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    Somehow I forgot that all avatars here are Twitter-style circles now. Even worse than being confined to squares. Sometimes I reminisce about the old IPBoard where you could have a rectangle as long as you needed it to be for avatars.
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    This has been one hell of a birthday!
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    (tweet) That's dope

    (tweet) That's dope
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    People who try and force/guilt people into putting their pronouns in their info are asshole who deserve to be shoved into lockers. No, I'm not giving context for this for personal reasons.
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    So in my little Sonic Advance retrospective, I've finally moved from Advance 2 to Advance 3. Haven't even entered the first level yet but... Urgh, why does Sonic accelerate so rapidly when jumping? It's faster to jump and move left/right than it is to simply walk. It feels so strange. Not a game breaker yet, but I'm noticing the problem right away. Also the save file that I deleted had six Emeralds and all the Chao, with only the 7th Emerald remaining. I don't think I'll bother getting the Emeralds this time.
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    New Sonic Games Delayed to 2022

    Only the Sonic fanbase would have fans who desperately want literally any information about a game even though it's clear that something is going on at SEGA for them to be hesitant to reveal anything (COVID? Development issues? Literally no one knows), and in the same breath complain that the game will suck anyway, Sonic is DEAD, SEGA is EMBARASSED over Sonic even though the comics are doing well and the movie did better than expected and they have no problems announcing yet another cartoon or dozens of shorts in the works!! Like guys, just move on, you obviously do not like this series anymore. If you think so negatively about literally nothing happening, it's just, move on, yeah? Still, yeah, divulging literally no information about a new game for four straight years is inherently harmful to SEGA, so this is not something they're doing liberally. I'm not so optimistic to think that all this time is spent making the perfect Sonic game (I have absolutely no idea what the new game will be like), but I also don't think they're having significant problems either. Sonic is not SEGA's only moneymaker anymore, so at worst they don't feel like they need to pimp out the blue hedgehog. COVID certainly impacted them in some way, there may have been a change in management, etc. I won't be concerned until something happens, which I know it will.
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    Morning! Time to celebrate my birthday!
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    What if they cancelled the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games and all the athletes have to compete in the Mario and Sonic Olympic Games?🤔
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    If they're gone for half a decade and we end up with another Forces, that'll be the official word on it being time to give up. That'd honestly feel almost worse than the time during the mid-2000s where they were relentlessly pumping out game after game after game all in the span of a single year. Some of those were good and all of them had more replay value than Forces if you actually liked whatever game it was. This opposite period where things are taking longer, there's less playtime, less characters, less story, and no update to the art-style or art-direction just feels worse. I know I shouldn't have to choose between the two but at this point I think I've lost the last fuck I can give so I'll just say it; I'd gladly play another Shadow the Hedgehog if the only alternative was another game where its most interesting feature was the fact that it technically functioned well. Maybe one day I'll regret saying that. I left the monkey's paw in the other room so I didn't see if it curled or not but they've made these 2.5D Sonic games so boring now. I can't stand it.
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    As a kid reading these comics who played the games first. I didn't really dislike Tommy for his focus or him over shadowing the FF or whatever, honestly I just bought the comics back then to watch Sonic and other game characters do cool shit and I didn't really grow to appreciate the rest until Ian started making them more interesting and likable. I simply did not like Tommy because he was fucking BORING, they couldn't come up anything for him to do so they just made him a smart guy when the good guys already had TO MANY smart guys. Hell friggin Rotor was losing relevance as the smart guy so what chance did Tommy have when competing against Rotor, Tails, Uncle Chuck and even Snively at one point? And giving him nanintes didn't change anything he was still boring! Good on Ian for blowing him to hell the first chance he got
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    Glad you found that much enjoyment from part 1 alone, especially after your epic trials of the Penders era just to get here. Would you say it was worth trudging through it just for a couple issues? 😝 Seriously though, I've long been waiting for you to tackle this story. It's easily the most cathartic, brilliantly composed moments in the comic's history. How Flynn made A.D.A.M.'s plan actually so coherent, despite it being composed of several layers of nonsense storytelling and have a divisive guy like Tommy be given a more positive outlook is the kind of big brain moment you wish to have. Shame A.D.A.M. only lasts this story though as he's the kind of villain you delight in reading.
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    Is Ocean Base designed to purposefully be a load of wank? I refuse to believe someone made this level and thought "yes this is fun and fair. This is what people want from level design". It was certainly designed to make people angry.
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    Thoughts on MugiMikey?

    I dont feel like this is something that warrants a full thread. There's something very targeted when it comes to talking about an actual person. Whatever Mikey's opinion on Sonic is, he is only just another youtuber among many with an opinion and something I feel like can be summed up in a status update.
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    I've been replaying Sonic Adventure for the first time in years. After growing up with the GameCube version I'm now playing the Steam port, modded to be more like the Dreamcast version of course. So far I've beaten Sonic and Amy's stories and am halfway through Big's. Some thoughts about the game so far: Sonic's stages have a great deal of variety to them, more than I remembered. Honestly Sonic's gameplay in SA1 might be more varied than in the rest of the 3D games combined. This is a double edged sword however. While all of the variety is great for keeping the gameplay fresh and giving each stage a unique feel during the story mode... I really have no interest in going back and playing Casinopolis or the first part of Twinkle Park again. More straightforward stages like Emerald Coast and Speed Highway I do enjoy replaying, so I understand why subsequent games play more like those stages. The camera almost singlehandedly ruins Sky Deck. At best it's slow to reposition itself, forcing you to wait before you can proceed without having to make a blind jump. At worst it never gives you a fair vantage point of where the next platform is, forcing you to make a leap of faith while guesstimating how far you need to jump. I don't know what exactly the problem is, but the way Sonic will briefly come to a complete stop if he rubs up against a wall or even runs on some pieces of floor is in my opinion the single biggest short coming in the game. It just makes the most basic action in the game - running - feel unreliable and bad. There is a good action platformer in SA1, but this issue spoils a lot of fun moments. Amy's gameplay was much more enjoyable than I expected. The level design is pretty consistently engaging, and her hammer jump is a really fun move to use. The only problem, and it is a big one, is how slow Amy is to accelerate. Not only does it make her feel sluggish even compared to non-Sonic platform characters, but she really struggles just to walk up a gentle slope. If Amy could get up to her more acceptable top speed quicker, I think her gameplay would have been a lot better received by fans and critics alike. Sonic Team, you and Sega treat her as one of the main characters, on par with Tails and Knuckles. Please actually give her another chance to shine at some point. Big's gameplay is bad, but you knew that already. Something I do like about his narrative (as well as Amy and Gamma's) is it does give us the perspective of someone actually being hurt by Eggman's evil schemes. Even though Eggman is ultimately upstaged in SA1 by Chaos, he remains a credible villain because the things he does do in the game actually get people/adorable little critters hurt. Holy crap is the Dreamcast version of SA1 much better looking than the GameCube version. It's hard to say the critics have been wrong to savage that version of the game when everything about SADX's visuals are broken and terrible. I don't think Sonic Adventure is a good game, but it definitely deserves a better legacy than what it has received.
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    The biggest level of confusion I’ve seen was when SEGA announced that they’re making NFTs. And then a lot of people kept saying “It’s SEGA of Japan who’s doing this not SEGA of America” and it’s like ok and? How does that change anything?
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    Get ready to get down!
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    Did Broly even have more potential than any other villain? Like, I admit it might be because I only find the original Broly movie fun, and think Second Coning and Bio Broly get progressively crappier, but I’ve never liked OG Broly as a villain much. He’s got a coolness factor to him and some of his one liners are decent, but he’s basically just a gigantic brick wall who doesn’t take damage from anything until some Deus-Ex Machina pops up to take him out. And that’s without touching his absolute joke of a backstory. He has a insufferable bloodlust and hatred for Goku because he cried as a baby. That’s it, that’s the plot. Gigantic killing machine, most powerful badass super Saiyan, and he’s literally fuelled by a crying baby. Even the idea of an evil Super Saiyan, everyone points to it as if it’s a big Broly selling point, but like - that’s what Vegeta’s original ascension was supposed to be, wasn’t it? Vegeta is a evil bastard, even throughout most of the Cell saga. He literally threatened to kick Gohan’s ass because Gohan was upset over his father’s supposed death. Vegeta ascending to SSJ was supposed to be a big deal because (and I admit, it might just be a dub thing, so take with a grain of salt) - it was assumed by the Z-Fighters one had to be pure of heart to go SSJ, and Vegeta came along and disproved it, showing that the transformation was fuelled by extreme emotion as opposed to purity of heart, so even the whole “evil SSJ” thing falls short for me, not helped by Broly literally being unstoppable just cuz. And I’m not saying that to act like Broly being redone by Toriyama was a bad thing. I fucking love Super: Broly, I think how they redid Broly’s backstory and cleverly retooled him both made him a more interesting character, and still kept the coolness factor in tact. I just think acting as if Broly had some immense potential that required him to be brought back while others don’t is pretty silly. Cooler has plenty of coolness factor with his fifth transformation, and there’s plenty you can do with a character who unlike Frieza - never got it easy in life, and instead had to scrape for every win and every victory. Unlike Frieza who thinks he’s entitled to wins and loses it when he starts to fail, Cooler could easily show what Frieza could’ve been if he’d not been so entitled, and actually trained to home his power from the start. Janemba meanwhile has one of the most unique fighting styles in the entire series, not only due to his sword, but his usage of portals and teleportation. It’s insanely cool watching him being able to redirect attacks and use them against those who fired them. I do think it’s also interesting how he’s just an embodiment of pure evil. Where Maijn Buu was a force of nature created via magic, Janemba is a embodiment of all of the evil gathered all around the planet. I do admit he basically is another version of Buu, but I do think if they took a swing at it, they could differiate him. I also have to disagree with the idea that Dragon Ball has basically lost all narrative value as well though. I’m definitely not the biggest fan of some of the pure bullshit Dragon Ball Super pulls, but I do still think there’s a lot of times where they capture that initial Dragon Ball charm and write the characters in interesting ways. Super: Broly especially IMO. Broly’s new sympathetic backstory, his reaction to Paragus’ death, it becoming more clear that Broly isn’t even a villain, but someone to berserk with rage and grief that he doesn’t understand etc. Even the visual storytelling is on point, I will always love how when Gogeta turns the tables on Broly, it’s not like Fusion Reborn where it’s a huge moment, with Gogeta having this big one liner to deliver to the villain. No, as Gogeta starts to get more and more of an upper hand, the animation visually changes to start showing Gogeta as looking slightly off, and even a bit deranged at points, while making Broly look more and more terrified, empathising that Gogeta’s going full ham on somebody who doesn’t fully realise what’re they doing, and how he doesn’t even fully have control over his actions, showcasing that no one is really the good or bad guy here, and Gogeta might be taking it too extreme on Broly, to the point where that Final Kamehameha probably would’ve killed him if he hadn’t been teleported out of there. If the movie was simply going for money and no story telling value, I don’t think they would’ve done that. They would’ve just did a Broly: the Legendary Super Saiyan, or Fusion Reborn where the big game-changer moment happens that causes the villain to become completely powerless, and it would’ve been treated as a gigantic heroic moment for Gogeta. Instead, they felt the need to ask the question of if Broly was really a villain worthy of death in that moment, and if Gogeta’s combined lust for battle is making him take extreme action against Broly. Even Goku has that moment towards the end too where despite having fought Broly and nearly dying by his hand, he still offers Broly supplies, food and housing on a random backwater planet so they can survive there, with the only condition being he and Broly occasionally sparring. It’s one of the few times during Super that I genuinely thought Goku was perfectly written in character, and it’s probably my favourite “redemption” of the series. Goku helping a guy out because he thinks it’s the right thing to do, befriending him, asking him for sparring matches, and even giving permission to call him Kakarot, which is what Vegeta calls him. It’s not only a neat twist on the Goku/Broly dynamic, but that moment perfectly embodies a lot of Goku’s positive character traits to me. So idk. Personally I can’t really act as if DB is just utterly vapid and has no meaning when stuff like this is present. Can’t really comment on the manga since I’ve only read the beginning chapters of the Moro arc (I hear Moro gets pretty crap towards the end though).
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    Been replaying the Mega and Gems collections recently, and y'know what? I think I might actually be down for a Sonic Spinball 2.
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    Yes, me too. I wonder what are we going to see in Hawaii? Are we going to see something like this? Also, an video that I found.:
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    Why does Amy chase Sonic with her hammer at the end of Sonic's story in Sonic Rush? She doesn't seem angry. Like, she rushes up to him with hearts and then just starts brandishing her weapon for no real reason!
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    this animation was used in a film that had a roughly $20 million budget which was given a wide theatrical release in 2004 (same year as spider-man 2, i robot, the day after tomorrow, HP3/prisoner of azkaban, etc.) (4:22 - 4:29)
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    The time just before E3 is probably the worst, just because news dries up quick as hell, so there's nothing to do but speculate. Damn hard to do when this year has been so much speculation.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Tommy for me was just that character that wouldn't stay dead! It seemed like he had so many martyred moments, I half expected him to walk this one off back in the day. It's fitting he takes the form of phoenix in the next chapter with how often he rises from the ashes. On top of that he was one more for the brain trust then we really needed. I mean I'll go to bat for Rotor, Chuck or even Nate Morgan, but Tommy was pushing it.
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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #166: Mobius: 25 Years Later, Part 1: Tempus Fugit Oh crap. I remember this. What in the fuck is going on with these sock puppets? I mean Jesus. I could make an official cover for Archie if this is all it takes to get in. They’re pumping in way too much air into Sonic’s head. The poor fucker’s gonna explode. I believe this was only really made because Ian Flynn wanted to give this story a proper ending for those who enjoyed it. At least that’s what I recall him saying about it on the Bumblekast. I remember this story being intriguing back when I first read it but I didn’t understand any of it. I also remember 30 Years Later just being a big slog. I honestly don’t know what my opinion on Ian’s version of this snooze fest is going to be so I guess it’s time to find out. I delighted quite a bit in wallowing in Sonic’s misery, if only because I have a strong desire to feel things for the characters of my favorite series. Whether it be official or fan-made, it takes quite a bit in order for me to feel you’ve gone too far with Sonic, and even then, it’s only really because of things that dive into the absurdly try-hard area like Penders’ obsession with Nazis or Richard Kuta throwing in a line about Charles Darwin in his cancelled bullshit SatAM project. I love it when things get heavy and I’ll always appreciate it more when it’s handled with as much care as possible. So far, I feel like the start to this story was sufficient and well-done. That second story stood out for being a strange as hell regression in quality. If the difference in writers and the assurance that this was a new era wasn’t clear before, it has to be now. Romy Chacon’s plotting for that second story just did not work. I don’t even really know what the point of it all was in the end. Why did this happen? The only point in bringing Reinfeld back would be so that Charmy could take revenge but since that didn’t happen I’m left with this giant ball of nothing. It’s no wonder I didn’t remember it at all. I was left really disappointed in that one. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #167: Mobius 25 Years Later, Part 2: Tempus Aeternus This cover is only slightly better than the other one, if only because Sonic’s head doesn’t look like it’s about to literally pop. However, I can’t help but dislike it anyway because it’s still really ugly. Not to mention, that Sally that’s standing next to Sonic is basically a redraw of the one on the previous cover. It’s clearly different but she’s standing in almost the same pose with the same look on her face. It’s weird. Good God, seriously, what on Earth happened here? Why did these two random ugly ass covers come in to throw everything off kilter? I feel like Chef Ramsay here. I was being served perfect scallops since #160 and then I get to #166 and #167 and they’re FUCKIN’ RAW! Wow. You know, I gotta say, I thought that was alright. I can’t say that it was straight up good, for the reasons I gave, but as someone who has no real investment in M25YL, it at least succeeded in making me feel something. That said, I’ve no interest in arguing about whether it deserves that faint praise because at the end of the day, I still don’t care. I’m happy it got an ending for those who wanted it and if they were unsatisfied with it then don’t feel too bad because it sucked way harder before. The second story was actually really fun. It was a small, cute idea that amused me internally. Nothing too much to say about this one. What’s done is done. You either enjoyed it or you didn’t. It’s time to move on. Tails design in M25YL is like a grown-up version of himself from Sonic Boom, holy moly. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #168: Order From Chaos, Part 1: The Gathering I’ve been gushing about this story and how much I love it since even before A.D.A.M was introduced. To this day it’s still, seriously, one of my favorites. I don’t know where in the Top 10 it ranks as I haven’t sat down and done that yet but it’s definitely in there somewhere alongside Enerjak Reborn and Eggman’s Dozen. So much of my favorite stuff of Flynn’s is happening at around this time. It’s astonishing. He came out of the gate throwing beautiful fireworks everywhere. As for this cover, it’s also really great. Even divorced from those other two awful ones above it, it works as a nice ominous prelude for what’s to come. Just a bunch of empty tubes of nanites with the evilest of all evil computer’s looming in the background. It reminds me that one day I’ll have to do a Top 10 and Bottom 10 covers as well. I don’t know if this will make the cut but it’s good enough to remind me of it. I shouldn’t be this excited reading a comic I’ve already read but goddamn do I need it right now. Just, story after story right now has been knocking it out of the park, standing as a heavy example of just how much story potential this series has when someone who gives a fuck is driving that bus. It’s not just as good as I remember, it’s better. I’m so happy I can continue to say that but it really is true. Having the original context for all of this shit just enhances how monumental and huge all of what’s happening is. I feel like I’m experiencing something heavy and it’s an honor and a privilege to do so. The second story worked well for what it was too. Even if the style wasn’t my cup of tea, the writing and the expressions within the art did their job and in the end it didn’t demolish what they were going for. I want to read the last issue of this arc right the hell now but I know if I try to do anymore, I’ll collapse. That’ll be a nice treat for the me of next week when things finally get SUPER!
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    Second it. Dude has magical ability to point stuff that most people would never think to even bring up.
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    None of them stack up to Roger van der Weide.
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    What game are you currently playing?

    Time to kinda revive this thread, because, while I'm not playing it right now, I recently finished Nier Replicant v.1.22474487139… (as in, got all endings). I'll start with the bad stuff first, cuz there's a couple important things: 1) The PC port is, again, kinda bad. There's supposed to be a 60fps cap again, but this time they wrongly capped it at 90 fps. This wouldn't be much of a problem if the physics weren't tied to the framerate, but they are and it leads to everything pretty much sped up. The game stutters pretty hard if something is happening with Steam input, it's implemented poorly. There are some graphics options, but no framerate limiter option, so you have to force it through your GPU's control panel...or download Kaldaien's Special K fan patch that pretty much fixes the issues with this port as well as allows you to run the game at higher framerates without breaking physics. That's how I've been playing it. 2) The side quests for the most part are kinda bad boring fetch quests. 3) Structurally not much has changed, which means the start is still slow and needs some time to really get going. It's not necessarily a negative for me, I found that portion to be pretty cozy, but might be a negative for people who don't like slower starts. And that's it for negatives, because everything else is pretty sublime. The gameplay is simplistic, but very satisfying, which was probably one of the biggest selling points for this "version upgrade" for me, graphically it looks good - maybe not big boi AAA level of good, but it's so much better than the original game, the music is still outstanding and you can appreciate it more if you haven't heard the original tracks before playing the game, the dialogue is top-notch, the characters are very likable even if you think they wouldn't be, the story is probably one of the best in years (I know, it's technically an 11-year-old story, but still), the redone VA is outstanding - both Zach Aguilar and Ray Chase have done a great job portraying Young and Adult Protag, Liam O'Brien is still awesome as Grimoire Weiss, all NPCs are voiced and voiced very well, and of course, Laura Bailey as Kaine is still probably one of her best works. I even like the new/cut content they added to the game, which is rarely the case with these kinds of remasters/"version upgrades". Heck, you can easily see how it just jumps in quality whenever you get to the new content made for this specific version, it's kinda funny. I can't even say much more about the game without spoiling the story, I'll just say that playing through the game multiple times was worth it. Also, since my brain has been on Square Enix wave for many months now, I guess I'll say this - no matter how shitty their business decisions are and how hard they've been struggling during the 7th (and probably most of 8th) gens of consoles, to me they probably have some of the most talented people working there. Yoko Taro, Yosuke Saito and their teams, Naoki Yoshida and his team, and yes, even Nomura and Kitase and their creative business unit brought me a lot of good gaming experience lately, and I guess that's what matters at the end of the day. Now if only Square's actual business decisions wouldn't make me want to pull my hair out.
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    New Sonic Games Delayed to 2022

    Sonic 2 releases April 8th. I just get tired of seeing people say stuff like Sega doesn’t know how to run the franchise anymore and the games have been going down for a long time. It’s just hyperbole imo. I understand why people were disappointed by Forces. My only issues were it being too easy and too short. I also felt this way about Colors and Generations but I still enjoyed all 3 for what they were. The notion that the series is in such disarray that it needs “saving” is really exaggerated to me. Mania was great but now a lot of people are making it out to be the best Sonic game since Adventure I guess and other developers should be in charge now because Sega is apparently too incompetent.
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    Haven't played it myself (I'd probably get like 2 fps on the lowest settings...) but honestly I don't think it looks too good. The first section looks like a somewhat janky remake of the original White Jungle, which is ok I guess, but not that interesting. The second section though, it feels like they gave up trying to make a level. There's a switch hunt with basically no guidance or indicators, there's a weird section that's just semitransparent platforms and dash hoops, and because it's all a big vertical climb it looks like you could lose several minute's worth of progress with every missed jump. The third part's a big flashy escape sequence but it seems like the equivalent of a mach speed section without the auto-run, in that one mistake could put you horribly off track and completely disoriented. Graphically it looks nice enough (if a little excessively effects-heavy) and most fan games don't even get to the point of having cutscenes so there's some commendable effort there, but it feels like they've fallen into the trap of rushing ahead to the flashy stuff before getting a proper handle on the fundamentals.
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