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    whenever people on twitter talk about how annoying the recent unleashed praise is I just think "well I was around for when it got crapped on endlessly and it was lonely being a fan of the game back then so this constant praise can go on forever for all i care"
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    The KKM

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    At a guess, the Hardcover also includes all the variant covers, and sketches and so on, accounting for the extra 12 pages. Also yeah hi c'est moi
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    Anyway, moving on from the Mike Pollock stuff I posted yesterday. Boy do some people got some....opinions about the series. But I do agree that the constant cycle of Twitter memes and "X is so underrated guys, I swear" and the Sonic fanbases inability to play or do anything that's NOT related to Sonic is indeed really annoying. There was a time when I almost fell down that rabbit hole and thank God I was able to get into other video game franchises. Echo chambers aren't fun.
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    I'll share this one last time, then finish it in silence to avoid spoiling it. It took several days to get to grips with animating Kirbys' face, it was far from a smooth process and even in this sample, you'll see problems with it.
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    I agree with this. We didn't see a huge amount of the town in the original movie already besides generic buildings for the most part. For whatever is needed, it is easy enough to film at another town with similar architecture and won't make it seem like it is a different town. It is sort of like how films use other random big cities to stand in for American big cities. As long as a major landmark isn't needed, most big cities can look like a section of New York/San Fransisco/Chicago. So I don't think it necessarily means we won't see Green Hill.
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    They could make any interior building look like the sheriff’s station, Tom and Maddie’s house, Sonic’s attic bedroom, etc without having to go back and redecorate Ladysmith. They may even have leftover ‘generic outdoor shots’ from the first filming that were not used if they wanted to set the scene. Doesn’t mean Green Hills isn’t in it at all, just means there will be no outdoor shots of it with the cast walking around unless they invest in a cg backdrop.
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    If Sonic Team wants to win back my trust, they need to show off whatever the next game is in a more substantial way than just a CGI trailer or a flashy logo, or spouting off some PR drivel about how "Sonic's finally back" again- let the game speak for itself, and actually show gameplay. Until they blow my expectations away, I have no reason to not be cynical.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    The Ogre Battle series is so fucking fun and it's slept on for far too long.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    New covers https://io9.gizmodo.com/celebrate-sonics-30th-birthday-in-style-with-idws-new-a-1846504743 Congragulations to @The KKM for getting the chance to draw in a Sonic comic book.
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    man, they're getting some really weirdo artists in on the idw classic sonic book
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    Well... here I go rewriting this topic after I lost everything... This is a subject which has been interesting me recently, and knowing it has some popularity, I decided to write a topic. I've been wandering through the internet almost as long as I can remember, but I can state since 2011 for sure. Of course that's not even near to what some of you have been around, and I wasn't even born since TSS was created, but that's definitely enough to catch some great changes. While on the subject, I don't think I'll talk about the quality of posts, memes, reposts, videos, etc, but mainly the way we use internet these days, or should I say... the way internet use us? I'm pretty sure you once considered giving up everything and, if not the whole internet thing, at least some social media. One of the best examples is Facebook. It has been over 6 months since I last opened it on my PC browser, but lately I've fallen into the temptation of the mobile app, and while it's been about a month I've been doing this, I can't even compare how trashy it was compared with the PC version (when I used AdBlock). Lots of suggestions of things you are not even interested in, cringe ads, and the worst for me, ads in the middle of the video. I can't count how many times I gave up watching a video just because after 1 min or even 30 seconds an ad came in, and I wasn't fully interested on the video, and just continued scrolling. This would be quite ok if it wasn't a page I wasn't following, but even pages I've started following the day I created my account and could give my life for that brand, an ad come and make me rage-quit. (And even things I could possibly interest and accepting suggestions, I've never received an ad) Of course many of you'll say "oh, but the enterprise needs money to continue operating" or "just add an AdBlock" (I really wish I had this option for mobile). So I started reflecting Do the internet really is a safe and fun place at all? Do you really like being annoyed on your free time to receive ads, help other enterprise boost their sales, have your data tracked, be annoyed with "suggestions" of things you are not even interested in, all this without your own consent? This was when I came to the conclusion that I don't think I'm more than 20% happy with our current internet. Things which before were the standard, now require you to go down 7 layers in the options menu to disable it. Despite I don't even liked it at all, but I think it's impossible to not mention it when talking about this subject, the documentary "The Social Dilemma" does a great overview in this subject, despite I really think it was very boring, repetitive and didn't bring me up any information I didn't know about. Moving up, another thing I believe many of you are certainly tired of are YouTubers/influencers/reaction videos. Of course there are a minor parcels of them who does great stuff, but the simple concept these receive more money than teachers or medics on our current society is enough to make me pissed. Similarly, and as I'm getting near and nearer to start working, one of the things which also irritates me, is how simple today is to receive notifies from your school/work/college while resting. You're in the middle of your vacations when you receive the news your salary will be reduced. Sunday morning, your boss ask you to do a "simple" task which in the end won't even be added to your salary... ugh. All this to not mention on how we are being manipulated by the big medias and bipolarizing the world. For example, news without reliable sources or just being sent to a certain pattern of persons. I even have the feel that, if the world is a story written by someone, we completely lost the track of it since 2014. So yeah, this is almost common knowledge: WE are the product. In these past days I've been really annoyed with this and disabling most options on my most used programs, apps, accounts, changing search engines, uninstalling apps... I'm curious. Am I the only annoyed with this? Why didn't no one moved forward to change our current internet? This is just a simple example, but I think we can easily say how many things we "lost" just because of the greedy of a very few: Quality internet, quality social media, quality news, quality music... and the list goes on.
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    Remember when the devs behind Forces taught a level design class, potentially unleashing a new generation of game designers who design games like it? Terrifying thought.
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    I played Heroes with mods that improve the physics to closer match SA1/SA2, remove over half of the in-game dialogue, and degloss the models, and I can’t say enough how much it improved the game all around. My score for the game with these mods is a higher opinion than I’ve ever had on the game in the past 17 years of its existence.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    From what I remember on Ken Penders forum the reason why Issac and Gamma look alike is because Penders wanted to show that Eggman's robots are at the same technology level that Earth was at before the Xorda destroyed it. Which sounds dumb cause he could have done that without creating a Gamma recolor.
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    So, Square's typical brand of pace in development and advertising, got it.
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    CC14 The World

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Speaking of Archie, here's a treat: this press release for the Anniversary one-shot reveals that the two retail incentive variant covers will be done by Tyson Hesse...and Patrick Spaziante! Spaz is back! Also solicits:
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    Can Silver gameplay work?

    I mean the Gravity Rush games are basically Silver's gameplay so yeah I'd say so.
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    I think about the Luminous Forest stage from Forces and how that snake section was such an utter failure in what they were trying to go for. Like I understajd they wanted a cinematic set piece like a lot of Sonic stages in other games do but it's just so half assed. Like the snake has no presence in the stage prior so it seems utterly random and in a Eggman controlled area it could've at least have been a robot snake for consistency. On top of that it's over in like 15 seconds because there's no gameplay involved just a QTE??? Cinematically it's not impressive and there's no gameplay and it's over in 15 seconds so what was even the point in having it? There's just so many "???" moments in the game but that one always sticks out for me
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I defintally want more of IDW eggman goign forward. For the goofy eggman he is welcome to stay in the classical universe where that tone is well the tone of the series now. Goofy and whimsical with a splash of action here and there. Modern eggman/comic eggman is much more interesting to me cause he is an actual threat. He actually makes sonic suffer and sonic has to overcome greater odds against a villian with an actual plot and drive to conquer the world rather than a comical eggman who constantly makes cute robots sonic and normally just walk around. I honestly dont think classic sonic ever struggles against that eggman. As for the 30th anniversary book as long as they leave classic sonic in his own universe/time frame and modern in his ill be a happy camper
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    Fairies: Plant-like creatures who inhabit the enchanted forest known as Quietus Hollow. As ominous as the name sounds, the fairies live peaceful lives, going about their business, and trying to survive regular invasions of deadly creatures known as the "Wilted". Once every couple of month, the wilted emerge from the shadows, attacking, devouring and assimilating fairies. Many have perished at the hands of these strange beings. This is Razi! A who was created for one purpose only: To aid the "Hollow Guards" in fending off the wicked. Said to have been a fairy raised by wild Grasshoppers and purified before being fully assimilated by the Wilted. Razi has a peculiar personality, being a little childish and still retaining some of her feral tendencies, but is a big sweetheart who loves helping people, nature, and painting. Equipped with an artifact that can disintegrate the wilted (Which oddly resembles a spray nozzle), her knowledge of nature thanks to her time with the Grasshoppers, Razi is more than prepared to protect her forest. After a long day of slaying demonic plant fairy devouring creatures, Razi likes to kick back and relax, either reading her comics or painting as her ladybug companion rests nearby. Nothing like a nice few hours of relaxation before heading off to bed to start another day, huh? Just a little doodle I made while bored. Actually kinda happy with how it came out despite the very wonky perspective.
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    I personally prefer (what I assume to be) SoJ's direction of the lore/characterization, but the "west" has more creative outlets and audiences for Sonic to prosper.
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    Is Classic Sonic Tapped Out?

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