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    so pontaff may not have the best reputation, but "let's make like eggman's hairline and recede" is legendary
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    They’re removing Balan’s demo lol
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    I love YouTubers who have absolutely no technical knowledge of videos games, their development process and the years of work by dedicated community members to datamine them, but rake in millions of views just lifting articles almost verbatim from places like TCRF, Hidden Palace and Sonic Retro. They basically just steal the work of orders, and when there are citations made they're typically so poor that people don't know where to look to learn more themselves. Bonus points for when they inevitably include ludicrous theories that are demonstrably false, again because they don't actually have a fucking clue what they're talking about.
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    2nd dose get!
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    Blue Wisp


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    lol Jaleel White has started up a weed company called Purple Urkel.
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    Wow. My dancing Kirby animation has since got 15 likes and 3 nice comments. It even has 1 dislike and since every YouTube video I've watched has always had at least 1 dislike, it's almost like I'm an official YouTuber now. XD
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    "It's kind of like what they did to classic Star Trek episodes" oh you mean that thing everybody hates? Ok.
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    I did a funny https://twitter.com/Sonikko06/status/1382287912235106304?s=20
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    Is there anybody else on here that still plays on a PS3 apart from myself? This stuff worries me but maybe I'm the only one...
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    Being a Youtuber focused on one specific series is probably the most miserable experience ever. I don't understand how you can make an entire channel dedicated to one specific series and think you're gonna support yourself off that, it makes no sense. Forget Sonictubers, Poketubers are just as bad. Shofu said it best, if you're focused on just one thing, you're not gonna get very far, and he's somebody who started as a Poketuber before just focusing on anything that caught his interest. BRANCH OUT DAMMIT, stop limiting yourself to one thing.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Technically the anniversary really begins on June 23, 2021. As long as a game comes out between June 23, 2021 and June 23, 2022, it's still an anniversary game.
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    I can't think of any better expression of love for the medium that he could make.
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    Apparently it wasn't Mario who died... ....but how?
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    I just can't see them organically fitting Amy into this movie without undermining characters. A cameo at most and save her for a third movie.
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    It also seems like shutting the barn door after the horses have bolted. The damage has already been done.
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    I just want a new Sonic song to have on repeat until the game releases.
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    Not only is Tee Lopes composing for SoR4, but also TMNT. This is delicious
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    When will companies learn how bad delisting demos make them look? More often than not, it comes off as admission of a game's poor quality and a cowardly method of pulling the wool over consuners' eyes.
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    https://old.reddit.com/r/PS5/comments/mqttug/balan_wonderworld_demo_to_be_taken_down/ And now they’re delisting the demo, as if it’s gonna make a difference lol. No explanation given for it either, so it’s obviously “we don’t want people to play and realise how bad it is, and not buy it”.
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    God, this might actually be my favourite Dragon Ball outro ever, possibly tied with a 70cm Square Window from Super. I'm a total sucker for recapping a long-standing series history and calling back to the manga/classic DB style.
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    "They had us in the first half, not gonna lie."
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    Eeeh, not so much a proper update as it is a progress report, but what the hell- This won't end well... is what I'd say if I felt this was ever getting released.
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    "That's Eggman! I wunda wha happun to Sonic!"
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    Doing Tails' story in Sonic Adventure now. It really feels good playing as this adorable little guy again.
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    Talk about a blast from the past: https://imgur.com/a/Y85ZVfV I remember vividly when these screenshots leaked in 2008. I was ULTRA excited for this new game.
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    Is Sega intentionally shipteasing us?

    Sonic shared Elise's affection and clearly does share Amy's attraction in pretty much every modern portrayal. I don't get where this "He's Asexual" thing comes from honestly. There's a difference between not being super interested in serious relationships and being Ace.
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    Chili Dawg

    Sonic 30th predictions

    You kiddin'? Knuckles would be first in line. "An amusement park from Eggman? What could go wrong? Guy's only lied to me 60 times before!!!"
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    It makes sense for Colors to keep the cast to a minimum. That game came shortly after Sonic 06 soured people's opinion on Sonic's friends and had a desire to go back to basics. It's more the games since Generations where it starts to bother me. Besides, as someone making my own level mods these days, I have to say adding characters with different abilities does throw a huge wrench in your level design. Boost Sonic is super horizonally focused, moving forward and needing huge amounts of space to run in. Putting a slower character in there could turn the levels into a nightmare. Check Gamemods where they put Adventure Sonic into a Sonic heroes level and you'll notice how Heroes' level design is a nightmare for Adventure Sonic as you have to slowly run across endless empty corridors. Or put Heroes Sonic in an Adventure level where he can't handle the constant twists and turns and helplessly fly off the level boundries. Putting Tails and Knuckles there who aren't only slower, but also have a more vertical movement to them because of their flying and climbing makes the entire level break down. So you either have to give Tails and Knuckles their own specifically tailored levels, in which case you get the Sonic Adventure problem again where everyone will freak out having to deal with the occasional gameplay shift, or Tails and Knuckles will just be cheap skins of Sonic with the exact same moves. (Or alternatively, only Sonic clones like Shadow and Blaze are utilized) In which case Sega will get accused of being cheap rather then praised. ...That said, out of all the Boost games, Sonic Colors does make the most sense to make Tails and Knuckles playable, considering 80% of the game takes place in platform heavy blocky 2d sections rather then in speed focused 3d area's. For most of the game's runningtime, they'll probably fit in just fine, so if I was in charge of a remake, I'd definitly consider adding them in. Especially if they're just in the bonus Gameworld levels. They'd fit in way better then Super Sonic does. I always thought it's hilarious Super Sonic finally makes his long awaited return in the game where he feels the most out of place. Hooray, I'm super fast and not able to pull of special moves in a game entirely designed around slow mazelike puzzle area's.
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    Spooky Mulder

    Sonic 30th predictions

    Sonic Colors is one of my favorite games and it's a shame that it's not currently playable in HD. I'll be very happy with Sonic Colors HD...but I won't be very satisfied if that's all we get this year. It's been a long time guys. Last time I was excited for a 3D Sonic game was 2013 ahead of SLW. Forces disappointed me from it's announcement trailer and never stopped. I can't remember ever looking forward to it and even then it still managed to disappoint me when I picked it up like a year after release. I just want to see something that makes me feel again like I did when the first footage of Sonic Unleashed leaked or when we got the surprise announcement of Sonic Colors or the way I felt when Sonic Generations was announced and we see Green Hill for the first time.
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    Ken Penders loves comics so much he's just deciding to fuck off from them forever. I do wonder if he's been shopping the Lost One's around but nobody would take it so he just said "Screw it! It's a novel now!"
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    Well, at least the music is good and-*reads top comment* Wait...wait a minute. Oh God, here we go again
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    I don't really think it's fair to say it was rushed. From what I've seen, the game itself is finished and completed, the problem is the game was built on a very, very faulty structure from the offset. Problems like the one-button gameplay, the boring and tedious level design, the limited mobility of the characters, the wasteful nature of suits, those are not issues of time and budget, they're conceptual problems that shouldn't have been there to begin with and yet make up the very core nature of the game. The levels are built around these faulty costumes, and their incredibly simplistic designs. The first level alone requires several detours with costumes in order to reach the top of a series of ledges for example. The game didn't need a simple delay and polish, it would've needed a literal overhaul from the very bottom because the game's issues are constructed right into the heart of the game itself, and everything, everything was designed around those problems. Square-Enix have their share of issues, no one's denying it. But I'm not going to pin the blame for the game's design issues on them. They gave the budget, and time to Naka. They told him this was his one shot to make this platformer he wanted to make, and Naka and his team were the ones to blow it. They were the ones who came up with the game's design, they were the ones who came up with the games' concepts, and the gameplay. They were the ones who thought these problems somehow equalled out to a good experience for a player. Put simply, Balan's problems aren't issues with budgetary or time constraints, they're problems baked right into the design of the game by the very people designing the game, and as harsh as it is to say, unless Square for some utterly bafflingly idiotic reason ordered Naka to do this, which is doubtful since Naka is well-known for simplistic game design and controller layouts, it's on the team who designed the game to be like this. The people who thought from the start this was a good baseline for building a game upon and let it be the building block that the rest of the game's design comes from. I hate to say it, but they were given a shot to make this work, and they missed the mark by a landslide.
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    What I said wasn't a suggestion. I have no idea what you're even referring to there. If you or anyone else has a problem with what a staff member is doing, take it up with Chris privately instead of making a scene. One final call for chilled heads before I just start handing out strikes and bans here.
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    I'd like to remind everyone to not downplay the opinion of others with snarky jabs. Nor get heated in general. The European market has always been huge for this series. Arguably more so at certain times than America's was iirc. SoE has always been an important factor to this series so if people would like to argue why they should take this supposed "crown" here then by all means. I mean hell, this very site was founded by a European member to begin with.
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    When looking at it that way, sure, but I don't think Sonic's "multimedia" aspects mean anything to Sonic like Pokemon's do, they exist just to exist while the actual meat is in the game material. That's kinda the whole point I'm making. And yeah, a more unified approach would work, but where you decide the 'unity' should come from seems to be the point of contention here.
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    Pokémon walked out the gate with an anime planned to tie into it, directly in support from it's creators. Pokemon (the games) also create a lot of new content not only to sell new games but specifically to give the card games and anime new content to use. That is a multimedia franchise. Sonic is a video game franchise with multiple supplementary mediums, and basically all of it's side content outside of the games isn't necessary for the full experience. There's a pretty clear difference in how they function. You should know this good and well, but instead you're deciding to split hairs so hard that the convo goes bald. lol
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    I think it says a lot about how insulated a lot of the fandom can be to overemphasize the importance of tie-ins and spinoffs of this series to the outside world, when to a grand majority it’s just a video game series. Basically all that stuff, the comics the shows the books and the weird 90s Europop singles were all meant to be supplementary material you can take or leave, meant to point you where the main attraction is (the video games). Whether the games abided to what they said or not didn’t matter, because it wasn’t their shot to call, and said games can’t be held accountable for the differences because its not really a “them” problem. If this truly were a multimedia franchise, Sonic’s every move wouldn’t be centered on the next major game release and (considering it’s success) movie-Sonic would be the face Sega uses for the franchise. But it’s not, so it’s not.
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    Do we even know if SoA had anything to do with Sonic R or 3d Blast, considering Traveller's Tales are a UK studio and SoE was the one more directly involved? As far as we know SoA's area was X-Treme. And again, you can argue for SoA all you like, the point is "without SoA Sonic would've died in the 90s" is outright an assumption that not only ignores the actual appeal of the games but more blatantly acts like the only countries that exist in the world are the United States and Japan.
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    This entire argument of "Sonic would've died in the 90s if Sega of America hadn't marketed it", once again, very annoyingly seems to forget this planet has more markets than "Japan" and "US". If Sonic was a hit in Europe, South America, etc, all the markets where Sega not only had already had a presence with the Master System but also arcades and then a hit presence with the Mega Drive, you really think it would've died? You think it's SoA to credit for something like London loving Sega so much they build an entire theme park around it in the 90s? Sega had no presence in the US outside the Genesis because Nintendo got there first. Sega had no non-arcade presence in Japan because Nintendo got there first. Unsurprisingly, viewing just these two gives us "Sonic floundered in Japan, and was only a success in America when Sega of America got to market the franchise in the early 90s with the Genesis". And the fact there were other markets where Sega had both the console AND arcade presence just gets forgotten. Sonic sells on the appeal of the games first and foremost. Cartoons and comics helped (and even then, hey, remember how Europe had their own comic????? What, it only helps sell games if it's an American one?!), but they're not what sold the game- the fact that it was the fastest platformer seen with bright colours and appealing characters with ease of drawing did. Obviously SoA played a role, but it gets way overemphasised by both the usual online over-Americanised-perspective (take a shot every time you hear about the "80s videogame crash" without the mention it only happened in one country worldwide!) and the self-promotion of SoA employees later on (Kalinske especially) which has often been shown to be dubious, like all the stories of how it was SoA that told the devs to remove Sonic's fangs or human girlfriend while Japanese-made demos were already cutting those elements.
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    Sonic stood out over Mario because the games struck audiences harder than Mario's. Sonic 1 & 2, the games with the absolute biggest initial impact in the entire series, didn't arrive on the scene with a full multimedia package already figured out, it wasn't until after that when the series got its comics and tv shows. You can argue that it kept it alive, and by all means it probably did, but no moreso than any other video game's tv and book adaptations at the time. Don't forget Mario, Street Fighter and Mega Man all had their own share of these things too. Do we really owe them the entire series' success and longevity like we supposedly do here? You missed the part where I said that making tv shows and comics definitely is what helped the series have the lasting power it did during the 90s. My point was moreso that the changes said properties made weren't necessary for the series to succeed. They were arbitrary, at best. Sonic could've been close to the intended continuity and it still would've sold fine. Why? Because it was Sonic. Yes. Sega even mentioned it pulled strong numbers as recently as last fiscal year, IIRC. Again, likely due to PS+ promotions.
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    I just don't think they were nearly as necessary as people give them credit for. The existence of alternate media like tv or comics was definitely a reason it survived, but the way they were handled didn't have to be that way to ensure survival. If Sonic's appeal was from the games, and the games shared none of those qualities, what does it say of the rest of it? It says a lot that there were such a wide variety of alternate takes for the series in that short period of time, but the only true things they had in common were what the games had in them, and the amount they didn't (especially when placed with the entrance of the Adventure era) only harmed brand perception in the long run. I'd argue that if the games weren't there to serve as a core, Sonic would've definitely not survived.
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    If you really believe that then you don't have much faith in Sonic's appeal. The amount people attached to Sonic compared to Alex Kidd is dimensions away, and it's not just because it was put in front of them more. Sonic was just better, and it's qualities resonated on their own. It's also worth noting that when it came to the games themselves (the real breadwinners of the franchise in it's heyday), all the marketing they had to do to get people on board was "look at it". The existence of tv shows and comics helped sure, but there's nothing about the mohawk, about their reimaginings, about Robotnik's backstory, the big lore or changing SCD's soundtrack that would've changed that. The games sold themselves, and all SoA had to do was show it off and give it supplementary material. In another timeline, people would still be asking whatever happened to Sonic. The same is not the case with Alex Kidd in ours. Sega didn't even have to market Forces for it to be successful (and boy did they not market that game). It happened just simply because Sonic was in it, and then doubled down when it was free on PS4 for a time.
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    Maybe back when they needed a kick to get people to stop buying SNESes, but outside of that earliest era? I don't think so. Sonic kinda sold itself in the 2000s, and game reviews are what people decide if it was worth looking at in the 2010s (even then, kids would still eat it regardless). Sonic's appeal is pretty inherent; why else would it be relied on as their cash cow?
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    Most of what you are arguing is basically exactly what I said SoA's only true success was: their marketing / business decisions. It doesn't have anything to do with the actual output, besides perception. Also, I'm fairly sure Naka wanted to be the head of Sonic Team and the IP itself; he just didn't want to make constant releases of new Sonic games the top priority of his group, much preferring they make multiple series with Sonic as a returning point every now and then. You can't blame them for simply not feeling like a constant new Sonic was necessary.
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    Naka didn’t “flounder” on ideas, he made NiGHTS and Burning Rangers alongside his team as a means of creative freedom from the sweatshop that was the classic era (ST staff made five major games in four years). This wasn’t the most profitable angle, sure, but that shouldn’t matter to anyone but businessmen. That decision was made for their own benefit; something that I think was well-earned. It’s not like the lack of a Sonic title on Saturn was the greatest of Sega’s reasons they failed that gen. Plus, saying they didn’t “understand” it pretends that Sonic's biggest factor in failure wasn't his marketability but rather that the Mega Drive was not appealing in Japan compared to SNES or PC-Engine, so sales were naturally not going to be as high until they made a console more appealing to that market (the Saturn itself). It also erases the fact that they started an initiative to get Sonic more popular in Japan (Project Sonic) by releasing Sonic Jam and starting development on Sonic Adventure, which would’ve been a Saturn title if not for Sega prematurely jumping to Dreamcast. Project Sonic, btw, was a fairly decent success. Most of the JP fanbase came in with the Adventure era. SoA’s angle has always solely been to turn a profit over SoJ’s angle in making a game. Whether you like the quality of the games made after a certain point cannot change that.
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    Sonic Team and SoJ are for better or worse responsible for the majority of the actual content, creating the games and basically all within. Sega of America is responsible only for either localization, or wanting to fix things that weren't broken (soundtracks, lore, promo art / character designs), or attempts made in thinking they could do a better take with what they were given (western Sonic shows/comics, Boom, the movie). I don't think their output is comparable at all. The most you could probably give SoA is decent marketing and developing fandom fringes, but outside of that? Nah. I feel a lot of SoA's contributions were / still are unnecessary at best, and outright negative at worst. At least we got Robotnik from it, though. And chili dogs. Those things are neat.
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