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    Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Movie Megathread

    So GUN exists in the film universe. https://mobile.twitter.com/yvrshoots/status/1384022707377893380?s=21
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    It's too early for Shadow and Rouge I agree. By the way, I want to speculate some of the plot here: - Sonic gets attacked by the military again? Green Hills under siege by the government? - Also, pointing out the title for the movie and hints: "Emerald Hill". What's the deal with that? From filming it looks like another town, but IMO it hints at the presence of emerald(s) in the sequel.
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    While it would be cool, it's way too early for them to appear. Maybe there'll be some sort of reference to Shadow but don't hold your breath.
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    I honestly think that Movie Sonic was a surprisingly interesting take on Sonic the Hedgehog character overall. Even though game Sonic had some moments where he showed some emotion (Sonic Lost World and Sonic Adventure series), the movie had an interesting take where Sonic is lonely and craves for friendship. I thought this take on Sonic was really interesting because we rarely see Sonic in the games show a vulnerable side and I would like to see where the sequel takes this characterization of Sonic next. Maybe they will even show a more vulnerable side to Tails as well in the sequel, if they explore his tragic backstory of being bullied.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    I'll be curious to see what they announce first. They have Colors, a Sonic Collection, a new Super Monkey Ball, and there's a new Virtua Fighter port, probably more. I'm surprised they haven't just started doing their own directs, considering everyone else has.
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    Got my first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine a few hours ago. Thankfully no major symptoms, besides my arm being a bit sore.
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    Legitimately shocked.
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    New photos.: Also, here is a reply from one of the people who had something to talk about the guy in the air.:
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    Things we have to thank Ken Penders for: Uhhhhh. @Blue Blood's avatar.
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    If I may make a correction or add my interpretation (I don't think you are saying anything contradictory so I am not trying to counter you) regarding the PG-13 stuff, I believe it wasn't a matter of being forced to reduced their rating to PG as a censor as much as for keeping a consistent tone. I interpreted their statements as them saying the film just evolved into that final form as it became clear that Sonic 1 was more of a family film. In other words, it wasn't a "we won't allow PG-13" from higher ups case. The reason I am saying that is because I don't think the film makers or studio don't mind potentially doing a (light ended) PG-13 film at one point if it fits thematically with what they are trying to do.
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    As much as I love most of the cast I don’t want to see everybody playable in a game. Just give me 3-5 characters that all offer a fun experience and I won’t complain. Only time I want to experience that is with spin-off games like a kart racer or a party game etc
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    In case anyone's wondering, YES, Tee Lopes is composing for this one. TEEnage Mutant Ninja Lopes.
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    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early for any of that stuff. It's just world-building and setting up for future movies as far as we should consider.
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    Maybe it's the lack of news or how boring the games have gotten since 2010 but I'm actually tempted to read Archie Sonic in its entirety from #160 all the way to the reboot and cancellation. I've never been an Archie Sonic fan but reading @Dr. Detective Mike's reviews makes me interested in checking them out.
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    me if I see the composer list for the next Sonic movie and it says Junkie XL... and Jun Senoue
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    Massive thanks to everyone who's been reading, liking, and commenting on my insane journey through these old books. It's always fun, waiting with baited breath, to see what the reaction will be whenever I make a new post and this last one was probably the most words I've had to type since starting this endeavor. I'm so glad it panned out this way. I know right? I think for me the fact that Evil Sonic is drawn properly he could have sold himself as a proper evil version of Sonic and coupled with that jacket, the design looks a lot more endearing. A part of me really just wants to witness Evil Sonic and Evil Tails doing evil things but looking exactly like their good selves. I've made it no secret that I find the idea of "Villain Tails" to be adorable and Sonic can sell being cute at times too, despite what one of his creators may think. That said, Scourge is a thing I totally would have wanted to still happen eventually. He really does work a lot better than Evil Sonic, by every metric. Yeah, I heard about the small "controversy" of turning Fiona evil but I wasn't able to speak on it because I didn't know the full context about how her character was before. Turns out there was barely any context at all. She had one story that introduced her. She disappeared for a thousand issues and then just randomly showed up to be in the background before she randomly got courted by Evil Sonic and then regular Sonic. Also Tails but that never mattered. Being upset by the heel turn at all when she barely registered as a character before baffles me to know end. No joke, this is all legitimately brilliant stuff you've written out here. God, what a wonderful set of ideas. I already admitted to this but were this all to happen, I'd have ran with it as something practically unfixable as far as the status of the Acorn Kingdom and Sonic's ties to it were concerned. It would have ended with the status quo being shaken up something fierce. Again, not sure if everyone would have liked it but fuck it. It's just a fantasy I have in my head. The image of seeing the kingdom burn to the ground and stay that way just makes me really happy. I also appreciate the use of one of my favorite Spongebob line reads. The way the king says that line is so immensely quotable.
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    Some of the rushing wasn't just down to him--IDW seemingly was, but with Archie, he was sometimes told to hurry certain things up to get to a particular story. See House of Cards, which was a more fleshed out arc that involved more of the characters reacting and debating their perspectives, becoming just the two or so issue conflict between Sonic & Tails and Elias & the Prowers so they can get to Enerjak Reborn faster.
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    Dr. Mechano

    Cancel Culture Needs to Stop

    None of your examples are "cancel culture," is the thing. A company choosing to change its own products of its own volition - even if it is for the purpose of adapting to changing worldviews - isn't being "cancelled." It's just redesigning or - in Pepe's case - retiring a character. I do think "cancelling" can be a serious issue when it applies to real people, but I also want to be clear that I don't think rightly criticizing someone for their words and actions is "cancel culture" in and of itself. I'm referring more to digging up decade-old posts that espouse views that these people may not even hold anymore for the purpose of tearing them down. That's not good, and it certainly doesn't help anyone. I'd happily agree that this sort of "cancel culture" is bad. So yes. I think something you could call "cancel culture" exists and is a problem. But I also think the term is ridiculously overused to deflect criticism in general, and is even applied to things that are so far removed from the very concept of "cancelling" - like this example of a private company changing aspects of its own brand - that the term is quickly losing all meaning.
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    Cancel Culture Needs to Stop

    Oh no, how can society possibly survive when Sexual Harassment Skunk is under attack? There are some actual problems with bad faith "cancelling", harassment, digging up of old issues, what it takes for someone to make things right after they've done something shit, that are worth discussing, but "rapey cartoon skunk is being retired" and "bunny girl has less tiddy" are not serious issues to be concerned with. I mean you want to talk about people looking for reasons to get offended and outraged, just look at the guys who are real mad about the cartoon rabbit in a children's movie not being sexy enough.
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    We have shots of a giant blue screen on wheels. Will this be a stand in for giant mechs ala Big Foot?
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    What I learned today: Ken Penders wrote for Legend of Zelda comics back in the 90s.
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    Man, I just wanna go out and see the world again feel like I'm actually living a life
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    This is a lot.

    This is a lot.
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    The problem is that we can't leave the hanging thread of the Echidnas in the first movie. SA1 plots were the first on the scene, and Knuckles is likely to play a big factor in this second movie, we can't just outright leave that behind for later like Dr. Finetivus just suddenly showing back up in issue #160 after vanishing from his debut issues in Archie.
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    It would be too early to introduce Shadow, if they intended his backstory to be the same or similar to the one in the games. But this isn't the games, and as long as they can get Sega's approval things could spiral away from what we know in any number of ways. The end of the first movie teased that Robotnik still had Sonic's quill, and using it to create an evil clone would be a pretty natural payoff. And if they're referencing SA2, not just with GUN existing but seemingly something as minor as the call sign of the helicopter, that could be a sign of where their heads are at when looking for inspiration. Emerald Hill is the first zone in Sonic 2. This is Sonic (the movie) 2. They could introduce the emeralds for all we know but I don't think the town's name is any indication of it.
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    And he's stuck in the past -- literally, as far as what he's been updating us on.
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    Just the pictures for the people who don't wanna switch pages. What I like is that the machines clearly have the G.U.N motif of the all black, dull colors instead of just them being green tanks. It keeps the theming going. Oh, and Sigma-Alpha 2. Very cheeky whoever on the creative team did that. So I've been thinking that the original theory of it being Agent Stone may actually be more plausible. Someone else brought up that the person is saying, "Sir" and that may not be a goof, it may be Stone addressing Robotnik's drones picking him up.
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    Night, buddies!

    Night, buddies!
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Because old ladies like me like it! 😡 lol 😆
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    So yeah, the Balan Wonderworld novel. Surprisingly good stuff. For starters, it explains most things the game either leaves out or leaves vague. Who is Balan? Who is Lance? What is their connection (and boy, was I surprised when the big reveal happened)? What is Wonderworld? Why are all the people there? What's with those drops and Tim things? The only thing it really doesn't explain is all the dancing, which, thankfully, the book has none of. It also builds up the characters a lot more. The little cutscenes in the game were cute and all, but the book allows their stories to breathe a bit more. We learn why they ended up in Wonderworld, what the pieces of their hearts symbolize, and why the worlds they've created are the way they are. Plus, everyone actually interacts with everyone else. Certain characters develop friendships with each other. Some even have an incredibly surprising connection that isn't revealed until the very end of the book. We even get to see Leo's growth and development as a character as the story goes along, meeting the others and developing deeper connections with some of them. He even has his own "stage" in Wonderworld. Story-wise, it can be kind of by-the-numbers. The first third of the book has Leo entering Wonderworld and meeting all 12 characters, as well as checking out the happy, carefree worlds they've created for themselves. Interestingly, Lance is the one who guides him along, giving the impression that he's the guiding light while visions of Balan appear intermittently, causing everyone to express concern (which is kind of unwarranted, as there's no indication that he's malicious at all). By the middle, Balan makes himself known and Lance reveals himself as the "villain", allowing everyone except Leo to become corrupted and leading to the majority of the game's story of Leo going around saving everyone's hearts and whatnot, now with Balan's help. The last section of the book is by far the most interesting, a pretty lengthy epilogue where all the characters get their lives back on track and all even end up meeting each other despite being from different countries, speaking different languages, and in some instances, living in entirely different time periods(!) Two of the characters even get married! The only two characters who don't get confirmed happy endings are Lance and, surprisingly, Balan himself, though I won't spoil why. Pretty much the only downside of the book to me is how they treat Emma. Yeah, she's in here too, helping out Balan while everyone else is working with Lance. She doesn't really do a whole lot, and her story is actually even less developed than it was in the game. All in all, while the book certainly had its flaws, it also contained all the magic than the game sorely lacked. It really helped me to appreciate what Naka and crew were trying to do with this new world...and made me sad at how badly the game itself botched its potential. I would highly recommend anyone remotely curious about the world of Balan Wonderworld to save $60 and pick up the book instead.
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    He was basically hired in the first place to help clean up things behind the scenes and then spent about 20 issues doing so in the actual comic. The Darkest Storm in particular was a editor mandate all about cleaning up a bunch of loose ends from the comic's long history and doing it in no more than four issues. And it's also worth noting that he was planning on sparing at least one character(Tig Stripe) that was almost certainly killed off screen but that fell through for whatever reason. Croctobot was actually something Karl Bollers came up with for future stories, but left to the wayside when he did. Flynn ended up needing something as a middle point for his first issue(the thirs being Scourge and the first later ending up being Bean and Bark) and the intimating yet ridiculous fusion idea happened to fit.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    If the Colors remake/remaster is true, all I want is a remastered soundtrack so I can get a new rendition of the criminally slept on, Terminal Velocity
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    Never heard of this guy, but I have heard this silly little "gotcha" before and sorry, killing off someone like Connery doesn't show contempt for Archie. To even imply that Connery is some beloved old guard character who was on anyone's radar before Ian took up the pen is a bad faith argument. To bring back someone like Crocbot, and especially the horse paladin requires a level of nerdy investment and respect for old Archie most people probably don't have. I can respect a writer who takes a look at a one-off thrown away character like that and says "I'm gonna make them care about this horse... when I turn him to glue." Like is it reasonable to be mad he killed off the horse knight, when he's the only reason the horse knight's here in the first place?
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

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    So he defends characters no one else cares about, and how many consider it a jump in quality? Yeah crockbot was ridiculous in the Tails mini, only looking badass on the covers, but him and octobot fused was kinda ridiculous and again both were comedy villains in the Tails mini. Sir Connery at least got a heroic sacrifice and saved everyone when he went out. I suppose people were tired of Mogoul as he was turned into a joke for a bit, before his reinvention as a patient Kingpin like character. Loved how he made Nagus more compelling later on too. Fiona works as a villain, though her turn was a tad rushed, though I like how the story pointed out she seemed to be attracted to Evil Sonic before moving to the regular one.
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    Miles Storzillo

    Sonic 30th predictions

    The only way I’m ever getting this game is if either They change the dialogue to match the infinitely better Japanese script or It lets me play Colors DS. But if they won’t change the script then I won’t even bother touching the Wii version. The most I’ve seen of DS were the cutscenes and the final boss, but not only do the cutscenes not make me want to slam my head through my door, the final boss looks much better. It helps that unlike the Wii version which didn’t even have ENWA use half of the wisp powers (yes, I know the announcer shots Frenzy at the beginning, but what is Eggman doing with it? At the very least Frenzy could’ve had him charging towards you) I read that DS’s does use all of them.
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    Cancel Culture Needs to Stop

    They weren’t “cancelled”; Warner Bros made those decisions themselves. In fact, the only people I see talking about this aren’t the ones supposedly “cancelling” these characters, but rather the ones whining about the changes that have been made. There are many important issues in the world that are worth discussing. A cartoon skunk being retired isn’t one of them.
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    1. If you want to discuss someone's opinion , it would be nice if you gave a link to that opinion. 2. I don't like format this guy picked, it's similar to "Cinema Sins", picking out every little thing, no matter how trivial or forced. It's not meaningful discussion, it's nitpicking. 3. But overall: yes, Flynn isn't perfect. Some decisions he made are controversial, especially during his early days. Sometimes he was just following orders from editors, we'll never know for sure which ones. Most broad criticism is that Flynn torched old Archie in order to mold it into his image. I do agree it wasn't the most tasteful way, but ultimately it was quickest way to get comics into better direction. I mean quality jump between 159 and 160 is so high, it's worth all the nitpick this guy has.
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    Is this yet another retro SEGA property being being licensed out to third third party, sometimes indie developers, to produce sequels and remakes? We've had Shenmue 3, Wonder Boy, Wonder Boy again by a totally unrelated studio, Streets of Rage 4, Alex Kids and Panzer Dragoon so far, now House of the Dead too. SEGA are just giving licensing out all these IPs that they don't seem to have any interest in keeping alive, and the results have been very varied. This is actually by the same developer as the PD remake so my expectations aren't super high, unfortunately. Still... Cool that this is a thing, I guess? And when is SEGA going to license out Jet Set Radio to someone? I'm willing to take a gamble on it potentially being trash if it means the series gets to live again.
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    Considering that the game was being charged for a full on $60.00, it definitely earned some ire. You come at us with a AAA price, then you better deliver something good. The higher you charge versus how bad a game turns out to be, can be quite influential of its rating. Balan Wonderworld got exactly what it deserved.
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    A fair point, but consider how much higher a profile (and budget!) Balan must have versus your average shovelware. Squandering those arguably makes it a far bigger flop than your average bad game; or at the very least, it makes it natural that it should receive so much more negative attention.
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    "It's kind of like what they did to classic Star Trek episodes" oh you mean that thing everybody hates? Ok.
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    Is Sega intentionally shipteasing us?

    Sonic shared Elise's affection and clearly does share Amy's attraction in pretty much every modern portrayal. I don't get where this "He's Asexual" thing comes from honestly. There's a difference between not being super interested in serious relationships and being Ace.
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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #157: System Shutdown This is a wonderful recreation of that one render of Shadow from Shadow the Hedgehog. Obviously, he doesn’t have a gun in his hand because that would be stupid and look desperate and ridiculous on the front cover of a Sonic the Hedgehog comic book. Then again, this being the era of Penders, I still wouldn’t be surprised if they went for it. This issue has quite a lot wrong with it in the dialogue department. The actual events that are transpiring are honestly mostly fine, if not a bit hastily handled for the sake of getting from point A to point B. However, the dialogue is atrocious and flat out ridiculous to the point of being funny at times. I almost fell over reading Rotor’s dialogue during the page where Eggman first landed and he was talking about treating him like any other guest because he wasn’t being outwardly hostile yet. What was Rotor going to do if he just whipped out a ray gun and disintegrated somebody? Would he be like, “Okay NOW we can fight him”. In any normal circumstances, yes, attacking someone who isn’t being hostile isn’t the right thing to do but I feel like circumstances are very much not normal when that person is a war monger that’s already skedaddled past hostility on multiple fronts up to that point with you all. At the very least, restrain him before you hear him out. Obviously he wouldn’t do this if it weren’t for an important reason but to be so weirdly lax about Robo-Hitler strolling into your backyard for a cup of sugar is insanely odd. Sonic X - Issue #28: Green-Eyed Monster, Part 1 This cover is a bit of an odd-ball one for me. There’s nothing wrong with it, technically, but I guess I’ve been so used to the heavy detail of the other covers being more in my face as opposed to transparent and way in the background that it feels slightly underwhelming to me. That makes me feel bad seeing as how it can’t have been easy making those schematics behind Sonic there. I am interested in re-reading this one though as I recall there being a two part story that got a bit more serious than these books usually did, though, still with that twinge of Sonic X ridiculousness that I love. That was rather underwhelming as an issue in and of itself but, again, the point was to build up to the second part which I at least remember liking quite a bit. That doesn’t excuse it of course. Lead up issues are usually some of the most fun for me usually but this was incredibly jumbled and padded out with a bunch of splash pages of fighting. It makes me wonder how the second part will hold up on revisit. I can see why I didn’t initially remember this particular issue though. Not much happened in it. It jumps around quite a lot and you can tell it’s hurrying as fast as it can to get to the ending page spread. The fact that Eggman just has six Chaos Emeralds without any fanfare right after a story where he got done being a wrestler just kind of says it all. They followed up one of the best issues of the book with one of the more mundane ones. Sometimes it be like that though. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #158: System Reconfiguration I don’t want to say that the best thing on this cover is the little Eggman pin that says “Touch Me and I’ll Sue” but it kind of is. Don’t take that the wrong way though. I think this cover is really cool. Setting things up like a fighting poster is always a good way to get the blood pumping. It helps a lot that it’s drawn so well. Thank goodness the era of ugly as sin covers is pretty much over after this point, give or take a few that may slip through the cracks. Every time I hear the phrase “Fight Night” I can’t stop thinking of that awful scene with Jesse Eisenberg Lex Luthor talking about Batman and Superman fighting while he’s on the roof. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. It was bad. Ron Lim’s art continues to assault the eyes and it’s even worse now that I know he CAN do better so now I’m taking the horrible art as a personal offense. Neo Metal Sonic being reduced to this doesn’t satisfy me as a fan of Heroes and with regards to the unnecessary change in his story within the books, it barely registers as something that makes sense. The design of Neo Metal Sonic does not jell with his origin as a robot created by the heroes and it sticks out so much that he’s been reduced to just a grain of sand amongst a bunch of other identical grains of sand, fated to get washed away by the ocean next issue and then forgotten about. What else would you expect from yet, another one of the GREATEST THREATS WE’VE YET FACED?!!! Next week, I’ve got a really busy time ahead of me because not only am I covering the last Ken Penders led issue of this book (FUCKING FINALLY) but I’ll be covering the first issue of Ian’s run on the book. It’s about to get BEEFY and insanely nostalgic for yours truly. Stay tuned.
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    Ken Penders loves comics so much he's just deciding to fuck off from them forever. I do wonder if he's been shopping the Lost One's around but nobody would take it so he just said "Screw it! It's a novel now!"
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    [ARTWORK] Milo's Museum

    Dedede stuff. Both of the following pieces are also thumbnail art for my Smash Bros. Ultimate montages, linked below! Dededisaster Dominoes. The dominoes theme is due to its associated Ultimate montage being a gag reel clip show (and similar to Dedede's dash attack). The Funky Dededealer. Art is influenced from Jet Set Radio (Future), and the Ultimate montage is set to Funky Dealer from the JSRF soundtrack. This one is more of an overtly silly montage, containing jokes/memes throughout. OC stuff. The following two are based on just one. Prudence, featuring Dewey. He's the first of my lad OCs (Frail did get one earlier, although he was a snowman) portraits; moreso, he currently has a...very different design compared to his previous appearances. You can see Dewey's entire outfit in Dewey Treble below.
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    Dr. Mechano

    Is Sega intentionally shipteasing us?

    I wasn't aware this was a popular fan-pairing at all, especially since Maria is Eggman's very dead cousin. That said, I honestly don't see anything official in the way of Sonic/Blaze. I saw their friendship in Sonic Rush as just that; A friendship, where Blaze begins to learn to trust and rely on others. Call me crazy, but I think two people can be close friends and enjoy one another's company without it being romantic in nature. Until Sega actually gives us direct romantic hints, though, I'm honestly not convinced this is their intention to go with the characters. Neither of them have expressed or otherwise hinted at having feelings for one another, so it seems like a fan assumption that gained mass popularity, and nothing more.
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