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    Good news! Just tested negative for COVD-19
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    Whoa! Coco Kiryu got acknowledged by Sega due to her love for the Yakuza series. She really came a long way for her husbando.
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    I do have to admit part of me wonders if Penders simply severely overhyped and overpromised what this revolutionary app would be, or if he was simply that far out of the loop, he thought these were actually big features that would draw people. Not to mention the fact that really - a key part of software design is knowing what your audience wants. You don't add superficial shit that costs more time and money to develop if they're features someone doesn't want. And frankly - just why do you think the other big name publishers don't have these features? DC, Marvel, IDW, hell, even Archie. They've been at this game for ages, they had comic apps for ages, why would they not implement these features that have been around for ages? IDW offers a few motion comics, but that's about it. The answer - frankly - is simple. Speaking personally as someone who reads a lot of comics, both physical and digital, all I want when reading comics is good scans of the comic in question, a guided view through the comic (IE - taking you through the correct order of panels, or allow the user to exit the guided view to see the whole page as if you were reading a comic proper), the ability to zoom in on the comic, and that's about it. I want to go through a comic at my own pace, admire the art, having a fairly simple structure to work through. It's simple, you don't need to think about a bunch of dumb decisions like if I want animations, or voice acting, or whatever else he intends to throw in for the hell of it. There's no UX decisions being made, Penders is just adding superficial stuff to say "I did something new!" when there's a reason everyone else didn't do it. And even more ridiculous is the fact that the features I could commend him on adding aren't there for the right reasons and defeat the purpose of being there. Voice-Acting isn't a bad idea, per say - but it's not good in the manner he wants to use it in. Using voice acting to perhaps give accessibility options to blind people for example is an alright idea, but you can't treat it like a movie or show - it needs to be something like an audio book where the person there is doing everything to set the stage for the visually-impaired. If you're just spouting off the dialogue with no context or world-building, it'll fall apart and simply be a waste. And frankly, the end all of it IMO is just the fact that these features just aren't important. Maybe consider them later down the line, but not now when you don't have a product. You do not just put an app through a software development cycle without actually ensuring that your product is going to sell on it. It's a staggering lack of market research from what I see here. Any other comic publisher who puts out an app has an established line of comics they know will sell. There's a reason that you don't see every indie creator pumping out a comic reading app for their single line comics, and instead take it to Comixlogy. It gives them a safety net, allows them to sell their comic digitally, and has minimal risk without wasting a ton of cash. If TL-SC falls flat on it's face, Penders will have effectively sent time, money, and effort on development work, and voice-acting for zero return.
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    Wooow, Epic Games bought Mediatonic (the Fall Guys devs)
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    SEGA announced that Evening Star is working on a Sonic Mania sequel. Then my fucking alarm goes off. Reality sucks.
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    @Dr. Detective Mike Random thoughts: -I'm personally on the side that I find the Original FF to be a terrible storyline, personality. I think the very fact that they self-inserted a group of characters to be the OG FF that inspires the group takes away Sonic and co's original agency. It's not that the whole world was completely taken over, and now these kids had to pick themselves up and stand against overwhelming odds - no, there was just this group of adult freedom fighters all along that were never mentioned that just so happened to be the greatest role models in Sonic's life!! I don't know, it makes the whole thing a bit lamer in my eyes, and the group as a whole simply falls among the other forgettable Freedom Fighter groups introduced in the book's early years, it reminds me of Tommy Turtle for all the wrong reasons, frankly. -Fun fact about the first M25YL story this time around - that line about Cobar saying "with affection and respect" was apparently Penders' attempt to show that Rotor and Cobar were actually romantic partners. A fact that became particularly infamous later down the line because IIRC - Penders tried to throw Ian under the bus because Ian later implied that Cobar was killed in the bad M25YL future. It was then later confirmed by Ian that no one, literally no one knew that this is what Penders intended, because it wasn't remotely set up in the slightest.
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    Only Big the Cat is worthy enough to wield Mjolnir. He leads a simple, dignified life, living off the land with his own strength, only raising his fists in self defense or in defense of his friends.
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    True, but even so, the Japanese typically haven't been able to completely rid their incarnations of Sonic from their Japanese-ness. In most older western versions of the character (SatAM, AoStH, early Archie, various commercials, ect) Sonic was very hungry for attention, always bragging about how cool he was. In most incarnations written by Japanese writers however, Sonic isn't nearly as concerned with making sure that others adore his coolness. This is obviously a result of the cultural difference between the American "look at me!" mentality and the Japanese more socially reserved behaviour. Sonic is still cocky in Japanese versions, but in a very different way to the socially pro-active American way. For many years I've often heard it said that when The Simpsons premiered in Japan back in the days when Bart was essentially the series main focus of attention, Japanese viewers were put of by the character to the point where Japanese advertising for the show started to focus more on Lisa of all characters. I'm not sure to what extent this story is factual, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it's true. It demonstrates how an attention-whore (if you excuse the term) like Bart Simpson and western Sonic comes of in Japan.
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    Sonic 1 and 2 are short games that can easily be beaten in a single sitting by an experienced player. For inexperienced players, forcing them to start the game from the beginning every time they got a game over was a simple way to increase how long the game would last for them. There's also the matter of money; adding a battery save to the cartridges would increase production costs, and cut into profits for Sega.
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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #142: The Original Freedom Fighters, Part 1 Oh my God, I did it. We’re finally here. I’ve officially reached Issue #142 which means that I’m officially caught up on ALL the issues of the Archie Sonic comics that I’ve never read before, including the specials. I can actually say that at some point or another I’ve read all the numbered issues now. This is quite a good feeling and there’s a wickedly well done drawing of Sonic on the cover to go with it too, although Hope looks kind of like a potato. That all said, the issues between #142 and #159 I barely remember anything about due to not liking a vast majority of them. I remember liking the first story of this issue, hating the second one (as I’ve talked about before) and I remember jack-shit about the last story here which doesn’t surprise me because it’s another part of the Mobius 25 Years Later gutter trash that’s been plaguing the book for a century now. I can’t wait to compare and contrast what I know now against what little I can recall of these stories. You know, despite all the complaining I did about various things, I’m going to go ahead and give this issue a passing grade. I actually did really enjoy the first story despite the revisionist history. My beef with the Amy story is extremely personal and full of intentional bias. The last story is more M25YL bullshit but at the VERY least something actually happened here. The characters have finally decided to take some initiative to get the plot rolling. I’m not at all surprised that when it came to this issue, that last story was the only one I don’t recall having read before even though I totally must have. Penders is so bad that it doesn’t even matter if you’re aware he’s writing your story or not. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #143: The Original Freedom Fighters, Part 2 Looking at this cover, I remember it vividly now. I really shouldn’t have forgotten that this story had been split into two parts. However, looking at this cover over again it’s actually fairly deceptive. A lot of the covers that straight up lie to you with the promise of a cooler story don’t happen until the Iron Dominion Arc. Although, I guess this technically isn’t any “cooler” in this sense. Sonic’s been betrayed before. It’s just… the betrayal is happening in the past. I’m not sure why the cover is saying it’s trouble for Sonic. Maybe Baby Sonic from back in the day would work but he doesn't show up until the end. There’s a lot of reasons as to why this probably shouldn’t be considered a good issue. I don’t wish to argue it either way really. Yes, it’s incredibly silly that the “original” Freedom Fighters were never mentioned and this retcon happened in a way that honestly did little to justify shoehorning them into the story. Also, having the traitor literally be the snake is really hammy and dumb. That said, I thought the story in and of itself was fine and fairly well-told. As someone with no real stake in the fight as to the proper origins of the Freedom Fighters, I just find it easier to forgive. The same complications come with that second story. Yeah, the send-off was done well enough on it’s own but the context surrounding it is extremely weird and it really doesn’t fit. He had Locke die the exact same way his father did and had him express the same feelings too, most likely. It’s hard to take it at face value as anything serious when you know the author just kind of self-inserted a fursona of his father as Locke and then kind of just… put himself inside of Knuckles. He just wore him like a creepy echidna body suit. It’s… It’s… just… not good. Don’t do this. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #144: Mobius: 25 Years Later: The Die is Cast This cover scared the shit out of me when I got it as one of the back issues back in the day. I was a bit thrown off by the drastic change in art style on the covers from the two before it. That alone would have been fine but the fact that his body, proportions, and the colors (however good they may be) make him look like a freaky alien threw me off. It’s especially weird looking at the definition in his legs. It’s like the original Sonic Movie poster. Oh God, and those hands! Even the bottom of his feet look gross to me. Like it’s alive or something. The biggest thing that bugged me was the gross lump on his head, yet again. I know it’s not supposed to be a lump but that’s what it looks like. I know I should probably be more focused on the part of the cover that says “The Future ends… TODAY” and be more celebratory about that but this cover really gave me a lot to talk about. I remember hiding this issue well. Not as much as I hid some of the other ones with even uglier art but we’ll get to those. I see now why it was the second story that made the heaviest impression on me and lingered in my mind the most. That was incredibly interesting and it almost made up for the completely bewildering way that Mobius 25 Years Later ended. Navigating the emotions people go through when they’re dealing with these relationships can actually lead to interesting things should it actually be handled with care and written right. However, that said, it’s still an even 50-50 split in quality. If you want to read an issue that’s literally only half good then I suppose give it a chance but dear lord. I mean it when I say it’s a big fat goose egg in terms of quality with the first story. Younger me didn’t even retain the information and it’s definitely not just because it was the ending to a multiple part story that I only owned three parts of. It’s got nothing in it that holds your attention other than that cool looking toxic city. That one panel didn’t make reading through all of it worth it but it definitely felt nice getting some sort of prize after having suffered through that. Mobius 25 Years Later was the biggest waste of time this comic has ever foisted onto me. It’s not the worst in terms of content or storytelling because it literally can’t be. It has no content and there is no storytelling. It’s just a bunch of pointless meandering scenes of future versions of characters we’re being forced to accept mingled with a bunch of characters that we don’t know and have no reason to care about. Watch as they gather around to talk about what they’ll eat for dinner. I’m impressed by this story’s ability to waste time. It should honestly be studied. It’s a magnificent specimen of useless baggage, the likes of which I’ve never seen before or since it’s conception. Well done, Penders you weird, WEIRD man.
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    i'm happy strikers completed ryuji's character arc
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    Considering how torrid my relationship is with the Pokémon games, I'm seriously so taken in by PLA. I'm really dying to hear more about it in an official capacity. I've seen the leaks, but they don't tell us awful lot. The premise of this game is just so interesting. And from an angle that really counts for nothing... I love the random choice of starters. It's still balanced and keeping with tradition, but mixes it up in a fun way. It's nice that they went this route instead of giving us a whole new set or reusing a set verbatim.
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    Assassin's Creed. I only picked up the game because I had a gift voucher to use and decided to spend it on something popular that I knew nothing about. It was a totally spur of the moment thing, and I fell in love with it. I quickly went out and bought AC2, then ACB and ACR because they were already out, and found that these were some of the most fun I'd had with new games ever. Sure, by ACR I was feeling a bit burnt out and it was feeling a bit repetitive going through all these games in a matter of months, but AC3 was on the way and I was really stoked for that... Ultimately I thought that AC3 was unenjoyable horse shit and despite people saying that AC4 was much better, I was so turned off by the idea of yet more sailing in the game. AC is a stealthy platformer, not some boating sim. I've not played anything else in the series since, apart from Syndicate which has its share of problems but I still really liked it. The rebooted series from Origins onwards look crazy unappealing to me. Tons of RPG mechanics, XP grinding, sailing out the wazoo... ugh, no thanks. Had I not tried out the series when I did, mere months before AC3 came out, I'd never have given the series a go. And it was just because I felt spontaneous one day that I even tried it.
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    FUN FACT: Did you know that the final letter was originally supposed to be from Rosie about Uncle Chuck?
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    The likes of Mario World and Zelda can easily be seen as games that kind of needed a save feature. Even on a good run of Mario World, it'll still usually take me more than one sitting to finish it. And that's before considering going for all 96 exits, and the permanent reward for beating Special World. In comparison, Sonic the Hedgehog is barely 45 minutes long. Sonic 2 isn't much longer. There's no permanent rewards for finishing it in the vein of Mario World's graphical overhaul or anything; it would've been a totally pointless expense. I've actually played arcade games that last longer than S1 and S2, bizarrely. Sonic 3 on the other hand, is considerably longer with 3 & Knuckles taken into account; and since they were originally supposed to be one game, it made sense to give 3 the save feature, that &K could then inherit via Lock-On. In terms of a game that could actually use a save feature but didn't originally have it, we can actually look to Nintendo; because the NES version with Mario 3 lacking any kind of save feature is baffling to me.
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    Considering all the crying I still see mostly American fans do that "StC Sonic is too mean!", absolutely. The world and cultural values don't just divide between Japan and US, people.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I, uh... might have had something to do with (or at the very least, assuming it's the current word fans use, enabled) that "Robotnik blackmailing Rotor over his sexuality" myth back in the day. So yeah, I guess if you're looking to blame someone for this debacle, I'll take it on the chin. It was a different time, and a different me who certainly didn't expect to be revisiting an off-cuff comment about adhering to the continuity of a blue hedgehog's comic book a decade later. That being said, I still like the idea of some LGBT representation in the franchise, and Rotor being different does coincidentally mesh with his profile in the cartoon bible. With the right person at the helm, it could've made for a touching story. For an added bonus, here's how the discussion ended:
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    Its cliche, but if we ever got a "final" Pokemon anime movie, I wouldn't mind a plot where all of Ash's old companions have to join up with him one last time to stop some huge threat. Like, every. body. errrybody Of course, said movie would have to be set in the standard anime universe and not the alternate movie universe that we've been in since "I Choose You" though
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    i remember dreaming about being in a black void watching the sonic movie, tom was being held hostage by eggman it was in a jungle type setting... in the moon (like the cathedral from Mario odyssey a game i just finished, i was also probably inspired by a drawing on deviantart of sonic storming an eggman base in the moon), then Sonic & Tails came, with their movie designs, i think it was like a weird mix between pre and post redesign, were fighting eggman who had his sonic 2006 design, and a gigantic robot machine strapped to his back for some reason, i remember it look alot like Omega-Xis from the Megaman starforce games, you know the ones as i was just getting into the megaman series with starforce being the thing i was obsessed with thanks to super smash bros ultimate, (as i was never into megaman prior to that) but was gray, had a body akin to GladOS' from portal and a dome containing some sort of purple space fog, also a cartoony cgi NiGHTS appeared and winked for a second it just came out of nowhere and everyone acts like nothing happened i also remember a much older one where my family went to this cheap cinema in the middle of the desert it was a turqoise green-ish color, still used projectors like that home movie projector and looked more like a gas sation than anything, to watch the other Sonic movie from 1996, you know the one, with sarah and planet freedom and the catchy tune. why does this sound so cool? like legit this should be a real thing. maybe in the spirit of that archie arc with eggman and sonic going batshit insane.
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    This is where I really disagree, honestly. Why did there have to be fall guys here? Why did the Freedom Fighters need to be some organised group with all these different official things to it? Why did we need this whole group who built and set up Knothole? Why did we need this group who saved various mobians? Why did we need a group who had all the bells and whistles from Max? Why did we need these guys? Introducing this random nameless band of Freedom Fighters in at the eleventh hour steals pretty much all agency from Sonic and the Freedom Fighters. Sonic and co are no longer the only survivors of Eggman's total takeover of the planet. They didn't find the Great Forest, they didn't establish Knothole, they didn't inspire the other Freedom Fighter groups to rise up and fight back. These are kids who already lost everything to Robotnik, and all because of the mistakes of their own parents and family. King Max's foolishness in letting Julian become Warmonger, Chuck's creation of the Roboticiser, all of it ultimately led to giving Robotnik the keys to his takeover, but now the original FF is a group of trusted people left behind by Max, who handle a big deal of cleaning up his mess. Sonic and co were a scrappy bunch of Freedom Fighters who just lost everything, and needed to rebuilt to have anything resembling a hope, a bunch of kids forced into a war against an evil tyrant. A group that through luck, teamwork, and having the right components were able to mount up a resistance against unconquerable odds and bring hope back to a planet that was enslaved. Why do we need this whole extra level of detail on how the Freedom Fighters are actually this official group of Max's closest associates instead of it simply being Sonic, Sally and everyone rising up to save the planet? And the Original FF steal all of it away. With the Original FF in the mix, it just makes Sonic some plucky kid inspired by a random wolf guy instead of a rebellious free-spirit fighting back against what he felt was wrong. They don't even serve a purpose as fall guys, Sonic and the FF already had more than enough motivation with everything Eggman took from them, the only thing the Original FF do is take most of their early achievements, and make Sonic and co simple successors to a title. The original way Sally made the name in the Super Special is even dumber, but it's less harmful, it doesn't actively steal the agency and achievements of the main cast and give them to a bunch of forgettable OCs.
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    Flashback to Christmas of 2017, my father was telling me about the struggle of getting me a Switch with some games. He got a Switch, he got a copy of Super Mario Odyssey, but couldn't find Zelda BotW anywhere. He told me he nearly considered getting a Switch copy of Sonic Forces for me instead, but found a single copy of BotW at a store. I quake in fear of the alternate timeline.
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    The other hint is in one of the final issues of his run - he also had Eggman call him my "dear Rotor", and Sonic asks him what was up with that, to which Rotor shrugs it off: It's generally believed that Penders was going to have Eggman know about Rotor's sexuality, and blackmail him over it, which is just horrible. These two are pretty good posts on the topic: https://thankskenpenders.tumblr.com/post/187887965273/twelve-chapters-in-we-get-our-big-reveal-this https://thankskenpenders.tumblr.com/post/188820682949/fun-fact-and-by-fun-i-mean-horrible-remember
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    I was aware of the romantic partners angle, as I mentioned it with a hand wavy passing comment a few issues back, but I was unaware that such a mundane line of dialogue was supposed to serve as his proof. What a non-committing way to go about that.
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    Sonic Music

    Anyone else love Sonic music as much as I do? I listen to it all the time. Loved it as a kid, still love it at almost 28 years old lol. Mainly Crush 40's stuff but also some stage tracks and character themes done by other artists. It'd be very hard for me to rank my favourites, but I'll try. Live & Learn Open Your Heart It Doesn't Matter (Sonic's Theme - SA2) It Doesn't Matter (Sonic's Theme - SA) Sonic Boom This Machine (Team Dark) What I'm Made of My Sweet Passion Believe in Myself (Tails' Theme - SA2) Unknown From M.E. (Knuckles' Theme - SA2) Unknown From M.E. (Knuckles' Theme - SA) Never Turn Back Knight of the Wind Team Chaotix Throw it All Away (Shadow's Theme - SA2) Ok that was reallyyy hard for me to rank accurately lmao but I tried.
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    Sonic Music

    Waaaay, waaay too many to list. I actually made a playlist that I titled "Hidden Gems" of Sonic Games. There's a lot of those too. I'll do a quick top 5 of my favorite underrated tracks in no order... -Final Egg Act 2 - Sonic Adventure -The Machine - Sonic Spinball -Endless Mine - Sonic 3 & Knuckles -Collision Chaos Zone (USA) - Sonic CD -Rusty Ruin Zone Act 1 - Sonic 3D Blast Genesis Also here is my playlist if you want chill Sonic music to listen to.
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    Persona 5 Scramble

    Seriously speaking, I absolutely agree with this. At first, I thought they were at least allowing you to make a choice if Joker had any romanced confidants in the original game if you chose characters for events, such as: What's extremely weird is the game has bonuses if it detects you have a Persona 5 or Royal save file, so it's really weird how it doesn't account for your original game's choices. With how much detail goes into these games normally, you'd think they'd implement a way of doing that, even if it just amounted to minor dialogue alterations. I think it's just a huge double-edged sword in general. I didn't really like the idea of Royal from the start, but I loved most of the story elements it added and expanded upon, so much so that apart from the ending being vastly inferior to Vanilla P5, I see it as the absolute definitive version because it fixes a lot of P5's narrative issues, especially with Akechi, and adds a lot more story in general. Seeing everything built up to there just forgotten is super lame to me. I don't expect Strikers to be a sequel to Royal entirely, but I really don't see the harm in even minimally mentioning things that happened in it, even if it's just obvious stuff we knew from the very first promotional material (IE - Kasumi is a Phantom Thief).
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    A silly Sonic story moment idea that came to my mind. The scene takes place where Dr.Eggman brags about his newest weapon will destroy the world If Sonic doesn't hurry to save it. Sonic cuts off his enemy's rambling midway by saying: [Which world is going to get destroyed tho?] Dr.Eggman replies: [Er huh? isn't it obvious which one?] Sonic replies back: [Not really! There is so many. Is it the Human world? The Furry world? Blaze's world? Little Planet? The Lost Hex? Classic Sonic's world?] Dr.Eggman: [Hmm I forgot how many there were... Now I am not sure which to go with.] Sonic: [Ha! If you must try destroying one of them... I suggest the Lost Hex as nobody will miss it... except maybe the Zeti!] Dr.Eggman: [Ugh, this is getting confusing... It would really be more convenient if at least some of these worlds were merged into one... Oh-Ho! Maybe I should invent a new device to do that instead!]
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    I agree and I think that having his own solo film would probably explain a lot of the mythos going on in Sonic's world.
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    Sonic Music

    Man, there's so many good tunes in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. It's hard to pick which game is my absolute favorite soundtrack wise. I think my favorite era for music certainly was the Adventure era, or perhaps just like SA1 through Unleashed. 06 had a lot of great music in it, and it has some of my favorite music in the series. I'll post some of my favorites in the spoilers so the whole page isn't filled with videos.
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    Shadow Chaos Control

    Sonic Music

    I love all the tunes and tracks from SA2. My favorite is: Captures the spirit of Sonic IMHO.
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    While I can see Shadow replacing Metal Sonic in the movie in terms of who created Shadow, I do think that that might take away the tragic aspect of Shadow's character where he became a bad guy at first because of Maria's death. That would mean that Maria would have to be omitted from the story in order for this to work.
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    It's nice to know Penders' ground-breaking app has all of the magnificent features of motion comics from 2009, and comic/book apps have had for well over a decade.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    They tried to fix some of the stuff fans have complained about in the most superficial ways ever, ultimately creating even MORE stuff for people to complain next, it's like a vicious cycle. A Sonic cycle, if you will.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    I mean when the series constantly squanders its own potential and underperforms its kind of hard to not be a little cynical. Forces was the last game released, which doesn't exactly instill confidence in the direction of the series. The uncertainty is what's driving the cynicism unfortunately
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    Last week, he asked me to review the translation for the app's menu, a translation I've worked on in 2016. Nothing much changed. But from what I can tell, based on the menu text alone, the app isn't as groundbreaking as he claims. Swipe left for the previous page, swipe right for the next. Animated panels or not. Voice-overs. Zooms...
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    I feel like both can happen. Tails may find an older bother figure in Sonic, but could simultaneously serve as an exposition fairy to fill Sonic in on what he's missed. Tails' bullying is such a part of his backstory, so it could also be part of Tails' inner struggle with feeling accepted. Sonic's abilities make him someone that people will kidnap him for, while Tails' abilities got him picked on. So Sonic thinking it's neat might be a huge boost to his self-esteem. I've seen speculation that Longclaw has factored in Tails' search for Sonic; perhaps she's taken Tails in and told him about Sonic as he grew up. I think the quill will definitely factor into making Metal Sonic. Shadow, maybe not so much, but I do wonder if his backstory will be the same if he does appear. Then again, apparently the US government likes to say "this person never existed" about any of their failures, so I wouldn't doubt Gerald and Maria "don't exist". I'm gonna go through some other characters, I like to speculate. It's obviously not everyone, but I feel like a lot of my other speculations would be "maybe they have the same role", and as much as I'd like to add onto it, I should wait till there's more to speculate on. Otherwise it's just baseless/bland.
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    Merging Shadow and Metal Sonic;s lore has always been the way I've seen that plog going. There's not really a good reason to do both and Shadow is the better fit for a toy vehicle like a hollywood film. There are a lot of directions they could go with it. The simplest and most likely one is making Shadow with the quill but they've already tied the US military pretty heavily to Eggman too so they can do an abridged version of his original story if they want.
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    Recently, I’ve made my own Sonic Rig in Blender, and I wanted to test it out. So as we know, Sonic Forces was a pretty mediocre game. It also had some weak character animation. So here’s my attempt at a recreated scene from Sonic Forces made inside of Blender, rendered with Eevee Engine. Hope you give it a watch and enjoy!
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    Splatoon 3 (Coming 2022)

    One thing I would like in the multiplayer is some new non ranked pvp modes. Currently all there is is Turf war, which is good, but all the other modes are on the Ranked list and so get treated like full competitive modes with all the negative cogitations that come with a ranked comp mode. Some more 'casual' modes with no ranking system like turf war would be nice, since all there is after that for multiplayer is Salmon Run.
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