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    Lol at Penders trying to throw shade at web comics when he hasn't even gotten his first comic out, nearly a decade after first announcing it.
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    He comin!! Also that art looks really slick!
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    Happy Birthday to me~
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    The amount of disrespect to Web Comics is fucking insulting. A good web comic takes literally just as much time and effort as any other comic to create, and while like comics, they can fluctuate in quality, that doesn’t mean they’re any less of an art form, or didn’t take any less time. Archie Sonic Online, Sonic the Comic Online,Nintendrawer’s Mario comics, any number of iconic web comics out there in general, they’re all comics that are free to read online, have great writing from passionate writers, and fantastic artwork. Oh and they actually keep themselves to a schedule and actually put stuff of quality out. Archie Sonic Online literally started only about five years ago and they have enough issues out to easily trump the number of pages in a GN, while retaining high quality. The absolute gull to try claim this when so many of these web comics are of vastly higher quality than TL-SC, are free, have ridiculous amounts of time, effort, and organisation involved, and still come out and finish long before Ken’s book.
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    Hm? Sweet! I can reexperience Soul Cradle on a current console. Volume 1 means more? Makai Kingdom, La Pucelle and Rhapsody are good contenders for future volumes.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Some awesome art of the Sonic Girls from Evan Stanley.
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    This looks heckin great!
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    That's another issue I had with how SEGA characterizes Sonic. I don't mind Sonic being a happy, go lucky guy. But, at least give him some depth to his characterization. Like, have him feel fearful or question his actions here and there so he can be a bit more relatable to the audience. One of my biggest criticisms with Sonic Forces (besides how Tails was portrayed in that game) was how Sonic act like being tortured during that whole time didn't really do anything to him and it just made the whole situation about Dr. Eggman actually taking over the world less believable.
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    I’m gonna go with a more obscure example and say Tails Adventure. The idea of a Metroidvania type game where Tails has to rely on his gadgets to progress and stop whatever threat faces him is an great idea and one that definitely should be revisited and expanded upon in a sequel without the limitations of the Game Gear’s hardware.
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    >inb4 we need sa3 for real though, I would REALLY like to see a Sonic Advance 4 with the team up mechanic even more fleshed out along with new characters. I would also love to see (dont really know how else to call it) Sonic Unleashed 2. What I mean by this is sonic stages albeit adventure or boost (mainly just fun stages... not too picky) and instead of a werehog have Knuckles as the other playable character who has the same combat focused gameplay but more akin to something like Dynasty or Hyrule warriors (with a fan casting of Platinum games taking the helm). Would be really fun imo. (I know SU is not ""old"" but still)
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    I like Hannah's Tom screams as much as the next person but they really should give him a voice actor As brief as these moments are - Tom & Jerry have spoken and it'd be nice to see them do this again since even then it was for the comedy and surprise ------
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    Failin's Reviews! [Youtube Series]

    My co-worker told me it was great and I should watch it, but everyone on YouTube keeps saying it was bad. xD Hmm. Who to believe.
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    So, I have a list of elements I would want to see (that I also thing the games could benefit from): A good balance of Humor and serious moments. I want dramatic tension, characters actions to have impact, interpersonal stuff. Make the characters feel like real 3D characters, not just 2d caricatures making the same kinds of jokes over and over. Bring back fan favourite characters who have been long since neglected, and give some screen time to characters who aren't Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow. But make it meaningful, don't just cameo an old character just to have a cameo, or shoehorn in an otherwise pointless scene just so Silver can be in the show. Utilize powerups and transformations as a way of upping stakes, without making them feel too overpowered or easy to abuse. The biggest problem other Sonic shows had was that Sonic could always just go grab a power ring and plow right through whatever thing he was fighting. Sonic X was the worst for that in the first season, knowing the hero is always going to win is already boring and cliché enough, they don't need to also always win the exact same way. Inversely, I don't think the cartoons ever really utilized super forms enough. I'd like to see Super Sonic make a few appearances, and maybe also show off some other transformations, both on Sonic and on other characters. Let someone else be the hero every few episodes. One of the strengths of the Adventure era imo was the diverse roster of characters who could all do their own things, and were all able to contribute in their own ways and succeed by themselves or as a team. Modern Sonic seems to have forgotten that and just has everyone else serve to assist Sonic in being the ONE and ONLY hero, which kinda sucks imo. I think having enemies that Sonic's speed can't combat, but Knuckle's strength, or Silver's telekinesis, or Tails' intellect can is a good thing, Sonic should have weaknesses, and the others should get to show off their own strengths. Story Arcs. As fun as stand alone, non-linear episodes can be, I feel like story telling in general is better and more impactful to the audience when there are stakes, when events have long-term implications, and when we have time to get to know both our heroes and our villians, and that ultimately requires a level of serialisation. I'd much rather have a 3-6 episode arc building up to a villian, showing us why we should fear this villian, why they are a threat, why we should hate them, or sympathise for them, how the heroes are going to take them down, and then the aftermath of the fight; than just get a single episode dropping a random villian of the week and showing 5 minutes of them doing a thing then Sonic kicking their butt, then back to the status quo. Ultimately these are all just my opinions, and I'll probably enjoy whatever we get either way.
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    The Introduction Topic

    Hiya, I'm Shade. I've been a huge Sonic fan ever since I could remember, my first console was the Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis for y'all Americans), and played the heck outta Sonic 1 and 2 back in the day. I've watched all the cartoons and played most of the games, and I just recently got back into the fandom and started reading the comics (the IDW run, I'll get to Archie someday, maybe). I used to RP in the sonic community when I was younger, had a bunch of bad recolor OCs (still have those OCs actually, but they're much more original designs now with better names). My favorite Sonic game is Sonic Adventure 2, and my least favorite is Sonic Lost World. (Fight me.) Outside of Sonic, I really enjoy Nintendo games, especially Mario, Zelda and Pokémon, and I also collect and play trading card games (mostly Pokémon and Magic the Gathering). I listen to a LOT of music and consider myself somewhat of an audiophile. I have college diplomas in Creative Media, Film Production, Video Editing, and Music Technology, and I sometime dabble with remixes and compositions. I've written a few songs but I don't know if I'll ever release them.
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    My Tom and Jerry review is out!
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    Releasing on theaters and HBO Max is Warner Bros' latest attempt to bring their classic cartoons to the big screen... and small screen. At the same time. Look, you get my point. It's Tom and Jerry.
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    I have very fond memories of Sonic Rivals, especially SR2 that improved greatly upon the first title. It had twice the character roster, a battle mode, colorful environments and some great dynamics, especially Shadow and Metal Sonic and Silver and Espio. Only problem with the expanded roster was you had two times the problem with Sonic Hero's very artificial game length: instead of having to beat the games four times, you had to do it eight times when there's barely any difference between the two campaigns of each team. Had each stage had an additional racing stage and battle stage, you wouldn't have needed to divide each team in two campaigns. I don't expect there to ever be a Sonic Rivals 3, but Sega should definitely pick up on the duo system from SR2 for a SA3.
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    Sonic & Knuckles, call is Sonic and Knux.
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    I would be really interested in a Sonic Heroes 2 because it was my favorite of the early 3D Sonic games. It hasn't aged super great but it's got my favorite aesthetic of any 3D game. It's the closest I think we've gotten to the world of the 2D games outside of Generations. I would also be totally happy to see a Sonic Colors 2 on Switch. I know some people consider Lost World to be SC2 but the game play is so different and...bad...I don't think the comparison holds up.
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    Thoughts on Freedom Planet 2?

    I like the atmosphere of the first game a lot, but the gameplay left a lot to be desired. The second game's demo made a lot of little improvements that went a long way toward making it feel better for me. It's still an awkward mishmash of Sonic and 2D action platformers but I was actually happy to see them double down on their weird idea and focus on QoL improvements rather than make it more of a Sonic clone. Sonic Mania has made spiritual followups to the classics redundant. From what I've played, changes to the hitboxes, level and quality of life improvements like the dash cancel made the demo for the second game quite a bit more fun than the first. The new characters all played pretty well too. The first game felt like they were all too divergent and gimmicky but they focused all of them hard around fast movement this time and it's pretty cool. It's a shame it's taking so long because I was actually pretty excited for it. It's better that they take as long as they need to but I hope people are still interested in it when it finally does drop.
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    Thoughts on Freedom Planet 2?

    I hope it's better than the first one. I'm dumbfounded whenever anyone says FP was a better Sonic follow-up than something like Mania; it's a confusing, muddled mishmash of different games that felt barely coherent and nowhere near the standard of the games it was trying to ape. Which is bizarre, because Sonic + Treasure is always supposed to be a home-run in my book, and Eggman Hates Furries stuck that landing pretty well from what I remember of it. The sequel's been in development for so long that it's mostly fallen off any radar it could've been on for me though; I know game development is difficult, especially for a small team, but if anything I'm genuinely surprised it's still happening at all.
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    The impression I had was that Chaos didn't wipe out the entire echidna clan just started their decline, and knuckles line was among the survivors.
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    I'd like a brand new alternative universe which doesn't interfere with the games to let SONIC game lovers like me in peace with their beloved videogame series!!... They can do whatever they want, I really don't care as long as the videogames (and so the original SONIC THE HEDGEHOG storyline) go on on its own!!...
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    Shadow Chaos Control

    Sonic Music

    I love all the tunes and tracks from SA2. My favorite is: Captures the spirit of Sonic IMHO.
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    What I want to see in the new cartoon: Have the current voice cast, because why not? They are already voicing the characters, so why not let them voice the characters in this show? And I think that they are pretty good voice actors for these characters. Have the tone of the show have a nice balance between being humorous and serious. It doesn't have to be one or the other. I always think that the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise works best when they are balancing the humor with the serious moments. The last Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon I've seen that had a nice balance between humor and drama was Sonic X and I'm hoping we see that type of tone for the new series. Develop the characters and the plot very well. One of the biggest issues going on with the video games as of late is that the plots and the characters are poorly written and I wish that they try to write these characters and the stories a bit better. I'm hoping that the cartoon series would be well written like the IDW comics so that way we would have characters who are well liked and interesting to watch. Don't have SEGA be too involved with this series. Now, if SEGA were doing a good job with the games at this moment, then I probably wouldn't mind SEGA being heavily involved in this series. But, because lately SEGA hasn't been doing a good job with the characters and the stories and because their mandates for the characters are a bit ridiculous (having Shadow acting dark and edgy without any character development or not clearly explaining about why only Sonic, Shadow and Silver can go super), I would rather have this series be its own thing and try out plot lines and character interactions that you don't see in the games. Finally, hire some really good writers for this series. I've mentioned that good writing is the key to having a successful TV series and if this show has lots of good writers on board who know the characters well, then I can see this show being successful. Some writers I would like to see on this show (if they ever get the chance to write this series) is Ian Flynn, who wrote the comics for years.
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