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    Oh I am so fucking gd ready

    Oh I am so fucking gd ready
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    Well, today's my birthday. God, I was 14 when I first joined here, can't believe I'm in my 20s now, jesus.
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    The Master

    Sonic Channel

    If I look carefully, I think its the one he bought in Team Sonic Racing Overdrive.
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    Dave K

    Sonic's Voice: How he could sound video

    Just thought ill share this video I came across. The guy sounds just like Ryan Drummond it's surreal!. He captures all that youthful, energetic, adventurous spirit while making it his own at the sometime it's great 😃
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    Penders takes it to the next level: He's counting international fried chicken restaurant franchise locations before the chickens have hatched.
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    Chamomile #202
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    Recently, I’ve made my own Sonic Rig in Blender, and I wanted to test it out. So as we know, Sonic Forces was a pretty mediocre game. It also had some weak character animation. So here’s my attempt at a recreated scene from Sonic Forces made inside of Blender, rendered with Eevee Engine. Hope you give it a watch and enjoy!
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    I'm loving Eggman in this, the sheer tonnage of missiles and explosions he causes is loads of fun - if you have more than one Eggman in a race, it's complete chaos. 😆
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    Sonic Channel

    The best artwork we'll see all year.
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    There's a lot of games I nearly missed because I hadn't been paying attention to the scene. I actually got into Monster Hunter through World and I am aware of the previous games so I won't pretend that there wasn't anything before hand. It took me a while to click with what the game was going for but I actually really like the idea of going through a big boss game and planning for everything. I really love these monster designs and the fact they have their unique behaviors to take note of during a hunt. I'm really excited for Rise's release because after playing the demo I had a lot of fun with the doge being able to Tokyo Drift everywhere and the Wirebugs providing so much free movement. Its just so much fun! I also really love the Yakuza series. I heard from a friend about it once and I dismissed it as a GTA clone which I'm not a fan of in general. But then I heard from word of mouth that it was sillier than it lead on to be. After trying 0 I saw the light. It was one half a serious crime drama and other half just silly fun, sometimes both mixing with each other that its one of the most over the top experiences I've ever had. I really love the world building in this series and the fact there's a lot of things to do to the point where several minigames are very fleshed out. Also Kiryu is a very noble character that he's constantly saving people on a daily basis and he can never hurt an innocent which I feel like helps with the narrative. I don't like open world games since I don't know what to do in them but I really loved how fleshed out they make the cities in the series, making this series the exception for me. I just love how its a story about a man going through life and its tribe and tribulations. In a way this series help me get over getting old because Kiryu becomes an honorary grandfather by the end of the series but he remains the same guy through and through. Its just so good. And while its been years since I got into it I think its an interesting story. I almost missed out on the Disgaea series. I remember one of my friends mentioning it once during lunchtime one day but later on during my high school years I got depressed and was pretty bad. If my friend would had never mentioned it I would had completely miss it during its heyday, though its more well known now. I'm glad he recommended it to me because I ended up being a more cheerful person because of it. I am glad the series has been successful since then but I'm happy I didn't miss out on it.
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    man Sonic Shuffle's soundtrack is really weird
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    Super Mario 3D World + Bowser is a Furry
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    https://www.twitter.com/VOColleen/status/1365489745132802053 Oh, snap. I was right. Prime is going to have a Canadian voice cast.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    As much as this is a reality for basically every franchise , it's something that happens even when a Sonic game is indisputably bad or indisputably great. There's not a way to fix this and it never will. Like you, I would take any kind of Sonic game if it's great, 2D, 3D, racing, party, what I'm really tired isn't the the genre of these games, but the low quality of them. It's not even a matter of polish anymore, the last games are pretty stable and glitch free, but they're just lackbuster and short in content...
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    "3D has killed Pokemon" Ahh we've reached this point have we. How long before fans join the dev team and create a perfect replication of 2D Pokemon?
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    It's look like Colleen isn't going anywhere despite she will not voice Tails in Sonic Prime.
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    Castlevania (and to a lesser extent Metroid), which is crazy because that series and its style of gameplay has ended up being majorly my jam. I'm not sure why exactly it took me so long to take an interest; perhaps because I thought it would be a lot less flamboyant than it actually was? Whatever the case, the upshot was that I didn't get into the Metroidvania genre until the late DS years, at which point the GBA games had become unobtainable for me - result being that I've never played some of the major IGAvanias. Do a Castlevania Anniversary Collection 2, Konami!
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    As long as the Japanese voices remain, I don't rerally care since I always play with them (+ subtitles)!!... In fact, even if i know that Mike Pollock as Eggman is really loved by many fans for instance, I don't feel like his voice suits Eggman : whenever I hear Mike Pollock as Dr Eggman, it makes me think more of an ogre more than Sonic's nemesis!!... In Japanese, Eggman has a higher voice and an incredible laugh which make him very unique and not sounds like a typical bad guy for kid shows!!... For me, Eggman is a mix between a mad evil scientist, a clown and a child, and that's really what I feel whenever I hear his Japanese voice (even if his new sieyuu is not as good as the dead one -but he is very good and his voice is not far from the previous one- mainly because of his incredible laugh which is good but a bit less crazy than before)!!... But if it cares for other fans, I'm a bit sad the English voices change..
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    I think a sequel to Sonic CD would be dope. I always loved the aesthetic and soundtrack in that game.
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    Shadow fans, please stop embarrassing me.
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    I know you're trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I'm fairly certain OP doesn't actually care about having an actual discussion about this and just wants to wank about Shadow's power level like most fourteen year old Shonen fans do about their favorite characters.
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