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    I’d say yeah for the same reasons I say yes to Cosmo or the freedom fighters, because nothing in the series has really been set up to ever prevent such inclusions nor is so strict as to work against them. If the series wants to start working towards a more connected story where each game actually matters to one another and the only way to do that is by keeping the cast small then by all means, cut away. But, going off the last decade... lol Now to Sega’s credit (for literally doing nothing but still), they haven’t outright said that Sticks couldn’t be in the modern cast. I mean honestly, they’ve only really done that with a set of characters once if I recall with the whole classic and modern divide (and there it was still stupid). Hell, her appearing in that Olympic title might be a nice view into how they see her already. They should continue to keep the option open for her to return. If they have a game where she could be a good fit for the narrative then being her in. It’s so pointless to limit yourself like that otherwise. This all really ties into something I’ve been wanting to see from the series for a while and that’s to just have an established and alive world. To have a revolving cast of recurring characters instead of just leaning on the same 5 (but then only relying on Sonic and Eggman still at the end of it all). Kind of like what the MCU does where they’ll bring in characters when they’re needed but they’re rarely ever one and done. To an extent, the series is already doing this (because it’s a stupidly simple thing to do since it only really involves not resetting your world with every release) but I’d like to see that established and alive world bit take hold more if that makes sense. And then can we get a redo of TSR or some other spin-off where those floodgates can open and everyone gets in. Yeah, I know that this is all incredibly wishful thinking (especially with the situation we’re now in with this franchise) but idk, sometimes I like to dream. tldr is that yeah, keep Sticks in the loop please. If not just to keep your options open, but because her JP VA is a huge Sonic fan and that’s just awesome.
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    After not being present on the initial list, Sega is now also part of the digital E3. I still don't know what this entails but... good for them?
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    My review of Zack Snyder's Justice League is out! Check out how this movie turned me from a skeptic to a fan!
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    I hate how a design as good as Balan is wasted on such a bad game
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    Sonic is a myth

    Sonic is a myth
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    What was the best console generation and why was it the 6th generation?
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Should've just said she was never officially given a sexuality before.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Celebrating the anniversary of an anniversary, lol
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    Just watched the new Mortal Kombat film and I have to say that it's pretty decent. Like, there wasn't a lot of character development and the story felt empty at times, but the action sequences were well done and I liked the fact that they tried to introduce the characters from the franchise.
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    I'll still maintain that the first Tomb Raider film is a fun movie. But I'd rather watch an Uwe Boll film than watch the 2nd one.
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    I don't think I'll ever find peace as long as people continue to think that main character of the Tomb Raider games is called "Laura".
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    Chamomile #210
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    They could just focus on the ones that would fit into sonic like streets of rage and nights into dreams, plus setting golden axe as a far distant prequel
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    You already know how I feel about Boom and I know that humor is subjective. But like this is the most cliche joke ever something we've seen a thousand times. I don't know why this is getting praise for this despite every other show has done it plenty of times.
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    It's a cool idea, but I think - as other people have mentioned - that a Kingdom Hearts style approach to it would be the only feasible way of actually pulling it off. I just can't see the world of Sonic existing in the same reality as House of the Dead, Phantasy Star, Streets of Rage and Skies of Arcadia to name but a few.
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    I don't see why not, really; Sticks is relatively easy to drop in to probably any Sonic canon. Granted, I don't know what the games would do with her, given what they are now (then again, who even knows what the games are right now?); but I'm sure the comics could find ways of doing something interesting with her. It's useful for a more narrative format to have a lot of characters available in the toybox for whatever situation they might come up with.
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    Out-of-universe, it makes sense and is fine. In-universe...it is a bit bizarre, to put it nicely. 😬
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    I can only imagine the crap-eating grin sonic must've had when he finally pilots eggman's eggmobile against him in hydrocity zone act 1.
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    The worst part about S3&K compared to vanilla Sonic 3 is the S3 midboss music being replaced with S&K's even for the S3 zones. The S&K midboss music is fine but you can't beat "WHOO! C'MON!"
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    My only issue with Salicole is Ian saying Sally wasn't Bi pre-reboot and that the Super Genesis Wave changed her to be Bi. It just feels more unintentionally kinds gross than he meant.
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    Since they gave Eggman a different in-universe origin for his nickname, I don't suspect they will be in any real rush to fatten him up. Maybe he could build up the gut as he leans more into the pilot role as the series goes on. Or maybe they hold back the lard until its time to dawn the iconic suit.
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    Maybe Robotinik has a Planet Fitness membership?
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    Sonic's favorite vacation spots: a tropical island, a lush forest, and a dystopic toxic chemical factory.
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    Sega DogTagz

    Sonic Channel

    Why does Sinbad have Knuckles upgrades hanging on the wall?! They are mudding up the canon! Lol Serious tho where did he find that air rebreather?
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    I like her, but I must admit, it's hard to explain why. She is mostly random LOL-ness. Honestly, I want a compromise. Make her part of the main continuity, but don't add to the "Recurring Cast" like Chaotix or Blaze. Rather keep her in "Guest Cast", like Tikal and.... IDK, Werehog. You don't even need to explain how she got here. Just say she's the same Sticks from Boom games and that she decided to move here. It's fits her random personality.
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    Idk. Ken is so focused on the future that he can't work on the present.
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    Wow, so it went from being the second-worst reviewed Switch game of all time (only above Vroom IN the Night Skies of all games) to fourth. What an accomplishment. Oh
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