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    Does Super Sonic Suck?

    Let me be clear first of all - there are definitely cases throughout the series where this much is 100% true. '06 and Unleashed in particular rank among the worst of the worst for this very reason, because they're huge departures from everything the player has experienced up to that point and often need more time to adapt to than the game gives you. There are also clear exceptions to the rule in SA1 and Heroes, in that they are the same prior gameplay in all but aesthetics and an extra dash of scale added to them. That being said, I feel like making this a single issue argument of learning curves is kind of reductive, and misses the bigger picture of why some of my favourite super fights work as well as they do in spite of this. Which I'm just going to come right out and say are S3&K's and SA2's Super bosses. The first point is one you all but made yourself: as far as Doomsday Zone is concerned, Super Sonic is a reward. A bonus. Something you really have to go out of your way to unlock. To even get there in the first place you have to go through the Special Stages, which are themselves non-standard and stand in stark contrast to the core of Sonic's normal gameplay. In this respect, they synergize surprisingly well - to unlock Doomsday Zone is to display that you already have a tolerance for gameplay fundementals that can shift unexpectedly, so the shift from platformer to pseudo-schmup can't really phase anyone that's been through a minimum of seven rounds of 3D auto runner. Likewise, anyone who finds Doomsday Zone's gameplay shift distasteful is more than likely ignoring the Special Stages required to get to it anyway, so they don't have a chance to be turned off by it. Both spectrums of players get exactly what they asked for, and both are satisfied. Secondly, and probably more importantly: they're really not all that complex? Either they're so simple that the gameplay switch almost immediately speaks for itself (seriously, who could play Doomsday Zone and be tripped up with the expectation of pressing a direction to move in that direction?), or they're structured in such a way that the player's own actions form the learning curve needed to master it WHILE they're fumbling around with it. And it's in this respect that Finalhazard, whether accidentally or intentionally, is actually kind of a stroke of genius. One of the first things the player learns while experimenting is that their jump and spin buttons cause them to fly upwards and downwards respectively on the Y axis, but they also cause you to keep drifting in that direction when triggered. So players will often keep floating up and down in rhythm to try and keep themselves level with their target as well to avoid incoming lasers and hazards - and it's through this behaviour that the player discovers, completely incidentally, that either if not both of these buttons also function as a pseudo Homing Attack once they're actually in range of the Biolizard's weak spot. So the diversion from Sonic's core mechanics doesn't even need to matter if you understand what a typical player's behaviour is going to be and use that to coach them into figuring out exactly what they need to be doing and only testing them on it once they grasp it. This is what a good learning curve should already be doing anyway - just that most games don't pack it all concisely into the span of a couple of minutes like SA2's final boss does. Thirdly, mostly just out of morbid curiosity: how exactly do you do a boss battle of this nature any other way? Much of the time you can't just take Sonic's gameplay verbatim and plonk them unchanged into these confrontations because they're spaces in which platforming gameplay has no opportunity to function - often literally they take place in the cold vaccuum of space, beyond any semblance of gravity or solid surfaces to push your feet off of. Even when the final bosses are terrestrial in nature - like they were in Unleashed and Heroes - the whole thing is just a big void with a giant thing in the middle to approach and beat the shit out of. And even Adventure 1, which is an exception to both of these, has no way to test your platforming chops anyway - the whole thing is just moving in a straight line and occasionally weaving slightly to the left if a projectile approaches you. I realize I'm saying this otherwise as a advocate of characters that are consistent enough with one another that they share a core set of fundementals rather than having to master entirely different genres between them, but a game need not be the same shit from start to finish just for consistency's sake alone. Even the best of them can mix things up every now and then, because they can display a sense of restraint and forethought that Sonic Team usually doesn't have time to engage in - like that one time they introduced an entirely new beam at the very end of Metroid Prime and left the onus on the player to figure out how to use it, if we're still using Metroid Prime examples. Because Quick TIme Events are quite rightly derided as lazy-ass non-gameplay in its absolute most distillied form - a crutch that incredibly bad game designers use when they can't be bothered either designing game mechanics to suit the narrative outcome, or using the desired narrative outcome to inform the emergence of gameplay mechanics. Final boss QTEs in particular are rightly derided as the biggest possible anticlimax a game can be short of detailing the aftermath in a plain text epilogue, and it's for many of the same reasons that the OP claims - because they themselves have no respect for any of the skills the player has built up over the course of the game and relegate the final blow of the game to a glorified game of Simon Says. We already did this in the ending of Sonic Unleashed, and nobody liked it. Why on earth is anyone even entertaining the thought of going back to that now?
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    I'd make a joke like "what a way to make sure republicans hold on to their checks", but a lot of his online support comes from kind of weird reactionary types who hate the new comics for """"""""""SJW politics"""""""""", and frankly I'm surprised he hasn't tried catering to them more.
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    Does Super Sonic Suck?

    Okay, let me clarify things. He's pretty ingenious as a reward, like in Mania. Replay value, encourages both exploration and collecting rings and then being a immortal hedgehog go is fun. With that said, he has a glaring problem: Boss Battles Every single Super Sonic boss battle is bad. 3D or 2D. "Aren't you exaggerating a little bit?" you may ask. "I though Sonic 3 or Adventure 1 fight were pretty epic." Maybe they were, but that's beside the point. Super Sonic boss fight are just fundamentally bad idea. Why? Because they throw a new controls on you. Final boss should be test of what you learned while playing the game. Imagine Metroid Prime 4 comes out. Samus prepares to fight Ridley to safe galaxy, when suddenly he flies to space and you need to beat him using her ship, like it's a Starfox, even though it never happened through whole game. This could be best Starfox level ever, you would still call developers mad. And yet we never question when Sonic does it.
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    Chamomile #204
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    That'd mean he'd have to admit he's not the big progressive feminist intellectual he pretends to be.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    That is good point, but easily fixed. 1) FF formed during Sonic Forces 2) Eggman conquers 1 single city/kingdom where Sally lived, so she formed FF just to safe her homeland. 3) FF are just a military sub-section to Restoration. Either way, fighting Eggman isn't their sole reason of existence anymore. He just happens to make trouble most often.
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    What I said wasn't a suggestion. I have no idea what you're even referring to there. If you or anyone else has a problem with what a staff member is doing, take it up with Chris privately instead of making a scene. One final call for chilled heads before I just start handing out strikes and bans here.
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    kotor 2 is so good, man. such an interesting star wars story. kreia might be one of the best SW characters ever tbh
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    I know we're still at least a good year out from seeing anything but with all the Mario fanart that's been thrown onto my twitter feed (due to Mario day), I am honestly starting to really pull for that movie. There is just so much you can do with these characters. Though, I'm also having the hardest time seeing how this timeline could ever reach that potential; for obvious reasons.
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    Tomy's been neglecting my country for 6 friggin' years when it comes to Sonic merch. But now that Jakks has the license, I'm finally seeing Sonic toys here in Canada! Picked up a Mighty plush at my Toys R Us!
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    Dr. Mechano

    Does Super Sonic Suck?

    I mean,
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    Does Super Sonic Suck?

    Not that it's an excuse...but this is hardly exclusive to just Sonic. Hell, Mario literally just had this type of final boss in Bowser's Fury less than a month ago. Having a final boss with a new superpower is as common as dirt. And since most of these boss fights are simple to begin with...I don't really see the problem? The only boss you could honestly claim is somewhat obtuse is Perfect Dark Gaia. But every other one? Simple. Now if the preference is for boss fights that test the player's skill level, well fine. But Sonic boss fights in general are kind of simple by design even outside of the final boss, so what exactly can serve as actual tests for the player?
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    Does Super Sonic Suck?

    I’d just make Sonic gameplay have the Spindash while Super Sonic has the boost, and center the challenge on trying to maneuver a map with that much speed. Maybe even let him retain speed in homing attacks? I’ve always found Super Sonic kinda boring since outside of bosses it’s effectively just having speed shoes and invincibility at the same time, so a changeup or two like that could be a fun addition.
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    Does Super Sonic Suck?

    Just an alternative idea - they could make it so Super Sonic is a proxy to some other kind of gameplay. A good example would be the Special Stages from Sonic Lost World 3DS (ignoring the controversy of them being gyro controlled). It wouldn't have been so out of the blue if a Super Sonic boss tasked you with fighting a boss under those same gameplay conditions. Like this example, a Super Sonic boss could use the basic control scheme of a pre-existing "minigame" that has been a part of the game the entire way through, with an extra ability or increased speed to make Super Sonic feel just a little more special than being just a reskinned version of said minigame. Understandably I could see people taking issue with this if they'd rather the game be one consistent gameplay style all the way through - it's a valid request, but at the same time, many Sonic games have already inserted alternate gameplay in and been well-recieved, and plenty of critically acclaimed games have incredibly contrasting gameplay moments without issue. Shrine gameplay and Horseback Archery gameplay in Breath of the Wild are worlds apart in terms of style, but I don't think many people would say that the Shrine gameplay would've made for a better climax. I used the term "minigame" here as a shorthand to communicate that this gameplay would be different from the core Sonic platforming experience, but as long as it's fun and well-integrated, it doesn't have to present itself as a "minigame". It could just be a natural part of the game that just happens to be different from other parts of the game, and an option to make the Super Sonic gameplay less out-of-nowhere. Special Stages, "Sky Chase" Stages and Mach Speed sections are some existing examples from the series that could be recurring throughout the game and lend their gameplay to serving the basis for the Super Sonic fight at the end (preferrably following a final exam boss or stage of the "main" gameplay style).
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    That's what makes it so funny. This man clearly has no idea who his fans are. Also I looked at my brother's West Coast Avengers Omnibus and I guess to be fair to Penders Marvel Omnibus's collect at least 30 issues a volume but that's the thing they also make them volumes.
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    Is Failinhearts still around? Haven't seen a Morning with a danganronpa video in a while
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    Technically, but really its just his usual grandstanding over politics. Penders having a lot of 'those' fans is incidental rather than intentional, and it's especially amazing given that Penders tends to be upfront about his political leanings. He's either unaware of the fact that that's the sort of person a lot of his work appeals to, or he's simply unwilling to acknowledge it. Either way though, he's far too invested in his self-given image of being a kind of uber-liberal crusader for justice sort to do that sort of things... besides, his written application of his political leanings is so incompetent it doesn't make much difference anyway. It'd be tragic if he wasn't such an insincere and self-serving jerk.
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    Good Morning
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    Does Super Sonic Suck?

    It's a tricky needle to thread - it's certainly possible to design a new form of gameplay that is fun and easy to understand and challenging enough. But it's also worth mentioning that saying "well as long as we get a proper "final exam" boss beforehand it's fine to do whatever for Super Sonic" isn't quite as simple as it sounds either. Lots of people too issue with Unleashed's final boss, but the regular Sonic sections on Dark Gaia were exactly that, and it wasn't enough to make up the difference. To be honest I think my ideal Super Sonic boss wouldn't play TOO differently to Time Eater from Generations - like a Star Fox esque on-rails shooter where the path is automatic but you can move around to dodge/collect things, and use physical attacks instead of shooting. The problem was Time Eater was just a super weird/confusing boss, and the MASSIVENESS of the arena made it feel like there was no sense of speed. I'd love a Super Sonic final boss that feels somewhat like a playable version of the Unleashed intro, with passing through lots of different bits of scenery to get a proper sense of speed. The only other tricky part is Super Sonic's invulnerability, but I think as long as the enemy is narratively powerful enough, they can justify some attacks getting through and causing Sonic to lose rings, with smaller attacks just costing time as is tradition. But yeah, I definitely want more (good) final exam bosses, whether they come before or after the Super Sonic bonus fight, and I definitely want more final bosses with a focus on speed and/or momentum if applicable (I was bummed out that neither of Sonic Mania's final bosses made use of momentum, aside from a few of the (pretty confusing, tbh) Hard-Boiled Heavies snippets).
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    In other news, Disney are patting themselves on the back as Avatar apparently made enough money with that cinematic re-release to reclaim the top-grossing film position.
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    Sonic Forces Hero Canon

    They're canonical in the sense that some person existed who did all those things, but the whole point is that that person is whoever you wanted them to be, so it wouldn't make much sense for there to be a singular canon design. And they'll almost certainly never show up again, so it doesn't matter that they don't have an official design.
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    You know. I would be curious if Sonic games started being developed in the UK or Brazil. (Don't knock them their games development is growing). Mostly due to Sonic's popularity in these places, I'd love to see how these unique takes handled it.
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    A little update on the production.
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    Of course, the best way to help sleeping cycles is to move everything up one hour. Thanks for nothing Daylight Savings Time. :U
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    Sonic Channel

    Some sweet art of Cheese, Cream, & Gemerl.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I, uh... might have had something to do with (or at the very least, assuming it's the current word fans use, enabled) that "Robotnik blackmailing Rotor over his sexuality" myth back in the day. So yeah, I guess if you're looking to blame someone for this debacle, I'll take it on the chin. It was a different time, and a different me who certainly didn't expect to be revisiting an off-cuff comment about adhering to the continuity of a blue hedgehog's comic book a decade later. That being said, I still like the idea of some LGBT representation in the franchise, and Rotor being different does coincidentally mesh with his profile in the cartoon bible. With the right person at the helm, it could've made for a touching story. For an added bonus, here's how the discussion ended:
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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #142: The Original Freedom Fighters, Part 1 Oh my God, I did it. We’re finally here. I’ve officially reached Issue #142 which means that I’m officially caught up on ALL the issues of the Archie Sonic comics that I’ve never read before, including the specials. I can actually say that at some point or another I’ve read all the numbered issues now. This is quite a good feeling and there’s a wickedly well done drawing of Sonic on the cover to go with it too, although Hope looks kind of like a potato. That all said, the issues between #142 and #159 I barely remember anything about due to not liking a vast majority of them. I remember liking the first story of this issue, hating the second one (as I’ve talked about before) and I remember jack-shit about the last story here which doesn’t surprise me because it’s another part of the Mobius 25 Years Later gutter trash that’s been plaguing the book for a century now. I can’t wait to compare and contrast what I know now against what little I can recall of these stories. You know, despite all the complaining I did about various things, I’m going to go ahead and give this issue a passing grade. I actually did really enjoy the first story despite the revisionist history. My beef with the Amy story is extremely personal and full of intentional bias. The last story is more M25YL bullshit but at the VERY least something actually happened here. The characters have finally decided to take some initiative to get the plot rolling. I’m not at all surprised that when it came to this issue, that last story was the only one I don’t recall having read before even though I totally must have. Penders is so bad that it doesn’t even matter if you’re aware he’s writing your story or not. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #143: The Original Freedom Fighters, Part 2 Looking at this cover, I remember it vividly now. I really shouldn’t have forgotten that this story had been split into two parts. However, looking at this cover over again it’s actually fairly deceptive. A lot of the covers that straight up lie to you with the promise of a cooler story don’t happen until the Iron Dominion Arc. Although, I guess this technically isn’t any “cooler” in this sense. Sonic’s been betrayed before. It’s just… the betrayal is happening in the past. I’m not sure why the cover is saying it’s trouble for Sonic. Maybe Baby Sonic from back in the day would work but he doesn't show up until the end. There’s a lot of reasons as to why this probably shouldn’t be considered a good issue. I don’t wish to argue it either way really. Yes, it’s incredibly silly that the “original” Freedom Fighters were never mentioned and this retcon happened in a way that honestly did little to justify shoehorning them into the story. Also, having the traitor literally be the snake is really hammy and dumb. That said, I thought the story in and of itself was fine and fairly well-told. As someone with no real stake in the fight as to the proper origins of the Freedom Fighters, I just find it easier to forgive. The same complications come with that second story. Yeah, the send-off was done well enough on it’s own but the context surrounding it is extremely weird and it really doesn’t fit. He had Locke die the exact same way his father did and had him express the same feelings too, most likely. It’s hard to take it at face value as anything serious when you know the author just kind of self-inserted a fursona of his father as Locke and then kind of just… put himself inside of Knuckles. He just wore him like a creepy echidna body suit. It’s… It’s… just… not good. Don’t do this. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #144: Mobius: 25 Years Later: The Die is Cast This cover scared the shit out of me when I got it as one of the back issues back in the day. I was a bit thrown off by the drastic change in art style on the covers from the two before it. That alone would have been fine but the fact that his body, proportions, and the colors (however good they may be) make him look like a freaky alien threw me off. It’s especially weird looking at the definition in his legs. It’s like the original Sonic Movie poster. Oh God, and those hands! Even the bottom of his feet look gross to me. Like it’s alive or something. The biggest thing that bugged me was the gross lump on his head, yet again. I know it’s not supposed to be a lump but that’s what it looks like. I know I should probably be more focused on the part of the cover that says “The Future ends… TODAY” and be more celebratory about that but this cover really gave me a lot to talk about. I remember hiding this issue well. Not as much as I hid some of the other ones with even uglier art but we’ll get to those. I see now why it was the second story that made the heaviest impression on me and lingered in my mind the most. That was incredibly interesting and it almost made up for the completely bewildering way that Mobius 25 Years Later ended. Navigating the emotions people go through when they’re dealing with these relationships can actually lead to interesting things should it actually be handled with care and written right. However, that said, it’s still an even 50-50 split in quality. If you want to read an issue that’s literally only half good then I suppose give it a chance but dear lord. I mean it when I say it’s a big fat goose egg in terms of quality with the first story. Younger me didn’t even retain the information and it’s definitely not just because it was the ending to a multiple part story that I only owned three parts of. It’s got nothing in it that holds your attention other than that cool looking toxic city. That one panel didn’t make reading through all of it worth it but it definitely felt nice getting some sort of prize after having suffered through that. Mobius 25 Years Later was the biggest waste of time this comic has ever foisted onto me. It’s not the worst in terms of content or storytelling because it literally can’t be. It has no content and there is no storytelling. It’s just a bunch of pointless meandering scenes of future versions of characters we’re being forced to accept mingled with a bunch of characters that we don’t know and have no reason to care about. Watch as they gather around to talk about what they’ll eat for dinner. I’m impressed by this story’s ability to waste time. It should honestly be studied. It’s a magnificent specimen of useless baggage, the likes of which I’ve never seen before or since it’s conception. Well done, Penders you weird, WEIRD man.
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    I do have to admit part of me wonders if Penders simply severely overhyped and overpromised what this revolutionary app would be, or if he was simply that far out of the loop, he thought these were actually big features that would draw people. Not to mention the fact that really - a key part of software design is knowing what your audience wants. You don't add superficial shit that costs more time and money to develop if they're features someone doesn't want. And frankly - just why do you think the other big name publishers don't have these features? DC, Marvel, IDW, hell, even Archie. They've been at this game for ages, they had comic apps for ages, why would they not implement these features that have been around for ages? IDW offers a few motion comics, but that's about it. The answer - frankly - is simple. Speaking personally as someone who reads a lot of comics, both physical and digital, all I want when reading comics is good scans of the comic in question, a guided view through the comic (IE - taking you through the correct order of panels, or allow the user to exit the guided view to see the whole page as if you were reading a comic proper), the ability to zoom in on the comic, and that's about it. I want to go through a comic at my own pace, admire the art, having a fairly simple structure to work through. It's simple, you don't need to think about a bunch of dumb decisions like if I want animations, or voice acting, or whatever else he intends to throw in for the hell of it. There's no UX decisions being made, Penders is just adding superficial stuff to say "I did something new!" when there's a reason everyone else didn't do it. And even more ridiculous is the fact that the features I could commend him on adding aren't there for the right reasons and defeat the purpose of being there. Voice-Acting isn't a bad idea, per say - but it's not good in the manner he wants to use it in. Using voice acting to perhaps give accessibility options to blind people for example is an alright idea, but you can't treat it like a movie or show - it needs to be something like an audio book where the person there is doing everything to set the stage for the visually-impaired. If you're just spouting off the dialogue with no context or world-building, it'll fall apart and simply be a waste. And frankly, the end all of it IMO is just the fact that these features just aren't important. Maybe consider them later down the line, but not now when you don't have a product. You do not just put an app through a software development cycle without actually ensuring that your product is going to sell on it. It's a staggering lack of market research from what I see here. Any other comic publisher who puts out an app has an established line of comics they know will sell. There's a reason that you don't see every indie creator pumping out a comic reading app for their single line comics, and instead take it to Comixlogy. It gives them a safety net, allows them to sell their comic digitally, and has minimal risk without wasting a ton of cash. If TL-SC falls flat on it's face, Penders will have effectively sent time, money, and effort on development work, and voice-acting for zero return.
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    Well, he does have a script. Maybe he has bits and pieces of THAT translated ahead of time before doing the proper work? I dunno. I'd hate to think even Penders would do things THAT ass-backwards, but you never really know with him... You mean that the App ISN'T the 8th Wonder of the World that Penders promised since first announcing it? I am shocked. Flabbergasted. Aghast. Utterly and totally bewildered, I tell you.
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    It's nice to know Penders' ground-breaking app has all of the magnificent features of motion comics from 2009, and comic/book apps have had for well over a decade.
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    Last week, he asked me to review the translation for the app's menu, a translation I've worked on in 2016. Nothing much changed. But from what I can tell, based on the menu text alone, the app isn't as groundbreaking as he claims. Swipe left for the previous page, swipe right for the next. Animated panels or not. Voice-overs. Zooms...
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    I know this might be a bit early to talk about. How many movies do you think they are going to make for this trilogy? I think I feel like there will be spinoff movies once the trilogy comes to an end. Also, I found this really cool advertising idea from Tumblr. Someone had an idea that there were fictional news sightings of a mysterious flying fox-looking creature. Source: https://niyana-the-ambiguous-mobian.tumblr.com/post/644022720181534721/ooh-you-know-what-would-be-a-cool-advertising Also, it's March now. Just to let you know again, that the Sonic movie sequel will start filming soon this month. I'm so excited to see the set pictures soon!
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    how are you supposed to complete a translation of a thing you haven't written yet?
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    Badnik Mechanic

    Why is Sonic Rift getting big???

    What about that Badnik Mechanic guy? My mum thinks he's cool.
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    Why do the writers need to "tell" you why a character in the past acts differently than he does in the present? Shadow running away from the soldiers with Maria doesn't need some explanation that can't be assumed, you aren't filling in some huge gap in the plot by assuming Shadow was told by either Gerald or Maria to not fight the soldiers (considering Maria's last words anyway) or he chose not to because he wasn't the revenge filled dark Sonic he ended up being.
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    Why Shadow didn't protect Maria?

    Definition of a plothole The entire point of Maria dying is to establish the tragedy of Shadow's character, and what motivates him to act from that point onward; not being able to save her is literally functional for the narrative to actually work. Shadow having all of these magical DBZ abilities is irrelevant, because if he was able to save Maria there wouldn't be a story. This is like saying Spider-Man not being able to save Gwen Stacy is a plothole because of his powers, and the logic you're using is just as faulty.
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    Shadow had simply never seen a gun before and did not know that they could kill people
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    Why Shadow didn't protect Maria?

    Characters making mistakes isn't a plothole, despite the widespread misconception that it is.
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    Why Shadow didn't protect Maria?

    SA2 has some plotholes, but this simply isn't one of them. Characters are more than a spreadsheet of traits, statistics and superpowers. The fact that Shadow failed the one person closest to him, the one he was supposed to save, informs his entire personality. These are all deliberate decisions. I don't think I'm giving them too much credit here either because this isn't exactly the most uncommon trope.
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    He was trying to protect her, by getting her out of the situation. But it's kind of hard to stop a bullet, even with superpowers. I feel like that's really all there is to it? Sometimes things go wrong even if you're good at what you're doing.
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