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    well shoot, i might buy the colors remasters after all! [tweet]
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    I don't like the general trend of making the games easier, but it's also important to note that Sega never intended to target older, hardcore gamers with this series. The 6-11 block Sonic is targeting was the same audience he was targeting last decade and the decade before that. There might have been a conscious decision to try to add more elements to appeal to casual players since Mario found a lot of success broadening it's appeal like that, but that's not really all that different from them shoehorning shooting or beat em up gameplay last decade to broaden appeal, right? Broadening appeal is an admirable goal, but it's a slippery slope. It's easy to thoughtlessly shoehorn in elements from other games that just dilute the appeal of yours, and Sonic Team never really found their rhythm here wrt how to approach it. There seems to be a sentiment internally that Sonic games could sell better than they have been, but they don't know how to pull it off. The series started on the easier to grasp side than most games with the one button gameplay being used as a selling point, and they've only really gotten easier since with most of the difficulty spikes not feeling very intentional. Riders and Unleashed are some of my favorite games in the series, but they're more like outliers than the norm and they weren't received all that warmly because of it. The only reason I'm really concerned about this beyond my own tastes is because I don't feel like their target audience will take to games that are even easier to complete. Games like Minecraft and Fortnite have depth and nuance. Mario toned down the difficulty, but they've been adding more agency and content in return. Making simple, short games like Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations even easier to complete doesn't feel very competitive to me. If I bought a game and was done in a few hours at that age I was usually pretty let down, and I bet that's exacerbated nowadays with how many huge games you can play, some of them being free.
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    13. Thieves - The Bat and the Babylonian #30daysSonic
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    It blows my mind Forces' first level isn't Sunset Heights because that level IS the game's identity. It was in the first reveal trailer it sets the tone it would've been a memorable opener instead of a shitty green hill redux. Heck the cutscene before Sonic gets captured is in this level not green hill AND when you do go through the level properly it's on some find Shadow mission that's ultimately pointless and does nothing for the narrative anyway besides state the obvious, that the phantom ruby can make fakes. So dumb
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    Smash logo is swiped into the screen *TV screen fizzles into view* Mario VS Bowser plays Link VS Ganon plays Kirby VS Meta Knight plays Fox VS Wolf plays Samus VS Ridley plays DK VS K Rool plays ...*video pauses* "Please insert 10,000 bolts to continue transmission" Pull out to reveal the video playing on the screen of a robot "Even the invitations are charging us!? That's it, it's official. This galaxy blows". RATCHET & CLANK ARE LOCKED AND LOADED FOR BATTLE
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    Looks like I'm gonna be able to get some Garry Chalk quotes for my Eggman article too! Reached out to Edwin Neal from the Sonic movie OVA dub, but nothing from him yet. We'll see.
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    14. I've Come to Destroy the Past - Corruption #30DaysSonic
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    Its jarring that shadow has fans who write him better than those who write him in the official sonic media. I mean thats just....sad.
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    Sonic Rangers Predictions...

    I believe will see at least a little more during E3. Ok, I hope we will see more at E3 haha 😅
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    That's how I feel about it. I am not saying games have to be death-defyingly hard or frustrating. (In fact, most games shouldn't be). But I don't know why some people think kids don't want challenge or some sense of stake involved like something changed in the last 10 years even. So while I get that kids are the audience, it underestimates them to say they don't care about challenge (instant gratification) or that they don't care about lore or story. Many of us here got into various franchises/shows meant for kids as kids ourselves (Zelda for example). Especially with games like Sonic most kids can get the hang of them quickly. As others said, the key is a well designed game. So I can't help but feel like the Tails save in an already easy game is already plenty redundant and isn't the best way to offer options for players who also want challenge (such as a normal difficulty mode with the developer-intended difficulty, along with a optional easy mode. )
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    While I understand why SEGA is catering towards the casuals and the younger audience more often than not (because Sonic the Hedgehog is mainly a franchise geared towards kids for the most part and so, it would make sense for SEGA to gear more towards that audience than towards the older audience), the way that SEGA is going about this doesn't seem right. It seems like SEGA thinks that making the franchise kid friendly means that they should sacrifice good storytelling and gameplay just to make things "simple" for the casual and younger audience. To me, that sounds like they are insulting the casual and younger viewers by saying that they would be better off if the games are more "simple" rather than give them games that have good storytelling and good gameplay. Just because you are making something kid-friendly, doesn't mean that you should not bother with writing a good story or not making the gameplay fun to play.
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    What do you get when you cross the God of thunder with he-man's arch nemesis? Skelethor.
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    I feel bad for Naka-san. It was disappointing to see something like Balan, which he had a lot of passion for, just get absolutely panned by YouTubers and critics. Given, it was panned for good reason, but it still sucks. I wish him well in retirement, if that's the path he chooses. Hopefully he can at least contribute to another project so something like Balan isn't his last.
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    Sonic Rangers Predictions...

    I think there's a 50/50 chance we see the game in the following week or two. If I had to guess, we're most likely to see it at the Summer Game Fest on thursday since that even has the Sonic Symphony. Otherwise, I'd look for it in Nintendo's E3 Direct or MS's show.
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    Sonic Rangers Predictions...

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    Just about every developer wants to target a wide audience and draw in new fans, that's how they make money. The problem with recent games isn't that they aren't hard enough but that they're shallow and poorly designed; easy and welcoming games aren't inherently less fun. And poor writing isn't somehow more appealing to casual fans so those two points have nothing to do with each other. This feels like a lot of worrying over something that isn't actually a problem.
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    Sonic Rangers Predictions...

    You're side stepping the reality of it being the fanbase that's drawn a conclusion on what the constraints of the Engine are and actively dismissing what's been said by Sega themselves: the only valid authority on the matter. It IS a handwave. You've mentioned a press release detailing all the features of the Engine, and I can't find it no matter where I search. You've also mentioned that there's "a tidal wave of speeches, videos and conferences that specifically label it a graphics engine", but I've yet to find even one, let alone multiple. Documented and proven capabilities of the Hedgehog Engine illustrate a focus on graphical advancements as the principle function of the toolset, they do not define it as a purely graphics based creation. The burden of proof is on the ones making the hard conclusion instead of stopping at what's apparent. Regarding Puyo Puyo Tetris 2: So far as we know, the first entry did not use the Hedgehog Engine. The second game is extremely similar in function, style, modes, etc. It would have been far easier to simply work over that game's established framework than to move to another solution, especially considering that game is already built in such a way that it runs on the lowest common denominator without performance issues or visual hiccups. Additional evidence that makes the conclusions being made worth doubting does exist. Let's start with the credits from Sonic Uneashed pertaining to the engine. From here, we can see that there's a bit more that extends beyond the Graphics Engine aspect. Now let's look at some of those interviews you mentioned and see if they don't ever go beyond the implication of the engine being a graphics specific tool. The following is from a Sonic Channel Creators Interview: Isn't it strange that this hypothetical is answered in terms of genres or the constraints of Sonic games? Wouldn't it make more sense for him to have said that the Hedgehog Engine is a graphic's engine that can work for any production within constraints of the hardware? This is something less firm and more particular to matters that aren't constrained by visuals. It's also worth noting that he refers to it in the interview as an 'integrated environment for making games' and an IDE. This breadth is further implied in a Destructoid interview in the following potion of a response: It's also worth noting that what became the Hedgehog Engine was considered a broad necessity to make a game at all. This is seen in the aforementioned Sonic Channel interview. In an interview with Gamespot, Hashimoto says the following: This is a far more on the nose statement, isn't it? It implies that, while the focus has been on reaching a goal of visual fidelity, that the actual engine isn't evidently just a graphics toolset. Again, what is known can very well be presented to say that the primary purpose or value of the engine is visual. That is what's apparent. It's another thing entirely to say that the engine is just a graphics engine outright, which can't be presented as fact unless it's directly established through either access to the toolset or an explicit statement from the source/authority.
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    I tried to make a concept for this, but forgot sonic CD thinking it wasn't gonna be in a collection like this.
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    I find it sad that most people only think some sonic stories are good by "Sonic's standards". I'm one to believe that most sonic storylines have interesting plots that make going through the to see the plot unfold more worth watching, as well as having some pretty good jokes that don't overstay their welcome, unlike the meta era. hell some sonic stories have pretty good themes in certain cutscenes.
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    If I had to give advice to aspiring artists, I'd consider giving a presentation on Ken Penders and saying "You see Ken Penders? Don't be Ken Penders. See what Ken Penders does, and do the opposite."
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    Sonic Team have done this for the past 10 years and most of the time it's too simplistic to the point where nothing is ever explained. For example In Sonic Lost World Tails knows about the lost hex and he never explains what it is and ultimately knows more than the player before and after the game it's bad story telling if the characters know more about important details that are in the game than you do Also In Lost World Eggman capturing the Zeti's off screen, just comes out of no where, which leads the player to ask when did this happen. In Sonic Forces the whole idea of Omega being damaged, Tails unable to repair him, but comes back at the final hour of the game with no explanation. I'll give an example outside of Sonic in Final Fantasy XV. At the mid point of the game, Ignis one of your party members of the game get blinded during a time where your group gets separated, imagine if Final Fantasy XV release without any of the DLC planned that would have explained what happened ignis, that is the exact same problem Sonic games have with their stories currently. I'm going to share my experience with Sonic Adventure when I first played it, I didn't really understand the backstory of the Echidna tribe, Tikal, the Chao , and Chaos. It wasn't until when I got older and replayed it that I fully understand the Echidna tribe wanted the conquer land, Tikal wanted the war to stop, and why the Chao were important to chaos because he was a mutated chao himself. Kids might not pick up story details the first time but what separates great storytelling like the Adventure games to bad storytelling like the whole of the 2010's is how chances are people will go back to the games they played as a child and appreciate the details put into the stories that they didn't pay attention to.
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    Hopefully, with all the backlash that Shadow's character is getting lately, maybe SEGA will try to make Shadow more relevant again or at least written well again? But then again, I can say that for all of their characters at the moment.
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    I will always say people who hate Ian Flynn's writing should read literally anything other than Sonic. Even when it came to Archie as much as I love the man's Sonic work I'd be hard pressed to call it his best stuff. Anyway on topic I really don't think there's anything wrong with making the game's appeal to a wider audience. And honestly as much as people complain about how they're not being exclusively catered to...it's working. Sonic is continually Sega's #1 franchise. I think we as Sonic fans really need to leave our bubble sometimes and see what people actually think about Sonic especially kids. I know my cousins kids are just getting into Sonic through the movie. Kids like Sonic and there's nothing wrong with making it accessible to them.
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    Game Builder Garage will likely be good, but if it turns out to be bad I'll make a parody version of the logo that says Garbage Game Builder. It's literally the original logo already, except that I have to add one letter and change the order of the words. Puck-Man levels of asking for it.
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    13. The Bat and the Babylonian - Thieves #30dayssonic On the night of Day 13, two thieves teamed up and made off with an undetermined amount of goods. It was the biggest heist of the century.
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    Did SA2 copy Pepsiman? That's right, I'm shilling. But seriously if you ever encountered this topic I suggest you watch. That is, if you want to be a TRUE sonic lore master.
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    Sonic Rangers Predictions...

    This scenario is why I said it's 50/50. With that said, I think it's weird that they haven't uploaded the footage of the 2022 game to youtube or their social media. Other Sonic games followed a teaser to reveal cycle way shorter than the Forces one. At the end of the day, it depends on whether or not this game is H1 2022 or holiday 2022 I guess. If it was originally planned for holiday 2021 and then delayed to H1 2022, I'm fairly confident it'll show in the next 1-2 weeks. However, at the end of the day, it is all speculation.
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    Tonight on video game music ive recently discovered thats awesome:
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    Nope, not a thing. You're exactly as in the loop as the rest of us. I guess if there's anything left to say about this game, it's gonna be said at E3.
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    Where does CD take place in the timeline again?
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    I always get tickled when I read Japanese comments about Sonic, because its so funny how much their opinions line up with what the vocal American audience is saying. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=12985657500A57372900&page=2390#comment-59741
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    I say, if they're dead-set on keeping him as the resident edgelord, go all the way and just make him a villain again. THAT would at least line up with how they portray him as... hell, we could even get a "dark" storyline where new-Shadow is the star of the show.
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    I can NOT WAIT for Sonic the Hedgehog the movie 2!
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    Honestly, I don't understand why players are so opposed to assist features. Level skips have been a thing since Chip's Challenge, and I've always felt that they were a good way to make games less frustrating while still maintaining the challenge for those who don't want to use such things or want to go back to those levels eventually.
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    If they're gonna commit to Tails being easy mode, I suppose he can be like those easy modes they've been adding to Nintendo games as of late. Like if you die enough times in a level, you can switch to Tails and basically cheese the hell out of it. That still leaves Knuckles and Amy however (Shadow is easy, so I'm not even gonna mention him), but Knuckles generally works well in sections that take advantage of the gliding and climbing.
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    Favorite Character - and WHY?

    I was hoping to see more Shadow and Eggman picks honestly.
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    He'd really be better off if he DID hire someone to handle the colors at least. It wouldn't make LSC look good, but at least the characters would no longer look like they were sculpted from congealed bacon grease.
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    11. Espio and Charmy Undercover - Truth or Lie #30daysSonic Day 11 sees the Chaotix in need of some information so he sends Espio and Charmy to go undercover as Cream and Vanilla. Or perhaps this is the real Cream and Vanilla. Who can say?
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    Really, it was to be expected from the sales. I just hope he learned from this game's failure. There are too many prima donna directors in the entertainment industry that come out of these still thinking they did nothing wrong (e.g. Sakamoto and Other M).
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    I can't believe Nintendo would release a game with less than six minutes of gameplay. What has the industry come to? (Please take this very seriously. This is not a joke at all. Any appearance of jest or fun is purely coincidental, and I am doing this specifically as a personal attack to anyone who disagrees with me, and you must treat this as an absolutely genuine argument with no flaws or subjectivity in any way whatsoever. All of my opinions are 100% legitimate, where as yours are all laughably fake. There is no room for interpretation whatsoever in this post. Not even a little bit. To claim otherwise is heresy, and also in violtion of my legal rights as an artist. I hope this clears things up.)
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    9. Baking With Amy (Ft. Zazz) - Teamwork #30dayssonic Amy has a baking show and has invited on a very special guest. He's a literal monster and the absolute worst person she could have put on here.
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    8. Vector Shrunk in the Wash - Micro #30dayssonic Weird stuff happens in the Sonic universe all the time. Somehow Vector shrunk in the wash. How? Charmy's a detective. Maybe he'll solve the case.
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    So will the expected Cease and Desist from SEGA. You can't reprint any of those stories if they feature characters and place you don't own Ken. 🤦‍♂️
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    7. Tails' Letter to Sonic - Card Tails writes Sonic a nice little card for this special time in his life. I just realized I made Tails left handed. Oh well. We'll say he's ambidextrous. #30daysSonic
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    "Rangers" also seems to imply that there's more characters than just Sonic... but considering we had "even heroes need help" and "Resistance" in the past and excluding the avatar, it was still Sonic only, I wouldn't get my hopes up for playable friends.
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    3. A Zeti in His Prime - Past/Future Day 3 - Time really does change a person eh? Meet Master Zik in his prime, standing next to how he'll look in the future. Or rather, how he looks in the present, I guess. #30dayssonic
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    2. Cream Cheese Gang - Companion #30DaysSonic Day 2 - Cream and Cheese are the ultimate, inseparable companions. Together, they make the Cream Cheese Gang of the Bagel Boardwalk. Watch out for them, less you get a lucky rabbit's foot up your tail.
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    1. Eggman's Dozen - Title Screen #30DaysSonic Here on the first day of the 30 Days of Sonic, I've made the Title Screen for the Eggman's Dozen video game. Be the villain in this action RPG epic where you get to command armies of robots and pilot the greatest creations made by our insane mad scientist alongside his band of 12 generals.
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    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Funny, the length is one of the things I praise Iron Dominion for. I'm glad Ian got to tell a long form arc that wasn't thrown under the bus like Geoffrey and Metal Sally. It ran it's course with no meddling circumstances, and ran long enough to be considered a status quo. Not to knock the 3 or 4 part arc structure going on right now, but I do enjoy a slower burn. Gave me a twinge of the old days when when the story progressed more in mile stones.
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