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    The KKM

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    She is an official character, that's why he posted the reference sheet. She's been pitched at Sega, approved, and will futurely be used in the recurring role of "resistance member". A secondary character to Jewel, who's already a secondary character. Still a background character, just now an officially approved one rather than a design sneaked in.
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    The best part of the issue for me was Tails staring in anger at the chalk in his hands. Never before has a genius mind ever look so disgruntled and confounded by a mere piece of chalk. I hope whatever this arc does ends up giving me a mind-fuck. I could use one of those right about now.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I do like how Evan is a bit more of a slow burner in terms of storytelling, and the focus is more on the setup than getting straight into the action. This issue served two purposes of integrating Belle into the cast, and setting up just what the hell is this Tower that Eggman has built. I'm still not completely sold on Belle yet, but it's clear they're trying to build up this mystery surrounding her origins, and Tangle is fun as usual; she's really just an adrenaline junkie isn't she. Still don't know what the deal with this tower is, or Eggman is actually trying to do, but it's just nice to see Sonic, Tails, and Amy together, a very underrated trio that is.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Alright, #37 After last lukewarm arc and ensuing debate that wasn't all that fun, I went into this issue actively trying to be positive. And considering I had pretty bad day at work, I was in perfect position to sympathize with Belle. In brief, I'm on board so far. (But as always the case, value of this issue will depend on quality of next 3). If there is one down side it's Belle herself. She still doesn't grab me, nether personality wise or as mystery. IDK, maybe because book tries too hard to make me feel bad about her? And I really hope there is more to her backstory than "Tinker build her". Also I'm starting to question her tail-kick thing. Who design it that way? I get it that toys have functions like that, but 1) She's alive and can move on her own. 2) positioning is really uncomfortable to use unless you're a giant holding her in your hand. Lastly, only I think she's a little bit like Gold from Archie comics? She's female made by Evan Stanley, nervous, not fully controlling her abilities, tied to villain (sorta), and with mysterious past. On positive site, Tangle is great as always. It's almost unfair how she keeps stealing spotlight. Little part of my brain keep accusing her of being shallow, but frankly, she's just fun. I think it's because her optimism is really infectious. Helped by ABT's art which is once again quite gorgeous. So many background characters, great faces and there is Gadget from Rescue Rangers hidden in 1 panel. And I think the Restoration is hidden under Silver's garden, that's kinda neat. Which leads us to climax and I guess I'll finally put spoiler box. For now call me cautiously optimistic about this arc.
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