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    Chauvin guilty on all three counts.

    Chauvin guilty on all three counts.
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    Chauvin has been declared guilty. Good.
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    The Deleter

    Movie Knuckles Sighted 😳

    Movie Knuckles Sighted 😳
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    I also hope he keeps the voice (from the post credits scene). I know he was clearly impersonating Mike Pollock and that's nothing original, but fuck me if that wasn't great. "-C'mon, that's hilarious!"
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    Please stop giving trash YouTubers the attention they don't deserve.
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    Video of Eggman in the air.: Also, Donut Lord and Pretzel Lady reunited together.:
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    You managed to get through the worst era of the comics in one piece, congrats! It's been a long, long time coming, but Penders is finally out of the picture! Let's celebrate with a final rounding out of thoughts on his bullshit. I've a lot to say so I'll leave my thoughts on #160 for another post, lets make this one a final outing for Ken. I actually didn't know that Ian had to spruce up this script before leaving, and I'm just imagining him knocking his head against a table, trying his damnest to at least imply Sonic isn't this gigantic asshat. I could see him adding things like the "You know me better than that" to try to say - "Of course Sonic wouldn't just leave an injured Hope there!", but like, there's only so much you can do when Penders has stacked the deck so far in the direction of jerkass Sonic. What frustrates me is - in my opinion at least - this is severely out of character for Eggman. If the Neo Metal Sonic legion was directly targeting him at the moment, I could absolutely see him panicking, or at least being nervous (Think how Eggman and Wily were ridiculously panicked in Worlds Collide when Sonic and Mega Man began turning the tide on the Roboticised Masters, and the two doctors had to literally begin denying a potential failure on the horizon, because they know how these things usually turned out). Eggman IMO would not be sitting here trying to bolster up the GREATEST THREAT THEY'VE YET FACED!!! - and complaining about how he had nothing to do with it, he'd be using it to bolster his own ego. He'd be talking about how - of course the Metal Sonic Squadron is out of control, those Knothole hacks attempted to steal his genius designs, his ingenuity! While Eggman is so clever, and so smart as to have protocols in place to ensure Metal Sonic remains loyal to him, those idiot inventors over at Knothole couldn't even keep a few tin-cans in line! Hell, Eggman would probably be laughing about how Knothole deserves this fate for stealing an Eggman concept (despite the pathetically lame excuse that Eggman doesn't have a claim to the concept). Just...imagine if this was written by a competent writer. Like imagine Ian writing this story arc, knowing full well he was going to portray Max as the absolute scumbag he actually is later down the line. Imagine the actual potential here. Given that Rotor and Max were forced to make these robots by Max, you could've easily used this to show that in some ways, King Max and Eggman aren't so different, especially as warring factions. The Kingdom of Acorn is always portrayed as the morally upright group fighting against the evil Eggman, but imagine the potential if Max had forced the Knothole inventors to build this squadron of Sonics as his new secret weapon, a literal army of obedient robots, as strong, as fast, and as capable as Sonic himself, all under King Acorn's beck and call. Imagine the irony of the "morally upright" side being the one to betray the image of their greatest hero, betray the mourning and trust of their princess, and betray quite a few of the values they're supposed to uphold. Imagine the fallout of this under a more competent writer. Imagine Sally finding out that during a time of severe heartbreak and pain for her, her father had secretly commissioned war machines in her dead boyfriend's image to go out and wage war on whoever Max damn well pleased. Imagine Sally finding that out and saying enough was enough and cutting ties with Max once and for all. Imagine Eggman getting a fucking kick out of the "morally heroic Freedom Fighters" taking a page out of his book and creating loyal robotic killing machines, capable of forcing anyone into line if they disagreed with Max. Imagine Sonic realising that the king he fought so long to save and protect had officially lost his fucking mind and did something like this. Like we all joke about this being the GREATEST THREAT THEY'VE YET FACED!!!! - but under a competent writer - yeah - it legit could have been. Imagine the Neo Metal Sonics being as strong, as fast, and as capable of the regular Sonic due to being designed by Charles and Rotor knowing Sonic a lot more than Eggman. Imagine a Iron NICOLE scenario where A.D.A.M discovers and takes control of them all, using them to utterly destroy Knothole, and then reveal that Max was the one who commissioned them with the intent of winning the war with them, and using them to ensure no one else would fuck with the Kingdom of Acorn, forcing a mourning Charles to do it as well. Imagine Sonic and Shadow having to fight tooth and nail together in order to put them down, but still not being able to save a large chunk of Knothole. Imagine Eggman using this to further convince Shadow that the Kingdom of Acorn is corrupt, and Shadow made the right decision to work with Eggman! There's so much that could've been done here!! This could've legitimately been a massive game-changing arc, a huge turning point in the war where Eggman gets a massive win on the Kingdom of Acorn without trying, simply because a power-hungry Max had decided he was going to step his game up. Imagine seeing this legitimately paid off with Sonic, Sally, and the Freedom Fighters realising that the Kingdom of Acorn isn't as different from Eggman as they were lead to believe, and becoming completely and totally disillusioned with it. Imagine that whole metal ceremony again where Elias and Max and everyone has set up this whole song and dance to "award" Sonic (apologise for screwing with his image), only instead - Sonic doesn't show up. Charles and his family could be at the ceremony, wondering where he is, but Charles has a look of total guilt, knowing he hurt his nephew by taking part in this affair. The final pages of the issue could be something like Sonic inside the abandoned Freedom HQ, looking around and realising that this is what he and his friends spent so long fighting for, a corrupt kingdom that's doing shady bullshit that's just as bad, if not even worse than Eggman. If you want to be more optimistic, perhaps have the other Freedom Fighters show up, realising the same thing, but also showing that despite their utter disgust with what Max did, they'll still continue to fight for what they believe is right, not what the Kingdom of Acorn believes is right. Like, this whole deal with the Neo Metal Sonics, and their true creators should be a really big deal, and yet it's practically all shrugged off. It's amazing how much of a waste it is. God, I hate this story arc. This honestly remains as one of the most infamous moments of bullshit for me with Penders. Like the most blatant attempt to turn Shadow into Knuckles 2.0 after the fact. It's time for Shadow to begin discovering his random magical mystical chaos bullshit! First off, let's not ignore the fact that this is not Chaos Control, Ken. Chaos Control is an ability in which the user uses a Chaos Emerald to warp time and space in different ways, let it be via teleportation, freezing time, or ripping open portals in time/space itself. Chaos Control is just not a catch-all term for "doing whatever you damn well please". This is on the level of the DBZ Big Green dub being convinced that literally every. single. attack. is a Kamehameha somehow. Kaioken? Kamehameha. Going Super Saiyan? Kamehameha! Final Flash? Kamehameha! This is only slightly better than the 4Kids X dub being convinced that Chaos Control is the name of Eggman's base in the first 10-15 episodes or so. Secondly, I hate the usage here. It's literally just a Deus Ex Machina button. Shadow gets to stop big threats. Why? Uh, uh, Chaos Control! Sonic is getting his ass utterly beaten by these robots and yet Shadow just magics them away. What an utterly wasteful, lame, and lazy excuse. Just like Chaos Knuckles and the rest of that bullshit. God, I am so thankful Ken just fucked off after this. We dodged multiple bullets here. Again, just imagine if this was written by someone better. This whole ceremony could've been a sham, an attempt by Elias (Actually Max - who convinced Elias) to make a big showing of Sonic as their greatest hero in order to both try to get Sonic back on their side, and to appease the public who now know that their king isn't a particularly good person. It would actually fit then. This isn't a ceremony to promote Sonic and give him this big hero's celebration, it's a sham. A senseless, pathetic attempt to save face. They do it, and invite Sonic, assuming he'd attend, but Sonic doesn't. I hate this, there's so much potential here to have Sonic finally go closer to his game counterpart by calling into question how good this "authority" is, and they just don't. The perfect set-up for this scenario and Penders plays it straight because god forbid he actually say "No, Max was wrong, completely and entirely". No, no. Sonic goes along with it because "GoOd iNtEnTiOnS!!!!!!. I'm so sick of this, how many times do we have to do this song and dance? No, good intentions doesn't excuse you from being an absolute shit. Especially when your "good intentions" are very likely not good. Literally so much of Penders' absolute bullshit can be summed up with: I love how Ian just got rid of the whole Gentlemen at Arms thing like...three issues later? It's just great how Penders' last big "hoorah" that would've made Sonic an official part of the Acorn Kingdom's authority was just no-sold. I said it once, but I'll say it again - this is just absolutely awful, on all fronts. I sincerely hate everything about it. Ignore the obvious fact that Charles is being a massive creep and pulling a Locke by spying on Shadow (sounds familiar, doesn't it?) - but let's look at this from another angle. Sir Charles - on the orders of Max - made a legion of robotic killing machines, using his supposedly dead nephew's image. The same man who expressed deep guilt and sorrow for his role in creating the Roboticiser and enabling Eggman's takeover. The man who was one of the few good parental figures in the series, who always cared for Sonic, and the Freedom Fighters, and here he is, having been ordered to shit on his dead nephew's image. Does Charles show remorse for this betrayal? Guilt? Nope! "YoU hAvE yOuR sEcReTs, aNd wE hAvE oUrS, bEtTeR iT sHoUlD sTaY tHaT wAy!!!!!!". He acts like this is a good thing, that this horrible thing he did to his nephew, and then kept a secret from him, and said secret then biting them ALL on the ass and attacking them all was somehow a good thing! It cannot be said just how much damage Penders did to Charles as a character before he finally pissed off. So much so that I think this should be imagined as non-canon because even in a single issue, it portrays Charles as a selfish prick who abused his dead nephew's standing and image to create an army of killer robots, and when it all backfired on them, he couldn't even show any remote remorse for it and acts as if it's somehow a good thing. BECAUSE ONCE AGAIN: I don't even have anything to say on the backup story because it's just generic set-up for shit that doesn't happen. Can essentially sum it up with "I'm sure he wouldn't pay off the set-up anyway, so bleh". Right, now let's get into the plans he had. I've already spoken at length about a few of them so I'll just go over ones I don't think I spoke about. First things first, I want to point out - Sally was actually fairly popular in the 90s. SEGA was more loose with continuities back then so they had no problem marketing the hell out of SatAM. Sally herself got a fair amount of merchandise and even a mascot outfit at a SEGA park, so yeah - it kind of makes sense why SEGA didn't want her killed off. They were still using her quite a bit back then. Secondly - imagine the horrid timeline where Sally was killed off and replaced with King Acorn entirely. It really goes to show how much Penders didn't care about Sally whatsoever, despite his claims to the contrary. He tried to kill her off and when it didn't work, he used her as a simple mouthpiece to either try to show her as a whiny spoilt brat who King Acorn would have to put into line, or a mouthpiece to defend King Acorn's increasingly awful actions. Bollers and editorial didn't do her many favours, but I will always take their take over what Penders gave us. How would this story even play out exactly? Like, Rotor sends Nicole back in time to prevent the destruction of the world, somehow...but Nicole allows the actions that Rotor and Cobar pins on Sonic to still happen? Did Penders just forget that Nicole was around for things he tried to blame Sonic for? Did he not realise it would mean jack shit? Also, I disagree with this being an issue where stuff happens because...it just wouldn't. Sonic goes back to the past and can't change anything, he returns and they send Nicole back...who still does nothing to change the past. It's the exact same as literally every other M25YL story, nothing happens, no one has agency, no one does shit, and we're expected to pretend it's somehow progress. I never thought I'd say it - but I think even this would be too petty for Eggman. When Eggman tries to personally screw with someone's life, it's typically because he perceives someone to have wronged him in some way, even utterly tiny and miniscule. For example - back when he had Nack attempt to kill Mina because he got her songs stuck in his head and took it as a personal attack. Was it petty and pathetic? Yes. Would it totally fit for Eggman to be that petty? Absolutely. Here, he'd just straight up be a cartoon villain, sending his robots to screw around with Charles' date for the kicks of it essentially. I could maybe see him do it if it meant somehow messing with Sonic in the process, but idk - it feels really silly for Eggman to concentrate his efforts into commanding his most powerful robot commanders to do something as silly as ruin a date. It feels a bit contrived. Oh hey look, it's Ken Penders' attempts to ruin my favourite Archie Sonic character, again! Hooray! Let's ignore the blatant hypocrisy at play that Penders has temper tantrums whenever someone else wanted to use his characters in their stories, but yet here he is blatantly misunderstanding Mina and Ash's characterisation (Ash wants nothing more than Mina's safety, why would he tease her about not charging head-long into danger? Mina on the other hand knows she's not good as a Freedom Fighter, but is exceptionally good at building morale and provide levity for those who can fight). There's so much wrong with the bare concept of the plotline that I don't even know what else to say. I don't believe these characters would do these things. He's blatantly ignoring their development (Amy especially, given she is an official Freedom Fighter at this point). Where the fuck would Ash even have a leg to stand in this debate? He isn't a Freedom Fighter, he doesn't risk his life, he's a manager. It's not only blatantly out of character, it doesn't make sense. Also, Amy too. Not only because she's already completed her arc, proven her worth, and became a official Freedom Fighter, but Amy could probably still handle Nic and Rouge easily lol. She's practically as good a fighter with her Piko Hammer as Knuckles. The idea that she still feels the need to prove herself to a fucking band manager of all people, plus would need Sonic and Sally's help in dealing with Nic the freaking Weasel is beyond ridiculous. Pretty much the only idea I think could've worked here, although definitely not under Penders. That said though, I'm kind of glad it didn't. Jules' robot design is really neat and unique IMO, especially when all of the Mobians were deroboticised. I really liked it when Jon Grey gave Jules that hat and scarf. Idk, there's just something neat about Sonic's dad being a robot, but still continuing on and doing his best for his son that's both unique, and fun IMO. This one just makes me laugh for two reasons. 1. His ideas for Antoine and Bunnie were just awful. Imagine after all of the frustrating, bullshit drama we had to deal with between Sonic's return and Patch's reveal. We finally get them back together, and he wants to stretch the whole thing out for nearly 40 issues. Imagine the landmark issue of a Sonic the Hedgehog comic being a wedding of all things. God, imagine the awful things Penders would've done for drama too. I absolutely bet that he was gonna have Evil Sonic and Bunnie's relationship revealed to Antoine and we'd be shown first hand about the horrendous bullshit about Antoine needing to "forgive" Bunnie for it, despite the fact that Bunnie was manipulated into it. The very thought of Antoine having to "forgive" her for what happened to Bunnie being actual drama material disgusts me to my very core. 2. The idea of Snively doing this is absolutely laughable. Unless I'm mistaken, the last time we even saw him was when he originally joined the Freedom Fighters, and there, he had a very devious "Does this mean you trust me?" line. So now we expect that the self-serving guy who's only ever been self-serving is suddenly so good, and so selfless that he'd allow himself to die to pull this off? Really?? I'm just also going to save myself some time and say the following issue plan was dumb too. Sonic is broken up over Snively's death? Really? He's blaming the other Freedom Fighters because Snively died? Give me a fucking break. Oh yes, wonderful. Let's add someone else to the list of characters who get to pull rank on Sally and overwrite her authority. Sonic. Sonic. The guy who doesn't like coming up with plans and likes just working in the heat of the moment, he is the guy who now gets to overwrite Sally's authority. Yeah, here's how this should go. Sally issues a command to the Freedom Fighters in the midst of battle, Sonic attempts to overwrite her command, and yet can't actually come up with a plan of attack, and the others would laugh off the idea of taking commands from Sonic. That's not a knock on Sonic, but come. on. Sonic is not the tactician, he has never been the tactician, he goes in and works in the heat of the moment, and that's because he's fast enough to do that. The whole point of Sonic and Sally's dynamic is that Sonic is hasty, while Sally is a tactician. Both approaches have their merits, but the dynamic breaks when you remove Sally from the equation and suddenly decide Sonic should be some commander issuing out orders to the FF as if they were his personal battle squadron. At best, if this came up - I'd imagine a quick joke between Sonic and Sally where Sonic says something like "Heh, guess this means I don't have to listen to your orders anymore!" and Sally replies with a half-joking "When have you ever listened to my orders?". Just a quick mention of it where Sonic teases that while he'd technically hold rank over her, he doesn't actually care, because he never cared for authority anyways. I'm so happy that Ian got rid of the Gentleman at Arms shit three issues into his run. So, let me get this straight. Evil Sonic is going around, doing bad things and blaming Sonic for it. And instead of Sonic just stopping him, he needs to provoke a fight? What?? Why does Evil Sonic need to initiate the fight!? When has that ever stopped Sonic?! THE DUDE IS LITERALLY IMPERSONATING YOU AGAIN!! JUST STOP HIM!! WHAT IS THIS?! So, yet again - our heroic Sonic decides to be just as awful as Evil Sonic. He treats women as objects, people to be manipulated in order to get what he wants, with zero regard to their feelings, thoughts, or how it might effect them. Sure, Rouge would probably not care and go along with it, but that isn't the point. The point is Sonic is doing a horrible fucking thing. He would not only be manipulating Rouge to provoke someone, he'd also be cheating on Fiona while he's at it. It's funny for how much Ken likes to claim he's a feminist and how he tried to push for strong female representation, he has zero fucking issues having the heroes of the book use and manipulate them as simple objects without thoughts and feelings of their own in order to achieve their own random goals. This is disgusting. Utterly disgusting on all fucking fronts. And if this issue happened, I would be done. Archie Sonic would be an absolute scumbag of a character. This isn't a thing heroic characters do, this is villainous. Downright villainous, and it's no better than what Evil Sonic did. What a absolute trash-pit of an idea. Oh look at that. Yet another contrived reason to get Sonic and Knuckles into a fight, who would've thought. I guess with Shadow taking temporary leave, we had to find someone else to pick up the slack with pointless random fights. Let's ignore the fact Knuckles and the Chaotix have been working with the Freedom Fighters for ages. What is there even to say? You summed it up perfectly, I don't think Knuckles would care. If Station Square had actively invaded then and there and got away with the Master Emerald - then sure. But if that was the case, there is zero way a properly written Sonic would side with Station Square, he'd be helping Knuckles get it back. It's just contrived. Contrived garbage for the sake of making up contrived conflicts. It's amazing just how many bullets we actually dodged with Penders' leaving. Like seriously, it's downright amazing. Instead of the amazing revival and reinvention of this series Ian Flynn gave us, we could've had more and more of this absolute garbage. Out of all of these ideas, the only one I say is even feasibly alright is the one involving Jules, and even then, I sure as hell wouldn't trust Penders to do it any kind of justice. All of these ideas are just terrible, absolutely terrible. Filled with all of the awful tropes Penders' was infamous for during his tenure, and even some of those tropes are brought to their absolute extreme of horrendous here. But, that's all the more reason to be thankful these are scrapped plans, because Penders would never get the chance to use them. He left over SEGA not sharing the plans for Shadow the Hedgehog, and they took a chance on Ian Flynn, and that gamble paid off big-time. A new era has opened up for the Archie Sonic series, a new era that is consistently good all the way up to the end. The dark age was absolutely horrendous, but now it's time for a new dawn...
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    My latest pixel art:
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    Police Brutality Thread

    Chauvin was just convicted on all three counts he was charged with. 2nd degree murder, 3rd degree murder and manslaughter.
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    Got my first shot. Yay
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    GUN SOLDIERS! https://twitter.com/Kitsuoi1/status/1384549303004241920?s=20 And they are based on their design from Shadow the Hedgehog!
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    The Spider-Man Raimi trilogy definitely still holds up to this day. Not just as silly camp affair, but as one of, if not the best translation to live action for Spider-Man. Topher Grace notwithstanding, the casting was on point for it, and even at its worst in 3, it still does provide thought provoking character work and writing.
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    I mean...I get it. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the sentiment, but you make it sound like people outside the chain of operations had direct control over those decisions over cartoon characters. They didn’t. Maybe the directors and higher ups were heavily influenced by said culture, but they could just as easily have decided “Nah, we’re not doing that shit.” It’s not like anyone’s rights have been violated here. As far as the topic goes, yeah Cancel Culture can be destructive: taking comments out of context, or intentionally twisting words to mean something offensive just so people have an excuse to throw tantrums, or trying to interfere in something that they weren’t the target audience of to begin with leading to the end of something. But these problems have been around even before it was called “cancel culture” to begin with, and the funny irony about this is that backlash is often just as quick to fight back, as in the case of the very examples laid out. But it would be far better if we had cases of things where “Cancel Culture” actually destroyed innocuous things.
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    Stop falling for bad youtuber bait videos. Just like, stop watching his videos. It's going to be a mix of rumour and bad faith speculations. For the record, no, Flynn can't "bring back the Freedom Fighters any time", because Sega won't let that happen, because it's not the direction they want for the brand. It's legally allowed (in that Sega owns the cartoons) and corporatively forbidden (in that they're just plain not interested in using this stuff, similarly to how, dunno, Capcom owns Street Fighter but wouldn't have Chun-Li in Archie Mega Man). When Ian says they might come back, it's because given enough time, there's always the chance for a change in who in Sega is giving orders and a new person popping in who'd allow it. Related, latest Bumblekast has this as the first question- "Is there any chance that the Archie Sonic characters might show up in idw sonic?" With the comically terse (kinda rare for Ian) answer of just plain "No." and moving on to the next question. Leaving mention of it here to underline what was talked here before of "if the Freedom Fighters DID return, they'd be based on SatAM, because anything Archie is gone".
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    Maybe it's just a personal thing, but listening to the SA2 soundtrack never fails to lift my mood when I'm feeling down.
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    Deep cuts aren't about removals they're using more obscure pieces of work.
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    I agree that they need to tackle the Echidna story arc first before they dive into Shadow the Hedgehog's backstory. There's just too much with Shadow's backstory that you can't explain in one movie where another character, like Knuckles and Tails, are set to debut. I just hope that the sequel actually attempts to explain these fanservice characters, like G.U.N and Knuckles, instead of just shoving them into the film just because they are fan favorite characters. There are still a lot of movie goers who have never played a Sonic game before and therefore, don't know who these characters are. So, the film would need to do a good job at developing these characters for the audience to get into.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Congrats Dr Detective Mike. You've waded through a lot of crap but hopefully, it was all worth it. But y'know, perhaps Penders isn't all bad? I mean, wouldn't the IDW run be so much better if Sonic was trying to mack out on Tangle, Whisper, Blaze, and Rouge behind Amy's back? Wouldn't the action scenes be so much better with unnceccesary, verbose, word salad paragraphs to accompany them? Wouldn't you want Knuckles to start brawling with Sonic after arriving on Angel Island during the Metal Virus arc, rather than working together? Wouldn't that be so much better?
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    We got our first look of Dr. Eggman on set. It's weird we never see set pictures of Jim Carrey as him for the previous one.:
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    Got my first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine a few hours ago. Thankfully no major symptoms, besides my arm being a bit sore.
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    New photos.: Also, here is a reply from one of the people who had something to talk about the guy in the air.:
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    Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Movie Megathread

    Seems like, whatever the plot, this film's gonna be even more chock full of fanservice references than the last film.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    I was going to post this in the other thread but it's not 2019 anymore. What do you see as the most likely new entries for Sonic by 2021? In other words, predict (based on the loads on evidence we have now 😉) what direction you really think the next title(s) will go in. For me, I'll do this in ascending order: 3) Sonic Forces Sequel: Forces was released to mediocre reviews and many diehard fans didnt seem to like it at all. However, it seemed to do okay with sales. Whatever ST has been working on, if development started last year I dont think they would be building something from scratch unless they had a lot of confidence. I think they might prefer to iterate on the things that have worked for them recently, including some elements of Forces which were received positively and just refine further. 2) Sonic Adventure remake: SEGA knows its diehard fans of the 2000s era have been wanting some more adventure love for a long time now. Sonic Adventure was an impressive debut back in 1998 and though it aged poorly, many of Sonics competitors have been remaking games lately. The conditions are ripe to try this formula again and refine its rougher parts. Iizuka has also expressed interest in this and said he would revisit the style of game when interest climbed high enough. I do not, however, think there is likely to be a game called Sonic Adventure 3. Definitely not now. 1) An all new 3D title: After the success of Mania, ST were shocked to see how successful the original formula still was. The games was the most popular release in 20 years and had them investigating why it did so well and how they could incorporate elements of it in their next 3D title (I forgot the exact interview but they have clearly been watching the success of Mania). I think they will actually try another reboot of 3D Sonic, probably not in a major way like Boom, but I do think they will try to reintroduce that style to 3D in some capacity....a new era so to speak with a different style. I also think they will try to incorporate some elements from Sonic Adventure. I dont know the marketing angle but it could be a way to move forward with just one Sonic in a major 3D title. If Mania gets a sequel it will probably follow this title in close proximity. I also suspect theyve wanted to do this for years now but they didnt have their ideas worked out fully and released Forces instead. I think we'll start to hear about the direction, whatever it is, sometime this spring.
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    The irony of Chauvin being convicted on Hitler's birthday is delicious and hilarious. XD
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    I honestly can't be bothered to watch the video because a channel that appears dedicated to hating Ian is not going to be honest about what information they're presenting anyway. The way comic sales are tracked is a little different. I don't know about that particular letter, but I assume it's reflecting K-Mart's sales specifically, but K-Mart is a different entity from the Direct Market, which is what Diamond distributes through and where comic book stores order their supplies. DM, from what I understood a few years ago, works on a pre-order system and the number of units shipped out are the total sales of a given book every month. It's also why variant covers are more common these days; it's more units produced in a smaller amount that requires a store to order more copies to get them so that raises the overall number of units sold, so stores mark up the variants because of this. Archie even tried a particularly stupid version of this one year where they published additional endings for variants just to try to get people to buy multiple copies. It blew up in their faces, and I for one was happy about that. Stores like K-Mart, Wal-Mart, various bookstores etc. are not a part of the Direct Market, so their sales numbers are different. Archie books (not exclusively Sonic) traditionally sold better in newsstands from what I remember and they also sold their own books through subscriptions. I don't know how easy it is to normally track those numbers; I believe Archie used to publish sales information annually in the Sonic books that probably gives a better picture of their distribution than Comicchron (which tracks only the direct market) does. 1994 is also the peak of Sonic's original popularity so I think it's fair to say it's not surprising a kids book based on the character would sell well in places kids were more likely to get their comics at the time (which also happened to be a place Sonic games were sold at the time). While it's impressive that Sonic outsold a Marvel book one month, this is only accounting for K-Mart's sales numbers. It's not indicative of any other stores or the direct market. Maybe that was a decent time for the book since it was early on and Sonic 3 had just come out but I don't think it was the norm. If Ken Penders is reliable about some of his old accounts, it was actually a big deal when Wal-Mart stopped carrying comic books for a time in the late 90s because that probably affected Archie's bottom line worse than other publishers. Penders actually blamed this happening for the Knuckles book being cancelled, and while I don't doubt this affected several plans and it's why the Sonic Adventure arc is even weirder than it already was, the book also typically didn't sell well in general and certainly not as well as the mainline Sonic book. I'm willing to admit I don't know all the specifics, so this is more of a surface understanding I have from things I've read or heard over the years. Regardless, I don't think videos like the ones you keep linking are really worth much or any consideration because they seem like they're just looking for anything that supports a point they want to make.
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    More filming. Tom yelled Sonic. Going to assume that this is going to be a scene after Eggman kidnap Sonic.:
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    Do you think that with all the movie photos we are getting of the Sonic Movie sequel, the sequel will be darker in tone due to introducing G.U.N?
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    This unironically slaps. I'd binge Mania Adventures in a heartbeat if it was more like this.
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    No Way Home is looking pretty interesting.
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    I don't know how necessary it is to have multiple threads dogging on some nobody critics. Even if they are questionable with their opinions.
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    The military/government was involved in the first movie, so it makes sense to rebrand them as GUN and throw them into the fray in the second. Doubly so when you consider that they cut ties with Eggman, which likely means they will be one of the first to butt heads with him whenever he makes it back to Earth. Tanks means bigger explosions and more action, so I'm down for this. I'm also starting the countdown for GUN Truck vs. Eggman's Galvatron re-skin. I wanna see two Semi's ramming each other on the highway, while both chasing Sonic.
  33. 1 point
    Found some more set photos.: These photos were taken by Fenrir Wolf from TailsChannel. You can find more by clicking the link on this tweet.:
  34. 1 point
    I'd really love to play all those old Dreamcast (and maybe Saturn) games one day. Perhaps in some kind of a collection. One that isn't just the same old 2D classics re-released over and over again as a result.
  35. 1 point
    Idk. Ken is so focused on the future that he can't work on the present.
  36. 1 point
    Never heard of this guy, but I have heard this silly little "gotcha" before and sorry, killing off someone like Connery doesn't show contempt for Archie. To even imply that Connery is some beloved old guard character who was on anyone's radar before Ian took up the pen is a bad faith argument. To bring back someone like Crocbot, and especially the horse paladin requires a level of nerdy investment and respect for old Archie most people probably don't have. I can respect a writer who takes a look at a one-off thrown away character like that and says "I'm gonna make them care about this horse... when I turn him to glue." Like is it reasonable to be mad he killed off the horse knight, when he's the only reason the horse knight's here in the first place?
  37. 1 point


    Chamomile #209
  38. 1 point
    Ian Flynn isn't perfect. He makes mistakes and he knows it, some stuff he made were controversial and so on. And I say it as a fan of Ian. Dillin seems to be very nitpicky, judgemental and somewhat sympathetic to the "Anti-Flynn" guys and girls who think that Flynn Just wants to destroy Sally Acorn and the legacy of the old american Western Sonic canon. In the end it's just badly disguised shipping wars.
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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #159: System Reboot This cover, when I first saw it out of context, both excited and confused me. I know the context now and it just makes me roll my eyes but at the time I did wonder if there were a bunch of mass produced Neo Metal Sonics in a Sonic story out there somewhere and I was missing something good. These covers are also extremely deceptive with how well drawn they are. Looking at them, you wouldn’t know that they look like ass inside. Good thing we’re one issue away where the cover art will no longer be this blatant in its deceptive advertising. That’s a cute little “Go Team” logo there. Anyway, the big thing to talk about here is the fact that this is the last issue that Ken Penders is going to lead for us. After this, Ian Flynn’s extremely lucky big break will have gone through thanks to the editor looking for a chance to spice things up and being willing (and crazy enough) to take chances. It paid off in ways I wouldn’t even know how grateful I would be at the time but that’s another thing to go into. Right now, we’ve got a swan ugly duckling song for Ken Penders to get to. With that story over, it’s time to look into the “What could have been” concerning Ken Penders and his weird, gross, awful shit. Oh boy! Ken Penders’ Unused Story Ideas So, surprising no one, Ken had some things that “sadly” had to be left on the cutting room floor when someone who wasn’t insane and obsessed with Nazis came in to take his place. I’m going to cover almost all of the ones I could find due to how much they interest me personally because of how much they speak to the inner workings of this weird alien man. I’m also going to touch upon things that he wanted to do before he left as well, so prepare to take a trip down memory lane of stories that we’ve already covered too. That truly is it. I gave my thoughts on Ken Penders’ last issue as well as my thoughts on all the stupid shit he was going to do if he continued from 160 onward. Thus, I have closed the book on not only all the Archie Sonic comics I have never read before but the ones I DID previously read from #142 to #159 and never had the full context for. I can officially say that I’ve read all the stuff from before #160 now, including all the mini-series’ and the Super Specials. I will never do this again and I would not recommend it to anyone else either. I’m immensely proud of myself for having done it, sure, but when all's said and done, if I hadn’t been doing this retrospective for you all to see my thoughts there would have been almost no point to it other than recontextualizing what my thoughts and feelings on future stories were going to be. Granted, an argument can be made for the merit behind that as well. In fact, I feel excellent knowing that I’m going into the Ian run with new information regarding these characters so that I can fully understand where they came from and how much better they’re going to be. So, I guess it WAS worth it but it still feels weird to say considering all the intense amount of bullshit I had to put up with. If it wasn’t offensive, it was boring. If it wasn’t boring, it was lazy. If it wasn’t lazy, it was busy being ugly and hard to look at on top of being really horrendously, badly written from top to bottom. Every once in a while I’d find a good story to latch onto but it was way fewer and far between then I should have been for a book that had lasted #159 issues and some change up to that point. It wasn’t just Ken Penders of course. Our boy, Karl Bollers was a bit of a godsend in the sense that he did offer a comfortable amount of normalcy from time to time. He definitely was not perfect. There were a lot of his stories that were garbage as well and I doubt creating a fake name to gauge whether or not his criticism was warranted garnered any meaningful results. Still, I have to thank the man for being there to keep my sanity in check regardless. I don’t know the extent to which his stories were meddled with on Ken Penders end but I can’t imagine it was a comfortable relationship seeing as how we’re all well aware of Penders and his need to be in control of everything he “creates” for a book he doesn’t own. Then there’s the other assorted writers like the hard to get a handle on, Romy Chacon. Or the old as dust and painfully unfunny Mike Gallagher. Gallagher still has something to contribute later but it's Gallagher so odds are it’ll be something that feels like it belongs in the funnies section of an old newspaper. I don’t know about Romy but we’ll see. Oh shit. This is also Ron Lim’s last book as penciler too. Thank Christ. Blue skies ahead from here on in, give or take a few rainy days, but we’ll get there when we get there. Right now, I’m just unbelievably happy and relieved. Now and then. My head starts to spin. But I’ll never turn back. Again. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #160: Birthday Bash! Part 1: Giving and Receiving CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES! COME ON! It's been a long, rough road but I’m finally here. I moved an inch forward; felt like a year… although it was literally, actually, more than a year at this point. Either way, we’ve made it. I’ve cleaned the raw, disgusting, sludge off of my body and I’m ready to dive into my original starting point involving these comics with Issue #160. Hello old friend. It’s been a long time. I can’t possibly explain in words how excited I am to re-read this stuff WITH the knowledge and context of what came before fully in mind. Enough blab. Let’s do this! I’ve typed entirely too much about this so I’ll wrap up by saying that I’m really happy. There’s still going to be loads of things to critique and pick a part but I’m happy I get to finally read something with a standard of quality now. There are still some things left to take care of in the transitioning phase of course. There are people still on the book that will slowly be fazed out as well as concepts and ideas that are going to be given a more graceful death then they probably deserve (and some an ungraceful death that they totally deserve) but as of right now, I’m just glad to finally be here. The first story was a lot of fun and did it’s job as a celebration of the new area well. The second story didn’t make me want to jump in a lake like most of the second stories used to, which is good. I’m really not a fan of the way it’s drawn but I don’t recall seeing too much that looks quite like it in the future so I’m not going to harp on it too much. All in all, a fun time was had by all. Sonic X - Issue #29: Green-Eyed Monster, Part 2 This is a really funky looking cover. If you were to show this to any random Sonic fan unfamiliar with these comics they’d probably do a double and then a triple take at it before tilting their head. I really love the way that city looks. The red sky in the back with the city reflecting off the water and the blearing red line acting as the intersection looks really awesome. I hope it lives up to the hype. That issue was actually a ton of fun. I do think it’s a little less good than I remember it, most likely because back when I originally read these, I was going from one issue to another in quick succession. This story works way better as something you read through all the way rather than a week or a month a part. It helps sell the chaos of the situation better when your mind is on a train going from point A to B where everything’s going haywire and getting worse and worse before the big finale. The issues tend to suffer a bit on their own but together they work really well.
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    Dr. Mechano

    Cancel Culture Needs to Stop

    None of your examples are "cancel culture," is the thing. A company choosing to change its own products of its own volition - even if it is for the purpose of adapting to changing worldviews - isn't being "cancelled." It's just redesigning or - in Pepe's case - retiring a character. I do think "cancelling" can be a serious issue when it applies to real people, but I also want to be clear that I don't think rightly criticizing someone for their words and actions is "cancel culture" in and of itself. I'm referring more to digging up decade-old posts that espouse views that these people may not even hold anymore for the purpose of tearing them down. That's not good, and it certainly doesn't help anyone. I'd happily agree that this sort of "cancel culture" is bad. So yes. I think something you could call "cancel culture" exists and is a problem. But I also think the term is ridiculously overused to deflect criticism in general, and is even applied to things that are so far removed from the very concept of "cancelling" - like this example of a private company changing aspects of its own brand - that the term is quickly losing all meaning.
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    The fanbase still isn't really ready to discuss 06 despite cooling on a lot of the games surrounding it so I don't think it'll ever happen, personally. . And to me, that's a shame. A lot of the right moves as far as what to do after Sonic Adventure 2 exist in Sonic 06 conceptually, but the game's mementic status as the forbidden one means a good faith discussion can't take place. Unleashed and Colors much more of a step backward as far as actually figuring out Sonic in 3d goes, but the optics of those games(IE the surface level elements like the visual style and the story) are better, so it doesn't matter. It speaks to the Sonic fans's weird relationship with the franchises's history. There's a desperate push to try and erase as much as possible instead of actually confronting any of it. It wouldn't be a question that all games need to be preserved in any other fanbase, but Sonic fans treat rereleases of games like Heroes and 06 as something actually worth debating and not a net benefit to everyone.
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    Sonic DVD

    Sorry, but this is basically a sonic mania mod on stream then? ...oh.
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    Chamomile #205
  45. 1 point


    Chamomile #204
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    Firstly, a little celebratory pic I forgot to post last week: And with that, back to scheduled comics. Chamomile #201
  47. 1 point


    Chamomile #200
  48. 1 point


    Chamomile #195
  49. 1 point


    Chamomile #182
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Can you replace whole topic with "Mania 2 in 2021" and we can all go home? Sega is already pretty stupid, not releasing actually good game to go with a movie. But at least Hesse was needed for the film. Keeping it longer would just be mental.
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