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    It's fun to see what stuff modders are able to come up with.
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    >When every other 3D platformer mascot dies except Mario. Sonic:
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    Okay, even by Activision standards, this is getting out of hand.
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    It's all warzone all the time now. For context, Cod already had 3 of Acti's main studios working on it for my count with Raven, Neversoft and High Moon already being converted to support in the past. Disgusting.
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    Oh God it might look like Toys for Bob might actually be stuck in the COD mines
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    It's just fan art. If you check the twitter account, it's someone who makes Sonic fan art in much the same style as those pics. And that tweet was posted on March 31, or, given time zones and that their location is set as Japan...April 1.
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    Man wouldn’t it suck if Crash and Spyro just and back only to die? Ha ha ha....
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    Supah Berry

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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Some things never change
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    "it's better to make an original character than base it on a pre-existing one." -Ken Penders discussing his most popular character, "Evil Sonic".
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    It's that time of year when wild garlic is growing just about everywhere and I'm heaping it into almost every meal I cook.
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    When they joke about you being dead but your rivals are all gone
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    The fan hits further, my dudes. CHAPTER 15: DECISIONS
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    Yeah, so I'm just going to point out - Forces showing up with a PS5 version doesn't mean much of anything right now. IIRC, CTR also did the same thing months ago, and given recent news, I think it's safe to assume chances of that are incredibly low. Definitely doesn't mean it isn't a possibility, but Forces isn't the first game to do this, and its hard to see SEGA putting resources into a port of a game not many people particularly like.
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    Reminder: Everybody who said that CTR was purely skill based and items don’t screw you over is a liar.
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    With Sonic Forces apparently being put on PS5/XSX I can picture it now: Colors,LW and Forces will be physically released as the "Kishimoto Collection".
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    Ah yes, always would imagine Sticks as an alternative Power character for Team Rose judging by her arsenal of weaponry that could be put to good use in the comics or games.
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    Ah yes. It's always a good sign for a floundering game when its director jumps ship without any fucks to give.
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    https://www.ign.com/articles/cd-projekt-bosses-set-to-receive-big-bonuses-despite-cyberpunk-2077-launch-problems So, in spite of screwing over their biggest game to date, CDPR bosses are getting a huge bonus.
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    OK So apparently Sonic Forces is gonna be re-released for next-gen platforms: It's not even just a patch to enhance the game on these consoles, it's an outright new release separate from the 2017 one.
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    The issue with this is that creative block is a real thing, and a lot of people struggle with getting their work off the ground. Penders might be going through this, but he constantly denies it, proclaims the greatness of his nonexistent comic, and tries to tell you Lara-Su merch anyway. There's a really big difference between a creator who's just messing around and can't find their footing, and a guy who wrote hundreds of comics demanding you pay attention to the comic he's never going to release and give him money anyway.
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    Holy shit, this game.

    Holy shit, this game.
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    I don't think that is the reason why we don't see Knuckles have his body anymore in the other pictures. It's probably because it’s impossible to turn his head with his dreadlocks in the way, basically. His body got in the way, and they couldn’t turn his head. So a head on a stick he became. This is what I assume why. https://aawesomepenguin.tumblr.com/post/649757797273206784/the-reason-why-knuckles-is-only-a-head-on-a-stick Also. anyway, here are some more pictures and possible casting calls for an scene in Hawaii which I show you yesterday.:
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    This unrelenting schism of "Classic" vs "Modern" that looms over every discussion of Sonic is so exhausting. The tribalism and constantly tearing the other down, the absolute inability to recognize we're all starving and to ask for better instead of "my corner, my piece, my formula, 3D is a lost cause, Classic is a crutch, fuck the other guy." Come on.
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    Activision cannot seem to make a good decision without adding a “but” somewhere along the lines. This seems so in line with what I expect from them, so we’ll see if this is going where I think it’s going. I remember when EA moved the dead space company visceral to work on Battlefield before killing them off. Hopefully this isn’t that. Hopefully
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    And Toys For Bob's reward for making a well received new entry in the Crash series after the well received Spyro remakes? The Call of Duty mines.
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    Here's the Rift Apart gameplay footage from the State of Play presentation, if you missed it: Game's looking real good so far. Glad to finally see more of it.
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    It really annoys me when people get pissy about fans wanting Sonic news like we're asking them to crunch to get a game out when all we want is a simple confirmation that SOMETHING is being worked out. I don't care if it takes 2-3 years from now I just wanna know something ANYTHING exists
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    I hope so too. I also got my two vaccine shots and I hope that things get better by next year.
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    I love that Knuckles is taller and beefier than Sonic while not going full Boom
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Finally, issue 39’s preview pages:
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    So, all the writers? (or at least every writer he compares himself to)
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    Imagine criticizing someone for not making something more original when your entire branding (Floating Island Productions) and intellectual property is derivative of a property you refuse to move on from. There's throwing stones in glass houses, and then there's detonating TNT in them.
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    [Fanfiction] The Disciples

    The meta shit's really boutta hit the fan.
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    I wouldn't mind but she'd definitely need to become WAY less one-note as a character. There were moments of this in Boom but they rarely lasted. To be honest though, more than anything, the modern cast is so bloated as it is, and after how they dropped Zavok into TSR and the Wisps into Lost World/Forces without any real explanation (outside of a now delisted mobile spin-off), I wouldn't want them to add Sticks to the modern canon because I'm absolutely sure there'd be a 50% chance that they'd just throw her in and act like Sonic already knows her or something. And then in 5 years time when asked about it at a convention they'll say "I dunno she came through a gate or something".
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic 30th predictions

    Ironically enough, Sonic Colours was exactly this back in 2010. They uploaded the trailer randomly to YouTube one day, and the press release came a little bit later. I think that the first trailer that did the rounds was the Italian one of all things. American fans were having a bit of a crisis over that stray "u" in "colours". Colours was announced when S4E1 was only supposed to be a few months away, before it got delayed. SEGA were really positioning S4E1 as the big new game to get Sonic back in the good graces of the fans and critics, whilst Colours was positioned as something much less important and more like it was being churned out for the younger or more causal fanbase. I don't think that SEGA knew their audience at all back then...
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    [Fanfiction] The Disciples

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    [Fanfiction] The Disciples

    Sorry for the delay! School, amirite fellas? CHAPTER 12: THE GOLDEN SKYLANDS
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    [Fanfiction] The Disciples

    The next chapter is here, and it's time for maybe just a weeeee look into the lives of the opposing faction: The Metarex! CHAPTER 11: DISMISSED
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