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    Donkey Kong Country Returns and Tropical Freeze spare absolutely no expense in being 3D side-scrolling platformers. I'm just playing Tropical Freeze for the first time right now and it's really fucking amazing. Why is this not the standard for the genre when it comes to big studios? DKCR came out just mere weeks after both Sonic 4 Episode 1 and Sonic Colours. Nintendo released both NSMB2 and NSMBU after DKCR too. The Retro Studios DKC games absolutely trounce over everything else in the genre when it comes to presentation. It's ridiculous.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    It’s crazy that there are some people that honestly think the initial sonic movie design was all an elaborate plan to trick everybody. Its also crazy that people really think that everybody involved really cared about the series even tho that first design was proof that they didn’t. I’m not knocking the films quality btw.
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    When you say "reimagine/reboot" Sonic, I'm assuming this is meant to run the entire gamut from character designs to storyline of the main game series. To that, I'd say the most important thing is to recognize first that Sonic is much bigger than a stand-alone game franchise, and everything from the movie to the shows to the comics and maybe even the mobile phone games have equal potential to leave a strong first impression on newcomers. From a branding perspective, that's a lot of salivating potential for making money a franchise that transcends generations, but it's equally nightmarish to manage. To just "reboot" the games is one thing, to make a sweeping call that everything ever that stars Sonic doesn't count anymore is most likely going to fall on the deaf ears of the general public who'll say "who cares" and enrage the fans who've spent years of their lives building their understanding of the Sonic series. If we're going to "reboot" it all, get ready for some backlash and confusion. So, we want to reimagine Sonic. If that responsibility fell on my lap, I'd first and foremost establish a living lorebook/continuity bible that explains everything from how Sonic's universe functions to every character's favorite food. Sonic's world needs to be fleshed out so it can be a sturdy launching point for an endless number of stories to tell, as well as give a faithful canvas for fans to create their own stories and characters with. From there, I think it's important to make sure different media forms like the comics and TV shows be written and portrayed in a way that doesn't contradict the games, instead supplementing them to create a sort of expanded universe, if you will. The main thing is to determine if we want to redesign the cast, and to that I'd say not to, or rather not much. The current modern design which incorporates some of Classic Sonic's stature is a great equilibrium to work from. I'd just have it so certain games or other media have the opportunity to fill in more specific details such as fur and shoe texturing, similar to the Movie, just not as radical. The next major task is story, and I think the biggest thing is to take advantage of 30 years of hindsight to recreate the most loved story beats from the series across any continuity, as well as avoid recreating (or heavily modifying) the worst ones. I'm talking moments like Tails saving Sonic at the end of Sonic 2, Eggman brutally defeating Sonic in Archie #175, Sonic and Shadow's "faker?!" quips in SA2, the showdown against Metal in the OVA, Sonic and Knuckles squaring off in... Sonic & Knuckles, that sort of thing. It doesn't have to only come from the game series to find a second life in a rebooted series. Similarly, just because it was in the games, doesn't mean it needs to be revisited. I'd stay far away from incorporating the Black Arms into Shadow's backstory, for instance, and the Deadly Six need a serious retooling. Aside from that, rebooting the series from "square one" with a Sonic 1 or Sonic 2 remake isn't a bad start, but pretty soon we're going to need to be smart with adding more fan favorites into the mix. Eventually we'll need to get back up to par with having the primary cast and tertiary supporting characters on the palette so we can start painting new stories with them. This is possible with the aforementioned hindsight; it'll be much easier to reintroduce the old guard when we've already figured out their personalities and character arcs. Some game stories could even be "re-told" as comic book arcs or TV episodes; or for fun, we could take something like the Storybook series and literally make them into story books. All the character development without any of the half-baked Wii tech demos. Additionally, with the comics and shows picking up the slack, some characters could be introduced in that area and then be incorporated into a major game without having to make another introductory arc to explain everything about them. I'm actually sort of hoping SEGA is going to do this with the IDW comic, as it took off right after Sonic Forces and seems to consider the games prior to that as part of it's canon; and with Tangle and Whisper being playable in the mobile games, there's certainly an opportunity to be had here. From there, you could introduce all new characters or re-incorporate "lost" or "non-canon" characters like the Hooligans or the Freedom Fighters in new, re-imagined ways that would supplement the new series. And that's where I'd start. I didn't mention anything about game design because this just isn't the topic for that, though I definitely have my opinions there. For the most part, I think the series is just fine the way it is, but if afforded the opportunity, I'd vouch for everything I said above.
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    I deactivated my Twitter account. Probably never should've made it to begin with. It'll be good to get away from all the sociopaths' that contaminate that hell hole.
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    How would you reboot/reimagine Sonic?

    I don't think a reboot is necessary, but assuming my task was to take a fresh canvas and make the best of it: Artstyle Lore Gameplay Again, I don't think a full reboot is necessary since the series can hit the ground running with a lot of this stuff tomorrow if it wanted, but yeah.
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    Oh god, Issue 150 is next. Issue 150 is possibly the worst Penders issue written IMO. The worst issue of the entire series.
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    I think some fans have taken the tarot card thing far beyond what it was intended to mean. I think it was only meant to be something similar to reading your horoscope or playing with a cootie catcher; she's a young girl with a crush, looking for fate to endorse it. She didn't necessarily have a huge inherent interest in it, and there certainly wasn't enough evidence to conclude that she had any sort of actual "magic" abilities, so once she had her fated romantic encounter it stopped being relevant compared to the actual adventures she ended up going on. That's not to say it's a trait that needed to be cut, it could've been an interesting angle to explore (either as actual powers or just a personal interest), but when people point to it as some major lost character trait or redesign her around magic, I think they're overthinking it.
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    How would you reboot/reimagine Sonic?

    This topic depends entirely on the purpose of a reboot; if you're simply trying to "fix" things, then you're already operating from a wrong perspective. Most of the things that people think need "fixing" (i.e. Shadow's backstory) are irrelevant in the current day and age. Shadow's game was over fifteen years ago, there are an entirely new generation of kids who either don't know or don't care about him being part alien, because it has no bearing on who his character is NOW. When was the last time was it ever mentioned that Shadow is part-alien? It doesn't get elaborated on, because it doesn't matter. The only people who still care are the older, jaded fans who refuse to let go of it, fifteen years after the fact, and those people are not worth catering to. A reboot needs to breathe life into a series and appeal to new crowd, but Sonic doesn't really need that, because it's already popular with its target demographic. Most reboot ideas I see come with an attempt fixing what is perceived to be "broken", and while I admit there are issues with this franchise, a reboot wouldn't really solve anything. It's be a publicity stunt more or less. If people are more interested in creating a new, cohesive universe for the series, then just have it be a sub-series that exists alongside the main one, there's no need to just nuke the main continuity, because I have more reason to believe that could cause more harm than good.
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    I agree with everything in this thread. Smaller communities based around a common interest still happen today, but now they happen on Discord/Telegram/similar... and that's not very good IMO. They usually are hidden underground communities that you have no way of knowing they exist unless someone invites you, and due to them being that "private", they're usually filled with racist humor and discriminatory behaviors, and stuff like that. Those practices are slowly influencing the new generations of people and the society feels more and more toxic with each new day. Another thing that I dislike of the modern communities is that they usually implement some popularity systems that give more visibility to popular posts and make the more obscure posts almost disappear. People stopped posting their actual opinions, people now post what other people want to hear, so they get likes and become popular. Those services have the power to decide what type of posts can get more visibility and what can't, and if you continuously make posts that are considered controversal (that does not necessarily mean violating the rules, it may also just be expressing an unpopular opinion), you can even face a "Shadowban", that consists in the website/app obscuring your posts without you noticing (you are convinced that people read your posts but they don't, or only like an 1% of people can see your posts while the majority don't even see them). All this is in my opinion disgusting, and I didn't even talk about the AI/bots posting fake reviews on online stores and such. Yeah nowadays internet sucks hard, but it became a necessity so you can't really avoid using it.
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    I'm happy that my entire state will apparently have access to the COVID vaccine on March 29th. That's a lot earlier than I expected.
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    Okay. I finished this part of the animation and turned it into a teaser. You can see it in my Showcase topic too, for anyone interested.
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    I didn't think I'd go ahead with this idea so soon but I did enjoy the process once I got the hang of the software. A little troubling that animating with SFM appears to be a faster process over using Clip Studio Paint and 2D animating. At least as it stands now. I don't plan to abandon 2D animation simply because of that anyway. My idea here is to try and recreate the main events of Super Smash Brothers Ultimates' World of Light mode in an animation, similar in style to the Subspace Emissary mode from Brawl. This is just a fun little teaser I thought I could share.
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    I personally wouldn't want a reboot. The only time we should get a reboot is if the franchise itself has come to an end and they planned to reboot the series a few years afterwards or if the reboot was apart of a spin off series, like Sonic Boom was.
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    Had a pretty hilarious dream this morning about Land Before Time getting yet another sequel this time a big budget theatrical release. This time around, everyone in the Great Valley was revealed to be living in modern times, at a Jurassic park-esque attraction courtesy of Universal Studios. It had stuff like this: -The main characters started a rock band, -had tons of blatant advertisements for things like Universal Studios, Legos, and Lays potato chips, -A villain who was an anthropomorphic dinosaur who was also a manager at Disney who wanted to buy the Great Valley. -Somehow was canon to star wars, where Yoda made an appearance, but rather than a puppet or CG, he was some guy in a cheap costume. -Littlefoot's mother was revived at the end. In the dream, I came out of the theater pissed off despite my low expectations. Though, waking up now and thinking about it... I'd watch that again.
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    I'd focus on the story. World building and character development take full priority
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    Probably. Also, here are some more responses on the recent announcement.: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMdexgcBP6L/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CMdtoQJJexe/
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    Everyone always talks about Jet, but nobody cares about Wave or Storm...really says a lot about Tails and Knuckles huh, they get the table scraps.
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    Sonic Channel

    They're being posted on the Sonic Channel Twitter Account.
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    It is kinda fucked up that Sonic Chronicles was the first RPG the series got and they never tried again.
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    I'm going into the Snyder Cut with an open mind. I did not like BvS and while I was initially enjoying the theatrical cut, it eventually rang hollow over time. I can only wish for the best, right?
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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #147: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown - Part 2 of 4: Ignition Were you to show this cover to me as a little kid I’d have gotten super hyped and started foaming at the mouth in an insane desire to instantly read it. However, I also know that the instant I opened the book the art would have taken the wind out of my sails immediately. I feel like it’s often more fun imagining how good a story’s cover art could be versus the actual story inside when it comes to a lot of this stuff. If you haven’t guessed, I like the cover. Let’s get into the supposed meat and potatoes now. Bad. Bad bad bad. It’s very bad y'all. Honestly, I don’t even know if the main story was the worst one here. It might have been but the others weren’t great. The off-panel thing was slightly amusing for about four or five particular panels of it and thankfully stopped right as I was on the edge of getting annoyed. The last story is kind of hard to properly process between the horrendous art and the weird as hell ending. Nothing makes sense about the characters actions in the first story either. I kind of want to just shrug and toss this issue behind me before walking off stage but I’ve got two more of this arc to read. Perhaps we’ll find the point to all this as we reach the climax. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #148: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown - Part 3 of 4: Genesis It’s a Sonic Battle cover. Never played it because I don’t own a handheld but I saw a playthrough of it once and that was several years ago at this point. Still, I’m impressed by the manner in which this cover managed to replicate the art style. It’s nice. Well that sucked. This issue was nothing but exposition for the first and last stories and something randomly fun in the middle that was kind of hampered by the bad art. The lengths that Penders will go to in order to have a bunch of talking that leads to something underwhelming and stupid will never not be exhausting. The first story spent so much time putting clarification to things that didn’t need clarification while the last story just circled the drain before ending on a hilarious shot of a character screaming for answers and the floating head in the sky just looking at him and then disappearing to avoid doing it. Spoiler alert. What we get out of this will not end up being worth it. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #149: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown - Part 4 of 4: Armageddon This one is easily the worst of the covers in this lot. It’s not drawn badly, thankfully. I want to say we’re out of the era of badly drawn covers but we’re definitely not so I should go a bit easier but compared to the others in this lot it’s not as interesting. It took until just this second to realize that Shadow is actually Sonic’s literal shadow in this cover though. That’s a nice distinction. It does bug me a little bit that the cover has “Vs. Metal Sonic Vs. Shadow” on it but there’s no Metal Sonic here but that’s the side of me that wants to keep things orderly speaking again. So ends The Good, The Bad and the Unknown. It is a story that has utterly confounded me to my very core since I first read it so many years ago. Upon this re-read, I have a much clearer vision of what kind of story it is and the full context for what it was that befuddled me so long ago. Unfortunately, it's still not a good story. All the jargon and events that were confusing me have instead become frivolous, ignorable nonsense propagated by an overdone fight that happened for no reason. Even the thing it ends on won’t have any real payoff. Rouge will call the robot insane and that’ll be it. The situation where they were FINALLY, FINALLY in over their heads, FINALLY amounts to nothing. Meanwhile, this Tails thing is finally happening and it’s just as silly as I expected it to be, probably even more so. At the very least, it isn’t some random dude who’s showing up now because we needed a random payoff to this thing we set up back when the book was a baby barely learning to stand on two-legs. It’s at least someone we know and it’s been connected to previous events. Albeit, it’s strung together with duct tape and it's clearly just a lazy excuse to turn Mogul into the Anti-Monitor. I’m just letting it all wash over me. I’ve seen what happens next and it’s not pretty but I also have such a faded memory of it that I don’t recall if it’s going to be as bad as all that or worse than what I’m imagining right now. I guess that’ll be a nice surprise I have waiting for me.
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    Sonic Channel

    This looks great! More and more convinced that Cream is better when paired with Gemerl than Amy. I dunno, the contrast of a lighthearted and innocent character being friend with an unexpressive war machine who does not understand human feelings but is trying hard to learn them has its charm, and feels more unique than trying to copy the relationship between Sonic and Tails, but female. I wish Gemerl was reintroduced in the games and used more...
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    What game are you currently playing?

    Sims 2 was definitely the best of the series to me, although 3 had some really good bits. Sims 4 . . . well I didn't even start playing until a bunch of stuff had been put back in and didn't manage even fifty hours - total - before abandoning it. I don't think I had a game with less than 50 hours in 2, and the only short games in 3 were ones started specifically for a specific achievement. I just preferred being able to play every house/family in turn and playing my own story plots which was what 2 excelled at.
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    I never really minded Knuckles' gameplay in the Adventure series and I've never understood the hate towards it either. I find it fun and a nice change of pace from simply running towards a goal.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Personally, as someone who grew up with SatAM before the games... I think even using SatAM as a baseline is fine? I know a lot of elements from Archie are long standing and beloved, but even taking the cast as they were in the show, I think they could be developed and refined to fit into the world of IDW. Though it'd be weird for Archie to own the rights to... a ship. I get Lynx Nicole, but wat?
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    My main problem with the internet is how centralised it is nowadays; almost everything is on like 5 apps, which makes it really hard to find like-minded people. On smaller sites (like this one! ) there's a sense of community because 1) not many people use it and 2) the site is usually based around a common interest; it feels more like a group of friends than a website. Unfortunately most of them no longer exist or haven't been active in years and if they are still active, the users tend to be...unpleasant to put it nicely. Social media has destroyed the internet and I feel like leaving it entirely (or at least the ones I don't use as much) but I'd be missing out on a lot if I did.
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    That is wrong approach. - Every franchise will keep making new mistakes, thus "requiring" new reboots. - Pretending Shadow-game never happened will not erase it from human brains. - It always ends with making things more confusing, not simple. - It's easy to remove good things as well (like Eclipse the Darkling) My take? Keep going forward and simply don't mention bad past stories. Focus on future, not past. This is why I'm against reboots in general, unless A. reboot is more of a spin-off, B. franchise already ended and is just being revived for new generation, like mos TMNT or She-ra.
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    Sonic Forces Hero Canon

    They're canonical in the sense that some person existed who did all those things, but the whole point is that that person is whoever you wanted them to be, so it wouldn't make much sense for there to be a singular canon design. And they'll almost certainly never show up again, so it doesn't matter that they don't have an official design.
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    I hear it was first mentioned in an obscure interview about Sonic Colors, with the world in Colors being the non human one. Don't think there was ever a mention of it prior. So chances are that element was made.....specifically after Unleashed? Maybe even during development.
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