. Just randomly throwing what I said and applying it to them wouldn't work as that's not how they are nor hint at acting. I wrote my own shallow 2D characters of what could at the very least work to not make them feel like a total waste of time. Context really is something.
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    SB Party Knuckles

    Good Morning

    Good Morning
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    I am curious as to how they're going to cap this off. Part of me thinks it should be somebody completely bizarre and off-the-wall. Just something to exude that sense of "relax, it's just a game, it's just for fun", and puncture the hostile discourse.
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    If Minecraft Steve was last person to be revealed then no one.... ok fine, :"not that many people" would complain, To be fair they slowly running out of THE hottest IPs. I doubt they can get anything from Valve or Sony, and i don't even know how Overwatch or Halo character would work in Smash.
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    isn't it great when a youtube comment is like "let's be honest, you didn't search for this" but you actually did
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    Something I can't help but wonder for the Sonic movie sequel... Maybe there will be a timeskip, so Sonic could grow out of his classic proportions into a taller, lankier modern look? In addition, part of the story could be about learning to grow up and mature, especially as he realises he needs to be there for Tails. Basically, he develops into the Sonic we know and love, personality-wise.
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    Bad takes aside, are you calling your own ideas creatively bankrupt? What even is this thread? Why would you suggest they do something you know they can't do?
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    A sonic CD sequel

    I hate to break it to you, but Sonic CD already has an official sequel, it's Sonic 4. Even SEGA advertised it as such.
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    Honestly, the more I realise how far his resume goes, the more I respect Ian James Corlett as a VA. He voiced Dr Wily in Captain N and Mega Man (and Rush) in the 90s Mega Man cartoon, which I somehow never knew until now, as well as being Coconuts. The man has range.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Personally I'm cool with Deadly Six (when Flynn writes them) BUT, I'm am a bit annoyed that they are back so quickly. There is a thin line between creating cohesive word and Sonic Boom level of recycling. And Between Deadly Six, Starline and Skunk Duo, we are really pushing on that line.
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    What's there to be torn about? You've got the option to use both, so give both a go and see which you prefer. "How it was intended" is totally different to "what is best". If you end up finding the game to be insufferable with motion controls but fun with the analogue stick, then "how it was intended" simply isn't what was right. I already know that I enjoyed the motion controls on Wii, but I might end up preferring traditional controls now that that option exists. Why does it matter what was intended when you've got the opportunity to try it another way? The original control scheme isn't going anywhere.
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    I don't think it means much but I was kinda hoping the whole eeww anime routine would blow over quick so I was a little bummed out.
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    Just watched Dunkey’s video on the Nintendo direct...Damn he is NOT happy about Pyra lol. Idk if that was a bit, but usually I can find dunkeys views pretty reasonable, but the way he came off throughout that whole vid, especially with Pyra getting added to Smash was just...I guess a bit entitled?
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    They should really rile people up and add Sol Badguy from guilty gear aka. Anime Sword Terry
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    A sonic CD sequel

    This SAGE 2020 ENTRY exists! Currently a Mania mod but only temporarily and in its very early stages but already showing a lot of promise. Visual flair and an eccentric, up tempo, slightly overbearing but brilliant soundtrack (JP) is what I consider the essence of Sonic CD and this really delivers on that.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I don't mind the Deadly Six, but I'd rather see them less often.
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    A list of site staff can be found here: https://board.sonicstadium.org/staff/ Feel free to reach out to any/ all mod staff for SSMB specific issues/ concerns.
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    Sonic Music

    I love live and learn open your heart it doesn’t matter v2 and believe in myself and emerald hill zone
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    Sonic Music

    The Sonic 1,2,3,K tracks. "*ba da ba da, ba, da* *boom* COME ON!" (S3 mini boss) The Crush 40 songs. "... hanging on the edge of tomorrow!" (You know that one.) The Sonic Rush/Rush Adventure songs. "...this is what, this is what, this is, this is what, this is what, this is, this is what, this is what, this is, this is what you need, what you need." (You'll never guess it.) Every track and song in Sonic Unleashed. "...the possibilities are never ending!" (Rooftop running, windmill dodging, desert drifting, the possibilities are literally endless!)
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    Sonic Music

    Agreed on a lot of this. I love some of the classic songs too, many from Sonic CD. I know what you mean about Follow Me lol. The lyrics are definitely corny, but it's still good. Same with We Can (Team Sonic's Theme).
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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #135: Agent of K.N.O.T.H.O.L.E. What an unintentionally hilarious cover. I mean, my God. How dramatic can you be? I love specifically how your dialogue is written so as to entice all the readers to look at the front cover and wonder about who the person who lived could possibly be. Imagine their disappointment when they find out it’s this one character you met once several issues ago. I just got the mental image of this cloaked figure being Maria. Wouldn’t that be funny? Although, from a glance, I had always assumed it was Merlin Prower even though he didn’t die. It just looks like it should be him. This issue was perfectly fine. The first story was okay. It had a nice set-up and what we learned was substantial. The second story was easily the best of the three. The intrigue and the mysterious angle behind what we learned in the first story enhanced things quite a bit. I also got excited due to knowing what’s ahead concerning certain plot points and that’s always a good feeling. The third story was more of nothing happening. I didn’t think it was possible for a story to drag this much but good God, we’re STILL waiting for the inciting incident to kick off here. Lien-Da talked for six pages and learned NOTHING. Holy shit. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #136: The Infiltrator Jules’ life is a dumpster fire ain’t it? It’s just going to be one thing after the other isn’t it? Oh well, at least he’s got a family. That’s the important bit I suppose. Also, really beautiful looking cover. Nice background especially. Really sells the beauty of this tragic figure. By that I mean, the robotic hedgehog in the bridal carry. The issue averages out as something that’s just okay, unfortunately. I actually did rather enjoy the first story. This Tommy Trilogy isn’t turning out to be so bad, despite how funny it is that this random character that is suddenly really important to Sonic’s past is being played up as super important again, all of a sudden. He’s not been insufferable or anything though so it’s been completely fine. Plus, exhausted Sonic was kind of adorable. M25YL, however, sunk our battleship yet again. #GIRLTALK wasn’t false advertising at least. It was indeed just a bunch of girls talking. There was nothing of substance there and we learned nothing except what food they’ll be eating at this dinner they’ve been talking about since this thing started will be. The last story was mostly just Knuckles psyching himself up to do something he didn’t do for the sake of teaching him a lesson in patience. It would have been fine had the characters he was respecting the wishes of weren’t awful people. I guess I can at least say that this issue gave me a good laugh, even if it was me just laughing at nothing in particular because my brain snapped in half when it hit me that I was just reading page after page of moms talking about their fucking dinner preparations. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #137: Robo-Dyne Systems Behold the first issue of the Tommy trilogy to actually have Tommy on the cover. Love the art doing it’s best to pay homage to the Sonic Channel art. I guess things feel more official when you’ve got characters drawn in the style of the official Japanese site. That or Adventure 2: Battle’s cover. Yeah, this is yet another issue where all the stories were fine, I guess. All the problems they had make this a fairly below average issue overall though. The first one was a lot quicker than it probably should have been but at the same time I don’t know if you really would want to spend too much time on the Tommy Trilogy than necessary either. I will say, the first two stories in the Tommy Trilogy were better by virtue of being more intriguing. This last one just felt like business as usual, although with a few confusing caveats concerning the state of Sonic and Sally’s relationship. Seeing Sally so unsympathetic to Sonic in the M25YL story didn’t help matters there either. I guess this is just the part where I have to sit through seeing these two characters fight. It’s probably tough for someone who wants to see them together but it’s way tougher for someone like me who doesn’t give a shit about their romance. Nothing’s happened yet in this story. This dinner they’ve been talking about still hasn’t begun and I covered three issues today. There was no Sonic X this week. How am I still not at the fucking dinner?! The Antoine story was easily the best one in this issue for me just because it managed to convey a relationship well (for the most part) and ended on a note that almost sucker punches you in the face. You can accomplish a lot with very few pages it seems. I actually missed you asking this. That's quite a long stretch of time to remember so I had to look back over the covers. As I did though I realized that most of it was just an assortment of mostly random stories where it felt like the comic had no idea what it was doing and trying to find it's footing. It doesn't look like there were any real arcs happening. The direction was so wild and strange and nowhere was that more evident when they suddenly decided the characters had to go to school only for that to be abandoned shortly thereafter. The love story with Sonic and Mina wasn't the worst thing ever but it also wasn't very good. Knuckles dying and coming back to life was some strange, haughty, pretentious nonsense but that's par for the course with Penders. Mammoth Mogul integrated some good stuff into the book, like that story with the second Tails and a little bit of insight into what it was that got Dimitri to grow more of a heart but it wasn't enough to save it. Stories like the domestic abuse with Dulcy, who hasn't appeared since that story, seeing Hope being put into the story due to select Overlanders returning from space, finally seeing the Rotor family story get wrapped up, and the sloppy integration of the elements from SA2 did little to help things as well. Then there's the unceremonious removal of Kodos and his spider ninja sidekick who betrayed him. They were two characters who scarcely, barely had a point and never amounted to much of anything in the end. Getting rid of the Source of All was a net positive but the Sword of Acorns being a thing that still has legs somehow doesn't feel good. I don't even know what to make of Snively's position in the book right now either. Then there's all the stuff with Eggman where he was body hopping and kept getting his city destroyed. Nate Morgan gets written out in one of those escapades but it ends up not mattering. Then the book decides Eggman needs to be flesh and blood again anyway. It was a hodgepodge of just stuff happening before we eventually got the really awesome Avenegers story with the Xorda attack. I can't say I have too high of an opinion of it all. I'd have said the book was in trouble if I didn't already know where it goes and where it actually ends.
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