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    Just got back from getting my 2nd COVID-19 vaccination shot, I'm fully vaccinated now!
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    This running gag definitely needs to return in Rift Apart.
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    The time just before E3 is probably the worst, just because news dries up quick as hell, so there's nothing to do but speculate. Damn hard to do when this year has been so much speculation.
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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #166: Mobius: 25 Years Later, Part 1: Tempus Fugit Oh crap. I remember this. What in the fuck is going on with these sock puppets? I mean Jesus. I could make an official cover for Archie if this is all it takes to get in. They’re pumping in way too much air into Sonic’s head. The poor fucker’s gonna explode. I believe this was only really made because Ian Flynn wanted to give this story a proper ending for those who enjoyed it. At least that’s what I recall him saying about it on the Bumblekast. I remember this story being intriguing back when I first read it but I didn’t understand any of it. I also remember 30 Years Later just being a big slog. I honestly don’t know what my opinion on Ian’s version of this snooze fest is going to be so I guess it’s time to find out. I delighted quite a bit in wallowing in Sonic’s misery, if only because I have a strong desire to feel things for the characters of my favorite series. Whether it be official or fan-made, it takes quite a bit in order for me to feel you’ve gone too far with Sonic, and even then, it’s only really because of things that dive into the absurdly try-hard area like Penders’ obsession with Nazis or Richard Kuta throwing in a line about Charles Darwin in his cancelled bullshit SatAM project. I love it when things get heavy and I’ll always appreciate it more when it’s handled with as much care as possible. So far, I feel like the start to this story was sufficient and well-done. That second story stood out for being a strange as hell regression in quality. If the difference in writers and the assurance that this was a new era wasn’t clear before, it has to be now. Romy Chacon’s plotting for that second story just did not work. I don’t even really know what the point of it all was in the end. Why did this happen? The only point in bringing Reinfeld back would be so that Charmy could take revenge but since that didn’t happen I’m left with this giant ball of nothing. It’s no wonder I didn’t remember it at all. I was left really disappointed in that one. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #167: Mobius 25 Years Later, Part 2: Tempus Aeternus This cover is only slightly better than the other one, if only because Sonic’s head doesn’t look like it’s about to literally pop. However, I can’t help but dislike it anyway because it’s still really ugly. Not to mention, that Sally that’s standing next to Sonic is basically a redraw of the one on the previous cover. It’s clearly different but she’s standing in almost the same pose with the same look on her face. It’s weird. Good God, seriously, what on Earth happened here? Why did these two random ugly ass covers come in to throw everything off kilter? I feel like Chef Ramsay here. I was being served perfect scallops since #160 and then I get to #166 and #167 and they’re FUCKIN’ RAW! Wow. You know, I gotta say, I thought that was alright. I can’t say that it was straight up good, for the reasons I gave, but as someone who has no real investment in M25YL, it at least succeeded in making me feel something. That said, I’ve no interest in arguing about whether it deserves that faint praise because at the end of the day, I still don’t care. I’m happy it got an ending for those who wanted it and if they were unsatisfied with it then don’t feel too bad because it sucked way harder before. The second story was actually really fun. It was a small, cute idea that amused me internally. Nothing too much to say about this one. What’s done is done. You either enjoyed it or you didn’t. It’s time to move on. Tails design in M25YL is like a grown-up version of himself from Sonic Boom, holy moly. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #168: Order From Chaos, Part 1: The Gathering I’ve been gushing about this story and how much I love it since even before A.D.A.M was introduced. To this day it’s still, seriously, one of my favorites. I don’t know where in the Top 10 it ranks as I haven’t sat down and done that yet but it’s definitely in there somewhere alongside Enerjak Reborn and Eggman’s Dozen. So much of my favorite stuff of Flynn’s is happening at around this time. It’s astonishing. He came out of the gate throwing beautiful fireworks everywhere. As for this cover, it’s also really great. Even divorced from those other two awful ones above it, it works as a nice ominous prelude for what’s to come. Just a bunch of empty tubes of nanites with the evilest of all evil computer’s looming in the background. It reminds me that one day I’ll have to do a Top 10 and Bottom 10 covers as well. I don’t know if this will make the cut but it’s good enough to remind me of it. I shouldn’t be this excited reading a comic I’ve already read but goddamn do I need it right now. Just, story after story right now has been knocking it out of the park, standing as a heavy example of just how much story potential this series has when someone who gives a fuck is driving that bus. It’s not just as good as I remember, it’s better. I’m so happy I can continue to say that but it really is true. Having the original context for all of this shit just enhances how monumental and huge all of what’s happening is. I feel like I’m experiencing something heavy and it’s an honor and a privilege to do so. The second story worked well for what it was too. Even if the style wasn’t my cup of tea, the writing and the expressions within the art did their job and in the end it didn’t demolish what they were going for. I want to read the last issue of this arc right the hell now but I know if I try to do anymore, I’ll collapse. That’ll be a nice treat for the me of next week when things finally get SUPER!
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    Azure Blue Tori

    Tori's Piano

    Got inspired to do Sonic Adventure songs recently. Here is a cover of one of the game's most iconic moments that still manages to be a surprise to new players, and Jun Senoue's way of saying "Good Morning!" I'm currently practicing some more Sonic Adventure songs, which I plan to post here when they're ready. If people are interested, I may also post some of my other non-Sonic stuff.
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    If you mean like we will still have haters anyway even if the games are good because there are people out there who will always hate Sonic the Hedgehog no matter what, then I do agree with that. Even Mario and Pokemon got some haters despite the games doing well.
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    So basically 6 FREAKING YEARS LATER, only now 343 decides to fix Halo 1's graphics of the MCC. Nevermind the fact that this should have been done before release.
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    That's honestly a fascinating idea. Somewhat goes against the usual nature versus technology theme (in the sense that nature is usually the good guys' side), but perhaps she could represent those conspiracy theorists whose paradoxical credulousness results in them becoming pawns of genuinely corrupt and insidious powers.
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    There is nearly no chance they'll make a new console. And even less a chance that they do one that wouldn't be some kind of nice bonus and stop making game for the big HD consoles. And it's been more time since they stopped doing console that their whole time doing one. And if they did, I think that they would more make something like the AtariVCS (a glorified low-powered PC with a custom way-too-much-locked Linux on it with an hastly done UI slapped on it) than the real new console that revolutionize the industrie. Even to be fair, with how much the AtariVCS is a trainwreck, it wouldn't be hard to do better lol. All in one, going for third-party and putting Sonic in all plateform wasn't a bad idea. IMO, it was needed for their survival. And I think that for the Sonic IP, is was more good than bad, because it certainly helped the IP to get a new public. But I wouldn't really call it a mandates, it was more of a circumstances. IMO, there is not much mandates I have strong opinion off. I mean, I think that Shadow's writing could be better in IDW, but I feel that Evan Stanley already have managed to do something more interesting with him, and I feel that it's the kind of thing that'll change in time. I'm not too afraid by SEGA's mandates : they often changes and they don't keep that much long. Even Shadow, his current writing is pretty recent in a way, as the first instance of it was in Boom, and in many official stuff, Shadow isn't that much different than before (In episode Shadow he is harsh, but he has great alchemy with rouge and omega… Even though even in Chao Races and Badnik Bases, Rouge show that she is really the only one he listen too xD), and it's especially visible in some recent Sonic Channel stuff about him, where his "soft" side is shown. So for the moment, I'm not too afraid. And all the "Sonic can't loose", "Sonic can't have strong emotion", etc… Well, they are mostly common mandates, especially as the products show that they aren't that restrictive that we could think, so I'm not that bothered.
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    Random thoughts, as usual: - I admit I probably give the Ian-written conclusion to M25YL some more slack than it's owed, but I think it's only fair. Penders left the arc in such a state that plot contrivances had to happen. You're also misremembering I think about Ian's explanation as to why this arc was a thing - M25YL was always intended to have a conclusion, it's partly the reason Penders left, alongside the Shadow game tie-in fiasco, he was being asked to make drastic changes to the M25YL arc by the editor, King Shadow being one of them. So when Ian came on board, M25YL's conclusion was another part of Penders' mess that Ian was left to clean up, because the King Sonic going back in time bit was a blatant cliffhanger. Much like Darkest Storm being a scenario where Ian was just handed three issues and told to make it work, I'm fairly certain it's the same here, Ian was handled two stories in two issues, about 20-30 pages, and told to wrap up this arc, and in the state Penders left it in, Ian had his work cut out for him. I do think it's partly because people wanted a conclusion to M25YL, but it's also a case where the editor just wanted the story concluded and done already, much like the other random shit from other writers that Ian was told to tidy. It's why I can excuse things like Tails randomly knowing everything. Keeping in mind - he's the scientist of the Sonic universe. If fucking Rotor and Cobar could figure out what was going on with the planet, I'm sure Tails probably could've done it in half the time and figure out what Sonic and Knuckles were going to do in an attempt to fix it. Is it a bit of an ass-pull? Sure. Is it unreasonable? I don't really think so? Time travel's been a thing in Archie Sonic for a long time, and again - Tails is the main scientist and engineer of the universe, on par with Eggman. As much as Penders would love you to believe Cobar and the echidnas are super duper amazing, I think most of us are willing to bet a fully grown-up Tails would probably trump everyone else in terms of engineering skill and intellect. Plus...it's just something that had to happen. Having a future story without the main trio was a garbage idea from the start, and if this was going to work, that had to be course-corrected. We had to see Sonic and Tails reconcile, we had see Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles' dynamic now that they were adults with very different lives and roles now. I'll take plot contrivances if it actively fixes massive misfires from Penders' story. Same with Lara-Su. Is it a bit lame she manages to capture Shadow solo, and so quickly? Yes. Is it required so that M25YL actually has a legitimate vocal point, and actually ties back to Lara-Su not being an annoying whiny brat, and actually a competent fighter in her own right? Absolutely. Plus, she actually feels like she could be the daughter of Knuckles now. With the same hot-headed, rebellious and cocky ego her father has. -On the subject of Tommy, Thanks Ken Penders made a good point on it, because I didn't really see the hubbub about Tommy either - but to understand why he was so loathed, you had to be in the time period. You have to keep in mind that during the Dark Age, the Freedom Fighters were nearly always in the background as characters during that period. Sally and Bunnie have relationship drama, Antoine was Patch, and Rotor was blatantly mischaracterised. And instead of getting stories actually based on the characters people wanted to see, there was instead multiple main arcs and issues, as well as multiple B stories that were dedicated solely onto Tommy. Giving him nanites randomly so he could fight and make random shit out of nothing, having him constantly display hidden depths, justify the trouble he causes, having him be a super cool selfishless timid dude who sacrifices his life for Sonic, and everyone loves and appreciates him, even though he's barely been present until his introduction + his random slapdash inclusion into Sonic's backstory, and so on - and all of this happening in the dark age where you had to wait monthly for issues, and the main FF were getting blatantly mishandled? It doesn't take much to get why Tommy was despised back then. -Words cannot describe how Order from Chaos has one of my favourite "screw that" moments. Turbo Tails. Fucking Turbo. Tails. For as much shit as we give Penders, words also cannot describe how much of a gigantic and awful wet fart Titan Tails was. Not only was it a terrible payoff to something they hyped up for ages, but Tails wasn't even the one who did it. No no, it was Tails...and all of his ridiculously bad and weird universal counterparts coming together as one to randomly fart and suck up Mogul's power from it. But here? No no, here's the true destiny, Tails was destined to unify the Chaos Emeralds scattered across the galaxy so they'd be made whole and capable of being used against Mogul. A destiny that only he gets to fulfil, and it's excellent. Not only is it not utterly ridiculous, but it's also fixes a huge issue with the comics compared to the games (the literal hundreds of thousands of Chaos Emeralds), let's Tails have his time in the spotlight proper, and retcon a godawful story so it wasn't the payoff to this long arc, easily one of Ian's best clean-up jobs IMO, especially seeing him team up with Sonic and Shadow to set things right.
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    So I was forced to watch The Mitchells vs. The Machines earlier today. It's...actually pretty good. Way better than I thought before I watched it.
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    Back to work tomorrow after a week off and I've already been put in for extra hours without asking. They really don't want me to have a life outside work anymore.
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    Exactly. Like with the Shadow game, I don't think that fans were expecting guns and aliens to be in the game. They just wanted a game about Shadow. Either SEGA is trying to give the fans what they want, but they constantly keep messing up or they hear the fans, but somehow misheard exactly what the fans are saying.
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    That guy was already revealed.
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    It's easy to see how boost Sonic is essentially an evolution of Adventure Sonic; in fact in terms of how the character himself plays it's appropriate to say it is Adventure Sonic, except with a few more moves. However, while this amplified some of what people loved about those games; it also blew up some of their big issues and now the issues are too big to ignore, and prompt SEGA to compensate in some bizarre ways. The key thing separating how Sonic (and any other character who runs fast) played in the Adventure games from how he played in the Classic games was momentum. Speed was a selling point in the Genesis era but then it was also something one had to work for. Get good at the games and you can blast through the levels like an arty badass, but if you weren't they'd probably take longer than most other platformers' levels. Well okay; there was no speeding up some of the Sonic 1 levels, but in the subsequent games the series came more fully into its selling vision. The Adventure games, for whatever reason(s)--one of them seems to have been technical limitations found by experimentation--all-but removed that aspect of Sonic's design by giving him dash panels almost anywhere he needed to go fast, and scripting loops so he had less need of going fast. So arguably boost pads placed before loops aren't even there to help Sonic get through them, but rather to hide that he doesn't really need to go fast to get through them. This much physical downgrade and fronting don't mean the games were shit, and the speed stages were still almost unanimously considered the best parts of them, but the change did mean they had to fundamentally change how they designed levels. Another thing that prompted such a change was the problematic 3D camera. The first Adventure seemed as if it couldn't really decide on one approach but as of the second it had become an overwhelming focus on narrow paths, surrounded by cliffs and/or walls, excessive pits, and an increase in linearity and spectacle segments that have little to no actual gameplay. Also, about those "janky alternative gameplay styles": I know that back then a lot of people were saying "These Sonic and Shadow stages are great; if only they could get rid of the other stuff and make the whole game like that", but the truth is that giving Sonic/Shadow/others an easier time accelerating and less potential slowdown was part of why those alternative gameplay styles were there. This was, is, and has always been one of the biggest issues with making Sonic games: Their hero is fast and that's why he's appealing, but left on its own that will just result in a short game. A fun one, sure, but one that is over so quickly that it might barely make an impression. So from the very start, SEGA has padded out Sonic games. Their best means of doing so involve just making levels bigger, but those were never their only means. Some zones in Sonic 1, again, were designed specifically to keep Sonic's speed from being any help in getting through them, but the more persistent issue was the Special stages; both getting into them and beating them. Sonic 1's play nothing like the rest of the game and certainly not like the parts of the game SEGA promoted; the subsequent ones are more Sonic-appropriate but have their own issues. Often it seems like they're in just to force replaying the games. Exoparadigmgamer gave them the best thrashing I can find and I generally agree. And remember, this was back when Sonic and co still had to work to accelerate. What does that logically mean when suddenly a lot of that work was done by dash panels? It logically means MORE things got put in to prolong the game. So yeah; Boost Sonic is a logical evolution of Adventure Sonic on many fronts but an evolution isn't necessarily a fix. Sonic game design was already forced into revision when boosts littered Sonic's environment, so building a boost into him just exacerbated it. Levels have to be made even longer, gimmicks like lasers cutting across Sonic's path to make him strafe are forced to last way too long and repeat way too much, and most notably of all, not since Sonic 1 have there been so many sections where Sonic is forced to just stop. That issue was evident from Boost's very advent in Sonic Rush, a game that is more or less a conventional Sonic game except with boost much of the time, but at many other points is basically a beat-em-up with conventional Sonic moves and the boosts used to attack enemies, and that's not optional; the path forward is literally locked until they're defeated and many take multiple hits. As Sonic padding goes I find that type quite innocuous, but it is padding and it illustrates how boost has such strings attached. And every boost game since harkens back to Rush in some way, if not multiple ways. Sonic Unleashed had the beat-em-up made deeper but also much, much slower, while subsequent Boost games have doubled down on locking Sonic into boxy segments, typically 2D ones, where his speed is nearly useless and he's forced to use jumps and sometimes Wisps to proceed. If it isn't clear yet where I'm going with this, being fast is a big part of what makes Sonic fun, but it places a big burden on developers to accommodate it somehow. There are many ways they can approach that challenge but there's probably no way that has been universally loved by the fans, and that they have tried so many different things to pad out their games is a big part of why this fanbase is so divided. So the easier it becomes for Sonic to move fast, the more all of those problems are exacerbated. And because the Boost formula hasn't really solved these fundamental issues, and in some cases has made them even worse, the "We don't want to bring back those janky alternative gameplay styles" excuse doesn't really fly with me. Firstly, because some of those gameplay styles weren't actually "janky" and I wouldn't even call them "alternative"; I am naturally referring mostly to Tails and Knuckles in SA1. People had issues with the levels they put those characters in but the Adventure era did get then moving essentially the way fans wanted; slower than Sonic but still fast and with a few different moves. I don't buy that there was a need to kick out every playable character who wasn't Sonic post-06, yes; many of them were broken in that game but Sonic himself was broken in it too. That was from the get-go a propaganda move aimed at noisy negativists who whined about other playable characters, plus those accursed idiots who made and spread the Sonic Cycle meme and so perpetuated the myth that these people represented the majority of the fandom, and the result was SEGA went so far as to remove those characters that few fans actually had a problem with. Secondly, because "janky alternative playstyles" have not actually gone away. They threw out some of the playstyles that got the most flak, such as Fishing and (until recently) guns, but they have not stopped putting more in; they're just grafted onto Sonic himself now, and again, it is highly arguable that boost has made them even more reliant on padding things out with gimmicks. Finally, here is the worst part of all of this: SEGA has no idea how to make a Sonic game that many people will like anymore, and that, too, is a result of their mishandling the series at that crucial moment post-06. Yes; the fanbase was already divided against itself in the Adventure era, mostly between the camp that preferred those games and the camp that preferred Classic Sonic. That division was not ideal, but when SEGA opted to move on from the Adventure era, they made the situation even worse by throwing out things beloved by both camps and replacing them with just more untested gimmicks. In many ways, Classic Sonic died even more than Adventure Sonic in the wake of 06. Boost has changed what Sonic is, on so fundamental a level that it was inevitable that it would divide fans even further against each other. And now that there are so many camps, it is all new levels of impossible to satisfy them all. So to be blunt, while returning to absolutely everything from Adventure is hardly the most ideal situation, I truly believe it would be better for Sonic if the boost just went away--but again, it's built up its own fanbase who will complain. This is not an easy quandary to solve, but it is a quandary SEGA wouldn't have to face if they hadn't gone this route.
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    Sega needs to do a better job managing the release schedule than they have been in the past decade, but yearly releases are not practical, desirable, or necessary at this point. Colors and Generations were released one year apart from each other, as were Lost World and Rise of Lyric. Worse, Forces was released just three months after Mania! Yearly releases create competition within your own franchise. At best, both games are well received but one outshines the other and the lesser title fades from the public's mind. At worst, you pump out two more bad games that confirm many people's priors that Sonic is a trash series - and if the series is producing annually poor games, who can argue otherwise? If Sega can get to a point where a new Sonic platformer is coming out every 2 or 3 years, ideally cycling through the many different styles of games the series has produced over the years, then I think Sonic will be in a good place. Presuming the quality improves, natch.
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    Sonic Unleashed (Wii) HQ Cutscenes - YouTube This is a project I'm currently underway with. I have all the .sfd files from Sonic Unleashed Wii and I'm in the process of upscaling them all to 1080p and uploading and preserving them on YouTube. All files are originally coded at 640x360, but look VERY nice when upscaled. I also provide the original .sfd file as I upload each of the videos for your pleasure (provided you can even view them natively... I can't lol). This also is hot off the heels of my upload of what may be the world's first ever upload of the TRUE 60fps version of the History of Sonic video from Sonic Mega Collection on GameCube, thanks to Avidemux's dgbob technique. Read the description for the full details! I've had like a week of desync issues to iron out in all of these videos. I actually forget the exact method for the video above but it feels proper this time. I had to exclusively use Avidemux I think as that's the only program to output in 60fps (Camtasia is 30fps only). So keep an eye out. I plan on adding 6 cutscenes every two days (looks better for the upload dates and gives me more breathing room). Been busy the last few days... including getting my first vaccine yesterday! Enjoy! Update (May 9th): 18 now!
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    The KKM

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Wasn't meant as a mocking on you, sorry, more a lament that even if there were no legal issues, no way modern companies would bother to give shoutouts to StC lol
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    Almost every time Sega has handed Sonic off to someone else the results are about as good as what ST can put out if not worse. Sonic Mania is the exception but even the things I heard about that game's dev through the grapevine werent pleasant. Sega's management is fucked up. It's been an open secret for years. A lot of artists who have worked with them have said this outright. That needs to be fixed before anything else. It needed to be fixed back in the 90s before they chased Naka out the first time. Let alone the increasing pile of industry vets they've chased away since. It's still going on. Remember the Mania DRM incident and how Taxman openly expressed his disagreement? They need to be uprooted.
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    I don't think the team is not talented. I believe that the problem is that they are trying to listen too much to the fans with Forces. People liked Classic Sonic in Generations and believed he would be liked here as well. People asked for a darker story and we got that. They knew people like to make OCs and decided to add the feature in the game. They should believe in themselves more and be able to decide on their own what to add and what not to. Also, may I ask what do you dislike at Lost World? I didn't play the game myself but it looks like a pretty good game to me.
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    Well see the problem with that is that's a temporary fix at best. Sonic Forces was almost entirely new people and that's one of the most divisive Sonic titles in quite some time. The problem lies more with Sega's management than anything.
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