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    been a long time coming but we're finally doing this! im so excited haha
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    The disparities in Sonic character writing between regions is the funniest thing to me. A character that's not overly emotional in Japan suddenly becomes very emotional when localized over here. I think it has something to do with the fact that American audiences find the unemotional and formal writing from Japan to be "boring", so they gotta "spice it up" I dunno, but it's really weird.
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    Saw a familiar blue hedgehog in the Sunday comics today. https://www.comicskingdom.com/dustin/2021-03-28
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    I apologise for phrasing that so concretely, naturally there's no confirmation that the Metacritic thing is being done by anyone involved in the production of the game, when I said it was flagrantly Square that was just me stating a personal assumption. But it's just SO suspect that not a single one of them is an established account with reviews for other games too. There is a chance that they're just hyper-defensive fans, but the fact that they're all so Engrish-laden too MASSIVELY stinks of fakery to me. Oh, and finally, all the account names are vaguely-name-resembling gibberish, not a single one of them tells the tale of belonging to a real person with a username influnced by personality or interests.
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    Art continues to level up. owo

    Art continues to level up. owo
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    It should kind of go without saying that if they were to bring back all of these old concepts, it wouldn't be under the same context as the original. Mainly because the old Freedom Fighter concept does not work in the concept of the Sonic series is nowadays. What the series is nowadays is a hell of a lot different from what it was when SATAM came out; it's completely unrealistic to expect things to go back to being exactly the same in that case. If, hypothetically speaking, they were going to bring those concepts back they WILL be changed, it is not a matter of if. They have literally done this before, and it's just a standard practice in media for the most part to recontextualize elements so that they fit within the confines of the setting.
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    First post on the site and I have to say, I grew up with Sonic The Comic published by Fleetway, I loved those characters, Johnny Lightfoot, Tekno and Ebony especially but they don't belong in IDW. As much as I would love to see them back they couldn't come back in any meaningful way it would just be lip service. And if they did come back in more prominent capacity, it'd be to please a very minor part of the fandom at the expense of the larger fandom. Like it or not, that's how it would be with the Archie Freedom Fighters. Archie Freedom Fighters fans may be more vocal than the Fleetway Freedom Fighters' fans (try saying THAT five times fast) but they are not the Sonic The Hedgehog fandom. The problem people MOST people have with the idea of the Freedom Fighters returning isn't the characters (I would *love* to see Bunnie back), it's that it's never going to be enough. As soon as they're back it'll be "restore the Sonic/Sally relationship", It'll be "bring back the multiversal highway". The goalposts will keep moving until IDW has been turned into a continuation of Archie - which frankly isn't fair to the rest of us. Don't say it won't happen, you personally might not feel this way but for every one person who just wants to see them again there are five who want to pick up where Archie left off.
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    Characters are allowed to have more than one defined role. Why are some of you being so obtuse about this every time this subject arises.
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    With still nary a professional review in sight, dummy accounts that have never reviewed any other game are giving Balan 10/10 reviews on Metacritic in a flagrant attempt from Square (I'd hope not the devs themselves) to get any more sales they can in this rapidly-decreasing window of time: https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/balan-wonderworld/user-reviews This is just getting sad now.
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    Another view of the car chase.: New details about the car chase scene.:
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    Hi everyone! I haven't posted much music news lately. Mostly I've been doing things for Sonic Legacy, and a few other secret projects, as well as just waiting for others to be able to move on. I currently have 4 projects finished and ready to be released in due time, and I'm working on a few other projects currently in progress, some I can talk about but some secret ones too. I'd love to say that big things are happening, but I'm still ashamed that I don't have a single publication for 2021 yet. And in fact I feel like things are slowing down drastically. But stay tuned, hopefully sooner than later I'll be able to do something.
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    I doubt even the ghost of Jack Kirby could get through to Penders at this point. The man could try to explain the difference in creating as well as co-creating many iconic characters and stories where they could still stand on their own outside of being tied to the greater universe as opposed to creating characters solely for a licensed property that you can't really use anyway. The man'll only acknowledge the facts he wants to acknowledge when he wants to acknowledge them.
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    An rpg game, but every random battle plays like a different genre. (Beat'em up, rails shooter, hack n slash, run n gun, regular turn based battle)
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    From what I've played and heard, you still wouldn't be getting your money's worth.
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    I like that Eggman refers to the Egg Pawns as his boys.
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    Chamomile #206 Oh... and a bonus thing I made this week too:
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    When is Myspace making a comeback He's the hero we need, not the one we deserve
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    I got a surprise copy of Hades in post yesterday as a surprise present from my boyfriend, and I'm really looking forward to giving it a go. Only played about 10 minutes of it yesterday, but he won't stop raving about how good it is and the general consensus seems to be that is pretty amazing.
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    I like his gameplay on Sonic Adventure 2 Last Story. His controls and move-set are the same, but the stage objective is different. Instead of treasure hunting is more like a puzzle exploration. All his stages could be that way.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    The chase scene is going to have explosions.:
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    (I could almost hear the Archie team going "Look, see this? This is us at our TOPS here!" :P) Even then though I think it was the fact they had an ideal opportunity to develop on Sally and Cream (you know when Cream and the other misfits RESCUED her) and didn't play off of it, same with tons of other situations Sally could have been put in a more human light. It had a real 'missing the forest for the trees' thing. IDW and Forces is admittedly very similar in the basic premise and structure to Archie, to the point I was kinda surprised Forces wasn't more cleanly a spiritual successor to SatAm/Archie, so it is arguably the one continuity they could most get away with adapting the Freedom Fighters and a lot of their core elements alongside it, though yeah, I think them being careful in moderating authenticity to those characters and their appeal without converting the other work according to them is the concern for some, especially since IDW has a lot of the same creative team as later Archie. Either way there would be a limit however, Penders will sue if they convert back TOO much.
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    I’ll say it won’t happen, because it won’t actually happen just because they got in. It also won’t happen if the other Archie characters came back in either, because IDW is continuing a whole different direction that they’ll have to be adapted to, just like what happened when Archie was rebooted into a whole new and different world. It won’t happen anymore than bringing back Fleetway characters would turn IDW into Fleetway 2.0 if that possibility were to ever arise. And it really gets me how every time this discussion happens people keep saying that in the face of fans who have gone on record more times than I can count on these forums at least to acknowledge that they are fully aware that they would be different in this new setting. Yeah, there will be fans who want them to pick up where Archie left off, but here’s the question I ask: when Archie rebooted, did it pick up where it left off with Naugus trying to cement his power over the Republic of Acorn in the face of the Secret Freedom Fighters sent to stop him and the roboticized Mecha Sally was causing terror in Eggman’s name? Or did it not continue in a completely different direction after the reboot was ensured after Worlds Collide, leaving those past stories permanently unresolved? People back then wanted those stories to pick right back up. I know this, because I was one of them. But here’s the thing—it never happened. And it won’t happen here even if you brought back the entire cast of the post-reboot Archie along with them into IDW (btw bring me the Egg Bosses back pls, I miss my Conquering Storm T_T) What will happen with them is what happened with the first reboot: a whole new direction. So people need to stop jumping the gun and assuming that IDW will turn into Archie 2.0 when, quite frankly, you could argue that IDW is already Archie 2.0 despite their absence: the same writing team and art style, the same backdrop of Eggman having conquered or devastated the world (which was actually Archie’s pre-reboot setting), and a resistance team formed to rebuild and protect the world from dangers as they arise. If Archie couldn’t pick up it’s old plots despite fan demand, what seriously makes anyone think IDW will pick up after Archie’s old plots even if the Freedom Fighters made a comeback?
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    A little extra footage that I found from Instagram.:
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    A better look of the truck. I have an feeling this will be the opening scene where Sonic will stop some robbers from evading the cops. I can actually imagine him saying this before stopping them.
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    A Seattle police car spotted. Looks like I was right. Part of the movie will take place in Seattle. Also, kinda unrelated, the real ones look like this.
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    It's what people say they should be doing, not what they are lol, we all know they haven't even gotten Sonic right yet.
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    We can, but honestly, there's so much flair in this game that seems to be just for flair's sake that in my opinion it borders on being obnoxious. Balan himself seems like some weird combination between The Cat in the Hat and the Genie from Disney's Aladdin, and many would call those good acts to follow, but the lack of jokes really kills it for me. And then there's the apparent "serious" side of this game that deals with depression. I won't weigh in on that without knowing more, but I can say that none of what was portrayed in the demo made me feel as though it will handle that with the tact it warrants.
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    This may be a long shot, but if this scene takes place at night, maybe this could follow a scene referencing Casino Night.
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    This is sad. Evidence suggests Naka's only initial inspiration was "Let’s make a platformer" which can't really lead to much on it's own. Just slapping gameplay philosophies from previous stuff onto any ol game isn't a good idea either. It's not like Sonic where its all based around simply running and jumping and rolling through the world, its a slow paced methodical mario-type with puzzles based around a wide variety of function powerups. You just cannot do one-button for that and the absurd ways they try to make other functions happen make it painfully obvious. I wanna blame Square but it seems like Naka's just gotten confused. What was brilliant in Sonic and Nights is now being used out of context where it doesnt belong. At least we can safely say Oshima's art direction hasnt lost its touch.
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    More set photos. https://twitter.com/rodleland/status/1375530260767342596
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    Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Movie Megathread

    I don't see why Jim Carrey wouldn't be back. He talked a lot about how much he loved doing the first one and how he's be willing to wear a fat suit for the sequel. Plus I think for these kind of franchise movies actors usually sign a 3 movie contract. William Fichtner did for the Bay Turtles movies despite him not being in the second one and there never being a third.
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    So the car chase must be a night scene i guess. That seems fun.
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    The epilectic effect is in every possible indication a glitch. Everyone's latched to one gameplay video that shows it, and ignores the multiple other gameplay videos that show the same attack without the strobing effect happening. Be careful to not just willingly fall for anything negative said about the game in order to indulge in "haha fun to complain about this game". The game's got enough actual issues on its own.
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    More set photos.:
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    Wow, now we need a Wha Happun on this game. This is basically the last nail in the coffin for this game.
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    Yeah, Tails Channel is covering the panel on their channel.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The IDW panel is in just a few hours. I'll be at work while it airs so won't be able to watch it live, if it is possible to watch it anywhere, I think Tails Channel might stream it? Be interesting to see if anything gets announced besides more info on the 30th anniversary book. Welp, time to hype myself like I usually do whenever one of these things happen. Personally, like I keep saying, my hope is that a second monthly book is launched alongside the main Sonic book. Lesser hope is another mini-series. But also could just be nothing but the 30th book and maybe some upcoming issues of the main book. Ah well, should be interesting regardless.
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    I don't know if Tails will be there (or if this a scene with mainly humans), but an ice cream shop would be sort of a good location to introduce Tails's favorite food/flavor as mint. (I know it is technically mint candy, but I believe he also likes mint overall).
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    New set photos. Notice there is an Washington license plate on that ice cream truck. Maybe Sonic and his friends go to Seattle?
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    Every character from anything should be available for reinterpretations. Imagine a world where Scrooge McDuck and the rest of Carl Bark's characters were never allowed to appear in anything besides Donald Duck comics. Imagine if Bebop, Rocksteady and Krang were never allowed in anything besides the 87 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. Imagine if Harley Quinn was only allowed in Batman projects set in the DC Animated Universe. Part of the fun of long running franchises is seeing new interpretations of old characters. If the Freedom Fighters did come back there is a possibility they could have different personalities with new history and that's ok. Different franchises do that all the time. A great example is post-reboot Archie's interpretation of Breezie from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Maybe in this universe Sally isn't a princess, maybe Nicole in this universe eventually gets a robot body and changes her name to Bunnie Rabbot. Have fun, get creative. I'd rather see different interpretations of Sonic's history then to have Sega sweep it under the rug and pretend it never happened.
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    "Avion" means "plane" in French. Also, it's a last-minute rename as it was still "The Floating Island" in the app menu I translated a couple weeks ago. Besides, I got new material to translate. 14 pages of "Shattered tomorrows". 3 finished pages (with "top quality" Photoshop work, you'll see) and the rest is in script format.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    2 more preview pages for #38
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    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    "Who cares about some crazy old man's ranting? He'll be dead in 5 minutes anyway, and then all this ARK business will be over forever." And in fairness it worked out pretty well for them, for about 50 years.
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    On that matter: Remind me if Shattered Tomorrows is even supposed to be the main comic itself or one of many spin-offs Penders has planned for this damn franchise. Either way, he's apparently only just NOW "nailed" the opening segment for a 14-page comic. One that he claims will actually come out this year. Pardon me, but I have my doubts.
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    I've said this before and I'll say it again: Games should definitely not be released and sold for money if they're not finished, so yeah; don't rush to meet important events, but that has nothing to do with whether or not they show off what they've been working on, for free. On the contrary, giving people a good pre-release look at their games, including hopefully demos, will let them spot errors and make it harder for SEGA to release and profit from unfinished games anymore. And for the record, I don't know how much the pandemic would delay a game, but they said they started working on it a year before the pandemic hit. That's more than enough time to create something they can show. Quite possibly not something they could complete by their original deadline due to the pandemic, but if SEGA is planning to delay it past this year, I say the honorable thing would be to admit that sooner rather than later. Also, to give us a look at what's coming, even if it's only conceptual. I'll tolerate delays if I'm convinced that SEGA's still doing everything it safely can to create a quality product. But if I have no insight into what they're making up until, say, the same quarter it comes out, then I'm going to assume the reason is just because what they have in the works isn't all that exciting. If they don't rush a game out, it probably won't be broken, but if they're half-assing it the way they did TSR, which people knew would have an unforgivably paltry amount of content well before it released, then it's in their interest to conceal that fact as long as possible. (Their interest, yes, but not ours.) If SEGA is making the sort of game Sonic deserves for its 30th anniversary, then it'll be good enough to start hyping up at the start of a year and will keep people hyped by the holiday season, and that is, in fact, still true if the pandemic necessitates them delaying it. So at this point, I see no good reason not to give some preview. If it's not done it's not done, but nobody demands a game previewed before release to be done. They just want a show of good faith. Also, while we may never know if they planned to reveal any game news at last year's SXSW, I still feel a bit miffed that SEGA just cancelled its news drop there instead of shifting it online, something most software companies managed to do fairly well. For a pandemic to delay a 30th anniversary game release is tragic but understandable, but I feel there's still fanfare SEGA could have risen about the anniversary in other ways. I'm sad this hasn't been done much. Sonic debuted in June 1991; if by June 2021 there still isn't even much teasing I'm going to assume SEGA has little to boast.
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